Kotobukiya Black Panther Movie ARTFX Statue Up for Order!

Kotobukiya Black Panther ARTFX Statue Movie

It’s mostly been an uneventful start to 2018, as manufacturers seem to be saving most of their big reveals for next month’s New York Toy Fair 2018. But one branch of merch that literally cannot wait is the various Black Panther movie collectibles, as the movie debuts a day before the 2018 Toy Fair begins! We’ve seen most companies’ wares for the movie by now, but Kotobukiya just played their own card: the Kotobukiya ARTFX Black Panther movie statue is now up for order!

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Skottie Young Marvel Animated Spider-Man & Mary Jane Statue!

Marvel Animated Spider-Man and Mary Jane Statue Skottie Young

While it seemed like it might be a bit of a risk when the line first launched, the Skottie Young Marvel Babies-inspired Gentle Giant Marvel Animated statues line has really blossomed into a fan favorite series that has gotten much deeper than most collectors expected. And now that the line has proven itself, Gentle Giant Ltd. must feel confident enough to try something a bit different: a two-in-one statue! It’s the most expensive entry in the series to date: the Marvel Animated Spider-Man & Mary Jane statue is now up for order!

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Iron Studios Black Panther Battle Diorama Statues Up for Order!

Okoye Iron Studios Statue Side View

The clock is ticking down on 2017, and when we pass the threshold into 2018 next week, the focus on the Black Panther movie is about the intensity in a big way! I’ll be posting my first Marvel Legends Black Panther movie figure reviews next week—but this week, we’ve got more collectible reveals for the movie to look at! The 1/10 Iron Studios Black Panther Battle Diorama Series statues are now up for order!

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Kotobukiya Bishoujo Captain Marvel Statue Up for Order & Photos!

Kotobukiya Captain Marvel Bishoujo Statue Close-Up

For big fans of the Kotobukiya Bishoujo Marvel statues series, 2017 was pretty much a bust. The Bishoujo Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Statue debuted at New York Toy Fair 2017 in February and shipped in the fall, and, well… that was pretty much it. There wasn’t even a SDCC or NYCC exclusive Bishoujo this year. But the dry spell is finally coming to an end, with a statue that’s just begging for exclusive variants next year: the Kotobukiya Bishoujo Captain Marvel Statue is now up for order!

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Sideshow Exclusive Spider-Verse Spider-Man Statue Up for Order!

Sidehow Mark Brooks Spider-Man Exclusive Head Peter Parker

Sideshow Collectibles has been on a Marvel hot streak lately, with their new Wolverine, Silk, Spider-Gwen and Green Phoenix statues all being gorgeousness. But that roll may be coming to an end with this week’s new solicitation, which I get the feeling is going to be a divisive piece (at best). The Sideshow Exclusive Mark Brooks Spider-Man Spider-Verse statue is now up for order, but this is not looking like it’s going to be one of the better-received Spidey statues…

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Kotobukiya Spider-Man Webslinger ARTFX Statue Revealed!

Kotobukiya Spider-Man Webslinger ARTFX Statue

Kotobukiya had been showing off a very cool 1:6 Spider-Man Homecoming ARTFX Statue at conventions this summer and fall, so we were all expecting Koto to put a new Spidey statue up for order right about now… just not this Spidey statue! Swinging in from absolutely nowhere (and I mean that on multiple levels—read on), the Kotobukiya Spider-Man Webslinger ARTFX Statue is now up for order!

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Gentle Giant Gladiator Hulk & Animated Squirrel Girl Statues!

Close-Up of Gentle Giant Collector's Gallery Hulk Statue Thor Ragnarok

When Gentle Giant Ltd. revealed their line of 1:8 scale Marvel Collector Gallery statues two years back, many collectors rejoiced at the notion of not only saving space with these smaller resin statues, but also money, as they’ve kept to around a $160 price-point. At least, until now—the Gentle Giant Collector’s Gallery Gladiator Hulk Statue is now up for order, and it’s both the biggest and most expensive piece in the line (by a lot!). But that’s not all! GG has Punisher bookends and an Animated Squirrel Girl on the way now as well…

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Sideshow Exclusive Iron Man Mark III Maquette Up for Order! LE 500!

Size and Scale Comparison Photo of Iron Man Mark III Sideshow Maquette

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be where the majority of mainstream fans know their superheroes from these days, Sideshow Collectibles still produces far more comic book-based Marvel statues than MCU movie-based ones. Only extremely popular movie characters tend to get Sideshow Marvel Maquettes—and with that in mind, the latest addition to the line should surprise no one: the Sideshow Exclusive Iron Man Mark III Maquette limited to 500 pieces is now up for order!

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Sideshow Exclusive Spider-Gwen Statue Up for Order!

Sideshow Spider-Verse Spider-Gwen Statue Poster

It’s pretty much beyond question that Deadpool has been the hottest character at Marvel for the past couple years. But if there’s a modern comics character who can even approach the Merc with a Mouth in popularity, it’s the sensational Spider-Gwen! It was only a matter of “when”, not “if”, Sideshow Collectibles would get around to their own Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman. And now, we know exactly when we can order her—the Sideshow EXCLUSIVE Spider-Gwen statue is now up for order!

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Kotobukiya Punisher Fine Arts Statue Up for Order & Photos!

The Punisher Fine Arts Statue Kotobukiya 2018

It’s taken a few years for the Marvel statue collecting world to recover from Bowen Designs’ exit from the market, but we definitely appear to be living in a golden age of Marvel statues once again, with more statues from more companies coming out than ever before. And the latest 1/6 statue from Kotobukiya brings us a fan-favorite vigilante who’s more popular than ever thanks to Netflix—the Kotobukiya Punisher Fine Arts statue is now up for order! But this Fine Arts statues has a feature previous releases have not: a price-point of over $300…

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REVIEW: Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Statues & Infinity Gems 

Comic books and fighting games are two of the seven great loves of my life, so when Capcom started making arcade games featuring the X-Men and various Marvel Superheroes a few decades back, I was hooked for life. And when a $200 Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Collector’s Edition went up for sale earlier this year with four statues and a set of Infinity Gems included, well… cue that “Take my Money” meme. The big day came this week and the box set arrived… but not everything is quite as advertised…

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Marvel Premier Collection Deadpool Statue Up for Order!

DST Marvel Premier Deadpool Statue

Diamond Select Toys has been spoiling us rotten opening up pre-orders for a multitude of new Marvel statues each month during the summer, but we’re going to have to make do with just a singular new statue in the latest round of solicitations. Luckily, this is one that I think is going to be on a lot of collector’s wish lists, even if it’s not exactly an under-merchandised character: the resin 12″ DST Marvel Premier Collection Deadpool statue is now up for order!

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Iron Studios Juggernaut vs. Wolverine Statue Up for Order!

Iron Studios Juggernaut vs Wolverine Statue

Of all the statues that made their grand debuts at San Diego Comic Con 2017, the one that caught me most by surprise–in a very good way–was Iron Studios’ newest addition to their Marvel Comics Battle Diorama series. And now , that same statue is taking me by surprise once again with a very unexpected pre-order: the Iron Studios Wolverine vs Juggernaut statue is now up for order!

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Iron Studios Wolverine & Weapon X Statues Up for Order!

Close-Up of Iron Studios Unmasked Wolverine Logan Head

Wolverine is dead, to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. Whether killed via being suffocated in liquid adamantium or impaled on a tree by a clone of his own younger self, Wolverine is dead. Even so, Logan remains among the most popular characters in the Marvel pantheon, with plenty of new collectibles coming our way in the coming months. Mezco and Hasbro both have classic Wolverine 6″ figures arriving this fall, and now Iron Studios is falling on the high-end front with two new statues: Iron Studios Wolverine and Weapon X statues are now up for order!

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Marvel Premier Collection Thanos Statue Released & Photos!

Diamond Select Toys Marvel Premier Collection Thanos Statue Review

As we approach Thanos’s arrival next year as the supreme boss villain of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe in “Avengers: Infinity War”, pretty much every major high-end Marvel collectibles company has their own recent Thanos statue on the market. But of all the ones that have been up for sale lately, only one of them is a purely classic Thanos resin statue that retails for under 150 bucks–the DST Marvel Premier Collection Thanos statue is now released and shipping!

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