Captain America Civil War Minimates Figures Revealed!

Almost a full month ago, Diamond Select Toys announced the entire specialty stores lineup when the Marvel Minimates Captain America: Civil War figures series went up for order. At that time, we knew the identities of the figures making up the series, but could only see them in blacked-out silhouette form. But this week, DST did the grand unveiling of the set–and we not only got to see the grand unveiling of the figures we knew about, but also the Toys R Us exclusive Hawkeye and Vision Minimates that we didn’t!

Minimates Captain America Civil War Series Figures Comic Shop

As usual, we’ll be getting two slightly different assortments for the Marvel Minimates Civil War Series 1 figures that are due to arrive in May 2016–one assortment for comic book stores and online specialty shops, and the other for Toys R Us retail stores. The two assortments will be as follows…

Marvel Minimates Captain America Civil War Series 1 (Comic Shops):

  • Iron Man and Black Panther Minimates Two-Pack
  • Captain America and Winter Soldier Minimates Two-Pack
  • War Machine Mark III and Navy Seal Two-Pack (Exclusive)
  • Battle Damaged War Machine Mark III and Navy Seal Two-Pack (Exclusive)

Marvel Minimates Civil War Series 1 (Toys R Us):

  • Iron Man and Black Panther Two-Pack
  • Captain America and Winter Soldier Two-Pack
  • Vision and Hawkeye Two-Pack (Exclusive)

Marvel Minimates Captain America Civil War Black Panther and Iron Man FiguresThe biggest name in this series new to the MCU Minimates line is definitely the Black Panther Minimate. This blocky version of T’Challa looks sleek, serious and deadly–just the way that the Black Panther should!

The new Iron Man looks nice as well, but I have enough Minimates Iron Man figures to balance a bowling ball on a seesaw at this point, so it’s tough to get excited about another red and gold Iron Man.

Captain America Civil War Marvel Minimates Winter Soldier and Captain America FiguresMeanwhile, we’ve got an updated Captain America figure and a new version of Bucky, the Winter Soldier. This Winter Soldier Minimate looks a lot friendlier than the last version that we got two years ago. I suspect that the ridiculous popularity of the Sebastian Stan will make this the best-selling set overall from this wave.

Marvel Minimates War Machine Mark III and Navy Seal FigureNow, the inclusion of a generic Navy Seal in this series that only includes six different superheroes may come as a bit of a surprise, but bear in mind that this is only the first series of Captain America Civil War Minimates, so some big-time named heroes had to be held in reserve for a future assortment. The Navy Seal fits the role of “army-builder” perfectly, and I’ll be happy to get two of them along with my pair of War Machine Mark III Minimates.

Meanwhile, the limited one-per-case variant Battle-Damaged War Machine figure looks chillingly awesome. I’m a little worried about War Machine’s continued health and well-being after seeing the state of his armor on this figure! (Yes, I wasn’t concerned after the trailer–it’s this toy that does it.)

Civil War Minimates Battle Damaged War Machine and Navy Seal Figures

One pairing that we didn’t yet know about until the official reveal this week was the Marvel Minimates Civil War Vision and Hawkeye two-pack that will be a Toys R Us exclusive this spring. This is an all-new costume for Hawkeye, which makes this pair a must-buy for me.

And even though we just got a movie Vision Minimate in the Age of Ultron series, that figure was in a later wave and didn’t get a ton of distribution in stores, so it’s good to see that he’ll be available again. This iteration of the Vision looks like it will have more detailing on the inside of the cape and on Vision’s face as well.

Minimates Civil War Vision and Hawkeye Toys R Us Exclusive FiguresThe Marvel Minimates Captain America Civil War Wave 1 figures are now available for order, and are expected to be released in May 2016. Only the specialty store version of the wave with the two War Machine packs can be pre-ordered, so you’ll have to venture out to Toys R Us to nab the exclusive Hawkeye and Vision Minimates when the wave hits retail if you want that last pack.

Now that we’ve actually seen the series, what do you think of the first series of Civil War Minimates, Marvel collectors? There are some obvious characters missing from this wave, but which ones are you most hoping to see show up in Series 2?


Captain America Civil War Minimates Figures Revealed! — 4 Comments

  1. Oh wow, that eye wound looks really cool. Maybe courtesy of Ant-Man riding one of Hawkeye’s arrows? Or perhaps Giant-Man gives War Machine a thrashing. The good thing is if they’re releasing a Battle Damaged variant and showing him unconscious in the trailer, I think he’s safe. If there’s a big death, I think they’ll want it to be a surprise, like how everyone assumed Hawkeye or Black Widow would die in AOU, only for it to be Quicksilver.

    Bandai Tamashii also seemingly unveiled their Civil War line-up today.

    • I think people are misunderstanding what Bandai Tamashii posted. It’s almost unthinkable that they’ll produce all the figures shown in that image. I believe what they meant with that image was that they’d be making Captain America, Iron Man “and more”.

  2. Army-building Navy Seals isn’t a bad idea, but… two War Machines? Don’t get me wrong, I love Rhodey, but I don’t see why we couldn’t get a War Machine figure with pack-in battle damage parts, like we’ve got in, say, the Deadpool wave with Domino/Copycat, which would leave room for another figure of… I dunno. Scarlet Witch? Sharon Carter? The Winter Soldier in his debut costume because his Civil War costume is kind of amazingly lame?

    Of course, we’re probably going to get another wave of Minimates because this wave is missing like half the cast of the film, I’m just wondering about the whole two-War-Machines thing.