Marvel Legends Medusa Released! Impressions & Photos!

Marvel Legends Medusa Figure Released

While it took the better part of a year for the Human Torch to reunite with his sister, there’s going to be no such delay for the next Walgreens Marvel Legends Fantastic Four exclusive figure hitting stores! Just weeks after Johnny Storm began hitting stores in mass, I’ve received several reports, photos, and even some great impressions of the Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Medusa figure, which is arriving at retail now in the U.S.!

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Marvel Legends Human Torch Released! Photos & Impressions!

Marvel Legends Human Torch 6 Inch Figure Out of Package

No one ever said building a new Marvel Legends Fantastic Four would be easy (or fast)! It’s been a lengthy wait since the new Marvel Legends Invisible Woman first appeared in January, but Sue Storm’s little brother has finally flamed onto store shelves in North America… in Canada (and on ebay), at least! We’ll be waiting just a wee bit longer for Johnny to reach the United States, but in the meantime, here’s some in-hand photos and impressions of the Exclusive Marvel Legends Human Torch!

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Exclusive Marvel Legends Mr. Fantastic & Medusa Figures! SDCC 2017

Marvel Legends Mr. Fantastic Figure Walgreens Exclusive

Hasbro began a new sub-series of Marvel Legends figures earlier this year when they released the first in a series of 6″ Fantastic Four Legends figures exclusive to Walgreens: the Invisible Woman with HERBIE! And while we’re still waiting for the Human Torch to flame into stores and join his sister, we now officially know the next two entries in the line that will be following Johnny Storm: Marvel Legends Mr. Fantastic and… Medusa?!

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Marvel Legends Exclusives Released! Mary Jane! Invisible Woman!

Marvel Legends Invisible Woman Walgreens Exclusive Figure Released

In a day and age where it’s tough to even get all stores to put out ther street-dated Star Wars figures on Force Friday, an unplanned near-simultaneous nationwide release on a new exclusive feels like a minor miracle. But that’s just what we got this week, when the Marvel Legends Mary Jane & Spider-Man two-pack began hitting Toys R Us stores from coast to coast all on the same day! And they’re not the only new exclusives hitting shelves–the fabled Marvel Legends Invisible Woman has now become visible!

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Marvel Legends Invisible Woman Figure 2017 Packaged Photo!


Today must just be the day for new exclusive Marvel Legends figures leaking out, because hot on the heels of the Toys R Us exclusive Groot Evolution Pack being spotted for the first time, the brand new Hasbro 6″ Marvel Legends Invisible Woman figure (and HERBIE) have appeared online as well! And I have to say, I don’t think it’s hyperbole declaring that this is the best Invisible Woman action figure ever…

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Bowen Human Torch Statue Released & Photos! LE 500!

Bowen Designs The Human Torch Statue 2014

If there’s one Marvel licensee out there that doesn’t get the buzz and notoriety it deserves lately, it’s Bowen Designs. While Bowen was the pioneer of the Marvel mini-busts sensation and one of the first companies to mass produce Marvel statues, its star has fallen a bit over the past few years as new companies like Sideshow and Gentle Giant have begun hogging the limelight. I want to make a concentrated effort to shift some focus back on Bowen, and I’ll begin by looking at their latest-released statue: the Bowen Designs Human Torch statue… limited to just 500 pieces produced!

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