GameStop Marvel Legends Deadpool Exclusives Released!

Close-Up of Marvel Legends Back in Black Deadpool Accessories

Hasbro played some surprise cards at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 when they revealed Marvel Legends figures of two rather obscure Deadpool variants: Symbiote Deadpool and Weapon X (Inverse) Deadpool!

As with all good things, we had to wait a bit, but these obscure Wade Wilson variants are now arriving exclusively at GameStop!

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2018 Marvel Legends Ghost Rider & Motorcycle Packaged Photo!

Marvel Legends Ghost Rider & Motorcycle Set Packaged

Yesterday, the Hasbro Pulse gave us our first look at the 2018 Marvel Legends Black Widow & Motorcycle set, one half of the announced Marvel Legends Riders series hitting stores next spring. I figured we’d likely see the other new boxed set next week, but Hasbro had an unexpected weekend surprise cooked up for us: the first photo of the packaged Marvel Legends Ghost Rider & Motorcycle set has now been revealed!

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2018 Marvel Legends Black Widow Motorcycle Packaged Photo!

Marvel Legends Black Widow Motorcycle Packaged

This has been a slow news week as far as Marvel toy news is concerned, as most companies are laser-focused this week on promoting and soliciting toys from some non-Marvel movie that hits theaters this week (I think Aquaman is in it). But Hasbro did have one special treat for us to close out the week with: the first packaged photo of the Marvel Legends 2018 Black Widow Motorcycle set!

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Marvel Legends Netflix Punisher Figure Review & Photos

Marvel Legends Netflix Punisher Kills Daredevil

Last week I started my Marvel Knights Legends reviews with my review of Netflix Daredevil, and what with his show debuting tomorrow (and his figure being on sale for 16 bucks shipped online), the Marvel Legends Netflix Punisher was the obvious choice to follow up with. [I could say I planned to wait and review him during his series’ premiere, but I’d be totally lying.] Fans have been demanding a 6” figure of this version of Punisher since before he ever appeared in a show: will they be satisfied?

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Marvel Legends Black Panther Movie Figures Up for Order! Case Ratios!

Marvel Legends Black Panther Series Case Ratios

UPDATE 11/11/2017: Those who don’t mind a little bit longer to get their Marvel Legends Black Panther series figure have another option: Amazon is now taking orders for all six individual figures in the Black Panther Legends wave! The catch is that the figures won’t ship until 1/1/2018, whereas other online retailers have a December 2017 ship date.

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Marvel Legends Netflix Daredevil Figure Review & Photos

2017 Marvel Legends Daredevil Netflix Figure Review

I’ve been getting sidetracked with convention coverage and Thor Ragnarok merch for the past few months, but finally it’s time to take a look at one of the most anticipated waves of 6” Hasbro figures of the year: the Marvel Knights Legends Man-Thing Series (AKA Marvel Legends Netflix Series)! And there’s really no way I could kick off the reviews without a review of the headliner himself, right? The Marvel Legends Netflix Daredevil figure is on sale for 15 bucks right now, but he’s well worth regular price…

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Marvel Legends Vintage Series Figures Released & Photos!

Marvel Legends Vintage Wolverine Figure Packaged

It’s been hitting sporadically at Walgreens stores since last month, but at last, the final Hasbro Marvel Legends 2017 wave of 6” Figures is beginning to hit stores in force!

I’m still waiting for the set that I ordered online to arrive, but I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to take in-hand Marvel Legends Vintage Series figure photos at my local Toys R Us today…

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Exclusive Marvel Legends Defenders Box Set Up for Order!

Marvel Legends Defenders Box Set Packaged

UPDATE 11/1: For those who missed it last month, the Exclusive Marvel Legends Defenders Box set is back up for order! I was beginning to think that the set wasn’t going to be reopened for orders until it was actually in-stock, but looks like Amazon decided to have mercy on poor, anxious collectors’ souls (and on All Souls Day, no less)! If you still need to lock this set in and you want it, now’s the time—this has sold out within a couple hours both times it’s been up before!

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2018 Marvel Legends Avengers Black Knight 6” Figure Revealed!

Marvel Legends 2018 Black Knight Figure Hi-Res

When Hasbro released a non-classic Marvel Legends Black Knight figure in 2007, fans were thrilled to get a 6” Black Knight figure… but less thrilled with the costume choice. With Black Knight no longer having much of a presence in Marvel comic books, it wasn’t clear whether or not we’d see Dane Whitman ever get another day in the sun. But for their one new Marvel reveal at MCM London Comic-Con 2017 over the weekend, the Marvel Legends 2018 Black Knight figure joined the battlefield!

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Marvel Legends Medusa Released! Impressions & Photos!

Marvel Legends Medusa Figure Released

While it took the better part of a year for the Human Torch to reunite with his sister, there’s going to be no such delay for the next Walgreens Marvel Legends Fantastic Four exclusive figure hitting stores! Just weeks after Johnny Storm began hitting stores in mass, I’ve received several reports, photos, and even some great impressions of the Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Medusa figure, which is arriving at retail now in the U.S.!

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2018 Marvel Legends Black Panther Movie Series Figures Photos!

Marvel Legends Nakia Packaged Black Panther Series

Well, here’s a surprise worth waking up to! From the United States to Canada and now to the United Kingdom, the Hasbro Marvel Legends reveals world tour rolls on this week at MCM London Comic-Con! At NYCC 2017, Hasbro said that we’d be seeing the Marvel Legends Black Panther movie figures revealed soon, and by that, it turns out they meant at London Comic-Con, where Killmonger, the Dora Milaje and more were revealed!

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Marvel Legends 2018 Figures Hi-Res Photos from NYCC 2017!

Close-Up of Wolverine Marvel Legends 12" Figure

While I posted tons of photos of the newly-revealed Marvel Legends figures from NYCC 2017 (including Gladiator/Multiple Man and Spider-Man Noir/Taskmaster/Prowler) during the con, one thing I didn’t post at the time was photos of the Marvel Legends 2018 figures that were previously announced. But as I close off my NYCC coverage, let’s take a hi-res look at some in-person photos of the 2018 Marvel Legends X-Men, Deadpool, Avengers, Spider-Man and 12” series…

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NYCC 2017: Marvel Legends News & Reveals Hi-Res Photos!

Marvel Legends 2018 Taskmaster Official Photo NYCC 2017

I once again had the immense honor of getting up bright and early for a Hasbro media event this morning, wherein the Hasbro Marvel team answered questions and let some of us lucky collectors get up close and personal with a half-dozen Marvel Legends figures being shown in person for the very first time! Here’s the official hi-res photos of the reveals, along with my notes from the event…

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NYCC 2017: Marvel Legends Prowler! Taskmaster! Noir!

I’m currently running around NYCC 2017 like a crazy person, fighting the mobs to get the best possible photos of every Marvel figure and statue on the floor. So… no beautifully written article on the new Marvel Legends just yet! But how about hi-res photos of the new Marvel Legends Prowler, Taskmaster and Spider-Man Noir Figures instead, along with some notes from this morning’s Hasbro Marvel press event?

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NYCC 2017: Marvel Legends X-Men Gladiator! Madrox!  

The last couple of years, Hasbro has laid all their NYCC cards on the table at their wild and crazy Night Before New York Comic Con parties. But this year, Hasbro is doing things a bit differently—they decided to kick off NYCC 2017 proper with a special Thursday morning media event! And what did we get to see at said event? Well, how do Marvel Legends Multiple Man and Gladiator sound to you…?

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