Captain America Civil War Minimates Figures Revealed!

Marvel Minimates Civil War Series 1 Figures Revealed

Almost a full month ago, Diamond Select Toys announced the entire specialty stores lineup when the Marvel Minimates Captain America: Civil War figures series went up for order. At that time, we knew the identities of the figures making up the series, but could only see them in blacked-out silhouette form. But this week, DST did the grand unveiling of the set–and we not only got to see the grand unveiling of the figures we knew about, but also the Toys R Us exclusive Hawkeye and Vision Minimates that we didn’t!

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NYCC 2015: Marvel Animated Minimates Series 2 Figures!

Marvle Animated Minimates Taskmaster Iron-Spider Figures

Though I was already running a fever and had mucus pouring out of my nose (isn’t that a lovely picture?) by the time I got to the Minimates panel at New York Comic Con 2015 last Thursday night, I stayed for the entire panel to make sure I didn’t miss anything important. And it’s a good thing I did, because Diamond Select Toys announced an entire series of Minimates that weren’t on display on the actual show floor! Coming in early 2016–the Walgreens exclusive Marvel Minimates Series 2 figures, including Taskmaster, Gamora, Thanos and more!

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NYCC 2015: Deadpool Marvel Minimates Series 65 Revealed!

Diamond Select Toys really brought the Marvel goods to New York Comic Con (well, provided you’re a Minimates collector and not a Marvel Select guy).

Not only was the next series of Animated Marvel Minimates shown–plus Spider-Gwen–but an all-new series also debuted: Marvel Minimates Series 65 is all Deadpool, all the time! And hey–it’s the first action figure of X-Force’s Siryn ever!!

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NYCC 2015: Spider-Gwen Minimates Figure Revealed!

Though I was progressively getting sicker as the day went on yesterday, there was no way I was leaving the Javits Center before the Minimates panel from 6:45-7:45 last night.

And a good thing I didn’t, because Diamond Select Toys showed some great stuff at that panel–including the Toys R Us Minimates Series 21 exclusive Spider-Gwen & Iron Spider two-pack!

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Exclusive Ultimate Spider-Man Minimates Released! Nova!

Minimates Ultimate Carnage & Ultimate Nova Two-Pack Exclusive

There aren’t a whole lot of Marvel action figures that hit stores every year that I hadn’t known all about for weeks (or months) beforehand, so when I walk into a store and see something I had no idea even existed, it’s sort of like Christmas! And while I was out today looking for a, uh… Jedi Holocron (don’t laugh), Christmas arrived early: a Toys R Us Exclusive Ultimate Spider-Man Minimates have now been released!

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Walgreens Animated Marvel Minimates Series 1.5! COULSON!

The single-biggest toy shopping day thus far in 2015 is nearly upon us, but for a change, Marvel won’t be the impetus for collectors going wild tomorrow: Star Wars will be! But while Marvel won’t be at the eye of the storm this time, Walgreens Marvel Animated Minimates Series 1 will be hitting stores–which means that now is the perfect time to talk about things to come: Animated Marvel Minimates Series 1.5!

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Marvel Minimates Secret Wars Figures Revealed!

Secret Wars Marvel Minimates Figures Series

Before this summer’s mega-blockbuster Secret Wars comic book event even began, we already knew that Disney/Marvel had lined up all of its biggest licensees to create tie-in merchandise for the crossover storyline. And while the biggest Marvel toy company–Hasbro–hasn’t gotten around to revealing any of its Secret Wars Marvel Legends plans yet, smaller licensees like Gentle Giant Ltd. and Hot Wheel have already begun. And now, we can add a new line of tie-in figures to the list: the Diamond Select Toys Marvel Secret Wars Minimates figures have now been revealed!

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Minimates Marvel Zombies Age of Ultron Set Revealed!

Marvel Minimates Zombies Age of Ultron Box Set

No matter how much I fuss and insist I’ll never buy certain lines of Marvel items, the best companies usually find a way to drag me in. Kotobukiya did it with their Bishoujo Jubilee statue, Medicom baited my with their Retro Rocket Raccoon Sofubi, and now, Diamond Select has somehow managed to lure me in for zombies (yes, zombies)! Coming this fall: the Minimates Marvel Zombies Age of Ultron box set is now up for order!

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Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Minimates Animated Figures!

Marvel Animated Minimates Spider-Man 2099 Figure

With somewhere around a thousand Marvel Minimates figures released over the years (no, seriously–there’s right around a thousand), it might seem like there’s not a lot of fresh directions for Diamond Select Toys to take the mini figures line in.

But in a real surprise move, it was announced today that there actually is a new frontier of untapped potential for Marvel Minimates. An all-new line of Minimates Marvel Animated figures is on the way–and it’s exclusive to Walgreens!

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SDCC 2015 Exclusive Minimates Ant-Man & Age of Ultron Sets!

SDCC 2015 Minimates Avengers Age of Ultron Box Set Exclusive

Yesterday I talked about the first San Diego Comic-Con 2015 exclusive Funko figure, but that’s not the only exclusive already announced! There have been exclusive Marvel Minimates box sets at San Diego Comic Con for so many years in a row that there was never really a question of whether there would be SDCC 2015 Exclusive Minimates figures–the only real question is how many there will be! And while we still can’t answer with certainty how many total exclusives will be at the event, we do know at least two exclusive sets that will be on sale there: the exclusive SDCC 2015 Minimates Ant-Man & Avengers Age of Ultron Sets!

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Minimates Age of Ultron Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch Released!

Minimates Avengers AOU Scarlet Witch Quicksilver Released

Yesterday I talked about the Toys R Us Exclusive Avengers: Age of Ultron 3 3/4″ two-packs, which contain the only super-articulated Hasbro Marvel Universe-scale AOU figures. But those aren’t the only notable exclusives new to Toys R Us shelves! They’ve also got exclusive dibs on what I expect to be the hottest of all the Avengers Age of Ultron Minimates sets–the Marvel Minimates Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch figures!

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C2E2 2015 Photos: Diamond Select Toys Marvel Figures!

C2E2 2015 Marvel Select Doctor Strange Figure

I’m a homebody and try my absolute hardest not to go any further away from New England than New York (although London is looking good next summer).

Luckily, I’ve got friends without those compunctions, and one of them was kind enough to take photos of the new Marvel figures at the Diamond Select Toys booth at C2E2 2015 today–including the Marvel Select Doctor Strange and the big reveal of the two top-secret Avengers Age of Ultron Minimates figures!

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Avengers Age of Ultron Minimates Wave 2 Revealed!

Hulkbuster Iron Man and Vision Minimates Avengers Age of Ultron Wave 2

Diamond Select Toys can be pretty hit or miss with releasing movie Marvel Minimates in time for a new flick’s theatrical release, as corresponding Minimates sometimes hit months after a film’s release.

But the first set of Avengers Age of Ultron Minimates was right on schedule and is currently on store shelves–and now we can look forward to Avengers Age of Ultron Minimates Wave 2 arriving late this summer, including Vision, Bruce Banner, Hulk and Hulkbuster Iron Man!

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Marvel Minimates Wave 62 AXIS Figures Up for Order!

Wave 62 Marvel Minimates AXIS Figures Revealed

If there’s one action figure line in all the land that keeps up with the current happenings in the Marvel Universe better than any other, it’s the Diamond Select Toys Marvel Minimates. So, even though the Avengers & X-Men: AXIS comic book series just wrapped up last month, DST already has a whole series of AXIS Marvel Minimates lined up for this summer! Headlined by Marvel Minimates Falcon Captain America and the Red Onslaught, the Marvel Minimates Wave 62 AXIS figures are now up for order!

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Avengers Age of Ultron Minimates Revealed & Photos!

Minimates Age of Ultron Figures Scarlet Witch Quicksilver Iron Man

With just three and a half months until the theatrical release of the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” movie, the time for secrecy is over, and merchandise for the film is finally being revealed in droves! And while Diamond Select Toys put the Avengers Age of Ultron Minimates figures up for order long ago, we hadn’t gotten to see the actual Minimates Age of Ultron figures themselves–until now! And, oh yeah, there’s also this exclusive pair of super-powered siblings coming…

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