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Contact Marvel Toy News — 10 Comments

    • Hey!
      I would like to know this answer too! 😉
      I’m looking for stands that fit the feet-holes in Marvel Legends figures (6 inches)….
      Congratulations! Great site!

  1. Hi Dabid. Can you PLEASE tell the Hasbro guys at Toyfair to include an angry modern Hulk head sculpt with the Marvel Legends 12 Inch Hulk Figure? Also, could you tell them to make a Hulkbuster Iron man in 12 Inches? Thanks bro, I love you!!!! <3 x infinity

    • Love you too, man! Unfortunately, we only see the Hasbro team at the Hasbro event on Saturday, as Hasbro doesn’t attend Toy Fair in the same convention center as everyone else.

      Regardless, that Hulk is already final and in production, so they wouldn’t be able to create a new head for him now. Sorry!

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