Ant-Man Marvel Legends Giant-Man Review & Photos

Marvel Legends Ant-Man Giant-Man Review

From creating Ultron to smacking around his wife (The Wasp), there’s probably been more criticism aimed at poor ol’ Hank Pym over the years than any other member of the Avengers. But one of Hank Pym’s greatest failures came in recent years, when he allowed a bunch of the children he was responsible for at the Avengers Academy to be kidnapped and brutally murdered by Arcade (yes, Arcade). It’s unlikely that many Avengers Academy characters will ever see the light of day in plastic form, but now we can all commemorate this glorious era in Hank Pym’s life with the Marvel Legends Giant-Man figure available as part of the Ant-Man Legends Series!

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Marvel Legends Ultron Prime Build-A-Figure Review

Marvel Legends Ultron Prime Build-A-Figure Review

If there’s a prize to be won for the most bizarre movie-themed Marvel Legends set ever, the Hasbro Marvel Legends Ant-Man Series definitely wins it. The set includes one movie figure of the titular character, five comic book-based characters related to Ant-Man in varying degrees, and a Build-A-Figure from a different movie altogether. Due to his starring antagonistic role in Avengers Age of Ultron, the Ultron Prime Marvel Legends figure is one of the more anticipated BAFs of 2015. The 8″ Marvel Legends Ultron Prime Build-A-Figure has now arrived… but is it worth buying $120 in other figures to build him?

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Marvel Legends Ant-Man Series Figures Released!

Ant-Man Marvel Legends Figures Released

What with the Marvel Legends Ant-Man Series having a hard street date of July 3rd 2015 (and Amazon shipping theirs July 1st), I really wasn’t expecting to see the figures hit stores two weeks early. But if there’s one chain that doesn’t mind breaking the rules and ignoring street dates, it’s Toys R Us–and many Toys R Us stores (including mine) have now begun stocking the Hasbro Ant-Man Legends figures early!

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Hasbro SDCC 2015 Exclusive Ant-Man Figures Box Set!

SDCC 2015 Exclusive Ant-Man Hasbro Figures Set

With no substantial rumors swirling about and no leaked images of unknown Marvel Infinite Series 3 3/4″ figures surfacing from overseas, I’ve had my doubts for a while now that we would actually see any kind of exclusive SDCC 2015 Marvel Universe figures set from Hasbro. Well, I think we can effectively put the nail in the coffin of any chance of a SDCC 2015 Marvel Infinite Series set today, as Hasbro has revealed its final two Comic-Con exclusive Marvel items: six figures themed around Ant-Man! But hey… one of them is 3 3/4″. That’s pretty good, right…?

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SDCC 2015 Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Set Revealed!

SDCC 2015 Exclusive Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Box Set

Way, way back last summer, Hasbro started showing off concepts for Marvel Legends Dormammu and Magik figures. Fans guessed that some sort of future “magic-themed” box set was in the works… and as it turns out, those fans were correct!

The SDCC 2015 exclusive Marvel Legends Doctor Strange set has now been revealed, and it includes the first Brother Voodoo and Hela figures ever!

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Spider-Man Marvel Legends Rhino Series Case Ratios & Pre-Order!

Marvel Legends 2015 Spider-Man Wave 3 Case Ratios

I’ve already talked about the Marvel Legends Ant-Man and Avengers figures that went up for pre-order this week, so it won’t shock anyone that it’s time to move on to the last known (but not last to be released) Marvel Legends 2015 series: the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Rhino Build-A-Figure Series is now up for pre-order! And believe it or not, none of the figures that comprise this series is named “Spider-Man”!

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Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Wave Case Ratios & Pre-Order!

Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 3 Hulkbuster Series Case

Ever since it premiered at the New York Toy Fair 2015 four months ago, collectors have been pining away for the Marvel Legends Avengers Hulkbuster Series of 6″ action figures. Prospective release dates for the United States have been ambiguous, and we weren’t even sure what the U.S. case ratios for the set would be. But all of the questions have now been answered, and the Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 3 figures are now available for pre-order!

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Marvel Legends Ant-Man Series Up for Order! Ultron BAF!

2015 Marvel Legends Giant-Man Figure Packaged with Ultron Prime Leg

I woke up this morning to some good news and some bad news. The good news was that the Marvel Legends Ant-Man Series had finally gone up for pre-order! The bad news was: the first place to open orders was the store I trust to fulfill my order the absolute least: Toys R Us online. But wait! Have patience, young grasshoppers, because dependable Ant-Man Legends figure reservations popped up this afternoon: Amazon now has the entire Marvel Legends Ant-Man Series with Ultron Prime Build-A-Figure available for order!

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Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 3 Packaged Photos! Hulkbuster!

Marvel Legends Vision Figure Packaged Avengers Series 3

Hasbro must have heard that I was out buying a house today to put more toys into, because when I got home, I’d received an E-Mail with photos of a bunch of new figures that will be joining my (really) extended family this summer! Though we’ve seen and heard exactly zip about the figures since they debuted at New York Toy Fair 2015 (and they won’t go up for pre-order for a little while yet), the official packaged and unpackaged photos of the Hasbro 6″ Marvel Legends Avengers Series 3 figures have now been released!

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Marvel Select Hulkbuster Iron Man Up for Order!

Diamond Select Toys Hulkbuster Iron Man Figure Running

I’m not looking for props or anything (well, actually I am), but I totally called this one. When Diamond Select Toys announced back in January that there were only three Marvel Select Avengers Age of Ultron figures scheduled for release–and none of them were Hulkbuster Iron Man–I would have laid down money that it was because a comics-based Marvel Select Hulkbuster Iron Ma figure was in the works. Sadly, there’s nowhere to make such monetary bets, but I’m happy nonetheless–because the awesome Hulkbuster Iron Man Marvel Select figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Box Set Pre-Order!

Exclusive Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Figures Box Set

2015 is a great year to be alive and a Marvel Legends collector! Not only do we have four waves of Avengers Marvel Legends and two waves of Spider-Man Marvel Legends in 2015, but we’ll also be getting a variety of retailer exclusive sets. And while one of those sets was announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, we haven’t heard another word about it–until now! The comics-based modern Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy set has now been revealed!

UPDATE: The EE Exclusive Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy box set is now up for order!

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Disney Store Exclusive Marvel Legends Avengers 5-Pack!

Marvel Legends Avengers Disney Store Exclusive 5-Pack

I’m very fond of Marvel Toy News’ track record of only having reported news that’s ended up being 100% true since the site’s inception, so I tend to err on the side of caution with what gets reported here. As such, when a totally unannounced Marvel Legends 5-Pack consisting entirely of old molds turned up in an auction listing–on April Fools’ Day–I hesitated to report it. But as it turns out, looks like I’m the fool–Hasbro has now confirmed that this European Disney Store Exclusive Marvel Legends 5-Pack is the real deal!

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Avengers Marvel Legends Thanos Build-A-Figure Review & Photos

2015 Marvel Legends Thanos Build-A-Figure Review

Although there are over 8,000 Marvel heroes and villains, less than 500 of them are characters that most people have ever heard of. And so, with hundreds of figures now released, there are very few major omissions left. And this year, perhaps the most prominent missing villain has finally arrived: Thanos!

Is it worth buying five of the Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 2 figures to build the Thanos Build-A-Figure…?

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