Marvel Legends 2015 Spider-Man Wave 1 Available on Amazon!

Marvel Legends Spider-Girl Figure Packaged

2015 is a spectacular year for Hasbro Marvel Legends collectors, with more new 6″ figures announced for release than any year since Hasbro revived Marvel Legends. The Avengers Marvel Legends Odin Series has been a smash hit, and the Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2015 Hobgoblin wave has now begun trickling into stores. But if you’re worried about not finding the four one-per-case figures locally, fear no more–Marvel Legends Daredevil, Spider-Man 2099 and friends are all now available online with free shipping!

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Toy Fair 2015: Marvel Legends Ant-Man Series! Ultron Prime BAF!

Marvel Legends Ultron Prime Build-A-Figure Ant-Man Marvel Legends Series

For months, rumors have circulated about possible Marvel Legends Ant-Man figures. While it was initially unknown if the Target listing for Marvel Legends Ant-Man referred to a singular figure or an entire series, Amazon accidentally leaked the identities of the six figures that might make up the wave a few weeks ago. But after New York Toy Fair 2015, Hasbro has played all their cards, confirming the six figures we thought were coming–and a Build-A-Figure we totally did not! Coming this summer: the Marvel Legends Ant-Man Infinite Series with Ultron Prime Build-A-Figure!

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Toy Fair 2015: Marvel Legends Spider-Man Wave 2! RHINO!

Spider-Man Legends Scarlet Spider 2015 Figure Hasbro

Hasbro may have left Star Wars collectors out to dry at New York Toy Fair 2015 (with nary a new figure to be found in the land!), but they seriously brought the goods this year for Marvel collectors!

Along with the two exclusive Marvel Legends multi-packs that were revealed, Hasbro showed off three full waves of previously unannounced Marvel Legends 2015 figures. And the biggest surprise of them all was the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Wave 2–with Marvel Legends Rhino Build-A-Figure!

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Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 3! Hulkbuster Build-A-Figure!

Avengers Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Iron Man Build-A-Figure

Remember when computer listings appeared for a mysterious wave of Marvel Legends figures that some speculated would be a Barnes and Noble exclusive, and I asserted that that would be utterly ridiculous? Yeah–I was right. Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 3, as I thought, is another mass-release Marvel Legends 2015 figures set. But you know what’s even better than me being right…? If you said “a giant 9″ tall Hulkbuster Iron Man Build-A-Figure”, you’re right!

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Avengers Marvel Legends Amazon Exclusive 4-Pack!

Marvel Legends Avengers Amazon Exclusive Black Widow Figure

Did you think that Hasbro was going to just release “The Big Three” (Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man Mark 43) as their sole Avengers: Age of Ultron Marvel Legends movie figures? …Well, I sure did! But–surprise! As it turns out, Hasbro actually does has plans to get “new” figures of the rest of the movie Avengers Marvel Legends figures out at retail and into collectors’ hands–as an Amazon exclusive! Coming to Amazon later this year–a Marvel Legends Avengers 4-Pack of Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor and Bruce Banner!

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Avengers Marvel Legends Target 3-Pack! Vision Ultron Hulk!

Marvel Legends 2015 Vision Target Exclusive Figure

Despite the fact that the remnants of last year’s Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Radioactive Man three-pack are being cleared out for half-price now, that figures set was considered by Target to be a big success overall. And so, this year Target will be receiving an Avengers Marvel Legends three-pack–and it’s a good one! Coming to Target later this year: Marvel Legends Vision, Ultron and Hulk figures!

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Marvel Legends Odin Build-A-Figure Review & Photos

Marvel Legends King Thor Figure Close-Up

Yesterday I kicked off my series of reviews of the Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 1 figures with my Marvel Legends Machine Man review, but I thought I’d shake things up a bit today by jumping straight to the Build-A-Figure… or rather, Build-A-Figures!

The identity of the Allfather varies depending upon the time period in the Marvel Universe you’re reading about, but now you can pick from two for your display: it’s the Marvel Legends Odin Review (and King Thor Review)!

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Avengers Marvel Legends Machine Man Review & Photos!

Marvel Legends Avengers Machine Man Review

Despite the fact that he’s had three ongoing series and a huge number of guest star appearances in various comic books over the years, Machine Man has never really caught on as a “top-tier” Marvel character. In fact, as far as merchandise goes, there weren’t many Machine Man toys out there at all, with the most prominent being a cool Bowen Designs Machine Man mini-bust. But that all changed this year, when Hasbro finally gave Machine Man his due. And even though my case still hasn’t arrived, I ordered an extra Marvel Legends Machine Man from Amazon to review early…

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Marvel Legends 2015 Avengers Wave 1 Up on Amazon!

Avengers Marvel Legends Sentry Figure Avenging Allies

During the entire time that I’ve been running Marvel Toy News, I’ve never seen Marvel collectors quite so hyped up and excited for a new wave of action figures as they are for the 2015 Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 1 figures. Because of the fact that all of the figures in this series are one-per-case except Hawkeye, fans not wanting to order a whole case have had to wait and rely on finding the figures in stores. But no longer–most of the Marvel Legends 2015 Avengers Wave 1 figures are now available individually on Amazon!

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Marvel Legends Ant-Man Series Revealed? Bulldozer! Wasp!

Marvel Legends Bulldozer of The Wrecking Crew Figure 2013 Wave 5

Earlier this week I discussed the probably-not-a-Barnes-and-Noble-exclusive Marvel Legends Avengers Dr. Strange series–but that’s not the only new Hasbro Marvel Legends 2015 series to emerge in rumors and whispers this week!

A potential Marvel Legends Ant-Man series has now been leaked on Amazon, including long-lost figures like Tigershark and BULLDOZER!

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Marvel Legends Avengers Odin Wave Released in the US!

Marvel Legends 2015 Avengers Wave 1 Released in the US

Next week is the big week when most retail stores in the United States will start to become covered in Avengers Age of Ultron toys that should take up loads of shelf space for most of 2015, but that doesn’t mean that some stores aren’t starting the attack by releasing the Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 1 figures a week early! Reports are coming in from the midwest that Target stores have released the series a bit early, and we’ve got the photos (including the receipt!) to confirm them…

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Marvel Legends 2015 Blizzard Dr. Strange Valkyrie Coming?


What’s that? The 2015 Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 1 and Wave 2 sets with Odin and Thanos Build-A-Figures haven’t even hit stores in the U.S. yet, but you’re already pining away for news regarding more upcoming Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figures? Well, ask and you shall receive. As a Funko collector, I’m pretty used to seeing Barnes and Noble leak upcoming figures months before Funko can announce them. And this time, B&N has turned its sights to Hasbro, leaking a list of potential Marvel Legends 2015 figures including Blizzard, Dr. Strange, Valkyrie and more!

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2015 Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 2 Packaged Photos!

2015 Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 2 Packaged Thanos Build-A-Figure

You know that saying “You can’t see the forest for the trees”? Yeah–that’s about how every Marvel Legends collector feels today. The focus has been centered on the first wave of Avengers Marvel Legends 2015 figures for so long now that even though that series is finally up for order, something else has slipped through the cracks. Already packaged and coming soon to stores–it’s the 6″ 2015 Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 2 Thanos Series!

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