Bowen Designs Mojo Statue Released & Photos! End of an Era?

Bowen Designs Mojo Statue Released Close-Up

And then there were none. I’ve been counting down the remaining Bowen Designs statues left to be released since winter, and to my dismay, no new contract between Marvel and Bowen Designs has been signed despite the dwindling number of Bowen Marvel statues left to be released. And now? Now that number is down to zero.

The era of Marvel Bowen Designs statues may be over–but if it is, Bowen Designs is going out on a high note: the exclusive Bowen Mojo statue has now been released and is available for order online!

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Bowen Designs Hela Statue Released & Photos!

Bowen Designs Hela Full-Size Statue

Some characters get more merch than others, whereas some characters only get merch on a cold day in Hel. And no, that’s not a type-o, as today I’m referring to the Asgardian ruler of Niffleheim and Hel itself: Hela! I’ve been both anticipating and dreading the release of the Bowen Designs Hela statue, as its arrival would mean that there was only one more Bowen Marvel statue on the way (perhaps forever). The day has come, though, and while the potential end of the Marvel Bowen Designs line still makes me nervous, the Bowen Hela statue is one glorious piece…

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Bowen Designs Classic Beast Statue Up for Order! LE 75!

Bowen Designs Classic Beast Statue Red and Blue Costume

Despite the fact that no new contract has been signed yet with Marvel, Bowen Designs had a highly unexpected ace left up their sleeve: one more Marvel Phase V state that previously had not been solicited! We didn’t know it was coming for certain at all, but tonight the Rocky’s Vault Exclusive Bowen Designs Classic Beast Statue was put up for order… with an insanely low edition size of just 75 pieces produced! If you blinked, you missed one of the shortest-run Bowen sculptures ever!

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Bowen Designs Spiral Statue Revealed & Images!

Spiral Bowen Designs Statue Revealed 2014 Jason Smith

Just because Bowen Designs hasn’t put a single new statue up for order in 2014 (and may never put another new Marvel statue up for order period if a new licensing contract isn’t signed) doesn’t mean that the sneak peeks of what could be have to cease! Today, Randy Bowen gave sculptor Jason Smith permission to share photos of another spec piece the release of which is contingent upon a new Marvel contract being signed–and it’s a good one! Coming from Bowen Designs in 2014 (maybe)–the Bowen Spiral Statue!

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Bowen Designs Frankenstein Statue Released & Photos! LE 300!

Frankenstein Statue Bowen Designs 2014

And then there were two! Last week Bowen Designs began shipping out the fourth-last Bowen Designs Marvel Phase V statue, and this week they’ve followed up with the third-last. This time it’s a character that pretty much anyone in the world will recognize instantly–perhaps even more so than Spider-Man!

Making his debut for the first time ever in statue form, the Marvel Monsters Bowen Designs Frankenstein statue is now available for order… and Frankenstein is limited to just 300 pieces produced!

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Bowen Designs X-Force Psylocke Statue Released & Photos!

Bowen Psylocke X-Force Statue LE 400 Statue 2014

The countdown is on, as there are now only two Bowen Designs Marvel statues left to be released until when and if Bowen signs a new licensing contract with Disney/Marvel! The third-last Bowen full-size statue was just released last week, and it’s perhaps the final X-Force statue that will be released by Bowen Designs. Digitally sculpted by Jason Smith, the Bowen X-Force Psylocke statue is now in-stock and available for order–and with an edition size of 400, this one is selling out quickly!

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Bowen Designs Wonder Man Statue Revealed & Photo

Bowen Wonder Man Statue by Jason Smith 2014

Bowen Designs Marvel statue collectors are sort of going through a dark time right now. Almost every item that has been solicited has shipped now, and Bowen Designs has not yet announced a new contract being signed with Marvel to produce Marvel Bowen statues in 2014 and beyond. So, yeah–things are not exactly looking up at this moment.

But occasionally we still get a sneak peek at what could be, should a new contract be signed. Such is the case with this concept Bowen Wonder Man statue that was revealed over the weekend…

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Bowen Designs Red Skull Action Statue Released & Photos!

Bowen Designs Action Red Skull vs Captain America Full-Size Statues

Apologies in advance to all the non high-end collectors for talking about another Marvel statue, but, well… that’s what there is to talk about this weekend (everything else will come at next weekend’s New York Toy Fair 2014!).

Today, we’ve got yet another new release from Bowen Designs, and this one’s been sculpted by the great Randy Bowen himself–the Bowen Designs Red Skull Action Pose statue!

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Bowen Astonishing X-Men Wolverine Statue Released!

Bowen Designs Astonishing Wolverine Statue with Gambit Statue X-Men

With no Bowen Designs contract extension with Marvel confirmed, Spring and Summer 2014 (and perhaps even beyond that) are going to be a drought for Bowen Marvel statue collectors the likes of which haven’t been seen in years. But before that, we still have a couple months to bask in the glory of the deluge of the final Marvel Bowen statues solicited in 2013. And the latest statue to arrive is the modern incarnation of one of Marvel’s top-tier characters–the Bowen Designs Astonishing Wolverine statue!

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Bowen Designs X-Force Stryfe Statue Released & Photos! LE 400!

Bowen Designs Stryfe Statue Released LE 400 Close-Up

I literally just got my Bowen Human Torch statue in the mail today and was preparing to review and discuss that tonight, but I guess you just can’t stop the wheels of progress from turning–the next Marvel Bowen Designs statue has now been released (the fifth in the past month)!

Bowen Designs is known for tackling the second-tier characters that no other company will, and the perfect example of this is their latest release: the Bowen Stryfe statue!

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Bowen Designs Green Goblin Statue (Museum) Released & Photos!

Bowen Designs Green Goblin Museum Pose Statue Close-Up

Last week I talked about the magnificent Human Torch statue that Bowen Designs just released. But Johnny Storm isn’t the only character to get a new Bowen Statue released this month! Strikedown Thor and Astonishing Wolverine have begun shipping as well, and the latest Bowen Designs Marvel statue has also just started to arrive.

The Bowen Green Goblin (Museum Pose) statue has just flown in (sans Goblin Glider), and just might be the best Green Goblin statue ever…

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Bowen Human Torch Statue Released & Photos! LE 500!

Bowen Designs The Human Torch Statue 2014

If there’s one Marvel licensee out there that doesn’t get the buzz and notoriety it deserves lately, it’s Bowen Designs. While Bowen was the pioneer of the Marvel mini-busts sensation and one of the first companies to mass produce Marvel statues, its star has fallen a bit over the past few years as new companies like Sideshow and Gentle Giant have begun hogging the limelight. I want to make a concentrated effort to shift some focus back on Bowen, and I’ll begin by looking at their latest-released statue: the Bowen Designs Human Torch statue… limited to just 500 pieces produced!

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Bowen Designs Baron Zemo Statue Images & Preview!

While some Marvel fans will insist that it’s decidedly uncool to,claim your favorite Captain America villain is anyone other than the Red Skull, my personal favorite villain is the far more morally ambiguous Baron Zemo. Baron Zemo swag doesn’t tend to light the collecting world on fire, however, so high-end Baron Zemo collectibles aren’t all that common.

But Baron Zemo is about to get a fresh taste of the high-end, as a Bowen Designs Baron Zemo has now been revealed as in the works!

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Bowen Stryfe & Red Skull Statues Up for Order!

Bowen Stryfe Statue X-Force Villain November 2013

No matter how much competition from other companies may come, Bowen Designs continues to keep chugging along!

Coming in November 2013, Bowen Designs will be releasing a pair of Marvel villains–one of which legendary, and the other a cult favorite. Get ready for the first-ever Bowen Stryfe and Red Skull Action Pose Statues!

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Bowen Beast & Modular Iron Man Statues Shipping This Month!

Bowen Iron Man Modular Armor Statue

One thing that I absolutely love about Bowen Designs as opposed to a lot of other companies that make high-end Marvel products is that Bowen’s estimated release dates tend to be fairly accurate, and items usually go up for order within about six months (sometimes less) of a product’s release. Unfortunately, delays do happen, and some statues slip through the cracks. But though they’re running about half a year behind, the Bowen Designs Modular Iron Man and Beast statues are finally shipping out this month!

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