Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix & Cyclops Released in the US!

Marvel Legends X-Men Dark Phoenix Cyclops 2-Pack Released

UPDATE (6/20/2017): We figured it would be about a month before the X-Men Legends Cyclops & Dark Phoenix two-pack reached the United States, and just like clockwork–they’re here! The cases for this two-pack note an 8/1/2017 release date, but I’ve seen sightings of the Toys R Us exclusive set being sold now in California, Louisiana, and Michigan. If you’re jonesin’ for this set (and who isn’t?), now’s the time to start stalking your local Toys R Us store!

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Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Black Panther Up for Order!


UPDATE 6/17/2016: Over six months after the figure first leaked onto the internet and over five months since he started popping up for sale on the aftermarket, the promised day has finally come. Believe it or not, the time to order a new comics-based version of Wakandan King T’Challa is here at last–the Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Black Panther figure is finally up for order online!

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Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Figures: Iron Man vs Mega Man X!

Hasbro Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Figures Mega Man X vs Iron Man Hi-Res

If one announcement at New York Toy Fair 2017 made me do a double-take of disbelief, it was when Hasbro flashed the Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite logo at their press event. Toybiz did MvC figures way back when, but it’s a phenomenon I thought we’d never see again. Hasbro thought otherwise, and as the first (perhaps only?) entry in the line, they premiered a Target Exclusive Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Iron Man vs. Mega Man X set at E3 this week!

UPDATE 6/17/2017: Added the Hi-Res Image of the Set!

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Hasbro Marvel Brand Team Google Hangout Notes & Photos!

Marvel Legends Executioner and Enchantress Two-Pack Revealed

Earlier today, the Hasbro Marvel Brand Team held their inaugural Google+ Hangout session, and I had the extreme honor of being invited. Fanboy that I am, I spent basically the entire chat scribbling notes like a madman and taking as many screenshots as I could so that I could relate back as much of the news, commentary and photos as possible to the other crazed Marvel collectors who couldn’t attend the hangout… including news on a just-revealed Marvel Legends Executioner and Enchantress two-pack!

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Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Ares Figure Revealed & More!

2017 Marvel Legends Ares Figure Thor Ragnarok Series

Not only will Thor be getting his third movie later this year, but before “Thor Ragnarok” hits theaters, the first-ever Thor Marvel Legends series will be hitting stores August 1st 2017! And while the movie figures are still under wraps for the moment, the comic-based figures are not–including a mass release Jane Foster Thor and an updated Marvel Legends Ares figure that’s not a Build-A-Figure!

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Marvel Legends Netflix Series Hi-Res Photos! Blade! Man-Thing!

Blade Marvel Legends 2017 Figure Packaged

Way back at New York Toy Fair 2017 in February, Hasbro showed off finished prototypes of the first four figures from a new “Marvel Knights” Netflix series of 6″ Marvel Legends. Rumors and speculation have run rampant for months regarding what characters would round out these series, but the time for debate is over: the 2017 Marvel Legends Blade, Bullseye and Man-Thing Build-A-Figure have now been revealed!

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Marvel Legends Deadpool 12″ Figure on Clearance at Target!

50% Off 12" Marvel Legends Deadpool Action Figure at Target

While I thought that the Hasbro Marvel Legends 12″ Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man figures last year were all excellent toys at a solid price, their retail sales didn’t exactly set the world on fire. I had high hopes that this year’s 12″ Deadpool Marvel Legends figure would be a huge hit in stores and revitalize the line’s health, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case–the Deadpool 12″ figure is already appearing on clearance at Target stores…

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Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends Vulture Review

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Vulture Build-A-Figure Review

When Hasbro officially announced that the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Build-A-Figure built by buying the whole wave wasn’t going to be a figure at all–but rather the movie Vulture’s Flight Pack wings–tons of collectors called foul (no, not “fowl”–vultures aren’t fowl). After all, the series “Build-A-Figure” being an accessory was unheard of in Marvel Legends. But as soon as I saw the Marvel Legends Vulture at the 2017 Toy Fair, I knew Hasbro had done right by us: this Vulture Build-A-Figure is spectacular

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Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Web Wings Review

Spider-Man Homecoming Web Wings Spider-Man Review & Photos

They say that there’s a first time for everything, and with that in mind, I think we may have our first-ever sole heavy-packed Marvel Legends 6″ figure being the hardest-to-find figure from a series! When the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming series leaked out in April, only the two-per-case Web Wings Spider-Man was nowhere to be found, leaving many Vulture Build-A-Figures incomplete. But Web Wings Spidey has finally flown in and is available online and in some Walmart stores already! Was he worth the wait?

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Marvel Legends Gamora Figure Review (GOTG Mantis Series)

Marvel Legends 2017 Gamora Review and Photos

When the first Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends movie figures came out in 2014, I was just happy to finally own a 6″ Gamora action figure, so I was able to look past its faults easily enough. Three years later, my tastes have matured and I was ready for Hasbro to blow me away with their new GOTG Vol. 2 Gamora Marvel Legends figure. It looks like other collectors were ready for a new version as well, as the 2017 Marvel Legends Gamora is selling for $30+ online right now. At a glance, she’s one of the best-looking MCU figures ever–but does she hold up overall?

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Hasbro Spider-Man Homecoming Shocker Figure Revealed!

Spider-Man Homecoming Shocker Six Inch Figure Hasbro

If there’s one thing about the various lines of Spider-Man Homecoming toys that I’ve seen lamented, it’s the sheer lack of Shocker movie figures. Sure, The Shocker is getting a movie LEGO Minifigure and a Minimate, but folks really wanted a Hasbro 6″ movie Shocker. But wait–! Just when hope seemed lost a 6″ Spider-Man Homecoming Shocker figure has appeared! Of course, he’s not quite the Marvel Legends version many collectors may have been hoping for…

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Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Set!

Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Figures 5-Pack

Remember that one crazy time (okay, it was last week) when the Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix & Cyclops figures two-pack arrived in Australia before anywhere else in the world…? Well, it’s happening again–this time, with a full team five-pack! But while the Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy box set that’s arrived on ebay may be bigger and more expensive than the Dark Phoenix pack, it’s not necessarily better, that’s for sure…

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Marvel Legends Ex Nihilo Figure Review GOTG Mantis Series

Ex Nihilo Marvel Legends Figure Review GOTG Wave 2

It’s been a pretty uneventful holiday weekend for Marvel Toy News (so much so that the most exciting thing I’ve posted is this photo of a Spider-Man Pizza Hut box on social media). But now, let’s celebrate Memorial Day with a review of a fallen hero (of a sort) getting his first-ever action figure from Hasbro this spring: the 6″ Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Ex Nihilo figure from the Mantis Series! He may have never appeared in a GOTG comic book, but he’s a nice addition to the line nonetheless…

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Marvel Legends Adam Warlock Review (GOTG Mantis Series)

Marvel Legends Adam Warlock Review 2017

I kicked it off the Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 reviews with the Mantis BAF over the weekend, but now let’s take a look at the single-packed figure in the series that’s been generating the most buzz among hardcore fans (and likely to be the hardest figure to get outside of buying a whole case). He’s not the major player in the Marvel Universe he was in years past, but the mere mention of his name still drew cheers during the movie sequel: it’s the first Marvel Legends Adam Warlock figure in quite a few years! And this time, he’s brought his evil alter-ego…

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