X-Men #12 Review & Spoilers (Marvel Comic Book – 2014)

X-Men #12 Cover March 2014 Issue Brian Wood

When Brian Wood’s all-female X-Men comic book series launched last year, I was quick to applaud the book as being fresh, fun and on it’s way to being the best X-Men title published by Marvel Comics.

To my disappointment, things quickly went astray and a once-promising comic book has fizzled into mediocrity.

X-Men #12 continues the downward spiral and is unfortunately the worst issue of the series to date…

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Black Widow #1 Review & Spoilers (Marvel NOW! Comic Book)

Marvel NOW Black Widow #1 Comic Book Review

Despite the frigid sub-zero temperature outside today (and if it wasn’t sub-zero, it sure felt like it was), I made the trek to my nearest comic book store to pick up Peter David’s All-New X-Factor #1. Unfortunately, it wasn’t there–the shipment of that comic was delayed by the weather. But since I was already at the comic book store at that point, I figured I might as well blow a quick 17 bucks on some other comics, including the Marvel NOW! Black Widow #1. This is the comic book that desperately wants to be Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye–but is it up to that high standard…?

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X-Men Battle of the Atom #2 Review & Spoilers

X-Men Battle of the Atom #2 Review

As a self-proclaimed X-Men fanboy, I buy every X-Men family book that comes out each month that doesn’t have “Wolverine” in the title (and one that does). So I was excited for this year’s big summer crossover (especially since I buy all the books it takes place in anyway). But, well, the X-Men: Battle of the Atom event has had high points and lows, and the event finale is unfortunately the lowest of them all. Beware, this X-Men Battle of the Atom #2 review will be rife with spoilers–but maybe after you read it, you won’t want to bother reading the book anyway…

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Comic Book Reviews for 9/18/2013: Infinity #3, New Avengers #10

Uncanny X-Men #12 Cover Battle of the Atom

I read a lot of comic books every month, and sometimes I get the itch to review them. As it’s comic books more than any other form of media that fuel my action figure collecting hobby, I’m including comic book reviews here on Marvel Toy News (if you don’t like it, yell at me).

In this installment, I’ll be covering comics released on 9/18/2013, including reviews of Infinity #3, New Avengers #10, Uncanny X-Men #12, Thor God of Thunder #18 and more…

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