SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark 4 & Samurai War Machine Up for Order! 

SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark 4 Figure Eating Donuts with Sunglasses

From the company who brought you Iron Man Mark II, Mark III, Mark V, Mark VI, Mark VII… and many many more Marks… here comes the numbering sequence gap-filling Iron Man Mark IV! To the shock of no one anywhere, Bandai Tamashii is releasing an S.H. Figuarts Iron Man Mark IV, which is now up for order in the US! But he won’t be arriving alone next year—Samurai War Machine (you read that right) is on the way as well!

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Marvel Play Arts Kai War Machine Figure Photos & Order Info!

Marvel Play Arts Kai War Machine Figure

A couple years back, it looked like the Play Arts Kai Marvel Variant line might be on its last legs when they released a trio of straight-up “Special Color Version” repaints. Among these was an Iron Man Special Color Ver. figure that had been repainted into War Machine colors. At the time, that seemed likely to be the only Play Arts War Machine figure that would ever be produced. But there’s bucks to be made on revisiting the second most popular Iron Man character, and Square-Enix is set on making them–the Play Arts Kai War Machine figure is now up for order!

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SH Figuarts Civil War War Machine Photos & Order Info!

SH Figuarts War Machine Mark III Civil War Figure

Raise your hand if you thought mech-crazy Bandai Japan was going to skip a chance to release a new SH Figuarts Civil War War Machine figure. Anyone…? I thought not. But for those who skipped last year’s expensive Japanese online exclusive War Machine Mark II, don’t expect this one to be any cheaper or easier to acquire–the SH Figuarts War Machine Mark III is yet another Japanese-only web shop exclusive that will only be available via expensive import in the US

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Marvel Legends Summer 2016 Exclusive Packs Released!

Marvel Legends Vision Sam Wilson Kate Bishop 3 Pack Released

With hundreds of Marvel action figures getting released each year, sometimes a few fall through the cracks for a few days and then I don’t write a release blurb for them because I think it’s not really “news” anymore. But the dozens of readers writing in to me each day urging me to talk about the 2016 Target and Toys R Us Marvel Legends exclusives seem to think otherwise, so let’s take a look at this summer’s multi-packs…

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Marvel Play Arts Kai Carnage & War Machine Revealed!

Play Arts Kai Venom Limited Color Version Carnage Figure

Given that it’s been almost an entire year since the last two Square-Enix Marvel Play Arts Kai figures were revealed–and also how the whole line is among the most copiously bootlegged Marvel toys I’ve ever seen–I thought that perhaps we’d seen the end of Marvel PAK. But it turns out that Square-Enix had at least three more releases up their sleeves that they’ve now put up for order–all of which repaints, but two of which might as well be Play Arts Kai Carnage and War Machine!

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Hot Toys Civil War War Machine Mark III Die-Cast Pre-Order!

Hot Toys Civil War War Machine Holding Light-Up Shoulder Cannon

He may only serve a supporting role in all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies that he appears in, but no one can deny that War Machine gets his fair share of high-end collectibles from Hot Toys! In 2015, not one, not two, but three sixth scale die-cast War Machine Hot Toys figures have been solicited! The Hot Toys Captain America: Civil War War Machine Mark III Die-Cast figure is now up for order! What sets this one apart and makes it worth buying yet another Rhodey? Read on…

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Hot Toys Die-Cast War Machine Iron Man 2 Figure Up for Order!

Iron Man 2 War Machine Die-Cast Sixth Scale Figure Hot Toys

After being one of the more expensive and sought-after Marvel Hot Toys sixth scale figures for years, the market has crashed on the Iron Man 2 War Machine MMS 120. That figure itself is still an excellent release, but the demand for that figure fell off a cliff after Hot Toys announced a die-cast version last month.

And now, the superior remake is officially on the way–the Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Die-Cast War Machine is now up for order!

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Sentinel RE:EDIT War Machine Figure Up for Order!

Sentinel War Machine RE EDIT Figure Covered in Weapons

Following his surprisingly decent-sized role in Avengers: Age of Ultron, 2015 has turned out to be a far bigger year for War Machine figures than I ever imagined! New figures are coming this year from Marvel Legends, Hot Toys, SH Figuarts, Minimates, Sideshow Collectibles and more. And now, we can add perhaps the most unique entry of all to that list: the unique Sentinel RE:EDIT War Machine figure is now up for order!

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Sideshow War Machine Maquette Up for Order! LE 750!

Sideshow Collectibles War Machine Maquette Statue

Finally, the big day is upon us! The day that we’ve all been waiting for for nearly three years–the U.S. release date for the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie! Avengers-mania is in full effect, with mountains of high-end and low-end product wherever you look, and Sideshow Collectibles will be adding one more drop to the flood themselves to celebrate the end of the Phase II MCU: the Sideshow Collectibles War Machine Maquette goes up for order today! But as much as War Machine rocks, he also comes at a heavy price…

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SH Figuarts War Machine Mark II Photos & Order Info!

War Machine Mark II SH Figuarts Figure Effects Pieces

As Star Wars Celebration Anaheim rolls on overseas, things are definitely not all quiet on the Marvel front! Hot on the heels of the Bandai SH Figuarts Avengers Age of Ultron figures going up for order earlier this month, Bandai has opened Asian web-only pre-orders for their next exclusive Marvel figure–and this one is going to be a toughie to acquire! It’s the Asian web-only, limited release SH Figuarts War Machine Mark II figure!

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Exclusive AOU Hot Toys War Machine Up for Order!

Hot Toys War Machine Mark II Figure Avengers Age of Ultron

Given the thousands of dollars of Hot Toys Avengers Age of Ultron figures that have gone up for pre-order in the past few months, I really thought that Hot Toys might be giving their collectors a week off from the financially-crippling onslaught of new pre-orders. But, as happens from time to time, I thought wrong. Not only is there a new Age of Ultron Hot Toys figure going up for order this week–but it’s a limited exclusive: the Sideshow exclusive die-cast Hot Toys War Machine Mark II is now up for order! But wait a minute… didn’t I already buy this figure…?

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Vinylmation War Machine Iron Patriot Ant-Man Announced!

Vinylmation Marvel Ant-Man Iron Patriot War Machine LE Figures

It’s been quiet times for Marvel collectors as we approach the end of 2014, but if there’s one collecting genre that pretty much always has new figures coming out to talk about, it’s designer vinyls! But this article isn’t about Funko (believe it or not), it’s about the Marvel vinyl figures being put out by Emperor Mickey Mouse himself–Disney! Coming to the Disney Parks and online in December 2014–the limited-edition Marvel Vinylmation Iron Patriot, War Machine, and Ant-Man vinyl figures!

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Revoltech Revolmini War Machine Figure Photos & Order Info

Revoltech Mini War Machine Figure with Effects Pieces

A couple months back, Kaiyodo announced the upcoming release of the first Marvel character (and third character overall) in their Revoltech Revolmini line of 4″ micro Revoltech figures: the Revol Mini Iron Man Mark VI from “Iron Man 2”. Fast forward a few months and a multitude of non-Marvel Revolmini announcements later, and Kaiyodo has finally announced the next Marvel Revoltech Micro figure: the Revol Mini War Machine figure is now available for order!

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Marvel Mashers Iron Spider-Man & War Machine Released!

Marvel Super Hero Mashers Iron Spider Figure Close-Up

Something inside me snapped last week when I got my first Marvel Super Heroes Masher figure, Deadpool. Ever since, I’ve started having a craving for more stylized, kid-friendly Marvel Mashers action figures, and as such I’ve been watching the Marvel Super Hero Mashers section at my local stores like a predatory hawk. While the Marvel Mashers Iceman and Ghost Rider I’ve been on the prowl for haven’t turned up locally yet, the newest wave of Electronic Superhero Mashers have arrived: the Marvel Mashers Iron Spider-Man and War Machine are now available for order online and in some stores!

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Play Imaginative War Machine Raw Edition 1/4 Figure! LE 200!

Play Imaginative War Machine Mark II RAW Edition

Can’t get enough of that awesome War Machine Mark II armor that didn’t really appear in Iron Man 3 at all? Never get tired of pre-ordering $600+ 1/4 Iron Man figures that get delayed for over a year and may not ever actually even get released?

If you answered “yes” to both these questions, Play Imaginative has just the thing for you! The Iron Man 3 Play Imaginative 1/4 War Machine Raw Edition figure is now available for order… and it’s limited to just 200 pieces produced!

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