SH Figuarts Samurai Iron Man Figure Revealed!

When Bandai Tamashii Nations solicited their first Manga Realization figure in the spring–SH Figuarts Samurai Spider-Man–I was pretty lukewarm on that figure. “Spidey in samurai armor? That doesn’t make any sense! Why didn’t they just make Iron Man?!”

Well, lo and behold, for their second figure in the series, Bandai has: the S.H. Figuarts Samurai Iron Man Manga Realization figure has now been revealed!

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Marvel Legends Nico Minoru Review & Photos Doctor Strange

Marvel Legends Nico Minoru Review

Earlier this week I talked about the figure in the Marvel Legends Doctor Strange series that was most peoples’ favorite in the wave in my Marvel Legends Iron Fist review, but today I’m going to let my inner Goth roar and take a look at my most-anticipated figure in the series. The Marvel Legends Nico Minoru figure is shipping out for online orders next week–does the first-ever action figure of a member of the Runaways team earn my approval? Read on…

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NYCC 2016 POP Vinyls Kitty Pryde & Chef Deadpool Exclusives!


Yesterday I talked about the tremendous trio of Dorbz that Funko has created for New York Comic-Con 2016 next month, but that’s not all that they’ve got lined up for NYCC 2016 on the Marvel front! Two X-Men POP Vinyls figures will also be available at the event, including one long-overdue classic character and one figure that been MIA for long enough to make a whole baby: the 2016 NYCC Funko Kitty Pryde and Chef Deadool POP Vinyls are on the way!

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NYCC 2016 Funko Dorbz X-Men & Thanos Exclusives!


Other than that Target Exclusive Winter Soldier Without Arm POP Vinyl that appeared like lightning a few weeks ago, Funko has been almost eerily quiet about new Marvel exclusives lately.

But it looks like that was just the calm before the storm, because Funko has loads of NYCC Exclusives on the way–including two X-Men Dorbz and a numbered, limited edition Thanos Dorbz XL figure!

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Super Deadpool ARTFX+ Kotobukiya Statue Revealed!


The Year of Deadpool continues with an unprecedented fifth Kotobukiya Deadpool ARTFX+ statue! That’s right, if the regular red-and-black Deadpool, chimichanga-eating unmasked Deadpool, X-Force Deadpool and Inverse Deadpool ARTFX+ statues just weren’t enough for you, Koto has now got yet another 1/10th ARTFX+ statue lined up to appease the masses! The Previews Exclusive Kotobukiya Super Deadpool ARTFX+ Statue is now up for order–and hey, this time out, Wade’s even getting a new mold (at last)!

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Marvel Legends Iron Fist Review & Photos Doctor Strange Series

Marvel Legends Iron Fist Review Doctor Strange Series

Iron Fist isn’t exactly the household name A-List hero that you expect to see getting a new Marvel Legends figure two years in a row–but, well… it’s not every year Disney is preparing to make Iron Fist a household name with his own Netflix series!

Online orders for Iron Fist are expected to ship late next week–do you need one? If you like Iron Fist you do–this is clearly his best toy ever…

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Hot Toys Doctor Strange Figure Up for Order & Official Photos!


Get ready to have your minds blown, Marvel collectors: it’s been nearly two months since Hot Toys put a new Marvel sixth scale figure up for order. Craziness, right?! But the drought is at an end, and what an end it is–the Hot Toys Doctor Strange sixth scale figure is now up for order!

I have mixed feelings about the trailers I’ve seen for the upcoming Doctor Strange movie, but my only feeling about this 12″ figure is that it is awesome

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Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Movie Figures Review & Photos

Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Figure Review

Doctor Strange has never exactly been a household name, but Disney and Marvel are planning to change that in a big way with this fall’s major movie starring the Sorcerer Supreme. And what better way to make a character feel legit than by giving him his own series of Marvel Legends figures, right? The Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Series is shipping out during the next two weeks, and today let’s take a look at the center pieces of the wave: the 6″ Doctor Strange movie figures!

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Doctor Strange Marvel Legends Dormammu Build-A-Figure Review

Marvel Legends Dormammu Build-A-Figure Review

2016 has been a fantastic year for Marvel Legends collecting, but the end of the road is here. Watch for your online orders to start being shipped out, because online retailers begin receiving their Marvel Legends Doctor Strange figures in the next two weeks!

And what better way to get pumped up for the release than with some Doctor Strange Marvel Legends reviews–starting with the big man himself, the Dread Dormammu Build-A-Figure review!

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Play Arts Kai Wolverine Figure Painted & Deadpool Update!


It’s been a pretty slow Marvel toy news week (you know things are bad when I have to make posts about figures being on sale), but we did get at least one bite of appetitizing news–from across the world at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 (TGS), no less! When we last saw the Square-Enix Play Arts Kai Marvel line at SDCC 2016, there were two new unpainted figures on display. And this week in Tokyo, we got to see one of them painted: Play Arts Kai Wolverine!

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Exclusive Marvel Select Civil War Unmasked Captain America!


With the Captain America Civil War Blu Ray hitting stores this week, many collectors might have thought the days of new Civil War figures turning up in stores was behind us. But Diamond Select Toys has a fourth and final Marvel Select Civil War figure coming to stores this fall, and they’ve just announced him this week: the Marvel Select Unmasked Captain America Civil War figure! This poor figure has caught some flak from collectors, but I’m not sure he deserves it…

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Huge Marvel Legends Sale Online! 40% Off 12″ Figures and More!


With more Hasbro Marvel Legends figures and toys coming out in 2016 than any previous year in history, most collectors weren’t going to be able to afford everything. And that’s why, as we approach the end of 2016, lots of Marvel Legends action figures–including the 12″ figures just officially released last month–are already having their prices drastically cut online! From X-Men to Civil War to Spidey, there’s plenty to love on sale! Read on for the best deals available right now…

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Marvel Legends Civil War Scarlet Witch Review & Photos

Civil War Scarlet Witch Marvel Legends Review

Of all the Hasbro Marvel Legends figures that were on display at New York Toy Fair 2016 in February, the one that I was most instantly infatuated with was the Marvel Legends Civil War Scarlet Witch figure. And evidently, I wasn’t the only one–Scarlet Witch is selling for $50+ on the aftermarket already, making this one-per-case figure the most difficult Marvel Legends 6″ figure of the year to acquire. Is Wanda worth the hype and the hunt? Here’s my review…

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Marvel Legends Abomination Build-A-Figure Review & Photos

Captain America Marvel Legends Wave 3 Abomination Build-A-Figure

It’s not very often that I find myself writing a review for a figure weeks after I reviewed its exclusive repaint, but such is the case with tonight’s subject: the Marvel Legends Abomination Build-A-Figure. Not only was this figure released after its own repaint, but this Abomination BAF is actually selling for more than the SDCC Exclusive version! But despite which version seems to be in higher demand, is this really the better iteration of Hulk’s arch-enemy? Let’s take a look…

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Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Box Set Clearance Sale!


UPDATE 9/9/2016: For those who have held out for the last 19 months, betting that this exclusive set would eventually get a mega-discount to a killer price–your patience has been rewarded! The EE Exclusive Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy box set is now on clearance for nearly 50% off–just $62 shipped for five 6″ figures! Craziness! If you’ve been waiting for this set to reach the lowest price that it’s gonna–this is it!

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