Revoltech Wolverine 6″ Figure Up for Order!

We’ve known that a Kaiyodo Revoltech Wolverine figure was on the way for a while (especially since they were showing off the final painted prototype about a month ago), but not to be outdone this week by that gorgeous MAFEX Deadpool figure that went up for sale earlier this week, Kaiyodo is ready for a major launch of their own: the Amazing Yamaguchi Figure Complex Wolverine Revoltech is now up for order! And while we’ve had ample figures of Logan over the years, this one is pretty interesting…

Kaiyodo Revoltech Wolverine Figure Poster Official Photos

While the Astonishing X-Men Wolverine costume isn’t my favorite one of Logan’s costume by a long stretch, if a merchandiser is going to release a “modern” Wolverine figure (that’s not an adamantium-covered statue), it’s probably the best choice.

And while Toybiz released their own Astonishing Wolverine action figure about a decade ago, I think Kaiyodo has now perfected this particular iteration of Wolverine. As he should be, Logan is a bit shorter than the previously-released Revoltech Deadpool figure, but features the same immense level of articulation and poseability we expect from Revoltech.

As much as I love the articulation on Hasbro Marvel Legends, the range of motion on this figure looks to be superior (as it should be, considering the large price jump between Hasbro Legends and Kaiyodo Revoltech figures). The proportions on Wolverine also look a whole lot better than they did on that Deadpool.

Revoltech Wolverine Accessories Hands Heads Claws Let’s talk accessories: They’re awesome. Because this is a Japanese import and not an American toy, Wolverine actually comes with a stogie. No, seriously! Finally, a new 6″ scale cigar. Eat your heart out, classic Nick Fury!

Revoltech Wolverine Slash Effects Piece AccessoryBut the highlight isn’t Logan’s stogie (believe it or not), it actually an innovative idea I don’t believe I’ve ever seen done before by any company: a slash effect piece! Yes, you can actually set up a slash effects piece on a display stand to hover in the air, cutting your other figures to shreds. This is so genius, I could cry.

In addition, Wolverine comes with three interchangeable heads (which I’m going to call “open-mouthed berserker”, “growling” and “grumpy”), along with his adamantium claws and five interchangeable hands.

Kaiyodo Revoltech Wolverine Figure Poster Official PhotosThe Revoltech Wolverine 6″ figure is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released in September 2017. Thus far I’ve only seen it up for pre-order via BBTS, but I’m sure other retailers will be adding it up for sale shortly.

Wolvy is priced at $74.99 on BBTS–I expect he’ll be a bit cheaper if you import directly from Asia, but then you’re either going to pay hefty EMS shipping or wait a few weeks for your figure to arrive via a slower method (which is fine if you’re not a psychotically impatient collector like I am).

Now that we’ve seen the Kaiyodo Wolverine figure and his full load-out of accessories, what do you think of the first member of the Revoltech X-Men (no, Deadpool absolutely doesn’t count)? Will this be replacing your default 6″ Marvel Legends Wolverine on your shelf, or has this Revoltech figure failed to woo you sufficiently?


Revoltech Wolverine 6″ Figure Up for Order! — 3 Comments

  1. I’m a new collector, but an old Wolvie fan. Consider me in the “wooed” column

  2. Wait wait…mafex is a medicom and I havent seen any deadpool figure from them but from figma…may be im just to confuse to understand these jap stuff

  3. Wish there is a new Jim Lee Wolvie costume figure out there but this will do.