Spider-Man Homecoming Minimates Figures Photos!

Spider-Man Homecoming Minimates Figures Revealed

We may be barely a month away from the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie in theaters, but as far as retailers are concerned, it’s just about time to start focusing on Spider-Man Homecoming! And so, after staring at dark silhouettes for months and seeing some of th figures at Toy Fair, Diamond Select Toys officially revealed photos of the Spider-Man Homecoming Minimates Series that’s been up for order for months! If you’ve been waiting for movie figures of Shocker, Tinkerer and Aunt May, this is the wave for you!

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Gwenpool Statue & Marvel Minimates Wave 72 Up for Order! MOJO!


Last week Diamond Select Toys premiered their buzz-worthy Marvel Select Lady Deadpool figure, but that wasn’t the only major Marvel solicitation DST had in store for us this month! DST continues to spoil us collectors with an enormous depth and breadth of characters, including several that they’ve never produced before: the first Gwenpool statue and Marvel Minimates Mojo, Spiral, Silver Samurai and more are now up for order!

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Minimates & Jessica Jones Statue!


We’ve reached the latter half of October 2016, and that means it’s time for another round of Diamond Select Toys solicitations! Occasionally Marvel items are absent altogether from these solicitations, but that’s not the case this month.

Instead, two hotly-desired new items have now been officially announced: the Diamond Select Toys Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Minimates and Marvel Gallery Jessica Jones Statue are now up for order!

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NYCC 2016: Marvel Minimates Figures! Squirrel Girl!

Marvel Minimates Squirrel Girl Figure & Tippy-Toe

Although there weren’t any new Marvel Select figures on display at NYCC 2016, that doesn’t mean that Diamond Select Toys didn’t bring some new Marvel toys to get excited about! In fact, two upcoming waves of Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Animated Minimates figures were on-hand with some characters that I think a lot of fans are going to be pretty stoked about, including modern Scarlet Spider, Anti-Venom, Speed Demon… and the first-ever Minimates Squirrel Girl figure!

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Toys R Us Exclusive Deadpool Minimates Released! Hulkpool!

Marvel Minimates Hulkpool & Hulk Two-Pack

And now for something totally different, let’s look at more store-exclusive Marvel figures that have been recently released! I knew that the Diamond Select Toys Deadpool Minimates series was due to hit Toys R Us stores any time now, and I came face-to-face with the whole series this weekend! There’s only one exclusive two-pack in the wave, but it’s pretty, uh… “Smashing”! An in, “Hulkpool… SMASH!”

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Doctor Strange Marvel Gallery Statue & Minimates Pre-Order!

Marvel Gallery Doctor Strange Figure Close-Up

Just like last year, this year’s major Avengers-centric Marvel Cinematic Universe film is being followed up by a movie debuting a Marvel character that’s a little less popular in mainstream culture than Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man. So yeah, in case you didn’t hear–a Doctor Strange movie is coming our way this November. And that means we’ll be seeing more Doctor Strange toys released than ever before, including these entries just revealed by Diamond Select Toys: the Marvel Gallery Doctor Strange Statue and Dr. Strange Minimiates are now up for order!

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SDCC 2016 Exclusive Minimates! Punisher! Scarlet Witch!

SDCC 2016 Exclusive Minimates Civil War Scarlet Witch Vision in Suit Figures

Marvel Minimates are one of the lines that we can pretty much always count on having some killer exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con each year, and 2016 is no exception! Not only are we getting the first-released Netflix Daredevil Season 2 figures from any company, but SDCC 2016 will complete the Civil War Minimates figures roster with a Scarlet Witch: the 2016 SDCC Exclusive Minimates are now up for order!

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Civil War Minimates Falcon & Ant-Man Figures Revealed!

Toys R Us Exclusive Ant-Man Minimates Figure

If your goal is to collect the single most comprehensive line of Captain America: Civil War figures, there’s one company that has every other merchandiser beat: Diamond Select Toys!

DST is producing the full rosters of both Team Cap and Team Iron Man–plus several other characters. To fulfill this lofty ambition, some of these Civil War Minimates needed to be exclusive–including the just-revealed Toys R Us exclusive Falcon and Ant-Man Minimates figures!

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Captain America Civil War Minimates Released! Exclusives!

Toys R Us Exclusive Civil War Minimates Hawkeye Vision Pack

Even with the veritable onslaught of Captain America: Civil War toys that have hit stores in the last few months, I still felt a bit of a void in my life. While on a toy run to Toys R Us today, I realized what it was: Minimates! But just as we’ve come to expect for every MCU movie released each year, a new series of Marvel movie Minimates is now arriving–including the Toys R Us Exclusive Minimates Vision and Hawkeye two-pack!

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C2E2: Marvel Minimates Series 69 & Spider-Gwen Statue!

Close-Up of Spider-Gwen Marvel Premier Collection Statue

With C2E2 2016 in Chicago this weekend occurring just slightly over a month after the New York Toy Fair 2016, I didn’t expect to see any new collectibles revealed at the show.

But Diamond Select Toys had been keeping some new toys in reserve, and did a surprise reveal of their Marvel Premier Collection Spider-Gwen Statue and Marvel Minimates Series 69 figures–including Tigra, Enchantress, Falcon, Black Knight and more!

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Toy Fair 2016: Marvel Minimates! X-Men! Netflix Daredevil!

Best of Marvel Minimates 2016 Toy Fair Figures

While it seems I’ve (obviously) fallen a little bit short of my goal of completing my New York Toy Fair 2016 coverage before the end of February, I still want to finish discussing everything shown as quickly as possible. And to further that goal, I’m going to combine all of my many Diamond Select Toys Marvel Minimates photos into one giant preview article today, including new Minimates from Netflix Daredevil & Jessica Jones, Civil War, Giant-Size X-Men, Walgreens Series 2.5 and more!

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Captain America Civil War Minimates Figures Revealed!

Marvel Minimates Civil War Series 1 Figures Revealed

Almost a full month ago, Diamond Select Toys announced the entire specialty stores lineup when the Marvel Minimates Captain America: Civil War figures series went up for order. At that time, we knew the identities of the figures making up the series, but could only see them in blacked-out silhouette form. But this week, DST did the grand unveiling of the set–and we not only got to see the grand unveiling of the figures we knew about, but also the Toys R Us exclusive Hawkeye and Vision Minimates that we didn’t!

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NYCC 2015: Marvel Animated Minimates Series 2 Figures!

Marvle Animated Minimates Taskmaster Iron-Spider Figures

Though I was already running a fever and had mucus pouring out of my nose (isn’t that a lovely picture?) by the time I got to the Minimates panel at New York Comic Con 2015 last Thursday night, I stayed for the entire panel to make sure I didn’t miss anything important. And it’s a good thing I did, because Diamond Select Toys announced an entire series of Minimates that weren’t on display on the actual show floor! Coming in early 2016–the Walgreens exclusive Marvel Minimates Series 2 figures, including Taskmaster, Gamora, Thanos and more!

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NYCC 2015: Deadpool Marvel Minimates Series 65 Revealed!


Diamond Select Toys really brought the Marvel goods to New York Comic Con (well, provided you’re a Minimates collector and not a Marvel Select guy).

Not only was the next series of Animated Marvel Minimates shown–plus Spider-Gwen–but an all-new series also debuted: Marvel Minimates Series 65 is all Deadpool, all the time! And hey–it’s the first action figure of X-Force’s Siryn ever!!

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NYCC 2015: Spider-Gwen Minimates Figure Revealed!


Though I was progressively getting sicker as the day went on yesterday, there was no way I was leaving the Javits Center before the Minimates panel from 6:45-7:45 last night.

And a good thing I didn’t, because Diamond Select Toys showed some great stuff at that panel–including the Toys R Us Minimates Series 21 exclusive Spider-Gwen & Iron Spider two-pack!

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