Savage Land Rogue Marvel Gallery Statue Revealed!

Diamond Select Toys Savage Land Rogue Figure Close-Up

Diamond Select Toys’ Marvel Gallery statues line exploded in 2017, with both the number of value-priced statues available and the line’s maistream profile growing exponentially. But one thing the line was lacking—with two key exceptions—was representation for the X-Men. But the DST Old Man Logan and Phoenix figures won’t have to be lonely for much longer—the 2018 Marvel Gallery Savage Land Rogue Statue has now been revealed!

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Sideshow EXCLUSIVE Magneto Maquette Statue Up for Order!

Close-Up of Sideshow Magneto Premium Format Figure Head

Sideshow Collectibles debuted two major 1/4 Marvel statues at San Diego Comic Con 2017 last July. One was the Wolverine Premium Format Figure that many fans are calling the best statue of the character ever, and the other went back in for further development. Well, it’s been half a year, and the Master of Magnetism is back, reworked and improved! The Sideshow Exclusive Magneto Maquette statue is now up for order—does it look good enough to warrant the big bucks it costs?

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First 2018 Marvel Legends Sentinel Figure Photo Revealed!

Marvel Legends Sentinel 2018 Box

We’ve got just over a month until New York Toy Fair 2018, but already, it looks like perhaps the (literal) biggest Marvel Legends surprise for the show has been spoiled by a most unlikely source: Toys R Us! In an online video posted on Twitter on the most recent Fan Vault Friday, Toys R Us revealed a never-before-seen Marvel Legends box set which may or may not end up being an exclusive: the 2018 Marvel Legends Sentinel & Days of Future Past Wolverine figures set!

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Sideshow Exclusive Wolverine Premium Format Statue Pre-Order!

Masked Head on Regular Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Figure Wolverine

Sideshow Collectibles has shifted its focus a bit this year, with less Marvel Premium Format Figures being released and more emphasis on their new 1:5 scale statues from the Avengers Assemble and Spider-Verse statue lines. But fear not, quarter-scale lovers–Sideshow is throwing you a pretty juicy bone today! Ordinarily I find something to gripe about a ton, but that’s not the case with today’s new release: the Sideshow Exclusive Wolverine Premium Format Figure statue is now up for order!

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Sideshow Green Phoenix Premium Format Up for Order! LE 300!

Sideshow Exclusive Premium Format Green Phoenix Jean Grey Statue

When Sideshow Collectibles first put their 1/4 Dark Phoenix Statue up for order way back in January 2016, most sharp collectors wondered when the other shoe would drop and a green Phoenix variant would appear. After close to two years of waiting, though, it appeared that that hope for fans of that costume might be lost. But as she is wont to do, Jean Grey has risen once again: the Sideshow Green Phoenix Premium Format Figure is now up for order! Oh, and did I mention she’s limited to just 300 pieces?!

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Marvel Legends 2018 Figures Hi-Res Photos from NYCC 2017!

Close-Up of Wolverine Marvel Legends 12" Figure

While I posted tons of photos of the newly-revealed Marvel Legends figures from NYCC 2017 (including Gladiator/Multiple Man and Spider-Man Noir/Taskmaster/Prowler) during the con, one thing I didn’t post at the time was photos of the Marvel Legends 2018 figures that were previously announced. But as I close off my NYCC coverage, let’s take a hi-res look at some in-person photos of the 2018 Marvel Legends X-Men, Deadpool, Avengers, Spider-Man and 12” series…

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NYCC 2017: Marvel Legends News & Reveals Hi-Res Photos!

Marvel Legends 2018 Taskmaster Official Photo NYCC 2017

I once again had the immense honor of getting up bright and early for a Hasbro media event this morning, wherein the Hasbro Marvel team answered questions and let some of us lucky collectors get up close and personal with a half-dozen Marvel Legends figures being shown in person for the very first time! Here’s the official hi-res photos of the reveals, along with my notes from the event…

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NYCC 2017: Marvel Legends X-Men Gladiator! Madrox!  

The last couple of years, Hasbro has laid all their NYCC cards on the table at their wild and crazy Night Before New York Comic Con parties. But this year, Hasbro is doing things a bit differently—they decided to kick off NYCC 2017 proper with a special Thursday morning media event! And what did we get to see at said event? Well, how do Marvel Legends Multiple Man and Gladiator sound to you…?

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2018 Marvel Legends X-Men Apocalypse Series Lineup Revealed!

Marvel Legends X-Men 2018 Series Lineup

In the week leading up to last wee: inaugural HasCon convention, a rumor list for the X-Men Marvel Legends 2018 series began making the rounds–a list that looked a whole lot more plausible when new Storm, Psylocke and Wolverine figures were revealed at HasCon. nd now, it looks like the rest of this series has been all but confirmed as well, as Amazon listings for a new Marvel Legends Magneto and more have now been posed online!

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Iron Studios Juggernaut vs. Wolverine Statue Up for Order!

Iron Studios Juggernaut vs Wolverine Statue

Of all the statues that made their grand debuts at San Diego Comic Con 2017, the one that caught me most by surprise–in a very good way–was Iron Studios’ newest addition to their Marvel Comics Battle Diorama series. And now , that same statue is taking me by surprise once again with a very unexpected pre-order: the Iron Studios Wolverine vs Juggernaut statue is now up for order!

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2018 Marvel Legends X-Men Series Photos! Psylocke! Storm!

HasCon Marvel Legends Mohawk Storm 2018 Figure

I was not at all sure that we’d be seeing any of the Marvel Legends 2018 X-Men series at HasCon this weekend, but at their inaugural convention, Hasbro was aiming to blow us away! And so, while we only got to see less than half of the wave, we did get to see three jaw-dropping headliners for the series: Tiger Stripe Wolverine, Mohawk Storm, and the first single-packed Hasbro Psylocke 6″ figure ever!

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Iron Studios Wolverine & Weapon X Statues Up for Order!

Close-Up of Iron Studios Unmasked Wolverine Logan Head

Wolverine is dead, to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. Whether killed via being suffocated in liquid adamantium or impaled on a tree by a clone of his own younger self, Wolverine is dead. Even so, Logan remains among the most popular characters in the Marvel pantheon, with plenty of new collectibles coming our way in the coming months. Mezco and Hasbro both have classic Wolverine 6″ figures arriving this fall, and now Iron Studios is falling on the high-end front with two new statues: Iron Studios Wolverine and Weapon X statues are now up for order!

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NYCC 2017 Exclusive ONE:12 Collective Yellow Wolverine Figure!

ONE 12 Collective Jim Lee Wolverine Figure and Accessories NYCC 2017 Exclusive

The inaugural HasCon is being held later this week, where the exclusive Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool figure will be available. I’m getting my bags packed, but already, we’ve got word of the first major exclusive Marvel toy coming to New York Comic Con 2017 next month! While I wasn’t anticipating any more Marvel ONE:12 Collective con exclusives this year after there were two for SDCC (and zero DC ones there), Mezco Toyz evidently had a huge one in mind: the ONE:12 Collective Jim Lee Wolverine has now been revealed!

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Revoltech Magneto Figure Up for Order! Hi-Res Photos & Order Info

Revoltech Magneto and Wolverine X-Men Figures 6 Inch

When Kaiyodo showed off the final painted prototype of their Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Magneto figure at the 2017 Wonder Festival Summer event last weekend, I knew we’d be seeing him up for sale sooner than later. And sure enough, a Master of Magnetism arrives precisely when he means to (you’re a total nerd like me if you get the joke)–the Kaiyodo Revoltech Magneto figure is now up for order!

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