Exclusive Marvel Legends Defenders Box Set Up for Order!

UPDATE 12/6: For those like me who assumed that there would be a lengthy wait before this set got heavily discounted, prepare to flip tables–the Marvel Legends Defenders 4-Pack is the Deal of the Day for 55 bucks shipped (down from 80!). Anyone who was less impatient than me, well… looks like you’ve won this round! Sale is for today only, so if you want this set at a major discount, now’s the time…

ORIGINAL: Ever since its surprise reveal at San Diego Comic Con 2017, collectors have been wondering when they’d be able to get their hands on the hugely-anticipated Marvel Legends Defenders box set. As it’s an Amazon exclusive, no one but Amazon knew when the set would be going up for pre-order–or even if it would be going up for pre-order at all or would just show up for sale one day. But patience has been rewarded, and those reservations can now be made: the Exclusive Marvel Legends Defenders Box Set is now up for order!

Marvel Legends Defenders Box Set Packaged

I was really excited at HasCon in September when I got the chance to get up-close and personal with a packaged sample of the Defenders Marvel Legends 6″ figures box set–but merely getting to touch a packaged sample just isn’t the same thing as being able to pose and move the actual figures around.

I’ve been waiting ever since to know when I’d be able to pose that first-ever 6″ Jewel figure of Jessica Jones, and now I don’t have to wonder anymore: the ML Defenders 4-Pack will be shipping out on December 1st, 2017!

Amazon Exclusive Marvel Legends Defenders Box Set

The set includes four new-“ish” figures of characters that we’ve gotten before in 6″ Marvel Legends figure form:

Marvel Legends Daredevil from Amazon Defenders SetDaredevil, in comics-based form for the first time since his Spider-Man legends figure in 2015. The biggest improvement here is the paint deco on his billy clubs, in my opinion. He’s looking sharp and is a figure that plenty of fans are still wanting as his popularity continues to grow due to the Netflix Daredevil series.

Amazon Exclusive Marvel Legends Luke Cage Figure

Perhaps the true headliner of this set is a modern Marvel Legends Luke Cage figure! Many, many collectors missed out on the SDCC Exclusive Luke Cage six inch figures from the Thunderbolts box set, and the Luke Cage figure from that set consequently exploded in price on the aftermarket.

While I wouldn’t say that this particular figure of Cage is perfect, it’s definitely nice to have the character out in circulation again.

Defenders Marvel Legends Iron Fist FigureIf this was a single-packed series of figures, the pegwarmer in the wave would be this new version of Iron Fist. We’ve gotten a lot of Marvel Legends Iron Fist figures over the years, and are very likely to get a Netflix Iron Fist figure in 2018, so a lot of folks are ready for a moratorium on Danny Rand toys. That said, at least this is the first time we’ve gotten a bare-chested Iron Fist 6″ figure from Hasbro, right…?

Marvel Legends Jewel Figure Amazon Exclusive

Finally, Jessica Jones takes the stage in her superhero persona: Jewel! A Jewel Marvel Legends 6″ figure is legitimately not something that I ever thought we’d see, but as a big Jessica Jones comic book fan, I’m pretty tickled about this figure’s existence.

This is the closest thing to a totally “new” character in this box set, as we’ve never had a 6″ ML Jessica Jones comic-based action figure released before (although a 3.75″ version did hit just a few months ago).

Marvel Legends Defenders 4-Pack Exclusive The Marvel Legends Defenders Set is now available for pre-order, and is scheduled to ship out on December 1st 2017. Amazon has a pretty solid record of pre-selling out of the early shipments of their exclusive toy sets, so if you want to be guaranteed to get this four-pack before Christmas, you might want to lock in a pre-order early.

Now that the set is finally available and officially priced, what’s your response, Marvel collectors? Are you placing your reservation for this set right away to be assured a quick delivery, waiting to see if you can snatch the set at a discount sale price down the road, or passing on this set of not-quite-new characters altogether?


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  1. How much is it? The website doesn’t show a price as they are unavailable . Any word on when you will be able to order these again?

    • MSRP is $79.99. It’s possible they won’t open up orders again until they’re actually in-stock—the Sinister Six set went to unavailable status the first day as well and stayed that way for months.

  2. How does Amazon have the audacity to only put these up for sale at some
    random time for an hour and then shut down availability? This doesn’t build desire and excitement for me this makes me pissed off at Amazon and want to punch Bezos in the face.

  3. No one but amazon knew! Well it was up for PO in the UK a month ago, 80 sold out in 2 hours. So had to order one from HK. Received it last week and it is fantastic, finally have the re-painted Luke tattooed Daniel another DD and comic Jessica. Cost a bit more then you guy’s will pay. They are aso available loose for $50 each from the far east.

  4. And here I was hoping that due to Amazon’s large scale distribution network that these would be produced in bulk and readily available from the get-go.

    I’m an idiot, I know.

  5. $125 and some change from Kapow. They even said they stop shipping to the US. Wait for amazon to restock like they did with the sinister six exclusive

  6. There will be plenty just like ever other “exclusive” set made in the last few years.

    • …. and its back down, at least for me anyway.

      “Important messages about items in your Cart:
      We’re sorry. The item Marvel Legends Series The Defenders Figure 4-pack is no longer available from the seller you selected. To see if it’s available from another seller, click here to return to the item’s product detail page.”

  7. Can anyone confirm if they got one when it went back up ? Was it a mistake or was it actually available again ?

    • It was absolutely back up. I got one (yes, -I- forgot the first time to order myself) and I had friends get them. They’re just selling fast.

  8. I’m trying to figure out why the race for this release. None of the figures are particularly great except maybe the Jewel for the novelty of having the Jessica Jones duo. The Cage is painfully dull, the Iron Fist is worst of the ones they’ve released thus far, and the Daredevil is…fine, I guess? They look less like collectibles and more like the set I’d give my nephew to futz around with. Going to wait and see if this drops in price after Christmas because even at $20 a figure this isn’t worth it to me.

    • I agree, exactly what you said are my thoughts on this set also. Plus the way Hasbro is releasing the legends line I think amazon will have a ton of these in stock eventually that they may even lower the price. Just look at the last few years con stuff, as well as the A Force set, all easy to get and readily available once past the first release of it. Toys r us even reduced the A Force set to $90 a few times and it still didn’t sell out immediately on that sale price.

    • How about as collectors, people want the box set? Not everyone removes their figures from their packaging. You may not think so, but the packaging for this set is very nice( I had it in hand at SDCC).

      • Sure, and more power to you. I just don’t see this one being such a high-demand set that you’ll have to compete much with any other demographic (fans, children who like to open their toys, slightly older-adult-children who *also* like to open their toys 🙂 ) Unless they’re releasing a small number, it doesn’t seem worth panicking over.

    • I agree, DD and Cage are tempting to me but the IF doesn’t excite me much and I have no interest at all in Jewel. And, as you mentioned, the Cage figure is not that exciting. I will pass on this set for now. I’m guessing a Netflix Cage figure is in the works anyhow.

  9. Finally got mine today… is amazon purposely releasing it in small amounts? It’s always only up for and hour or 2 at a time.

  10. Damn i was hoping when i got out of school i’d quickly be able to deposit some money so i could pre order but of course with my luck its out again :/

    • It looks like it’s sold out now. The link takes you to a page that shows the set and says “Currently Unavailable”, right?

  11. At least you’re getting updates on these. Try searching for DC Multiverse Young Justice Wonder Girl. She was supposed to be released on the 31st according to Joe Acevedo’s site and she’s still not showing up anywhere.

  12. I received a notification from Amazon saying I would be receiving this on Thursday 11/16! Looks like they are ahead of schedule everybody!

  13. I was able to get refunded the difference in an Amazon gift card by referencing the deal of the day