Mezco ONE:12 Collective Wolverine Iron Man & Doctor Strange!

Toyfair 2017 Mezco Netflix Daredevil ONE 12 Collective Figure

There may be a crazy snowstorm raging in New York City this morning, but the weather is no match for the power of a Mezco Toys Pre-Toy Fair event! And this year, for the first time ever, Mezco Toyz had a special treat for collectors (and bums like me who weren’t willing to fight the snow to go into New York City this morning): they live-streamed coverage of the event online! Sure, the camera was a little wobbly and the figures were out of focus, but who cares, because we got our very first look at Mezco ONE:12 Collective Wolverine, Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Netflix Daredevil!

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2017 Marvel Legends Movie Figures 4″ 2-Packs Revealed!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Two-Pack Packaged

With New York Toy Fair 2017 just over two weeks away, one might think Hasbro would be keeping their secrets close to their vest. But perhaps to whet our appetites for the big show, Hasbro is doing anything but! This morning they delighted Star Wars fans with photos of the Admiral Raddus wave of Rogue One figures, and now it’s Marvel fans’ turn! Coming our way this spring, it’s 3.75″ Marvel Legends movie figures love in the form of two-packs for Doctor Strange, Spider-Man Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!

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Marvel Select Doctor Strange Movie Figure Released & Photos!

Marvel Select Doctor Strange Movie Figure Packaged

It’s been the better part of a year since the Marvel Select Doctor Strange movie figure first apparated at shows and events for collectors to drool over–but after a lengthy wait, the Diamond Select Toys MCU version of the Sorcerer Supreme has finally arrived in retail stores and our collections today! I prefer to secure my Marvel Select figures from online retailers, but I couldn’t resist heading over to my closest comic book store to check out the DST Doctor Strange in person…

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SH Figuarts Doctor Strange Figure Up for Order in the US!

S.H. Figuarts Doctor Strange Figure with Flames Exclusive

Some of you have probably noticed that pre-orders opened this week for the imported Bandai SH Figuarts Doctor Strange figure, and are wondering why I haven’t talked about it here on Marvel Toy News. No, it’s not pure laziness (this time)–I’ve actually got a really good reason! I haven’t been promoting the import Doctor Strange Figuarts figure to North American readers because I don’t want you to overspend: the SH Figuarts Doctor Strange figure is now up for order in the U.S.–along with North America exclusive accessories!

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SH Figuarts Doctor Strange Iron Man Mark 1 & More Revealed!


2016 was a great year for SH Figuarts Marvel figure collectors, giving us our very first Bandai action figures of Tony Stark, Ultron, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Ant-Man and more–not to mention Marvel Figuarts figures going up for order in North America for the first time ever. And while Bandai Japan has yet to announce any prospective figures for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 or Thor Ragnarok, it looks like they’ll be keeping momentum going with some big firsts in 2017 as well: SH Figuarts Doctor Strange, Iron Man Mark I and more have now been revealed!

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Loot Crate Exclusive Doctor Strange Q-Fig Figure Up for Order!


I quickly fell in love with Loot Crate over two years ago when they had their first major Marvel exclusive: the Glow-in-the-Dark Groot Funko POP Vinyls figure. Just as quickly, I fell out of love and cancelled my subscription when I realized how much junk I was accumulating from mystery boxes I didn’t even enjoy anymore. It’s been a long time, but LootCrate has pulled me back in this month with an awesome exclusive in this month’s box–the Exclusive Doctor Strange Q-Fig Figure is now up for order!

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Funko Collector Corps Doctor Strange Box Review Spoilers & Unboxing!

Marvel Collector Corps Doctor Strange Box Review Unboxing Spoilers

It took a little bit longer for this month’s Funko Marvel Collector Corps box to arrive than I’m used to, but finally–the Doctor (Strange) is in! While I’m far, far more hyped for the upcoming X-Men box that’s currently up for order than I am for the Doctor Strange movie coming out next week, that doesn’t mean this Funko Doctor Strange box was a bust. In fact, far from it–this was one of my favorite subscription boxes all-around to-date, exceeding my expectations…

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Disney Exclusive Doctor Strange Statue Up for Order! LE 500!


The Disney Store has spoiled Star Wars fans with some very cool lower-priced resin Star Wars statues several times now, but starting this year they’ve been giving Marvel figure collectors some love as well! They released a Civil War Captain America and Iron Man statue in the spring, and now they’re moving on the the next big MCU movie: the Disney Store exclusive light-up 10″ Doctor Strange statue is now up for order, and it’s limited to just 500 pieces worldwide!

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Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Comic 6″ Figure Review 2016

Review Marvel Legends 2016 Doctor Strange 6" Figure

I was going to call it a day for my series of Doctor Strange Marvel Legends figure reviews, but I’ve had quite a few people ask for a review of a figure I hadn’t expected to get requests for, so here goes one more! One of Hasbro’s surprise hits for me last year was the Marvel Now Doctor Strange figure, who was pretty great except for his lack of a cape. This year, that figure is more or less back with a new cape–and shipping this week for online orders! Is it worth buying another Marvel Legends Doctor Strange to get it?

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Marvel Legends Brother Voodoo Review Doctor Strange

Marvel Legends Brother Voodoo Figure Review and Photos

The “official” release date of the Marvel Legends Doctor Strange movie series is under a week away, so let’s continue on with in-depth reviews of the figures in the series. I began my reviews with the repainted Dormammu Build-A-Figure, but he’s not the only character that’s returned from the SDCC Book of Vishanti set!

The Marvel Legends Brother Voodoo figure makes an encore appearance in this wave as well… is he worth buying again?

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Marvel Legends Nico Minoru Review & Photos Doctor Strange

Marvel Legends Nico Minoru Review

Earlier this week I talked about the figure in the Marvel Legends Doctor Strange series that was most peoples’ favorite in the wave in my Marvel Legends Iron Fist review, but today I’m going to let my inner Goth roar and take a look at my most-anticipated figure in the series. The Marvel Legends Nico Minoru figure is shipping out for online orders next week–does the first-ever action figure of a member of the Runaways team earn my approval? Read on…

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Marvel Legends Iron Fist Review & Photos Doctor Strange Series

Marvel Legends Iron Fist Review Doctor Strange Series

Iron Fist isn’t exactly the household name A-List hero that you expect to see getting a new Marvel Legends figure two years in a row–but, well… it’s not every year Disney is preparing to make Iron Fist a household name with his own Netflix series!

Online orders for Iron Fist are expected to ship late next week–do you need one? If you like Iron Fist you do–this is clearly his best toy ever…

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Hot Toys Doctor Strange Figure Up for Order & Official Photos!


Get ready to have your minds blown, Marvel collectors: it’s been nearly two months since Hot Toys put a new Marvel sixth scale figure up for order. Craziness, right?! But the drought is at an end, and what an end it is–the Hot Toys Doctor Strange sixth scale figure is now up for order!

I have mixed feelings about the trailers I’ve seen for the upcoming Doctor Strange movie, but my only feeling about this 12″ figure is that it is awesome

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Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Movie Figures Review & Photos

Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Figure Review

Doctor Strange has never exactly been a household name, but Disney and Marvel are planning to change that in a big way with this fall’s major movie starring the Sorcerer Supreme. And what better way to make a character feel legit than by giving him his own series of Marvel Legends figures, right? The Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Series is shipping out during the next two weeks, and today let’s take a look at the center pieces of the wave: the 6″ Doctor Strange movie figures!

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Doctor Strange Marvel Legends Dormammu Build-A-Figure Review

Marvel Legends Dormammu Build-A-Figure Review

2016 has been a fantastic year for Marvel Legends collecting, but the end of the road is here. Watch for your online orders to start being shipped out, because online retailers begin receiving their Marvel Legends Doctor Strange figures in the next two weeks!

And what better way to get pumped up for the release than with some Doctor Strange Marvel Legends reviews–starting with the big man himself, the Dread Dormammu Build-A-Figure review!

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