Sideshow Green Hulk Premium Format Statue Photos & Order Info

Green Hulk Premium Format Figure Sideshow Exclusive Edition Extra Head Portrait Sculpt

While the Incredible Hulk is one of the most popular and in-demand characters in the Marvel Universe, not every collector has an extra two grand lying around with which to purchase the original Sideshow Hulk Premium Format Figure statue off the aftermarket. Sideshow Collectibles finally seems to have realized that fact, and is preparing to give Hulk aficionados another crack at a Green Hulk Premium Format Figure this year, as the Sideshow Exclusive Premium Format Hulk statue goes up for order later this week!

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Bowen Designs Classic Beast Statue Up for Order! LE 75!

Bowen Designs Classic Beast Statue Red and Blue Costume

Despite the fact that no new contract has been signed yet with Marvel, Bowen Designs had a highly unexpected ace left up their sleeve: one more Marvel Phase V state that previously had not been solicited! We didn’t know it was coming for certain at all, but tonight the Rocky’s Vault Exclusive Bowen Designs Classic Beast Statue was put up for order… with an insanely low edition size of just 75 pieces produced! If you blinked, you missed one of the shortest-run Bowen sculptures ever!

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Marvel Select Unmasked Captain America Revealed & Photos

Winter Soldier Marvel Select Captain America Unmasked Figure

It’s becoming a bit of a tradition for the Disney Store and Marvel Store to share all of the “easy” Marvel Select repaint exclusives from Diamond Select Toys. From Marvel Select Unmasked Spider-Man to War Machine repainted into Marvel Select Iron Patriot, Disney Store and has become the de facto home for minor Marvel Select exclusives. And we can add one more character to the list, as today DST officially announced the Marvel Select Unmasked Captain America figure from “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”!

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Exclusive Unmasked Star Lord Funko POP Vinyl Announced!

Exclusive Funko Star-Lord Unmasked Amazon Exclusive POP Vinyl Figure

A couple months back at the 2014 New York Toy Fair, I accidentally saw the meant-to-be-secret Unmasked Star-Lord POP Vinyls variant figure on the back of a Guardians of the Galaxy box at the Funko booth. As I’m pretty familiar with Funko’s practices, I instantly knew that the Funk Unmasked Star Lord was going to end up being an exclusive release–and it turns out I was right. Not only did Funko officially announce the Unmasked Starlord POP! Vinyl today, but they revealed the first image of the figure and let us know exactly where we’ll have to head to bring unmasked Peter Quill home…

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Marvel Legends All-New X-Men In-Hand Photos & Impressions

Marvel Legends All-New X-Men Set Toys R Us Exclusive

One of the advantages of living north of Boston is that it’s a short jaunt up to sales tax-free New Hampshire. This pays off for me pretty frequently (shocker: I buy a lot of stuff), and it had the potential to pay off once again today, as I made a quick trip up to a NH Toys R Us with this week’s 20% Off coupon. I had designs on picking up a Marvel Legends All-New X-Men Box Set for a reasonable price, and I had the opportunity to pick from three sets at the store. In the end, though, I decided to pass and save my $71.99. Here’s why…

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Funko Metallic Electro POP Vinyls Exclusive Figure Released!

Metallic Electro Funko POP Vinyls Exclusive Hot Topic Boxed

It’s been over three weeks since the last unannounced Funko Marvel POP! Vinyls exclusive turned up in stores. There was a real possibility that we might end up going a full month without a new Marvel POP! Vinyl variant turning up (oh, the humanity), but that peril has been avoided! Out of the blue (no pun intended), a Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Metallic Electro POP! Vinyls figure from Amazing Spider-Man 2 has shockingly appeared! (Okay, that last pun was intentional…)

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Hot Toys Captain America Golden Age Movie Promo SOLD OUT!

Golden Age Captain America The Winter Soldier Hot Toys MMS 240 Sixth Scale Figure

When we saw the first teaser photo of the Hot Toys Captain America The Winter Soldier 1/6 figures, we found out that Hot Toys had an extra special treat for Captain America collectors who have to have every costume Captain America wears in the Marvel movies: the limited Captain America The Winter Soldier Hot Toys Golden Age Captain America is now up for order! He’s fundamentally similar to the original Hot Toys Captain America The First Avenger MMS, but this time Cap’s got an extra red stripe on his torso–and the first-ever Hot Toys die-cast Captain America shield as an accessory!

UPDATE: The Hot Toys Captain America Golden Age Movie Promo figure sold out in just 12 hours! If you want him, get on the Wait List now.

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Funko Marvel Mystery Minis Series 1 Exclusive Variants Released!

X-Force Deadpool Marvel Mystery Minis Variant Hot Topic Exclusive

The Marvel Mystery Minis Series 1 figures and packaging looked complete and ready to go at the 2014 Toy Fair last month, and now the Marvel Mystery Minis are upon us!

And surprise–there’s not one, not two, not three, but four Hot Topic exclusive Marvel Mystery Minis vinyl figures! And if you’re a completist, be afraid: one of them is one per 144 blind boxes…

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Hot Toys Rose Hill Tony Stark Released & Crazy Sale Prices!

Rose Hill Tony Stark Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Figure

Confession time: As ardent of a supporter of Iron Man 3 and the Hot Toys Iron Man 3 line as I am, there’s one figure that I passed on attempting to pre-order and have no intention of ever picking up. That figure is the Hot Toys Rose Hill Tony Stark figure (which some people affectionately refer to as “Cowboy Tony”). Yes, there’s actually a figure of Tony Stark from the seconds where he walked into a TV van donning a cowboy hat. That’s one surprise–but the real surprise is that this particular just-released Hot Toys Tony Stark Rose Hill figure is selling for $400+ online already!

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Funko Glow in the Dark Captain America POP Vinyl Released!

Glow in the Dark Funko POP Vinyls Captain America Winter Soldier Figure

Another day, another Funko variant. Last week I talked about the unannounced release of the Barnes and Noble exclusive Funko Black & White Captain America POP! Vinyls figure. Cap is an old-timey kind of guy and Funko loves their black and white variants, so that release was pretty commonplace. This latest release is going to be one that’s a lot more unexpected, however–the exclusive Funko Glow-in-the-Dark Captain America POP Vinyls figure! (Yes, that’s right–I said “Glow-in-the-Dark Captain America. Seriously.)

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Funko Marvel Mystery Minis Orange Deadpool Exclusive!

Toy Fair 2014 Funko Deadpool Mystery Minis Orange Variant

Of the hundreds of new products that I saw at the 2014 Toy Fair International, the most enigmatic one turned out to be one of the smallest. Within a couple seconds of walking into the Funko booth, I saw a couple orange Deadpool Mystery Minis variants on display. I asked two of the workers at the booth about this mysterious Funko orange Deadpool, but neither knew the details on it. I should have kept asking, though, because on this week’s Marvelicious Toys Podcast Issue 111, they spill the goods on exactly where this orange Deadpool may be exclusive to…

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Funko Unmasked Star Lord POP Vinyls Figure Revealed!

Funko Guardians of the Galaxy Box Back Unmasked Star Lord POP Vinyls Figure

Many companies brought half-finished packaging for their upcoming products to New York Toy Fair 2014, and some brought no packaging at all. But one company that brought the fully-designed, real deal to the show was Funko (along with about a million new figures)! Particularly nice is their Guardians of the Galaxy packaging, which looks quite different from the usual Funko Marvel packaging. And if you turned around the boxes on display, you got a special treat–the first look at an unannounced Unmasked Star Lord POP Vinyls figure!

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Funko Captain America Winter Soldier Black & White Exclusive POP Vinyl!

Marvel Captain America Black and White POP Vinyls Funko Exclusive Barnes and Noble

Look out Marvel POP Vinyls collectors–Funko is at it again! Determined to rule the world and clean out our wallets, Funko has been releasing a seemingly endless number of Marvel Funko POP Vinyls over the past year, and now an all-new, unannounced exclusive has shown up. The Marvel Funko POP Vinyls Captain America The Winter Soldier Black & White Captain America has now shown up in stores–and if you want him, you’re going to have to head to Barnes and Noble book stores!

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