Hasbro SDCC 2017 Exclusive Thor Battle for Asgard Hi-Res Photos!

We knew–without question–that a Marvel Legends Lady Thor figure was on the way after Hasbro teased us with a photo of her at the 2017 Toy Fair. We just didn’t know when or where… until photos of the SDCC 2017 Exclusive Marvel Legends Battle for Asgard set popped up online a few weeks back. But hey, while it’s far too late to act genuinely surprised now, at least we can legit ogle these hi-res photos of Marvel Legends Malekith, Ulik, Bor, Odinson and Jane Foster Thor, right?

2017 SDCC Exclusive Marvel Legends Thor Box Set Front

I’m always a bit sad when a major item that a toy company is trying to keep secret leaks out before it can be officially announced. Not just because the company misses out on choosing when to reveal their big surprise, but also because the leaked photos tend to be low-quality and not showing off new toys at their best.

Such is the case with this year’s San Diego Comic Con 2017 Exclusive Marvel Legends Thor Battle for Asgard 6″ figures set, which the grainy photos of a production sample set simply did not do credit to.

Marvel Legends Battle for Asgard Figures in Package Hasbro SDCC 2017Thankfully, Hasbro has now given the set a second chance to make a good first impression with some glorious hi-res images of the box set!

San Diego Comic Con 2017 Marvel Legends Thor Battle for Asgard Box BackI’m not an in-box collector (how much space do you guys think I have?!), but the all-new artwork adorning the pentagonal box for this set is simply gorgeous. Seriously, this is some frame-worthy work. Beautiful.

There’s even an Asgardian poem across the back of the box, which I also think adds a little bit more artistry to the set. As far as packaging goes, this set is an A++.

SDCC 2017 Hasbro Marvel Legends Odinson Thor Figure ExclusiveOf course, the figures are no slouch either! In fact, all five look downright fantastic, with wonderful sculpting and paint detailing (who knew Thor had such a hairy chest?!).

SDCC 2017 Hasbro Marvel Legends Bor 6 Inch FigureWhile I don’t believe I’ve ever heard anyone ask for a Bor action figure, the other four figures in sets are all high on the list of characters Asgardian fans have been asking for.

Marvel Legends SDCC 2017 Lady Thor Jane Foster FigureNotice that the 6″ Lady Thor figure in this set comes with a translucent blue energized hammer like the upcoming 12″ Thor figure–I’d bet dollars to doughnuts (whatever that means) that the mass retail version of Jane Foster will just come with a regular Mjolnir. And speaking of mass retail…

SDCC 2017 Exclusive Marvel Legends Malekith Figure

While we know that both the Marvel Legends Odinson and Jane Foster Thor figures will be available individually as part of the Thor Marvel Legends series, there’s no word on a mass release of the remaining three at all yet.

I think it would be a real pity if Marvel Legends Ulik and Malekith never see the light of day at mass retail, but it definitely seems likely that they will not at the point. Bor… well, I suspect not too many collectors are going to miss sleep if they’re not able to have a Marvel Legends Bor figure of their very own (although he does look like he might be popular with fans of the Four Horsemen Mythic Legions line…).

Marvel Legends Ulik Figure SDCC 2017 ExclusiveThe 2017 SDCC Marvel Legends Battle for Asgard set will retail for $99.99, which is totally fair for five new Marvel Legends (with five total accessories), especially considering the heft of Ulik.

The set will be available at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 in July and then in limited quantities on Hasbro Toy Shop online after the event. I’ll send out alerts via the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages when they’re posted for sale online, so stay tuned to those if you’re not attending SDCC and want these for retail price.

Now that you’ve seen the ultra-huge hi-res images of the whole set, what are your thoughts on the Battle for Asgard, Marvel collectors? Will you be staking out SDCC (or, you know–the internet) to snag this set for your very own, or does this year’s exclusive fail to wow your dollars away from you?


Hasbro SDCC 2017 Exclusive Thor Battle for Asgard Hi-Res Photos! — 13 Comments

  1. If they do release Lady Thor to retail I’m assuming the only significant difference will be that the hammer will be solid rather than transparent and that Odinson will have a shinier arm. Doubt it but I wish Bor would get a retail release. He looks so great and he has so many newly tooled pieces.

    • It looks like Jane’s eyes might be glowing too, I bet for the regular release they’re normal.

  2. I’ll buy this at MSRP if I can. Won’t make the same mistake from last year: I couldn’t secure an order on the website and then bought it at scalper price just to see the price of the set go down and down on eBay as time went on.

  3. I know that it is a highly divisive opinion, but I fall on the side of fewer reprints per box set in convention exclusives. If only two figures in the box are available later, but they have significant differences from the retail version, that seems fair. I’m almost certainly buying the retail version for the BaF or the case discount, so it just makes the exclusive more expensive.

    I do understand the “they finally made it and I can’t afford it” argument, I’ll likely never own a modern Luke Cage unless they reprint or redo him.

    • Luke Cage is inevitably getting redone soon.
      He’s not the figure from the Thunderbolts set to worry about.
      Ghost and Satana are the ones that aren’t getting redone any time soon.
      Luke Cage and Crossbones are inevitable, and Moonstone is kind of a toss-up.

  4. Man, I’ve been waiting for decades (literally) for something like this to be made. I’ve been a Thor fan since before many of those reading this were born. I would have preferred a Heimdall figure opposed to Bor, but what the heck, he’s an Asgardian (Vanir) so welcome aboard. Just a few days ago I was thinking and daydreaming, if only Hasbro would put out an all Asgardian Legends series for the upcoming Thor movie. It could include Heimdall, Fandral, Hogun, Maleketh, Balder, Ulik, Sif, Skurge, and a BAF Volstagg, and of course a Thor figure, and which better than the unworthy version. You can imagine my surprise when I red this news and saw that half of the characters I thought of are going to be made ,(Sif ‘s in another wave, but still being done) My Birthday’s in July so no need to say what’s going to be the B present that I’m going to buy for myself..

  5. Bor… ing.

    No to Lady Thor… No to “Odinson”… Maybe to Malekith. Probably to Ulik.

    I mean, if we’re going to do Thor figures, I’d much rather have The Warriors 3, a Sif that I don’t have to buy a box set to get, a regular Jane, a comic accurate Heimdall, a Balder the Brave, a Lorelei and a Skurge figure.

    These characters have been around for decades. I hate when they ignore comic mainstays just to release characters from storylines they just wrote like 5 minutes ago.

  6. Lady Thor and Odinson will more then likely be released in retail. Malekith and Ulik might but that is only if they do More Thor waves but Bor will never be released outside of this set cause it is too obscure. I mean look at the last couple of SDCC set and you will see that many have figures that are exclusive to the sdcc. Vishanti had the Astral Strange, Vault had Dreadkinght, Thunderbolts Had the Ghost and Satana.The MJ set will have MJ, Vulture, etc Even the recent retail exclusives do this. The A-force set will have Singularity, There has to be some exclusive to the set figure for people to buy it or they won’t sell. Even

    • I could see Ulik being released sometime as a slightly different BAF like the Abomination and Sandman were last year. That would leave Malekith and Bor as the exclusives.

  7. I have never been in agreement with these exclusive box sets that are accessible only to a few true collectors. The rest are gobbled up by greedy money mongers whom then sell them on the internet for thrice what they paid for them.. Most of the time these people aren’t even collectors or fans, their just in it for the money, and sometimes we have little choice but to pay up if we want to get a certain figure. It really reeks! .

  8. I like how far their expanding the marvel legends with all these somewhat obscure figures. Although where are the warriors 3 ? Even Kurse.