2017 Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 Figure Review & Photos

Spider-Man 2099 Marvel Legends 2017 Figure

I kicked off my Marvel Legends 2017 reviews by discussing one of the most classic of classic Spider-Man villains–the Jackal! So for my second review, let’s switch things up and go to the other end of the spectrum entirely with the newest version of a Spidey that’s not even Peter Parker. He’s been getting restocked and selling out online a couple times a day every day for a week now, and with good reason–it’s the all-awesome, All-New Spider-Man 2099 Marvel Legends figure!

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Prime 1 Studios Spider-Man 2099 & Anti-Venom Statues Revealed!


Well, it had to happen sometime, and it looks like that time is now! Having conquered the 1/4 statue world of DC Comics, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more, Prime-1 Studio is now turning their eyes toward the biggest prize in the land: Marvel Comics! The day my available credit has feared has arrived with a vengeance: Prime-1 Studio Spider-Man 2099 and Anti-Venom statues have now been revealed at Tokyo Comic Con 2016!

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2017 Marvel Legends Jackal 6″ Figure Review & Photos

2017 Marvel Legends The Jackal vs. Spider-Man

Who’s green and fuzzy and responsible for the creation of all the most beloved clones in the history of Marvel Comics…? That’s right–it’s Professor Miles Warren himself, the Jackal! From Ben Reilly to Gwen Stacy to Kaine, the Jackal has cloned all the greats and functioned as the catalyst for the Spider-Man Clone Saga, Maximum Clonage, Dead No More and more! And now, its the Jackal’s greatest achievement: the Marvel Legends Jackal figure is part of the first wave of 2017 Marvel Legends! Jackal has been in and out of stock online many times since last week–should you be on the alert for him?

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Kaiyodo Revoltech Venom Figure Revealed & Photos!


Kaiyodo has definitely gotten off to a hot start with their Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Marvel lineup, with both their super-fun Revoltech Deadpool and Spider-Man figures being quick sell outs overseas (though Amazon still has a few Deadpools left). And now the import-only 6″ figure line is about to get its first true villain–and he’s pretty monstrous, that’s for sure! At this week’s Miyazawa Model Exhibition Fall 2016 event, the long-teased Revoltech Venom figure finally made his debut!

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Mezco ONE:12 Collective Spider-Man Figure Up for Order!


I hadn’t planned on moving Marvel Toy News to a new (expensive) high-powered server this year, but my hosting company had other ideas, and so… anyway, welcome back! I’ve got a number of things to catch up in this week (including my first Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2017 figure reviews!), but first, let’s look at a 6″ Spidey of a different sort–the long-awaited Mezco ONE:12 Collective Spider-Man figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Legends 2017 Spider-Man Wave 1 Up for Order Online!

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Sandman Series Figures Packaged

When the Sandman Series of Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2017 figures appeared outta nowhere yesterday, I had a feeling we’d be seeing Hasbro allow pre-order solicitations from online retailers within days. And as anticipated, that’s exactly what has occurred–the 6″ Spider-Man Legends Sandman Series is now up for pre-order online and expected to start shipping within the next few weeks!

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2017 Marvel Legends Spider-Man Sandman Series Released!


Ordinarily I wouldn’t write up a whole article just because of a couple new low-resolution photos surfacing of a whole series of figures that we already know about, but since we’re in a little bit of a Marvel Legends news drought right now–and these particular low-res photos reveal some details we weren’t previously privy to–I think I need to make an exception! Start saving now–the Marvel Legends 2017 Spider-Man Wave 1 Sandman Series has now started to be found!

UPDATE: The Marvel Legends 2017 Sandman Series is now up for order online!

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Banpresto Creator X Creator Spider-Man Figure Revealed!


Banpresto has long been one of my favorite international toy manufacturers because of the huge variety of characters and sizes of low-priced anime figures that they produce. One of their most recent successful series is the Creator×Creator line, which has been composed entirely of anime characters… until now! Coming in Spring 2017, Banpresto goes Marvel with the Creator X Creator Spider-Man figure!

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Walgreens Funko Ms Marvel & Scarlet Spider POP Vinyls Released!


Remember that Funko POP Vinyls Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan box back that leaked a few weeks ago? Well, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is–Kamala Khan has arrived earlier than expected! The bad news is–she’s a Walgreens Exclusive (AAAUUUGGHHHH!!)! And oh yeah, she’s also brought a certain clone buddy, but you better work fast to find them–the Funko Ms. Marvel and Scarlet Spider POP Vinyls are already all over the aftermarket!

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Funko Scarlet Spider & Emma Frost POP Vinyls! Cosmo Dorbz!


Just when I thought I’d be taking a break from talking about any new Marvel POP Vinyls until the Funko X-Men Collector Corps box ships out next month, they go and blindside me with a triad of major new reveals! First up, there’s a Walgreens Exclusive Funko Scarlet Spider POP Vinyl coming our way this winter! And speaking of exclusives: how about the exclusive Funko Emma Frost POP Vinyls figure and the Dorbz Cosmo the Space Dog that are now up for order?! *heart attack*

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Marvel Legends Hobgoblin Review & Photos! Hasbro 2016

Close-Up of Marvel Legends Spider-Man Hobgoblin Head

Hasbro has been cranking out whole waves of Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures for years now, so you would think that we’d have plenty of Hobgoblin figures by now, right…? Well… no. In fact, Hasbro has never released a classic 6″ Marvel Legends Hobgoblin figure until this summer’s Space Venom series! I’ve yet to see even a single figure from this entire wave in a store, but Hobby is sporadically available for MSRP online. Is this the definitive 6″ Hobgoblin Marvel Legends figure we’ve been waiting for?

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NYCC 2016: Mezco Marvel ONE:12 Collective Figures!

NYCC 2016 Deadpool ONE:12 Collective Figure

I’ve already talked about all the traditional heavy-hitters like Hasbro, Kotobukiya and Diamond Select Toys who revealed new Marvel toys at New York Comic-Con 2016, but there’s one more company I wanted to shine the spotlight on.

2016 may be the very first year that Mezco Toyz is releasing Marvel action figures, but their display case full of Marvel ONE:12 Collective figures–including Deadpool and Spider-Man–was a real thing of beauty…

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Marvel Legends 2017 Figures Official Photos! Shatterstar! Sandman!


Earlier this week, I had the tremendous honor and privilege of being one of the first collectors in the world to see a half-dozen of next year’s 6″ Marvel Legends 2017 figures at the pre-New York Comic Con 2016 Hasbro party (and yes, it was every bit as cool as it sounds). You can check out the dozens and dozens of first-person photos I took at NYCC 2016 here, but if you’ve been waiting for super hi-res official photos from Hasbro, images of four of the six new Marvel Legends figures have now been posted!

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NYCC 2016: Marvel Legends 2017 Shocker & Sandman!

NYCC 2016 Marvel Legends Shocker Figure Revealed

If you’re a regular reader, then you’ve probably heard me ramble endlessly about my certainty that the first Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2017 series of 6″ figures was bound to be rounded out by the long-awaited Marvel Legends Shocker and a non-sand form Sandman Build-A-Figure. And at the NYCC 2016 Hasbro press event tonight…? Yup, you guessed it–the confirmation of those very two figures finally arrived in prototype form!

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Revoltech Spider-Man Hi-Res Photos & Order Info!


Just when I thought we might be having another quiet week (I mean, other than that “New York Comic Con 2016” thing that coverage begins for tomorrow), a couple of long-awaited items have finally been solicited for release. We first saw the Kaiyodo Spider-Man Revoltech teased many, many months ago, but now he’s finally ready to swing in–the Revoltech Spider-Man figure goes up for order later this week!

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