Marvel Legends Black Panther Movie Figures Up for Order! Case Ratios!

UPDATE 11/11/2017: Those who don’t mind a little bit longer to get their Marvel Legends Black Panther series figure have another option: Amazon is now taking orders for all six individual figures in the Black Panther Legends wave! The catch is that the figures won’t ship until 1/1/2018, whereas other online retailers have a December 2017 ship date.

UPDATE 11/10/2017: At New York Toy Fair 2017, we were told that the Hasbro Marvel Legends Vintage Series was going to be the final Marvel Legends wave of 2017, as the Black Panther Legends would be dated for 2018. Clearly something has changed for the better since then, though, because out of nowhere, the Marvel Legends Black Panther Series is now up for order online! And not only is the set dated to ship next month, but individual pre-orders for every figure in the wave–including Black Bolt and Namor–are available already! Boo-yah!

Marvel Legends Black Panther Series Case Ratios

It doesn’t happen too often, but tonight Hasbro managed to catch collectors pretty much everywhere (including me!) totally off-guard with a surprise early pre-order for the Black Panther Marvel Legends series of figures!

What’s less unexpected, however, are the fairly predictable case ratios for the series, which are as follows:

(2) Black Panther
(2) Erik Killmonger
(1) Nakia (Dora Milajae)
(1) Namor the Sub-Mariner
(1) Black Bolt
(1) Invincible Iron Man
Build-A-Figure: Oyoke

Marvel Legends Invincible Iron Man Black Panther Figure PackagedNow, on paper, I imagine plenty of collectors would be super-bummed by those case ratios, as half of the case being taken up by double-packed near-identical figures of Black Panther and Killmonger won’t exactly fill many completists with delight.

Marvel Legends Black Panther Namor Figure PackagedBut it turns out that Hasbro will actually be earning brownie points from collectors this time out, though, as online retailers like EE are already taking orders for every single individual figure in this wave–including the highly-anticipated (and shortpacked!) Black Bolt and Namor figures!

Marvel Legends Black Bolt 2018 Figure PackagedThis was a pretty divisive wave among fandom when it was announced (to say the least), so I applaud Hasbro for making it easy for comic fans and MCU movie fans to easily cherry-pick their preferred figures from this series straight from the start. That’s gonna make a lot of collectors happy! Le’ts hope this practice continues with the upcoming Deadpool Legends and Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2018 series!

Black Panther Movie Marvel Legends Figure Packaged

ORIGINAL (10/27/2017): This morning, photos started pouring in from the Hasbro display at the 2017 MCM London Comic-Con, where the 6” Black Panther Legends movie figures made their debut. I figured we’d be seeing official photos from Hasbro of the reveals before too long, and the big H did not disappoint: hi-res images of Killmonger, Nakia, Black Panther and the Okoye Build-A-Figure are now available!

I was a little bit taken aback by the largely negative feedback regarding the 6” Marvel Legends Black Panther movie figures that were revealed this morning, but I’m hoping that people will be a bit more enthusiastic about the wave now that official photos of the series have been sent out by Hasbro. Let’s have a look and see what we think of the figures now that we can get a better look…

The figure of T’Challa himself looks pretty similar to the 2016 Civil War Legends version, but with two major improvements: a butterfly swivel for the shoulders that will greatly improve flexibility and a far better unmasked Black Panther Chadwick Boseman Head.

Marvel Legends Black Panther Movie 6 Inch FigureWe’re also getting alternate fists this time instead of just the slashing hands we got previously, which will be nice for changing up displays.

Last year’s Black Panther action figure never warmed pegs or became easy to find, and I’ve got no complaints about an improved one hitting stores in a few months. Nice work.

Marvel Legends Killmonger Figure Packaged Black PantherThe one villain figure from the movie is Marvel Legends Killmonger in his “Golden Jaguar” costume. He comes with two killer bladed weapons and I think the gold accents on the costume look really terrific. It’s a shame there’s no unmasked head, though.

Marvel Legends Erik Killmonger Movie FigureThis feels a bit weird being in the same wave as the largely similar new Black Panther, but this is the costume Erik Killmonger wears in the movie and this wave is our one chance of getting it in ML form. I’m okay with this release, though I know many collectors are not so thrilled.

Black Panther Legends Nakia Figure PackagedRounding out the series are the two Marvel Legends Dora Milaje figures: the single-packed Nakia and the Okoye Build-A-Figure. I’ve already heard lots of complaints about these characters getting released, particularly another “normal-sized” Build-A-Figure like the Okoye BAF.

Marvel Legends Black Panther Build-A-Figure Okoye Hi-Res

I genuinely believe that the Dora Milaje will be the breakout fan-favorite characters from the Black Panther movie, and that Hasbro is planning for that instance with this pair of 6” figures.

Despite the chilly reception for Okoye and Nakia, I think fans and collectors will ultimately end up being very glad that Hasbro gave us these two bodyguards for King T’Challa while they had the chance. Skeptics may want to withhold judgment until they see these two in action in the movie and see just how awesome they are.

Marvel Legends Nakia Figure Hi Res PhotoThe Black Panther Marvel Legends wave is now up for order, and will reportedly ship out in December 2017. That’s at least a month before we were told the action figures would originally be available, so it looks like some ML collectors may be getting an extra-special, early set of figures under their Christmas tree this year!

Initial reactions I’ve heard to these figures were a bit cold, so let me ask: now that you’ve seen the hi-res photos and the wave is up for sale, are you warming up to this series? How do you think the Black Panther movie series is going to fare at retail, and are you ordering any figures from this series?


Marvel Legends Black Panther Movie Figures Up for Order! Case Ratios! — 60 Comments

  1. Honestly the only figure I have a problem with is the BAF. I would’ve preferred M’Baku/Man-Ape. He looks really cool.

    Everything else I’m excited for. Black Panther and Killmonger were givens but I was NOT expecting Lupita Nyongo’s characters. ANAD Iron Man has been a big want of mine for a while, and I didn’t snag the previous versions of Namor or Black Bolt.

  2. I’m actually LESS interested now.
    The Panther doesn’t look great, and I still don’t care about the bodyguards, ut Killmonger actually looks like he’s pretty awesome and could make maybe the BEST Black Panther with a head swap.

  3. Seeing the new Black Panther figure really makes me regret having bought the Civil War one, here you can see, that figure was meant to have butterfly joints, otherwise it just isn’t functional, plus as I think can be seen here they reworked the hips which was another part that extremely hindered the last figure.

    • having exchangeable hands is a big plus too, be nice to have some fists instead of the clawing hands all the time, plus head sculpt looks improved (although I thought the last one was fine)

  4. Collectors may not be as enthused by these, but I imagine this wave is going to be hard to get, especially if the movie does well. There are very few black superhero action figures and even fewer black female action figures. I can see people that don’t typically buy action figures clamoring for this wave because of that.

  5. to me, the Dora Milaje figures are the best of the set. But I do wish they hadn’t made one a BAF. I want my BAF’s to be of unusual size. Just give me both of these women as standard figs, and make an extra large character the build. In fact, I want them to make a BAF that is as large as the old Toy Biz figs. Like the old Giant Man. He’s an awesome figure. Gimme somebody that big.

    • You need to appreciate getting an extra fig no matter the size. If one doesn’t like the character in question, I feel you, but as far as size goes, it could be worse; Hasbro could always go the Vintage line route as policy for all lines and break us off with no (count em) NO Build-A-Figures . Last I checked, they were $20-22.99…WITH NO BAF pieces! They’re leaving the shelves so what does that tell you? Peeps will bitch, whine and complain, but STILL spend their money (then make excuses why)!

  6. I don’t mind the wave. I’m not that excited for the comic base figures. If they needed to add comic based gigs it should be based on black panther characters.

  7. I’m really disappointed with no movie Shuri being announced in this wave. That’s my biggest let down. I understand Namor, Blackbolt, and Iron Man being added to this wave but wish they gave us movie Shuri, Okoye, CLASSIC STORM, and M’Baku (Man Ape) as the build a figure. Classic Storm would have made this wave super popular.

  8. Sorry this wave is weak to me, but so was the Thor one outside of BAF Hulk and (kind of) battle Thor. I won’t buy any of these…but I am looking forward to the 12” Panther figure at least coming out with Wolverine. I also agree the Walgreens Sub Mariner is far superior and I lucked out getting him in the wild recently.

    • totally disagree about the Thor wave, I thought it gave us some of the better figures yet…Hela, Ares, Lady Thor??? but it’s interesting that certain areas like yours were difficult to find the Walgreens Namor; most of the Walgreens in this area can’t seem to sell the inventory of him they have?

      • To each their own, I was not a fan of the Thor wave. Thought the Loki and comic Thor sculpts were weak. Lady Thor doesn’t appeal to me at all as I am a fan of the original comics. Again just not an appealing wave. Ironically my Walgreens never had Namor at all. I found him on vacation in AZ and then had to be held up by TSA for an action figure…seriously.

  9. I’ve ordered a case of every set not available as a pre-order on Amazon since the Allfather series. But having watched the Ant-Man wave go to clearance in 2015, then the Doctor Strange wave sit completely unsold on clearance for the last year plus, I think it is not much of a risk to pass on pre-order, case, or even initial retail on this wave.

    Yeah, I’ll grab Black Bolt. But the thing is now that the popular figures get straight cases. There is literally no more “shortpacked” distribution dilemma with online sales. Juggernaut wave Deadpool sold well, demand outpaced supply, then he got restocked outside of the wave-case distribution model and prices leveled off. Even real stinkers like Eel got straight cases for online retailers. It wreaks havoc on aftermarket BAF piece prices.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the set sell well, heck, I’d love to pick up army-builder numbers of the Dora Milaje. I just can’t see myself paying full retail or case prices considering the precedents set for discounting of recent origin story movies. I may eat my words when Nakia is underproduced and Okoye becomes a social media meme darling, but its a risk I’m willing to take.

  10. I’m looking forward to this series. I’m wondering which two figures will be the doubles, hope they’re Black Panther and Killmonger; I love the butterfly joint and want more. I would army build these to create a panther army, or at least a squad.

    • Yeah same here, personally I don’t care for this wave at all, maybe I’ll get Black Bolt, but that is about it. Been feeling kind of let down with the recent waves and build a figures, hopefully they will improve.

  11. I’m a longtime Black Panther fan, so this wave is a no-brainer for me. I’m glad we’re getting an Okoye figure, but I would have preferred she be a regular figure rather than the BAF (which should have been MCU or comic M’Baku, imo). The three comic figures don’t excite me much (I was hoping for a comic book Killmonger). However, I don’t have Black Bolt or Namor, so I don’t mind picking them up. I’ll probably skip Iron Man since he doesn’t have a BAF piece.

  12. I think if some who don’t get the whole wave are expecting to pick up a completed Okoye may be in for a surprise especially if the Walking Dead Fans want this. I can see Iron Man being a peg warmer. A bit concerned what Hasbro will do if their figures hit clearance within a few months of release, I mean who wants to pay $20 if you wait and get it for a few bucks.

  13. Negative feedback? Backlash? Whining and ungrateful morons? I love this wave! Most people aren’t satisfied unless they are shitting all over something, expressing their hate or distaste for something creative or letting everyone know how “disappointed” they are about something. WE’RE getting a BLACK PANTHER WAVE! Would Man-Ape have been a better BAF? Probably. Then again, did we need another SASQUACH baf that’s coming? The BP wave and the SHURI/CLAW 2 pack will be incredible. Let’s enjoy it!

    • Many on here (myself included) find this to be a weak wave. That hardly makes us morons. So you love it…good for you but show some maturity and refrain from the name calling because many others disagree with you.

    • Never fear Mr Williams. The peeps issuing the “negative feedback, whining and ingratitude”? At least 60% of them will STILL buy these figs…then issue “negative feedback, whining and show ingratitude again (the buy the next wave).

  14. Dont understand the hate for this wave–great sculpts, great articulation, figures come with a bunch of weapons and alt hands, this is a sweet wave and Hasbro is raising the bar for what to expect from a $20 figure. Bravo!

  15. Though I’m getting at least 3/4 of this wave, I like the Namor I have now… But since it’s classic Namor. Maybe. But no Claw?? Really? Not even a classic version! Come on, could done without that Ironman on this wave. But besides that, decent wave. I will be copping this.

  16. This is Doctor Strange wave all over again…..unfortunately the pegs in my area are clogged with 2 years’ worth of crap nobody wants, and it makes me wonder if this wave will even make it to any retail in my area. That said, THANK YOU for the EE link! I bought me a Black Bolt, and it will save me hours and lots of gas in many, many future lunches!

  17. I don’t understand the surprise Dabid. Hasbro has been pretty standard with releasing the 1st wave of the following wave in December. They’ve been doing it a minimum of the last three years. Not trying to front on you. If you check, you’ll see I’m right (I believe one of those waves was a Spider-Man based series).

    • The surprise is that the Hasbro Marvel Brand Team—in the room with us at NYCC 2017 last month–said Vintage would be the last wave of 2017 and Black Panther ML would be street dated for 2018. So yeah, I am a little surprised. Haha. =D

      • They always say that. The wave that comes out in December is listed as a “next year” wave. I’ve been to the last six cons, and in the last few years, they always state a wave that ends up coming out at the end of the year as the 1st wave of the approaching year.

        • Believe me, I understand, but when they said there’s a hard street date in 2018, I believed them. 😉

  18. Are you going to write an article when the Target exclusive Ragnarok POPs start showing up? I’ve been looking for that helmetless Hela for a while!

    • If nothing else, I’ll post on our social media pages once that Hela finally appears! 🙂

  19. I preordered 12” Panther last night from BBTS. Thrilled about that. I have to backtrack on my earlier post and might pickup Blackbolt only because I got Medusa from Walgreens online last night.

  20. Already have the Civil War Black Panther but the Golden Jaguar fig. is too visually interesting to pass up regardless of how it appears in the movie. Black Bolt is also pretty neat (particularly the shouting head). Didn’t pre-order the Dora Milaje because no matter how cool she is, she’s sort of the Mordo of the wave; there’s nothing sufficiently distinctive about the figure to make it a must-have so it’ll probably be available cheap in a year. Hasbro really needs to stop doing figures with large amounts of bare skin like the Submariner (or the Defenders Iron Fist); they always look cheesy.

  21. Love this wave! Tons of weapons and extra accessories, i’d take a smaller BAF for the tradeoff of more accessories, alt heads, and alt hands any day!

  22. Super stoked for Black Bolt (love that open mouth head and the blue plastic!) and FINALLY a good-looking Namor! Remember “Orange Namor” from the Hasbro ML Fantastic Four line? This one is so much better it is just night and day!

  23. I’d like to not see another Iron Man in any future waves for a while and even then only when it makes sense to include him. Way overkill on a few characters and he’s probably the main one.

    • Agreed. To make matters worse, this competes with the GotG one for least distinctive Iron Man figure.

    • Trust me, with all the Avengers waves we’re going to get next year, we will get more comic and MCU Iron Men. Personally, I like this one, as I do not have a red and gold comic IM in my collection yet, aside from the stupid GOTG one.

  24. I’ve bought a full box of every wave since… Well, a while ago. But this time the only figures I’m interested in are Iron Man and Black Bolt. I’ve got the last Namor which I think I prefer over this one. I’ve got the Thanos Imperative Bolt so I’m simply upgrading on that front. And I may not even get Iron Man depending on how much I like the Vintage wave one. So basically, the interest from me is pretty negligible.