SDCC 2016 Exclusive LEGO Hydra Captain America Figure!

SDCC 2016 Exclusive LEGO Hydra Captain America Minifigure

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 begins in one week and one day, but believe it or not, there are still new exclusives being announced each day! And today’s SDCC exclusive Marvel announcement is one that comes totally out of left field. This year’s “Captain America Hydra Sleeper” plot twist is the most controversial plot twist in the Marvel Universe in ages, and the first-ever action figure of Hydra Captain America is coming our way in an unexpected form: the SDCC 2016 Exclusive LEGO Hydra Captain America minifigure!

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SDCC 2016 Gentle Giant Marvel Exclusives! Rocket Racoon!

Gentle Giant SDCC 2016 Exclusive Rocket Raccoon Animated Statue

The wait is almost over, and the biggest comic book and collectibles event of 2016 is almost here: San Diego Comic-Con 2016 begins just two weeks from tomorrow! At this point, we’ve known most of the exclusive for the event for at least a week… but not all of them! Gentle Giant Ltd. had been holding their cards pretty close to their vest, but their trio of Marvel SDCC 2016 Exclusives now stands revealed: an Animated Rocket Raccoon statue, a Secret Wars Spider-Gwen Micro-Bobbles, and… some crazy-colored Deadpools including neon green Deadpool?!

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SDCC 2016 Exclusive Funko Marvel POP Vinyls & Dorbz!

Funko SDCC 2016 Marvel Exclusive POP Vinyls Dorbz

Despite the fact that Marvel has become one of the hottest brands on the planet, Funko has only created a handful of San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Marvel POP Vinyls figures for the last few years of the event. But 2016 is going to be different! Though they haven’t quite finished unveiled all of their goodies for the show just yet, Funko has already revealed four Marvel SDCC 2016 exclusive POP Vinyls (and a quartet of Dorbz)!

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SDCC 2016 Exclusive 24K Gold Hulkbuster Iron Man Figure!

Beast Kingdom SDCC 2016 Exclusive 24K Gold Hulkbuster Iron Man Figure

Funko is rolling out their list of exclusives in thrice-weekly announcements and Hasbro is expected to officially announce its San Diego Comic-Con 2016 exclusives next week (although at this point we all basically know what they are anyway), but in the meantime, a few other toy companies are filling in their own Comic-Con blanks. And this week, Beast Kingdom announced what’s likely to take the cake as the craziest SDCC 2016 exclusive of all: a 24K Gold Hulkbuster Iron Man figure!

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SDCC 2016 Exclusive Kotobukiya Lady Deadpool Bishoujo!

Close-Up of Lady Deadpool SDCC 2016 Exclusive Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue

We’re now under one month out from San Diego Comic-Con 2016, and that means it’s time for all remaining Marvel toy licensees to put their cards on the table and show off their SDCC 2016 exclusives!

In Kotobukiya’s case, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the Bishoujo line–but I can promise I didn’t see this exclusive coming: the Kotobukiya SDCC 2016 exclusive Lady Deadpool Bisjoujo statue!

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SDCC 2016 Exclusive Marvel Legends 6″ Figures Set Revealed?

SDCC 2016 Exclusive Marvel Legends 6 Inch Figures Set

Hasbro has managed to hide this year’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Marvel Legends 6″ set for far longer than ever before, and also longer than most any other company’s SDCC exclusives. But the waiting and wondering may now be over, as photos have now leaked online revealing what is likely the SDCC 2016 Marvel Legends exclusive set, featuring Enchantress, Dreadknight, Purple Man and more!

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Mezco ONE:12 Collective Exclusive Captain America Figures!

ONE 12 Collective Commander Steve Rogers Captain America Figure Exclusive

Ever since it made its debut during the New York Toy Fair 2016 festivities, it’s been a real waiting game as fans anticipate the arrival of the first Mezco ONE:12 Collective Marvel figures.

And while we’ll be waiting another month-plus to get the first one in-hand, Mezco has now confirmed the SDCC 2016 Exclusive Classic Captain America figure. But that’s not all–the awesome Previews Exclusive Commander Steve Rogers figure is also now up for order!

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SDCC 2016 Exclusive Marvel Legends Figures Revealed?

Marvel Legends SDCC 2016 Exclusives Lockjaw Howard the Duck Cosmo

And the big Hasbro Marvel Legends news keeps right on coming this week! Hot on the heels of three new series of Marvel Legends 6″ figures going up for order in the past 24 hours, a mysterious auction listing has now turned up online that shows off what’s almost certainly this year’s SDCC 2016 Exclusive Marvel Legends 4″ figures set: Marvel Legends The Collector, Howard the Duck, Cosmo the Space Dog, Moon Boy and Lockjaw!

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SDCC 2016 Exclusive Minimates! Punisher! Scarlet Witch!

SDCC 2016 Exclusive Minimates Civil War Scarlet Witch Vision in Suit Figures

Marvel Minimates are one of the lines that we can pretty much always count on having some killer exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con each year, and 2016 is no exception! Not only are we getting the first-released Netflix Daredevil Season 2 figures from any company, but SDCC 2016 will complete the Civil War Minimates figures roster with a Scarlet Witch: the 2016 SDCC Exclusive Minimates are now up for order!

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SDCC 2016 Exclusive Statues! Unmasked Spider-Gwen!

SDCC Exclusive Unmasked Spider-Gwen Statue Marvel Gallery

Though it’s just two months now until San Diego Comic-Con 2016, it’s been all quite in the Marvel SDCC 2016 exclusives front–at least, until now! Diamond Select Toys has officially announced their SDCC Exclusives for the show, and there are a lot of them! Perhaps the most exciting ones, though, are a trio of women statues from the affordably-priced PVC statue lines: SDCC Unmasked Spider-Gwen, Mohawk Captain Marvel and white Emma Frost are now up for order!

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SDCC 2015: Marvel Legends Mockingbird & Taskmaster Revealed!

Marvel Legends Mockingbird Figure Revealed SDCC 2015

Hasbro doesn’t believe in playing all of their cards at once at the biggest convention of the year, and that’s why–even though they’ve already shown off an amazing all-new wave of Spider-Man Legends figures and their panel is less than 24 hours away–Hasbro debuted three more all-new Marvel Legends figures on Friday at San Diego Comic-Con 2015! And while the bad news is that we’re getting yet another Captain America figure, the good news is that we’re getting the first-ever Marvel Legends Mockingbird figure, as well as a totally different Taskmaster from what we’ve seen before!

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SDCC 2015 Exclusive Funko POP Emoticon Baymax Online!

Emoticon Baymax Funko POP Vinyl SDCC 2015

Nobody–and I mean nobody–has more San Diego Comic-Con 2015 exclusives than Funko! But fear not, fans who aren’t attending SDCC 2015 and those who are but don’t want to brave the Funko line! Most of the exclusives are actually available online already in limited quantities at the same cost as at the show through various retailers already! And luckily, one of those exclusives is among my favorites for the event: the SDCC Funko POP Vinyls Emoticon Chested Baymax is now up for order!

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SDCC 2015: Marvel Legends Yellow Daredevil & Black Ant-Man!

Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Ant-Man Eric O Grady

Our new house is roasting at 90 degrees without functional cooling, we just got the internet up and running an hour ago, I don’t have a desk yet in the house so I’m working on the floor, and my mousepad is a piece of paper. But hey–it’s all good times, as San Diego Comic-Con 2015 has finally arrived! And while Hasbro won’t be showing off many previously unseen products until a few days into the con, we’ve already gotten two big (but expected) reveals: the Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Yellow Daredevil and Eric O’ Grady Ant-Man figures have now been confirmed!

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Funko SDCC Blackout Ant-Man Hank Pym POP Vinyl!

SDCC Funko Blackout Ant-Man POP Vinyls Figure Hank Pym

While they were super-light on Marvel exclusives at SDCC 2014, Funko is clearly aiming to beat every other licensee in sheer quantity of exclusive Marvel toys at SDCC 2015! Thus far, they’ve announced the X-Force Deadpool Chimichanga Truck, a super-lame unmasked Baymax POP Vinyl, and a not-quite-“limited” Cosmic Powers Deadpool Hikari. And now? Funko has revealed a Marvel POP! that everyone is gonna want: it’s the Funko POP Vinyls Ant-Man Black Out figure, featuring the Hank Pym Ant-Man costume!

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Hasbro SDCC 2015 Exclusive Ant-Man Figures Box Set!

SDCC 2015 Exclusive Ant-Man Hasbro Figures Set

With no substantial rumors swirling about and no leaked images of unknown Marvel Infinite Series 3 3/4″ figures surfacing from overseas, I’ve had my doubts for a while now that we would actually see any kind of exclusive SDCC 2015 Marvel Universe figures set from Hasbro. Well, I think we can effectively put the nail in the coffin of any chance of a SDCC 2015 Marvel Infinite Series set today, as Hasbro has revealed its final two Comic-Con exclusive Marvel items: six figures themed around Ant-Man! But hey… one of them is 3 3/4″. That’s pretty good, right…?

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