Funko Ravagers Rocket Raccoon POP Vinyl Exclusive Figure!

Funko Ravagers Rocket Raccoon POP Vinyls Exclusive Variant Figure

Going into the Guardians of the Galaxy movie release last summer, everyone (including me) had pegged Rocket Raccoon as the character who would be the breakout star of the film. Things didn’t work out that way. Instead, Groot (and Dancing Baby Groot) ended up claiming the hearts and minds of millions of moviegoers in 2014–as well as the bulk of new collectibles shown off since the movie’s premiere. But while he’s playing second fiddle to Groot, Rocket Raccoon still has quite a rabid fanbase of his own–and they’ll be jazzed to see that a new exclusive Funko Ravagers Rocket Raccoon POP! Vinyl figure is now available for order!

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Exclusive Funko Thanos Glow-in-the-Dark Variant Up for Order!

Exclusive Funko Glow in the Dark Thanos POP Vinyls Figure

Even though he’s only had a grand total of about a minute of screen time throughout all of the Marvel movies released to date, Thanos is poised to become the supreme villain of the Phase 3 MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). And as such, toy and collectible companies are readying themselves to cash in, with Hasbro, Funko and Hot Toys Thanos figures arriving in 2015. And now, the first exclusive version of the movie Mad Titan has been announced: the Glow-in-the-Dark Thanos Funko POP! Vinyls figure is now up for order!

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Funko I Am Groot POP Vinyls Exclusive Figure Revealed!

I Am Groot Funko Dancing Groot POP Vinyls Figure

Did you go bonkers with glee when Funko announced the Funko Dancing Groot POP! Vinyls figure that was finally released last month? Did you rush to Entertainment Earth to pre-order their exclusive Funko Dancing Groot Ravagers POP! Vinyl figure, with the vibrant red pot for Baby Groot to sit in?

Well, if that repaint got you excited, another new Funko POP Vinyls Dancing Groot has been announced that will really get your adrenaline pumping: the Funko “I Am Groot” Dancing Groot POP! Vinyl exclusive figure!

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Marvel Select Electro Figure Released Single Carded!

Marvel Select Electro Figure Packaged Single-Carded

Back in August, a lot of Marvel Select collectors were outraged when an all-new, Disney Store Exclusive Marvel Select Electro figure was released… in a $50 two-pack with a generic Marvel Select Spider-Man figure. Diamond Select Toys couldn’t confirm at the time whether or not we’d ever seen a single-carded Electro Marvel Select figure hit store shelves, but seeing as every Disney Store Marvel Select exclusive ever has been released individually at one time or another, I had faith that we would. And for those who waited, your patience has paid off–the 7″ Marvel Select Electro figure is now available for order all by his lonesome!

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Disney Vinylmation Ant-Man Figures Released & Photos!

Disney Vinylmation Ant-Man Variant and Regular Figures

Welcome back! You may have noticed it was a bit quiet around here for the past week. I like to keep this site up-to-date with all of the latest Marvel toy news as much as possible, so I tend to shy away from taking any kind of “vacations”. But research trips…? That’s another matter entirely. So last week, I bit the bullet and suffered through a week-long research trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, solely for the sake of being there on the release date of the Marvel Vinylmation Ant-Man figures. Yep–that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it…

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Exclusive Funko Hikari Planet X Groot Figure Up for Order!

Funko Hikari Groot Planet X Exclusive Vinyl Figure Packaged

Back in October, Funko shocked the Funko Hikari Sofubi Vinyl collecting world when they unveiled a whole display case of Funko Hikari Groot vinyl figures at New York Comic Con 2014. We didn’t have long to wait until the first one went up for pre-order the following week, but that was another shocker, as Funko announced the edition size on the standard Groot Hikari figure as 5000–by far the single largest run of any Hikari. It seems like Funko has come back down to Earth for their first Groot variant, though–the Funko Hikari Planet X Groot figure is limited to just 1000 and now up for order!

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Funko Metallic Magneto POP! Vinyls Exclusive Figure Released!

Funko Metallic Magneto POP Vinyls Figure

Earlier this week, Funko dropped the bombshell that the first-ever exclusive Funko POP! Vinyls wave of unique characters was coming to Walgreens in January 2015, containing Venom, Spider-Man 2099, Black Suit Spider-Man and the Punisher. But if highly popular characters as retailer exclusives at a drug store is just too much excitement for you to handle, have no fear–plain old variants are coming to the rescue: a previously-unannounced Metallic Magneto Funko POP Vinyls figure has now been spotted!

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Funko POP Vinyls Walgreens Exclusives: Venom! Punisher! Spider-Man 2099!

Funko POP Vinyls Black Suit Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099

Last month, unpainted prototypes surfaced for a pair of previously unannounced Funko POP Vinyls figures that made me think that a Funko Spider-Man POP! Vinyls wave was in our near-future. And as it so happens, I was right–Funko officially announced a quartet of new 2015 Funko Marvel POP! Vinyls today! Of course, there is a little twist. See, this is going to be an exclusive wave of Funko POP Vinyls, and it’s not going to one of the usual retailer suspects like Target or Walmart: it’s the Walgreens Exclusive Funko Spider-Man 2099, Venom, Punisher, and Black Suit Spider-Man POP Vinyls!

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Marvel Minimates Infinity Box Set Figures Released! Thanos!

Marvel Minimates Infinity Box Set Thanos Thane Armored Hulk Space Captain America

Earlier today I posted about the surprise set of Marvel Minimates Wave 19 Toys R Us Exclusive figures that’s going to be released later this month–but those aren’t the only new Marvel figures Diamond Select Toys has lined up for us before the end of the year! Way back in May 2014, DST held a vote to determine the four figures who would appear in the Marvel Minimates Infinity Box Set. The set went off-the-radar following the vote, but now Diamond Select has not only revealed the winning characters today–but the figure set itself has already begun to start hitting stores!

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Marvel Minimates Wave 19 Figures Revealed! Vision! Quicksilver!

Toys R Us Minimates Series 19 Marvel Now Vision and Quicksilver Figures

2014 has been an unusually heavy year for fans of movie-based Marvel Minimates, as the year has been positively crammed with Amazing Spider-Man 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men Days of Future Past and Captain America The Winter Soldier Marvel Minimates movie figures. Consequently, we’ve gotten far fewer comic book-based Marvel Minimates this year. But out of nowhere and totally unexpectedly, Diamond Select Toys has swept in with a final set of 2014 Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Minimates Wave 19 figures–including favorites like Quicksilver, Vision and Mysterio!

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Funko Ravagers Dancing Groot Exclusive POP Vinyl Revealed!

Entertainment Earth Exclusive Ravagers Dancing Groot POP Vinyl Figure

The masters of Marvel exclusives are at it again! Even though the hotly-anticipated Funko POP! Vinyls Dancing Groot figure isn’t due to hit stores for a few more weeks, Funko already has the very first exclusive variant of the figure lined up.

This one is definitely a niche exclusive that won’t appeal to everyone, but if you’re a Groot completist, the Funko Ravagers Dancing Groot POP Vinyl exclusive figure is now up for order!

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Funko POP Vinyls Baymax Glow-in-The-Dark Review & Photos

Big Hero 6 Funko POP! Vinyls Baymax Glow-in-the-Dark Review

The buzz surrounding the summer blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy movie hasn’t even had a chance to quiet down, but already it’s time for the next (and last) Marvel movie of 2014: Big Hero 6! I’m not even close to being all-in on Big Hero Six merch until I see the movie, but there was no way I could resist the Amazon exclusive Funko Glow-in-the-Dark Baymax POP! Vinyls figure, which is sure to be another fast sell-out and quick riser on the aftermarket. Is this super-sized Funko POP vinyl balloon man worth your shelf space?

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Marvel Legends Radioactive Man Figure Review & Photos

Marvel Legends Radioactive Man Figure Review

Remember a couple weeks ago when I warned readers not to pay scalper prices for the Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Three-Pack, because eventually there would be plenty to go around? Yeah–that time is now.

I wasn’t planning to pick up the set until it hit clearance, but with a dozen sealed boxes in front of me, I couldn’t resist picking one up to review, starting with my favorite character in the set–Marvel Legends Radioactive Man…

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