NECA Life-Size Iron Man Foam Figure Revealed! Photos & Order Info!

NECA Life Size Iron Man Civil War Armor Foam Figure

I’m about to head out the door and head down to Providence for HasCon 2017, but I just had to finish writing up a quick article to post before leaving. If you thought every conceivable figure of Iron Man that could possibly be released based on his Civil War armor had already been released, you thought wrong. Coming soon from NECA–the Captain America Civil War Iron Man Life-Size Foam figure is now up for order! “Weird” does not begin to describe this toy…

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Hot Toys Civil War Winter Soldier Figure Review MMS 351

MMS351 Hot Toys Civil War Winter Soldier Review

It’s been an agonizing nearly year-long wait for Hot Toys Marvel figure collectors, but those 1/6 Hot Toys Captain America: Civil War movie figures we ordered last spring…? At long last, most of them are finally starting to arrive! And for those who missed out on the first version and didn’t want to pay aftermarket prices for him, there’s no figure from the series more anticipated than Bucky! The Hot Toys Civil War Winter Soldier is now shipping and still available for order–and my review of MMS351 will tell you why you should absolutely get one while you can…

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Toy Fair 2017: DST Doctor Strange & Civil War Movie Statues!

Diamond Select Toys Doctor Strange Movie Statue Toy Fair 2017

I definitely surprised a lot of folks–including myself–when I awarded my “Best of New York Toy Fair 2017” award to Diamond Select Toys. While I’ve always loved DST’s Marvel Select and Minimates figures, what really locked the award for them was neither of those long-running lines, though–it was their unexpectedly amazing showing of Marvel statues! And three statues that mystified me perhaps more than anything else at the 2017 Toy Fair were Diamond’s resin Marvel Milestones Doctor Strange and Civil War movie statues…

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2017 LEGO Marvel Brick Headz Figures Sets Revealed & Photos!

LEGO Marvel Brick Headz Hulk Box

LEGO Marvel fans got their first official look at the 2017 LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy sets last week–but that’s not all that The LEGO Group has in store for Marvel collectors this winter! The buildable chibi figure “Brick Headz” theme debuted at SDCC 2016 last summer–and over half a year later, it’s ready for the big-time and a full rollout in stores! The LEGO Marvel Brick Headz sets go on sale next month, including Black Widow, Hulk, Iron Man and more!

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CONTEST: Hot Toys Captain America Civil War Figure Giveaway!

Hot Toys Captain America Civil War Shield

2016 has been a theatrical breakout year for many Marvel characters, including Deadpool, Doctor Strange and Apocalypse. But when the smoke cleared, Captain America stood triumphant once again with the highest-grossing superhero flick in the land. As usual, the Hot Toys Captain America 12″ figure from the film was the best toy of Cap available this year, but not everyone has 200+ bucks to drop on one. But if you’re in that camp, rejoice, because we’re giving away a Hot Toys Civil War Captain America to one lucky reader absolutely free!

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Marvel Legends Civil War Scarlet Witch Review & Photos

Civil War Scarlet Witch Marvel Legends Review

UPDATE 10/31/2016: The Marvel Legends Civil War Scarlet Witch 6″ figure is currently available online for $18 shipped.

This is the first time that I’ve seen this movie figure dip below MSRP and very well may be the last if Black Panther is any indication, so if you want movie Scarlet Witch and don’t have her yet, this may very well be your best opportunity to nab her…

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Marvel Legends Iron Skull Red Skull Review & Photos

Red Skull Head on Iron Skull Marvel Legends Action Figure

If you’ve ever seen a new costume or character design and instantly knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it had been created solely for the purpose of cashing in with merch, you know exactly how I feel about the Iron Skull.

But while the intent of the Iron Red Skull concept itself is dubious, that doesn’t mean it can’t spawn some cool toys. And today I’ll be looking at the latest Iron Skull action figure to go up for sale–the 6″ Captain America Marvel Legends Iron Skull!

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NYCC 2016: eFX Marvel Movie Prop Replicas Photos!

NYCC 2016 eFX Ant-Man Helmets Prop Replicas

I was about to officially close the book on my New York Comic Con 2016 coverage when I realized there was one booth I had taken a bunch of photos at and not talked about yet.

These items are quite a bit pricier than the usual “Marvel toys” I talk about here because they’re the highest of high-end MCU collectibles–the eFX Collectibles Marvel movie prop replicas!

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Exclusive Marvel Select Civil War Unmasked Captain America!


With the Captain America Civil War Blu Ray hitting stores this week, many collectors might have thought the days of new Civil War figures turning up in stores was behind us. But Diamond Select Toys has a fourth and final Marvel Select Civil War figure coming to stores this fall, and they’ve just announced him this week: the Marvel Select Unmasked Captain America Civil War figure! This poor figure has caught some flak from collectors, but I’m not sure he deserves it…

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Huge Marvel Legends Sale Online! 40% Off 12″ Figures and More!


With more Hasbro Marvel Legends figures and toys coming out in 2016 than any previous year in history, most collectors weren’t going to be able to afford everything. And that’s why, as we approach the end of 2016, lots of Marvel Legends action figures–including the 12″ figures just officially released last month–are already having their prices drastically cut online! From X-Men to Civil War to Spidey, there’s plenty to love on sale! Read on for the best deals available right now…

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Marvel Tsum Tsum Spider-Man Series 2 Plush! Spider-Gwen!

Disney Tsum Tsum Spider-Man Collection 2 Announcement Poster

I slowly murdered the battery on my iPhone for two years playing the Disney Tsum Tsum game, and now my poor phone battery is cowering in terror after the Marvel Tsum Tsum game released in the United States last week! And hey, what better way to celebrate a new addiction than with new toys, right…? The Marvel Tsum Tsum Spider-Man Series 2 plush–including Spider-Gwen–go up for sale later this month! And a few missing Civil War characters will finally arrive as well…

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Funko Target Exclusive Winter Soldier Armless POP Vinyl Found!

Winter Soldier Without Arm Funko Civil War POP Vinyls Figure

It’s been quiet as far as Funko Marvel POP Vinyls go lately… too quiet! But while we’ve hit the point in the year where the vast majority of merch for Disney properties coming out will be Star Wars Rogue One-related, that doesn’t mean Funko doesn’t have a few Marvel surprised left up their sleeve!

And one such surprise appeared out of nowhere yesterday and was immediately all over eBay–a Funko Target Exclusive Winter Soldier POP Vinyl… without an arm!

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SH Figuarts Civil War War Machine Photos & Order Info!

SH Figuarts War Machine Mark III Civil War Figure

Raise your hand if you thought mech-crazy Bandai Japan was going to skip a chance to release a new SH Figuarts Civil War War Machine figure. Anyone…? I thought not. But for those who skipped last year’s expensive Japanese online exclusive War Machine Mark II, don’t expect this one to be any cheaper or easier to acquire–the SH Figuarts War Machine Mark III is yet another Japanese-only web shop exclusive that will only be available via expensive import in the US

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Marvel Legends Summer 2016 Exclusive Packs Released!

Marvel Legends Vision Sam Wilson Kate Bishop 3 Pack Released

With hundreds of Marvel action figures getting released each year, sometimes a few fall through the cracks for a few days and then I don’t write a release blurb for them because I think it’s not really “news” anymore. But the dozens of readers writing in to me each day urging me to talk about the 2016 Target and Toys R Us Marvel Legends exclusives seem to think otherwise, so let’s take a look at this summer’s multi-packs…

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LEGO Marvel Summer 2016 Sets Released! Doctor Strange!

LEGO Spider-Man Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle Set Box

While Hasbro has spoiled Marvel Legends collectors with new figures released every month this year, LEGO collectors have it rougher, with only two full waves of LEGO Marvel sets being released per year. The Winter sets were focused on Captain America Civil War, but the LEGO Marvel Summer 2016 sets came available for sale online and in stores this month and include a variety of Spider-Man sets, as well as exclusive Civil War and Doctor Strange movie sets!

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