I Am Rocket Raccoon Costume Hoodie Review & Photos

Dabid Wearing Rocket Raccoon Costume Hoodie

“When it comes to collecting, I know no shame” is my motto. And it’s a good thing that it is, too–because if I did know shame, I probably wouldn’t have been able to take photos to review today’s Rocket Raccoon product. No, it’s not a new Rocket Raccoon action figure, vinyl, LEGO, or even plush toy. This is for the truly hardcore Rocket Raccoon fan–the one who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks or what it costs to look like their favorite character: the I Am Rocket Raccoon Costume Hoodie by We Love Fine costs over $70–is it worth more than you’ve probably ever spent on a sweatshirt?

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Revoltech Iron Man Mark V Figure Reissue Announced!

Kaiyodo Revoltech Iron Man Mark V Figure Reissue LR-024 2015

Kaiyodo Revoltech has built up a pretty spectacular collection of action figures over the years, and there’s been a steady demand for many of their long sold-out, out-of-production figures. As such, Kaiyodo is now able to cruise along with their “greatest hits” Legacy of Revoltech figure reissues, bringing back some of the most-requested figures–including the ever-popular Iron Man Revoltech figures! Now, for the first time since in three years–the Revoltech Iron Man Mark V figure is up for order!

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XM Studios Quicksilver Statue Design Sketches & Concept Art!

XM Studios Marvel Quicksilver Statue Running Pose Design

Have you been feeling an emptiness in your Marvel quarter-scale statue collecting heart lately? If so, it’s probably because Sideshow Collectibles hasn’t put a new Marvel 1/4 statue up for order in over two months! Yep–after putting a new Marvel Premium Format Figure up for order almost every other week during the summer, we haven’t had a new announcement in months. But popular newcomer XM Studios is stepping up to fill the void, with loads of upcoming statues–including the newly-revealed XM Studios Quicksilver statue!

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Funko Ravagers Dancing Groot Exclusive POP Vinyl Revealed!

Entertainment Earth Exclusive Ravagers Dancing Groot POP Vinyl Figure

The masters of Marvel exclusives are at it again! Even though the hotly-anticipated Funko POP! Vinyls Dancing Groot figure isn’t due to hit stores for a few more weeks, Funko already has the very first exclusive variant of the figure lined up.

This one is definitely a niche exclusive that won’t appeal to everyone, but if you’re a Groot completist, the Funko Ravagers Dancing Groot POP Vinyl exclusive figure is now up for order!

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Jumbo Secret Wars Black Costume Spider-Man Up for Order!

Secret Wars Jumbo Black Costume Spider-Man Figure 2015

Yesterday, Gentle Giant Ltd. unexpectedly announced a new line of 1/6th scale Jumbo Marvel Secret Wars action figures are on the way in 2015. That was a surprise announcement in and of itself, but I was even less prepared for the primarily negative response I’ve heard from collectors about the line and its price. The first figure in the line, the 12″ Jumbo Secret Wars Black Costume Spider-Man is now up for order–but is he worth 80 to 90 bucks? Here’s my thoughts…

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Marvel Secret Wars Jumbo Figures Announced for 2015!

Gentle Giant Jumbo Marvel Secret Wars Figures Announced

Just when I resigned myself that there wasn’t going to be much Marvel toy news to talk about before the holidays, word breaks that Gentle Giant Ltd. is launching their first-ever line of Marvel action figures! Yeah, I know–who doesn’t have a license to make Marvel figures these days, right? But these aren’t just any figures–they’re throwback jumbo 12″ figures based off of the vintage Marvel Secret Wars figures from 1984! And the first two figures coming our way will be Jumbo Black Costume Spider-Man and Hobgoblin!

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Marvel Select Avengers Age of Ultron Hulk Figure Announced!

Marvel Select Avengers 2 Hulk Figure Announced

With the Avengers Age of Ultron trailer already being shown in theaters and online, it was only a matter of time until we saw the first pre-orders begin for Avengers Age of Ultron toys. But if you’d asked me to bet on which company would beat all their competitors to the punch by being the very first to put an Avengers 2 figure up for order, I would have definitely lost that bet. No, it’s not Hasbro or even Funko–it’s Diamond Select Toys! Coming to stores in May 2015, the Marvel Select Avengers Age of Ultron Hulk figure is now up for order!

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Vinylmation War Machine Iron Patriot Ant-Man Announced!

Vinylmation Marvel Ant-Man Iron Patriot War Machine LE Figures

It’s been quiet times for Marvel collectors as we approach the end of 2014, but if there’s one collecting genre that pretty much always has new figures coming out to talk about, it’s designer vinyls! But this article isn’t about Funko (believe it or not), it’s about the Marvel vinyl figures being put out by Emperor Mickey Mouse himself–Disney! Coming to the Disney Parks and online in December 2014–the limited-edition Marvel Vinylmation Iron Patriot, War Machine, and Ant-Man vinyl figures!

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Funko Venom POP! Vinyls Figure Prototype Revealed!

Funko Venom POP Vinyls Figure Prototype

Funko is a bit of an odd duck in the toy manufacturing business, as they regularly give away and sell prototypes of their figures–oftentimes before they even announce that they’re coming!

Last winter we learned about the Guardians of the Galaxy POP Vinyls from prototypes before they were announced, and this winter the trend continues: a Funko POP Vinyls Venom figure has been revealed in an online auction!

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NECA Rocket Raccoon Life Size Figure Statue Up for Order!

Rocket Raccoon NECA Life-Size Action Figure

Life got a lot harder (and more expensive) this month for Rocket Raccoon figure completists, as NECA recently announced the largest and most expensive Rocket Raccoon figure ever.

I own a lot of Rocket Raccoon merch, but nothing as high-end as this: coming in January 2015, the three-foot tall NECA Rocket Raccoon life-size figure is now up for order!

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Avengers Marvel Legends 2015 Figures Packaged Photos!

Avengers Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch Figure Maidens of Might

While I was out seeing the wonder that is the Big Hero 6 movie last night, Hasbro was burning the midnight oil! As such, on a cold fall Saturday night, we got our first packaged look at the figures I get more people messaging and asking me about than any others: the 2015 Marvel Legends Avengers figures!

We’re still going to have to wait until winter to get them, but now we can drool over the Avengers Marvel Legends Series 1 hi-res photos until then…

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Marvel Mashers Electro Pyro Iron Fist Miles Morales Released!

Marvel Super Hero Mashers Iron Fist Figure Packaged

Of all the Marvel-related toys and collectibles released this year that I swore I’d never buy and then ended up collecting anyway, the most doofy of them all are the Marvel Super Hero Mashers. I resisted this ludicrous concept as long as I could, but Hasbro sucked me in with some of my favorite characters. And now they’re at it again–Marvel Mashers Wave 4 has just been released online, containing Iron Fist, Pyro, Electro and Miles Morales Spider-Man!

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Disney Infinity Big Hero 6 Baymax & Hiro Figures Released!

Disney Infinity Big Hero 6 Baymax Figure Packaged

Whether you love the Disney Infinity 2.0 video game or absolutely loathe it (and there are plenty of Marvel fans who feel each way), there’s no denying that Disney has a real sales juggernaut (no, not that Juggernaut) on hand with the franchise. So it’s only fitting that the stars of Disney’s latest (hopefully) hit movie gets the Disney Infinity treatment. And just in time for the release of the Big Hero 6 movie, they have–the Disney Infinity Baymax and Hiro Hamada figures are now available!

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