Marvel Legends Sharon Carter Agent 13 Figure Review

2016 Marvel Legends Captain America Sharon Carter Review

When the team lineups were announced for each side in this year’s “Captain America: Civil War” movie, there was one character who really stuck out as being a bit out of their depth: Agent 13. I had my worries that Hasbro might pass on making any merch of Agent 13 for the movie–but while we haven’t heard about a movie-styled version of her, a new comics-based Marvel Legends Sharon Carter figure is now available for order! Does this figure satiate my need for a new Sharon Carter toy? Read on…

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Captain America Marvel Legends 2016 Wave 3 Figures List!

Avengers Age of Ultron Scarlet Witch Poster

As most of you have no doubt heard, a “Confidential”-stamped image of the unannounced Hasbro 2016 Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War Wave 2 series leaked out yesterday, spoiling the upcoming Marvel Legends Giant-Man Build-A-Figure Series. I won’t be posting that image here, but I will post hi-res photos of all the figures in the wave from New York Toy Fair 2016 on 2/13, less than two weeks from now. But while I’m not going to talk about Wave 2, how about we discuss a series that hasn’t had any images leak yet: Captain America Legends Wave 3, headlined by a movie Scarlet Witch, Crossbones, Tigra and more…

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Captain America Marvel Legends Cap-Wolf Review & Photos

Cap-Wolf Head Marvel Legends 2016 Close-Up

Just when we all thought that Hasbro had produced every feasible, viable iteration of Captain America in action figure form, Hasbro hit us with a version nobody was expecting: Werewolf Captain America!

Some collectors thought we were being punked when the Marvel Legends Cap-Wolf was first shown, but this is no prank: the Captain America Legends Cap-Wolf figure is now available, and he’s a fun (if not flawed) addition to the line…

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Marvel Legends Red Onslaught Build-A-Figure Review

Marvel Legends 2016 Red Onslaught Build-A-Figure Review

“My” golden age of comic books (AKA my teenage years) was the 1990’s, so I’ve got a special place in my heart for Onslaught, the villain so powerful he was able to kill Captain America, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. The Red Skull became the new Onslaught in 2014’s (awful) “Axis” crossover, and now Hasbro is bringing us 2014’s most important villain! You’ll have to buy all seven Captain America Marvel Legends 2016 figures to build the Red Onslaught Build-A-Figure… but is he worth it?

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Captain America Marvel Legends Scourge Figure Review

Marvel Legends Scourge Review and Photos

“Scourge” is a name that tends to evoke two distinct reactions from various Marvel fans: terror or “Huh?”. A mercenary who primarily kills super-villains, Scourge is a fan-favorite character of longtime Captain America readers and one of the most efficient villain-killers in Marvel Universe history. Those who aren’t big Cap fans, on the other hand… may have never heard of this guy. Even so, the Marvel Legends Scourge figure is now up for order, and if you’re gonna build a Red Onslaught Build-A-Figure, then you’re gonna buy him! And luckily, he’s probably the best figure in the whole wave…

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Captain America Marvel Legends 2016 Figures Up for Order!

Captain America Legends Taskmaster Figure Packaged with Red Onslaught Head

Marvel Legends collectors have had to wait just a hair longer than expected to get their mitts on the Captain America Marvel Legends Red Onslaught Series of figures that were first shown at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. But no longer–! The waiting is over–the Marvel Legends 2016 Red Onslaught Series figures are now up for order online with free shipping!

UPDATE 1/29/2016: The series is now back up for order after being sold out since last week–and Sharon Carter is now available for the first time as well!

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Marvel Legends 2016 Taskmaster Figure Review & Photos

Marvel Legends Taskmaster Review

If I was a patient man, I’d probably have been content with my online order for the Marvel Legends Red Onslaught series which was scheduled to ship in two weeks. But I am not, and I was not.

And so, I drove around like a crazy person for three hours this morning and finally hit the jackpot, completing the entire wave in one morning. My 2016 Captain America Legends reviews begin right now: with the hotly-awaited Marvel Legends Taskmaster figure!

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2016 Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen Review & Photos

Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen Review and Photos

Congratulations to Gwen Stacy on becoming one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe after making a remarkable comeback from, well… being dead for 40+ years! Yeah, I know, Spider-Gwen is an alternate universe Gwen Stacy, but there’s no question she’s also the most popular version of the character ever. And now, Hasbro’s given her her first-ever 6″ figure: is the Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen figure worth the crazy $30+ she’s selling for online? Read on for my review…

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Marvel Legends Civil War Figures Announced! Black Panther!

Marvel Legends Civil War Black Panther Figure

Considering the entire reason that the “Captain America Legends” line is returning this year in place of the popular “Avengers Legends” is the upcoming release of the “Captain America: Civil War” movie, I don’t think that any Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figure collector out there hasn’t been expecting the imminent announcement of Civil War 6″ figures. And while I thought Hasbro might make us wait till Toy Fair 2016 for that reveal, I was wrong: the Marvel Legends Civil War Black Panther, Captain America and Iron Man figures have now been revealed!

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2016 Marvel Legends Absorbing Man Series Up on Amazon!

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2016 Jack O' Lantern Figure Packaged

Marvel Legends collectors were thrown a huge curve-ball yesterday, when the entire Red Onslaught Build-A-Figure wave (which, by the way, is called the “Red Skull” wave on the packaging) popped up for order on Amazon–despite the fact that they hadn’t even listed the Spider-Man Legends Absorbing Man wave yet that started hitting stores weeks ago! But it turns out the Captain America wave just happened to be posted first yesterday–the Spider-Man Legends Jack O’ Lantern, Morbius, Spider-Carnage and more are now available with free shipping!

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Marvel Legends Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure Review

Marvel Legends Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure Review

Yesterday I kicked off my Marvel Legends 2016 reviews with the Living Vampire, Morbius. But while Morbius is the oldest Spider-Man villain on that list, he’s not the oldest villain overall. There’s another character who’s older and far more famous–and he just so happens to be the first Build-A-Figure of the year!

Morbius earned high marks in his review–can the Spider-Man Marvel Legends Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure do the same?

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Marvel Legends 2016 Spider-Man Morbius Review & Photos

Marvel Legends Morbius Review Photos

2016 has barely arrived, but Hasbro is kicking off the new year right: with this year’s first wave of Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2016 figures already available online and beginning to show up in some retail stores! This is one of the best series of Legends ever, in my opinion, so I’m planning on reviewing every figure in the wave in due time. But where to begin? Well, how about with the most “classic” Spider-Man villain in the series: Morbius! Is this the definitive action figure of The Living Vampire…? Read on…

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2016 Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Series Figures Lineup!

All-New All-Different Doctor Strange Figure Variant Cover

As we approach the eve of 2016, we’re now almost exactly a month and a half away from the long-awaited New York Toy Fair 2016!

I hope that Hasbro really knocks our socks off at the show with some secret Marvel Legends 2016 figures we’re not expecting–but the Doctor Strange wave won’t be one of them! The 2016 Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Series lineup has now been leaked out–UPCs and all!

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