Toy Fair 2018: ONE:12 Collective Hela! Netflix Punisher & Daredevil!

2018 Toy Fair Mezco Punisher Netflix Figure Close-Up

Earlier today I posted my thoughts on the comic book-based Marvel ONE:12 Collective figures revealed at the New York Toy Fair 2018, but those weren’t the only presents Mezco brought Marvel fans at Toy Fair! Along with an old friend from last Toy Fair who never made it out (Netflix Daredevil), Mezco also brought along new live-action figures of Netflix Punisher, Vigilante Daredevil, and Hela from Thor: Ragnarok!

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Toy Fair 2018: Mezco ONE:12 Collective Cyclops! Blade! Cable!

Close-Up of Mezco Blade Figure at NY Toy Fair 2018

With the “obvious” selections of ONE:12 Collective Homemade Suit Spider-Man and movie Black Panther being revealed in the buildup to New York Toy Fair 2018, I really wasn’t sure what I’d be seeing added to the Marvel ONE:12 Collective series walking into the Mezco Toyz booth at the show. As it turns out, the three comic-based figures debuted were all ones I wouldn’t have guessed: ONE:12 Collective Blade, Cable and Cyclops Figures!

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Top 10 Marvel Toys (Non-Legends) at New York Toy Fair 2018! 

Toy Fair Marvel Gallery Carnage Statue

Marvel Legends are far and away the most popular line of Marvel figures coming out today, but they’re also far from the only Marvel toys and collectibles out there. I had a chance to visit with most of the other major Marvel toy companies during New York Toy Fair 2018, and was very impressed by many figures and statues that I saw. Here’s my personal, totally opinion-based Top 10 Non-Legends Marvel Toys revealed at this year’s Toy Fair…

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Toy Fair 2018: Top 10 Marvel Legends Figures Revealed & Photos!

Marvel Legends Sauron Build-A-Figure Toy Fair 2018

I’m back home from New York Toy Fair 2018, and after 14 hours of sleep, I’m ready to begin my coverage here on the site! I’ve already uploaded hundreds of photos to the Marvel Toy News Facebook Page (and plenty more on our Facebook and Twitter), and those images will be making their way here to the main site throughout the week in comprehensive articles. But to begin, how about a little fun? Here’s my completely opinionated Top 10 Marvel Legends figures revealed at the 2018 Toy Fair!

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Marvel Legends Movie Ronan Up for Order! Vision! Mandarin! Pepper!

UPDATE: At last, the Guardians will have a villain to combat: the exclusive Marvel Legends Ronan the Accuser is now up for order! If you’re looking for photos of the other Marvel Legends that debuted at Toy Fair, check out the Marvel Toy News Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, which I’ve been updating all weekend long! I’ll upload all my photos here and talk in-depth next week!

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Marvel Toy News at New York Toy Fair 2018!

New York Toy Fair 2018 Logo

New York Toy Fair comes but once a year, and the biggest weekend of toy news of 2018 is here at last! As usual, I’ll be on the floor in New York City covering the event all weekend long. But this year, coverage will be a little bit different, with most early photos and info going straight to our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Read on for all the details…

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Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet Life-Size Replica Photos!

Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet Prop Replica

If you’ve been hanging out on various toy sites and social media groups this week, you may have seen a “little” (BIG) something that snuck out to retailers a bit early. Out of respect to Hasbro and this insane item they’ve created, I wanted to wait for the official announcement before talking about it. And that foretold day has come—in advance of New York Toy Fair 2018, the Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet Life-Size Replica has now been revealed!

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Kotobukiya X-Men ‘92 Jubilee & Wolverine ARTFX+ Statues!

Kotobukiya X-Men 1992 Retro Box Packaging for Jubilee and Wolverine Figures

If you were a kid in 90s (like me!), then you’ve got a special place in your heart for the 1990s X-Men cartoon series (it’s not even a question). The costumes seen in that series have gone on to be considered the “iconic” costumes for the characters, and few superhero animated series have managed to meet the high standard of the original X-Men cartoon. And now, for the first time ever, we’re getting PVC statues based on the art designs from the show: a Kotobukiya X-Men 92 Jubilee and Wolverine two-pack is now up for order!

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Marvel Play Arts Kai Cyclops Figure Up for Order & Photos!

Cyclops Play Arts Kai Figure Optic Blast Effects Piece

One of the most unpredictable ongoing lines of Marvel toys in the world is the Square-Enix Marvel Play Arts Kai series. Will it live? Will it die? What character will SE choose to reenvision next? Well, the next entry in the line has now been revealed, and it’s one I absolutely would not have predicted: the Play Arts Kai Cyclops figure is now up for order! And hey—he’s got the exact accessory I’ve been wishing Hasbro would include for years!

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REVIEW: Marvel Select Gladiator Hulk Figure (Thor Ragnarok)

Size Comparison DST Gladiator Hulk vs Marvel Legends Ragnarok Thor

Sometimes we have to wait the better part of a year for movie-based Marvel Select figures to arrive (they’re almost always worth the wait), but the latest release arrived like relative lightning—less than three months after the movie he stars in! The enormously anticipated (and also just plain enormous) Marvel Select Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk figure is now shipping—can he take the crown from the Marvel Legends version as the best Ragnarok Hulk out there now?

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Kotobukiya Jessica Jones ARTFX+ Statue Photos & Pre-Order!

Kotobukiya Jessica Jones ARTFX+ Figure Close-Up

The past year has been a utopia-like golden age for Jessica Jones fans, with the character receiving Marvel Legends 6” Figures, Minimates, Funko POP Vinyls and even Diamond Select Toys Marvel Gallery statues. And now Marvel’s most popular private investigator is about to have another milestone: the Kotobukiya Jessica Jones ARTFX+ Statue is now up for order! But has Koto worked their usual magic with this PVC figure…?

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Hot Toys Black Panther Movie 1/6 Figure Up for Order!

Hot Toys Unmasked Black Panther Chadwick Boseman Portrait

At this point in my collecting life, I don’t have the space (or money) to get every new Marvel Hot Toys figure that comes down the pike. And so, being very happy with my Civil War Black Panther, Hot Toys was going to have to really impress me to sell me another one. Luckily for them… they did. The Hot Toys Black Panther movie figure is now up for order—and not only does it have the two features I was looking for, but also an innovative new one I never expected!

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Sideshow EXCLUSIVE Black Widow Premium Format Up for Order!

Sideshow Premium Format Black Widow Wolverine Captain America Statues

One announcement that caught pretty much everyone off-guard during this winter’s 12 Days of Sideshow Collectibles event was the teaser of a new Black Widow Statue. That first image of Black Widow’s head left many fans (including me) praying for an EX. Turns out we’ve been double-blessed! Not only does the regular head look somewhat better than expected, but a gorgeous long-haired head will also be included when the Sideshow Exclusive Black Widow Premium Format Figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Legends Thanos w/ Infinity Gauntlet Walmart Exclusive!

Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Thanos Figure Packaged

When Hasbro released their first Marvel Legends Thanos Build-A-Figure back in Age of Ultron Wave 2 in 2015, fans noticed that there was a little something missing. Specifically, a certain really big glove. But have no fear, Infinity Gauntlet fans! As promised at SDCC 2017, a single-packed Marvel Legends Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet is on the way as a Walmart exclusive—and the first packaged photos of it have now appeared!

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