Marvel Legends Juggernaut Build-A-Figure Fully Revealed!

Marvel Legends Juggernaut Build-A-Figure

I don’t think that there’s any contest as far as what’s being the most talked-about and most anticipated Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ series of 2016–the X-Men wave!

And while Hasbro teased us last week with the first look at the head of the wave’s BAF, in honor of Memorial Day they’re showing us the full toy for the very first time: it’s the X-Men Marvel Legends Juggernaut Build-A-Figure!

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Marvel Legends Living Laser Figure Review & Photos

Marvel Legends 2016 Living Laser Figure Review

While there weren’t a whole lot of Marvel Legends 3.75″ figures on display at Toy Fair 2016 in the winter, one figure there absolutely caught my eye more than all the others: the Living Laser. This figure captivated me not just because the Living Laser a character that I would have never expected to see released in a mass-market toy line (even his 5″ Toybiz figure got canned), but also because he was the most visually-compelling 4″ Marvel Legends figure on display at the show. Fast foward three months, and I got my Marvel Legends Living Laser online for 14 bucks shipped. But am I satisfied with my purchase…?

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Marvel Legends 2016 X-Men Series Wolverine! Juggernaut!

Wolverine Marvel Legends X-Men Juggernaut Build-A-Figure Series Packaged

I thought it was safe to go out to lunch for an hour today, secure in the assumption that there probably wouldn’t be any important Marvel toy news while I was out in the middle of the day. But you know what they say about “assumptions”, and that proved true again today! This afternoon, Hasbro dropped a bombshell by revealing not only the eighth and final figure in the 2016 Marvel Legends X-Men Series–Wolverine–but they also officially confirmed the long-rumored build-a-figure: Juggernaut!

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Marvel Legends Civil War Falcon & Winter Soldier 6″ Figures!

Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Falcon Figure

Way back last winter, Hasbro announced a number of exclusive Marvel Legends 2016 figures at the New York Toy Fair 2016 press event. Photos weren’t allowed of most of the exclusives at that time, but today some official photos have finally surfaced of three of the most-anticipated exclusives: Marvel Legends Civil War Falcon and Winter Soldier, along with the headband-wearing Jim Lee Punisher!

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Marvel Legends Civil War 3-Pack Hi-Res Photos! Spider-Man!

Marvel Legends Civil War Spider-Man Photo Hi-Res

Last week, Hasbro broke the internet with the reveal of the first MCU Spider-Man figure by any company, followed by pre-orders being opened for the Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War 3-Pack containing that movie Spider-Man figure. And by all indications, this has been one of the hottest-selling Marvel Legends multipacks ever–and that’s before we even got clear images of the figures! But the wait for hi-res images is over, as Hasbro sent over gorgeous shots today…

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Marvel Legends Civil War Spider-Man Figure Up for Order!

Marvel Legends Civil War Spider-Man Figure with Captain America Shield

With today being the most holy day of the year for Star Wars fandom, I never expected Hasbro to make an earth-shakingly huge Marvel announcement! But it had to happen some time, and I guess it might as well happen on the eve of the Captain America Civil War movie’s release: the first Civil War Spider-Man figure from any company has now been announced–the Marvel Legends Civil War Spider-Man 3-Pack!

UPDATE 5/5: The 6″ Marvel Legends Spider-Man 3-Pack is now up for order while supplies last! Go get ’em!

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Best of Marvel Legends Avengers 6″ Figures Series Info!

Marvel Legends Loki Movie Figure Best of Assortment

You might think it wouldn’t be too hard to put together a set of the core Avengers movie team members in the Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figures scale. But surprisingly, with the way the MCU figures have been spread out over the course of different series, sets and years, it’s actually a challenging endeavor. That’s why Hasbro has devised what I think is one of the more appealing waves of totally-not-new figures ever: the Best of Marvel Legends 6″ series (with Hulkbuster Iron Man)! But if you’re in the U.S. and want this, you’re out of luck…

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Marvel Legends 4″ Wave 3 Order Info & Case Ratios!

Marvel Legends 2016 4 Inch Series 3 Figures Case Ratios

The Hasbro Marvel Legends 3.75″ figures line may have gotten off to a slow start in 2016–in fact, we’re still waiting for Wave 2 to arrive–but the long-awaited and totally awesome-looking 4″ Marvel Legends Wave 3 is now up for order! Including characters like Quasar, Hydro-Man and Rogue, the character selection for this series is gonna make a lot of people smile! The case ratios for the figures, however… perhaps not so much…

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Marvel Legends Comic Packs Wave 2 Photos & Case Ratios!

Marvel Legends 4 Inch Two-Packs Wave 2 Case Breakdown

While it feels like we’re getting buried in Marvel Legends 6″ figures during this first half of 2016, things haven’t been quite as rosy for the Marvel Universe scale Marvel Legends 4″ figures. In fact, there’s still quite a few figures that debuted 10 months ago that haven’t made it out yet. But some of those figures are finally getting ready to make their way into collectors’ hands: 3.75″ Marvel Legends Comic Packs Wave 2 is now up for order!

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Marvel Legends Red Guardian 6″ Figure Review Hasbro

Marvel Legends Red Guardian Review

You know it’s been a pretty crazy year when Cottomouth isn’t the most obscure Marvel Legends 6″ figure that Hasbro releases! But while he may not exactly be a household name, the Marvel Legends Red Guardian figure is still selling excellent online and in stores–and it’s not just for the Giant-Man piece!

The Red Guardian Marvel Legends 6″ figure isn’t just a good action figure–it’s likely to be the best toy of this character ever released…

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Marvel Legends Civil War Black Panther 6″ Figure Review

Marvel Legends Black Panther Review Civil War

I can only dance around talking about the most popular figure in the Marvel Legends Civil War series for so long, so after many, many requests, it’s finally time to talk about T’Challa! The Civil War Marvel Legends Black Panther figure is selling for $30+ online and is next to impossible to find in retail stores right now.

For all the effort finding him requires, it’d be a huge letdown if this Black Panther 6″ figure wasn’t exceptional. Luckily, he absolutely is…

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Marvel Legends Nick Fury Figure Review & Photos 2016

Marvel Legends Nick Fury Review 2016

I almost fell out of my chair when Hasbro revealed the Captain America Marvel Legends Civil War wave and someone asked why Nick Fury was a white guy. “You know you’re old when…”, right? But while white Nick Fury may not be the most recognizable iteration of the character anymore (to my astonishment), the new Marvel Legends Nick Fury figure is still in high demand and selling for well over MSRP. But should you want multiples of this figure to army-build…? Hmm…

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Captain America Marvel Legends Nuke Figure Review

Marvel Legends Civil War Nuke Figure Knife

It’s become a bit of a tradition for Hasbro to blow me away with amazing action figures of characters that I frankly do not care about. And it looks like that tradition is about to carry over to another year, as Hasbro has granted us an action figure of a Captain America and Wolverine villain I never expected to see in toy form. The Captain America Marvel Legends Nuke figure is now available online for just above MSRP, and surprisingly, he’s worth buying for way more than the Giant-Man Build-A-Figure piece…

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