Marvel Legends Vintage Series Figures Released & Photos!

Marvel Legends Vintage Wolverine Figure Packaged

It’s been hitting sporadically at Walgreens stores since last month, but at last, the final Hasbro Marvel Legends 2017 wave of 6” Figures is beginning to hit stores in force!

I’m still waiting for the set that I ordered online to arrive, but I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to take in-hand Marvel Legends Vintage Series figure photos at my local Toys R Us today…

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Sideshow Exclusive Iron Man Mark III Maquette Up for Order! LE 500!

Size and Scale Comparison Photo of Iron Man Mark III Sideshow Maquette

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be where the majority of mainstream fans know their superheroes from these days, Sideshow Collectibles still produces far more comic book-based Marvel statues than MCU movie-based ones. Only extremely popular movie characters tend to get Sideshow Marvel Maquettes—and with that in mind, the latest addition to the line should surprise no one: the Sideshow Exclusive Iron Man Mark III Maquette limited to 500 pieces is now up for order!

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NYCC 2017: Sideshow Wolverine & Iron Man Mark III Statues!

NYCC 2017 Sideshow Collectibles Wolverine and Iron Man Statues

Last year, Sideshow made their biggest Marvel New York Comic Con reveals ever when they debuted their Premium Format Venom and Carnage Statues at the show. This year, they looked to one-up themselves once again by premiering the fully-painted prototypes of the Iron Man Mark III going up for order this week and the Wolverine Premium Format Figure at NYCC 2017! Do these reveals top the symbiotes? Let’s take a look…

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Marvel Legends Vintage Series 6” Figures Up for Order & Case Ratios!

Marvel Legends Vintage Wolverine 6 Inch Figure Packaged

Happy October, Marvel (Legends) collectors! October 1st may be a Sunday this year, but no weekend can keep the next wave of Marvel Legends 6” Figures from going up for order now that stores are allowed to begin taking orders! And so, the final Hasbro 6” series of 2017 can now be locked in to our collections at long last— the Marvel Legends Vintage Series is now up for order with free shipping!

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SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark 4 & Samurai War Machine Up for Order! 

SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark 4 Figure Eating Donuts with Sunglasses

From the company who brought you Iron Man Mark II, Mark III, Mark V, Mark VI, Mark VII… and many many more Marks… here comes the numbering sequence gap-filling Iron Man Mark IV! To the shock of no one anywhere, Bandai Tamashii is releasing an S.H. Figuarts Iron Man Mark IV, which is now up for order in the US! But he won’t be arriving alone next year—Samurai War Machine (you read that right) is on the way as well!

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REVIEW: Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Statues & Infinity Gems 

Comic books and fighting games are two of the seven great loves of my life, so when Capcom started making arcade games featuring the X-Men and various Marvel Superheroes a few decades back, I was hooked for life. And when a $200 Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Collector’s Edition went up for sale earlier this year with four statues and a set of Infinity Gems included, well… cue that “Take my Money” meme. The big day came this week and the box set arrived… but not everything is quite as advertised…

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NECA Life-Size Iron Man Foam Figure Revealed! Photos & Order Info!

NECA Life Size Iron Man Civil War Armor Foam Figure

I’m about to head out the door and head down to Providence for HasCon 2017, but I just had to finish writing up a quick article to post before leaving. If you thought every conceivable figure of Iron Man that could possibly be released based on his Civil War armor had already been released, you thought wrong. Coming soon from NECA–the Captain America Civil War Iron Man Life-Size Foam figure is now up for order! “Weird” does not begin to describe this toy…

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Marvel Play Arts Kai War Machine Figure Photos & Order Info!

Marvel Play Arts Kai War Machine Figure

A couple years back, it looked like the Play Arts Kai Marvel Variant line might be on its last legs when they released a trio of straight-up “Special Color Version” repaints. Among these was an Iron Man Special Color Ver. figure that had been repainted into War Machine colors. At the time, that seemed likely to be the only Play Arts War Machine figure that would ever be produced. But there’s bucks to be made on revisiting the second most popular Iron Man character, and Square-Enix is set on making them–the Play Arts Kai War Machine figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Unlimited Plus Marvel Legends Tony Stark 6″ Revealed!

Marvel Unlimited Plus Exclusive Marvel Legends Tony Stark Figure 2018

…And we’re back! I do apologize for the downtime over the course of the past few days, as what was supposed to be a quick upgrade to a faster server turned into 100+ hours of downtime. I was so bored while this site was down, I even cranked out a review of DC Multiverse Justice League Aquaman! But luckily, now that we’re back up and running, there’s some actual new Marvel toy news to report: the Marvel Unlimited Plus 2018 Exclusive Marvel Legends Tony Stark figure has now been revealed!

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SH Figuarts Homemade Suit Spider-Man & Iron Man Figures!

SH Figuarts Spider-Man Homecoming 2-Pack

At this point in late summer, merchandisers are firmly going all-in with Thor Ragnarok toys and pretty much every toy coming for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spider-Man Homecoming has gone up for sale. But it looks like there was at least one major holdout, as Bandai Japan had two more Spider-Man Homecoming figures waiting in the wings: the SH Figuarts Homemade Suit Spider-Man and Iron Man Mark 47 figures are now up for order!

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Exclusive Hot Toys Iron Man Mark II Die-Cast Up for Order!

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark II Die-Cast MMS Figure

Having gotten fans’ excitement revved up to a fever pitch with a multitude of new sixth scale figures shown at San Diego Comic-Con last week, it looks like Hot Toys now wants to step up and make their fortune (and empty collectors’ wallets) all in a single day! Following up on the Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk and LE Roadworn Hulk pre-orders earlier today, Hot Toys is now taking aim at Iron Man fans: the Exclusive Hot Toys Iron Man Mark II Die-Cast is now up for order!

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SDCC 2017: Marvel Legends Lasher & Vintage Iron Man Revealed!

Marvel Legends Vintage Series Iron Man SDCC 2017

With the all-important Hasbro Marvel panel happening just a few hours from now, I would have totally understood if Hasbro has decided to just not add any new reveals at all to their San Diego Comic Con booth display up until they drop the mega-ton later today. And for the most part, there’s not a whole lot that’s all-new in the booth today–with one key exception! We can add one more to the list of confirmed characters in the Marvel Legends Vintage Series, as the 6″ Vintage Iron Man has now been revealed!

UPDATE: And now Tony Stark has some company in the display case–the Marvel Legends Lasher figure has been added!

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Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming 2-Pack Released!

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Two-Pack Released

Opening day has finally arrived for a film that many fans never thought would actually exist: the first Spider-Man movie set in the official Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)! A day this momentous deserves to be commemorated, and that’s why it’s only fitting that a long-anticipated multi-pack is finally popping up in stores: the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming with Iron Man has now popped up on ebay and in some local Toys R Us stores!

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Sentinel House of M Iron Man RE:EDIT Figure Up for Order!

Close-Up of Sentinel House of M Iron Man Figure

Given the massive success of the all-out insane number of Iron Man toys released in the last decade, I’ve come to the conclusion that pretty much every Iron Man armor permutation that’s ever existed is “on the table” as far as potential new figures that we could see from any company at any time. But if there’s one armor I legit never thought we’d see revisited by anyone again, it’s the Sapien Deathmatch armor. Clearly Sentinel thought otherwise, though, because the Re:EDIT House of M Iron Man figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Iron Man 2-Pack Photos!

Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends Two-Pack Packaged

Way back in February, when Hasbro started teasing the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming figures series, one of the very first items that we got to see was the new Marvel Legends Homecoming Iron Man Mark 47 figure. I saw Iron Man Mark XLVII and his two-pack partner (Tom Holland Head Unmasked) Spider-Man at Toy Fair, but that’s the last that we saw the duo… until today! The first packaged photos of Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends 2-Pack have popped up online!

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