REVIEW: Marvel Select Spider-Man Homecoming Figure

Marvel Select Homecoming Spider-Man Review

I felt pretty bad kicking off the week by having to strike down the Marvel Select Drax movie figure (which I genuinely did want to love), so I thought today I’d move another DST figure to the top of the review queue—this time, one I had a much better feeling about! We’ve gotten plenty of Spider-Man Homecoming Tech Suit Spidey figures from various companies—but are any as good as the under $25 Marvel Select Homecoming Spider-Man figure?

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Skottie Young Marvel Animated Spider-Man & Mary Jane Statue!

Marvel Animated Spider-Man and Mary Jane Statue Skottie Young

While it seemed like it might be a bit of a risk when the line first launched, the Skottie Young Marvel Babies-inspired Gentle Giant Marvel Animated statues line has really blossomed into a fan favorite series that has gotten much deeper than most collectors expected. And now that the line has proven itself, Gentle Giant Ltd. must feel confident enough to try something a bit different: a two-in-one statue! It’s the most expensive entry in the series to date: the Marvel Animated Spider-Man & Mary Jane statue is now up for order!

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Sideshow Premium Format Miles Morales & Black Widow Statues!

Sideshow Miles Morales Spider-Man Premium Format Figure 12 Days of Sideshow

Depending on where you live in the world right now, you may be at the very, very beginning of 2018 or the very, very end of 2017. But regardless of which side you’re on, Sideshow Collectibles is rolling along with their 12 Days of Sideshow series of product reveals for 2018! And for the 7th Day of Sideshow, a new Premium Format Figure joins the previously announced Captain America and Black Widow: the Sideshow Miles Morales Spider-Man Statue!

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Marvel Legends Vintage Series Figures Released & Photos!

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Vintage Series Figure Packaged

UPDATE 12/21/2017: Remember this series of Toybiz tribute Marvel Legends Retro figures that we were all so excited about? That hit last month and have mostly been flying out of stores at full price? Well–PLOT TWIST! All five remaining figures are the Deal of the Day today, with $9-$11 each prices for 6″ Marvel Legends Black Widow, Spider-Man, Punisher and more! I wish I could say I waited, but, well… we all know I didn’t. Did you?

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Sideshow Exclusive Spider-Verse Spider-Man Statue Up for Order!

Sidehow Mark Brooks Spider-Man Exclusive Head Peter Parker

Sideshow Collectibles has been on a Marvel hot streak lately, with their new Wolverine, Silk, Spider-Gwen and Green Phoenix statues all being gorgeousness. But that roll may be coming to an end with this week’s new solicitation, which I get the feeling is going to be a divisive piece (at best). The Sideshow Exclusive Mark Brooks Spider-Man Spider-Verse statue is now up for order, but this is not looking like it’s going to be one of the better-received Spidey statues…

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Revoltech Carnage Figure Up for Order! Official Photos!

Marvel Revoltech Carnage Figure 2018

We’ve still get half a month of 2017 to go, but a top contender for “Best Marvel 6” Figure of 2018” has already appeared! The Kaiyodo Carnage Revoltech figure made its debut at the Fall 2017 Miyazwa Model Exhibition last month, but our quick glimpses there only scratched the surface of the amazing possibilities for this symbiote. Kaiyodo played all their cards today, though: the hugely anticipated Revoltech Carnage figure is now up for order—and man, does it look amazing!

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Marvel Legends Vulture & Spider-Man 2-Pack Sale: 60% Off!

Walmart Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Man Vulture Two-Pack

UPDATE 12/12/2017: Once again, patience pays off for collectors more patient than me! The Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends 6″ Ultimate Vulture and Spider-Man two-pack is marked down to 15 bucks online! I’m not gonna lie… I kinda wish I had waited and saved 25 bucks on this set, since I never even opened mine yet. Oy…

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Sideshow Venom Premium Format Statue Released & Photos!

Sideshow Venom PF Figure Statue

While there was plenty of excitement last week over the pre-order for the new Sideshow Wolverine Premium Format Figure—perhaps the most-anticipated Marvel statue to go up for order this year—one of the most-anticipated statues that went up for order last year has quietly started arriving on collectors’ doorsteps! Better keep watch on your brains so they don’t get eaten—the Sideshow Exclusive Venom Premium Format Figure Statue is now shipping!

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LEGO Marvel 2018 Mighty Micros Sets Revealed & Photos!

LEGO Mighty Micros Scarlet Spider vs. Sandman (76089)

A lot of collectors thought that the weird, quasi super-deformed LEGO Marvel Mighty Micros sets were a joke when they were first unveiled a few years back. But the huge sales numbers on these sets are no joke, and the theme will be continuing into next year with a new wave of characters and vehicles—the LEGO Marvel 2018 Mighty Micros sets (including Scarlet Spider, Sandman and more) have now been revealed!

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Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming 2-Pack Discounted!

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Two-Pack Released

UPDATE 12/6/2017: Those who were patient “win” (the right to have more money in their bank account) again–the other Deal of the Day today only is the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming 2-Pack with Iron Man and Unmasked Tom Holland Spider-Man for $19 shipped! If you wanted that Tom Holland Peter Parker had been didn’t want to pay 40 bucks for it, now is your time…!

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Spider-Verse Sideshow Silk Statue Exclusive Order Info!

Sideshow Exclusive Masked Silk Statue

While there’s no doubt that Spider-Gwen is the most popular female Spider-Man character created in the new millennium (and perhaps ever), there’s another new “Spider-Woman” on the block who has a circle of fans of her own: Cindy Moon—Silk! After debuting at the Sideshow Collectibles booth at New York Comic Con 2017 last month, we knew she’d be coming up soon, and here she is: the Sideshow Exclusive Silk Statue is now up for order!

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Exclusive Marvel Legends Sinister Six 7-Pack Sale! 81% Off!

UPDATE 11/27/2017: Every so often, I want to kick myself in the teeth for paying full price for something. This is one of those times. While the pre-orders may have sold out early, evidently there were way more of this set produced than necessary, because the Marvel Legends Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six 7-Pack is on sale today only for just $14.99 shipped! A moment of silence for those of us poor souls who paid 80 bucks…

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Revoltech Carnage Figure Revealed & Photos!

SH Figuarts Carnage Figure and Accessories

It was right around this time last year at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition Fall 2016 that Kaiyodo revealed what was the first genuine jaw-dropper in their Amazing Yamaguchi series: the Revoltech Venom figure. So it only seems appropriate that after the monumental success of that figure last year, we get to see Venom’s spawn at this year’s Fall 2017 Miyazawa Model Exhibition: this just may blow every other version ever made out of the water–it’s the Kaiyodo Revoltech Carnage figure!

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Kotobukiya Spider-Man Webslinger ARTFX Statue Revealed!

Kotobukiya Spider-Man Webslinger ARTFX Statue

Kotobukiya had been showing off a very cool 1:6 Spider-Man Homecoming ARTFX Statue at conventions this summer and fall, so we were all expecting Koto to put a new Spidey statue up for order right about now… just not this Spidey statue! Swinging in from absolutely nowhere (and I mean that on multiple levels—read on), the Kotobukiya Spider-Man Webslinger ARTFX Statue is now up for order!

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Marvel Legends 2018 Figures Hi-Res Photos from NYCC 2017!

Close-Up of Wolverine Marvel Legends 12" Figure

While I posted tons of photos of the newly-revealed Marvel Legends figures from NYCC 2017 (including Gladiator/Multiple Man and Spider-Man Noir/Taskmaster/Prowler) during the con, one thing I didn’t post at the time was photos of the Marvel Legends 2018 figures that were previously announced. But as I close off my NYCC coverage, let’s take a hi-res look at some in-person photos of the 2018 Marvel Legends X-Men, Deadpool, Avengers, Spider-Man and 12” series…

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