2018 Marvel Legends Avengers Black Knight 6” Figure Revealed!

Marvel Legends 2018 Black Knight Figure Hi-Res

When Hasbro released a non-classic Marvel Legends Black Knight figure in 2007, fans were thrilled to get a 6” Black Knight figure… but less thrilled with the costume choice. With Black Knight no longer having much of a presence in Marvel comic books, it wasn’t clear whether or not we’d see Dane Whitman ever get another day in the sun. But for their one new Marvel reveal at MCM London Comic-Con 2017 over the weekend, the Marvel Legends 2018 Black Knight figure joined the battlefield!

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Sideshow Avengers Assemble Wasp Statue Up for Order!

Wasp Sideshow Collectibles Statue

Ordinarily I’m super-depressed when it’s a slow Marvel toy news week and there’s nothing to talk about, but since I’m dealing with major flood damage at home this week, I’m mostly okay with it. Sideshow Collectibles has their eye on all our dollars during their Spooktacular event this week, however, and following up their lightning-fast sell-out Phoenix from Monday, the Sideshow Exclusive Wasp Statue is now up for order!

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Revoltech Captain America Figure Pre-Order & Official Photos!

Kaiyodo Revoltech Marvel Wolverine Spider-Man Captain America

Up until now, Kaiyodo has delivered hit after hit in their Marvel Revoltech Ame-Comics line of 6” figures, with triumphs ranging from Venom to Magneto to Spider-Gwen. But every family has a black sheep, and the Revoltech Marvel series just may have found theirs. The Kaiyodo Revoltech Captain America figure is now up for order, although this Cap figure is drawing some criticism from collectors for being more beefcake than any Cap figure before him…

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Sideshow Hulk Avengers Assemble Statue Up for Order!

Size Scale Comparison Hulk Avengers Assemble Statue Apple

I was pretty psyched last year when Sideshow Collectibles announced their new line of 1/5 Avengers Assemble statues. Classic-styled comic statues with a smaller footprint for way less than Premium Format Figures? Count me in! Captain America and Iron Man were both home runs, and I even liked Thor despite his higher price-point. But I hadn’t seen anything yet: the Sideshow Avengers Assemble Hulk statue goes up for order this afternoon–and he’s not small, and he definitely ain’t cheap…

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Funko First Appearance Avengers Box Review & Spoilers! MCC

Funko First Appearance Avengers Box Review Unboxing Spoilers

With the bombardment of Marvel toy news going both into and out of last month’s San Diego Comic Con 2017, time has really flown by, as demonstrated by the fact that the latest Funko Marvel Collector Corps box has now arrived! The October 2017 Marvel Collector Corps Thor Ragnarok box is now up for order and is (obviously) entirely movie-based, so in the August 2017 box, Funko is balacing it out and giving us something totally comic-based–read on for full spoilers, unboxing photos and my Marvel Collector Corps First Appearance Avengers Box Review!

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Marvel Legends Ex Nihilo Figure Review GOTG Mantis Series

Ex Nihilo Marvel Legends Figure Review GOTG Wave 2

It’s been a pretty uneventful holiday weekend for Marvel Toy News (so much so that the most exciting thing I’ve posted is this photo of a Spider-Man Pizza Hut box on social media). But now, let’s celebrate Memorial Day with a review of a fallen hero (of a sort) getting his first-ever action figure from Hasbro this spring: the 6″ Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Ex Nihilo figure from the Mantis Series! He may have never appeared in a GOTG comic book, but he’s a nice addition to the line nonetheless…

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Exclusive Marvel Legends A-Force Box Set Photos! Loki! Sif!

Marvel Legends A-Force Box Set Opened

Is your wallet starting to feel a wee bit too heavy lately with the “drought” of just one wave of new Marvel Legends figures released thus far this spring? Well, hopefully that actually is the case, because the first packaged photos have been released of a major Marvel Legends box set that Hasbro announced at the 2017 Toy Fair–an auction has appeared online for the the exclusive Marvel Legends A-Force box set including new 6″ figures of Lady Loki, She-Hulk, Lady Sif, Monica Rambeau and more!

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Toy Fair 2017: Marvel Legends Ex Nihilo Figure Revealed!

Toy Fair 2017 Marvel Legends Ex Nihilo Figure

Well, the news that we expected to be coming out tomorrow just keeps on coming out today! First the Marvel Legends Star-Lord Helmet and Mjolnir Hammer Prop Replicas went up for order a day earlier than announced, and now we’re getting our first New York Toy Fair 2017 Marvel Legends figure reveal a night before the 2017 Toy Fair even begins! Some Marvel fans who haven’t read comics may need to bust out their “Google Fu” skills, because the first Hasbro reveal of the show is the 6″ Marvel Legends Ex Nihilo figure from Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2!

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Hasbro 2017 Avengers 6″ Action Figures Released & Photos!

Hasbro Avengers Hulk 6 Inch Figure Basic 2017 Packaged

The news tends to flow freely and early when it comes to the Marvel Legends 6″ figures, but not all Hasbro Marvel lines–particularly the ones that aren’t collector-targeted–are quite so lucky. As such, occasionally new Hasbro Marvel toys will hit retail stores with nary a headline or preview to be found. Such is the case with a new line of 6″ Avengers figures that are popping up in stores right now, and which seem to be a sales hit thus far…

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2017 LEGO Marvel Brick Headz Figures Sets Revealed & Photos!

LEGO Marvel Brick Headz Hulk Box

LEGO Marvel fans got their first official look at the 2017 LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy sets last week–but that’s not all that The LEGO Group has in store for Marvel collectors this winter! The buildable chibi figure “Brick Headz” theme debuted at SDCC 2016 last summer–and over half a year later, it’s ready for the big-time and a full rollout in stores! The LEGO Marvel Brick Headz sets go on sale next month, including Black Widow, Hulk, Iron Man and more!

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Sideshow Exclusive Avengers Captain America Statue Up for Order!


With production costs of high-end statues exploding over the past few years, Sideshow Collectibles has wisely began producing new statue lines that are slightly smaller and way cheaper than their beloved, long-running 1/4 Premium Format Figures series. Iron Man kicked off the Avengers Assemble 1/5 series of statues last month, and Tony won’t have to wait long for some camaraderie: the Sideshow Exclusive Captain America statue is now up for order!

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Marvel Kotobukiya Vision Fine Arts Statue Photos & Order Info!


After hitting a grand slam with their phenomenal Black Panther statue that they released earlier this year, Kotobukiya followed up at SDCC 2016 by teasing their next Fine Arts statue: The Vision. Koto Vision made his grand debut in painted form at New York Comic Con 2016 back in October, and now the wait to pre-order the next high-end Avengers statue is over: the Kotobukiya Vision Fine Arts Statue is now up for order! Does he meet the high bar set by Black Panther…?

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Marvel Legends Wonder Man 6″ Figure Review & Photos (2016)

Marvel Legends Abomination Series Wonder Man Energy Effects Accessories

While I was spelunking into my huge box of Marvel action figures that still need to be reviewed today, I discovered that lo and behold, I had unwittingly reviewed all of the final wave of Captain America Marvel Legends 2016 6″ figures but one. And as the remaining character continued a near-iconic member of the Avengers by many, I figure I might as well finish the job. If you haven’t seen him locally (and I sure haven’t), he’s available for MSRP online with free shipping–it’s the 2016 Marvel Legends Wonder Man figure!

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Marvel Unlimited Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Figure!

Marvel Legends Time Runs Out Captain Marvel Figure Exclusive

While Jonathan Hickman’s lengthy run on the flagship Avengers comics may not have been to every reader’s taste, there’s no question that his run was among the most epic in Avengers history.

And to celebrate the final arc of Hickman’s final pre-Secret Wars storyline, Marvel has now announced the Marvel Unlimited Plus 2017 exclusive Marvel Legends “Time Runs Out” Captain Marvel six inch figure!

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Gentle Giant Skottie Young Vision Animated Statue Pre-Order!

Back of Marvel Babies Vision Statue

Ever since the Gentle Giant Marvel Animated statues line (inspired by the Skottie Young Marvel Babies artwork) began, Gentle Giant has delivered headliner A-List character after A-List character in it, from Iron Man to Deadpool to Spider-Gwen. But at SDCC 2016, the next entry in the line was revealed, and while he’s never been a hugely popular mainstream character, I’m looking forward to having him nonetheless: the Marvel Animated Gentle Giant Vision statue is now up for order! And hey–there’s something for bookend collectors too…

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