Diamond Select Marvel Premier Collection Thanos Statue!


2018 may be Thanos’s breakout year when he finally has the villainous starring role in “Avengers Infinity War”, but 2017 is primed to be the year of Thanos… statues! Not only is the Kotobukiya Thanos Fine Arts statue arriving shortly, but Sideshow has a movie-based maquette coming up for order soon. And that’s not all–! Diamond Select Toys has the most classic (and cheapest) version of them all–the Marvel Premier Collection Thanos statue is now up for order!

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Sideshow Exclusive Avengers Captain America Statue Up for Order!


With production costs of high-end statues exploding over the past few years, Sideshow Collectibles has wisely began producing new statue lines that are slightly smaller and way cheaper than their beloved, long-running 1/4 Premium Format Figures series. Iron Man kicked off the Avengers Assemble 1/5 series of statues last month, and Tony won’t have to wait long for some camaraderie: the Sideshow Exclusive Captain America statue is now up for order!

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Marvel Kotobukiya Vision Fine Arts Statue Photos & Order Info!


After hitting a grand slam with their phenomenal Black Panther statue that they released earlier this year, Kotobukiya followed up at SDCC 2016 by teasing their next Fine Arts statue: The Vision. Koto Vision made his grand debut in painted form at New York Comic Con 2016 back in October, and now the wait to pre-order the next high-end Avengers statue is over: the Kotobukiya Vision Fine Arts Statue is now up for order! Does he meet the high bar set by Black Panther…?

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Marvel Babies Animated Star-Lord Statue Photos & Order Info!


The success and growth of the Marvel Animated statues line based off of the Skottie Young Marvel Babies artwork has been one of the most delightful surprises of 2016, and this week Gentle Giant announced another new addition to the family coming in the spring! Though we got a convention exclusive Rocket Raccoon Animated Statue in a different style, the first Marvel Babies Guardians of the Galaxy statue is coming our way: the Gentle Giant Marvel Animated Star-Lord statue is now up for order!

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Disney Exclusive Doctor Strange Statue Up for Order! LE 500!


The Disney Store has spoiled Star Wars fans with some very cool lower-priced resin Star Wars statues several times now, but starting this year they’ve been giving Marvel figure collectors some love as well! They released a Civil War Captain America and Iron Man statue in the spring, and now they’re moving on the the next big MCU movie: the Disney Store exclusive light-up 10″ Doctor Strange statue is now up for order, and it’s limited to just 500 pieces worldwide!

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Gentle Giant Skottie Young Vision Animated Statue Pre-Order!

Back of Marvel Babies Vision Statue

Ever since the Gentle Giant Marvel Animated statues line (inspired by the Skottie Young Marvel Babies artwork) began, Gentle Giant has delivered headliner A-List character after A-List character in it, from Iron Man to Deadpool to Spider-Gwen. But at SDCC 2016, the next entry in the line was revealed, and while he’s never been a hugely popular mainstream character, I’m looking forward to having him nonetheless: the Marvel Animated Gentle Giant Vision statue is now up for order! And hey–there’s something for bookend collectors too…

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Diamond Select Deadpool Marvel Gallery Statue & Model Kit!

Marvel Gallery Deadpool Statue October 2016 Diamond Select Toys

Earlier this week, I discussed the upcoming resin Gentle Giant Collectors Gallery Deadpool statue. In a weird twist of events (and words), Diamond Select Toys has now put up a “gallery” Deadpool of their own: the affordably-priced 9″ Marvel Gallery Deadpool statue is now up for order!

And if that’s not enough Wade Wilson for you, there’s a DIY Marvel DX Deadpool Model Kit on the way from DST as well…

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Gentle Giant Deadpool Statue Photos & Order Info!

Gentle Giant Deadpool Collectors Gallery Statue

We may not even have the first of the Gentle Giant Marvel Collector’s Gallery 1/8 scale statues in our hands yet, but now Gentle Giant has unveiled the first of next year’s additions to the line.

And those expecting another shrunken-down version of a past release are in for a shock, because instead this is a totally-new sculpt of one of Marvel’s hottest characters: the Gentle Giant Deadpool Collector’s Gallery Statue goes up for order this week!

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Kotobukiya Thanos Fine Arts Statue Photos & Order Info!

Kotobukiya Thanos Statue Infinity Gauntlet Close-Up

Kotobukiya teased us with their 1/6 Thanos statue at NYCC 2015 and then showed off the prototype in-person for the first time at the 2016 New York Toy Fair, so it’s been over half a year now that we’ve known this piece has been coming.

But now we know when the Mad Titan is coming, what extras he’s coming with, and for how much–the Kotobukiya Thanos Fine Arts Statue is now up for order!

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Skottie Young Deadpool Animated Statue Up for Order!

Close-Up of Gentle Giant Marvel Animated Deadpool Figure

Last month, Gentle Giant Ltd. revealed their fourth Skottie Young Marvel Babies statue–Spider-Gwen–and the hype generated put that of all the other statues in the Marvel Animated line to shame.

I thought there was nothing Gentle Giant could do to top their Skottie Young Spider-Gwen, but they had a major ace up their sleeves: the Skottie Young Deadpool Marvel Animated Statue is now up for order!

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Toy Fair 2016: Diamond Select Toys Spider-Gwen Figure!

Diamond Select Toys Spider-Gwen Statue Revealed

While the 2016 Toy Fair International won’t officially begin until this Saturday (2/13/2016), many companies are taking the opportunity this week to preview newly revealed toys in advance of the show.

Diamond Select Toys is one such company, and they’re countering the Bishoujo Spider-Gwen statue that went up earlier this week with a Gwen Stacy of their own: the Marvel Gallery Spider-Gwen figure debuts at New York Toy Fair 2016!

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Diamond Select Lady Thor Femme Fatales Statue Photos!

Lady Thor Statue Revealed

While I thought it was going to be a quiet week due to that “Star Wars” thing going around, it turns out that we’re actually getting bombarded with fresh Marvel toy news! And one of the new items announced regards one of the hottest characters of the past two years: Lady Thor!

Diamond Select Toys drew first blood with their Lady Thor Minimates figure earlier this year, and now they’re turning to the statue front: the Lady Thor Femme Fatales statue is now up for order!

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Femme Fatales Captain Marvel Statue Up for Order!

Captain Marvel Femme Fatales Statue

Diamond Select Toys has begun dominating the market as far as low-priced plastic statues of female characters go. From DC Comics to Star Trek to independents, DST has been expanding their female statue line territory.

And now, they’re ready to move on to the most popular line of comic characters on Earth–the Marvel Femme Fatales Captain Marvel statue is now up for order!

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Kotobukiya Rogue Statue Released & Unboxing Photos!

Kotobukiya Rogue Jim Lee Head Close-Up

All good things must come to an end in the collectibles world, and it looks like–at least for now–the beloved Kotobukiya X-Men Danger Room Sessions statues have come to an end. Sadly, it looks like there’s no Beast, Iceman or Jubilee on the horizon anytime soon. But before the end, the long-awaited Kotobukiya Rogue statue is finally shipping out this month! After years in development, did Koto do justice to the beauty of the X-Men’s southern belle?

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Sideshow Sentinel Maquette Final Production Photos!

Sideshow Sentinel Maquette Final Product Photo Head

Pop Quiz! What’s purple and blue, stands thirty-two inches tall, has light-up LED eyes and chest, and is limited to just 750 pieces produced for the entire world? Yep, you guessed right–it’s the Sideshow Collectibles Sentinel Maquette Statue that we last heard an update on way back in 2014! Production certainly wasn’t fast on this beast, but it’s finally complete and shipping out this month! Let’s take a look at the final production photos and see if it was worth the wait…

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