Hot Toys Heartbreaker Iron Man Figure Review & Photos

Hot Toys Heartbreaker Iron Man Review

While I talk an awful lot about Hot Toys Marvel figures on this blog (and I’m legitimately somewhat embarrassed about how much I spend on Hot Toys each year), I tend to not review many of the sixth scale figures I buy. why? Well, frankly, it’s almost tedious having to prattle on about toys that are virtually perfection. but seeing as how Sideshow Collectibles’ Black Friday sale has the Hot Toys Heartbreaker Iron Man available for 30% Off and free shipping with code “BF3015” this week, I figure now is a good time to gush about how amazing this figure is….

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Guardians of the Galaxy Collector Corps Teasers & Rumors!

Guardians of the Galaxy Collector Corps Box Size

It seems like only yesterday that I was unboxing my Funko Marvel Collector Corps Villains box at Halloween, but the latest deadline has snuck up on us again: there’s only a week and a half left to order the Guardians of the Galaxy Collector Corps box! And while Funko is remaining as tight-lipped as always with regards to the contents of the December 2015 box, they’ve posted a teaser photo and video that have strengthened the rumors circulating…

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MAFEX Hulkbuster Iron Man Revealed & Photos!

MAFEX Hulkbuster Iron Man Figure Revealed

While 2015 may be “The Year of Hulkbuster Iron Man”, 2016 is going to be “The Year Most of the Hulkbuster Iron Man Toys Actually Come Out”.

From the Hot Toys Hulkbuster to the Bandai SH Figuarts and Sentinel RE:EDIT versions, most of the high-end Hulkbusters will be arriving throughout 2016. And now, we can add one more to the list, from out of nowhere and a somewhat surprising place: the 10″+ Medicom MAFEX Hulkbuster Iron Man figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Infinite Series Korg Figure Review & Photos

Hasbro Marvel Infinite Series 2015 Korg Review

Hasbro’s Marvel Universe (now Marvel Infinite Series) 4″ action figure line is famous for giving us hundreds of action figures from across the Marvel Universe, including numerous versions of iconic characters, beloved fan-favorites… and characters that 99.9% of the free world has never heard of. The subject of today’s review is of the latter group. He’s easily the most obscure character Hasbro has released this year, and you can buy him now for MSRP or below online–it’s the Marvel Infinite Series Korg figure!

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Funko Daredevil Netflix POP Vinyls Figures Revealed!

Funko Daredevil Netflix POP Vinyls Figures

We had heard during the very early part of 2015 that Funko was planning to release Daredevil POP Vinyls to capitalize on the popularity of the Netflix Daredevil series. Even so, we head zippo about the figures afterwards, and when the comic-based Daredevil POPs came out, I sort of figured that was that. But I guess better late than never–a full series of Funko Daredevil Netflix POP Vinyls is now up for order!

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Femme Fatales Captain Marvel Statue Up for Order!

Captain Marvel Femme Fatales Statue

Diamond Select Toys has begun dominating the market as far as low-priced plastic statues of female characters go. From DC Comics to Star Trek to independents, DST has been expanding their female statue line territory.

And now, they’re ready to move on to the most popular line of comic characters on Earth–the Marvel Femme Fatales Captain Marvel statue is now up for order!

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Marvel Legends Rescue Iron Man Figure Review & Photos

Marvel Legends Rescue Figure Review

Yesterday I talked about the Funko Exclusive Black Widow with Shield figure that we had to wait a few months for after announcement, but that’s nothing compared to the wait for the subject of today’s review: Marvel Legends Rescue!

We had to wait almost two and a half years for this figure to arrive, and now Rescue is selling for a crazy $100+ on the aftermarket! But is this 6″ Marvel Legends Rescue figure really worth all the fuss? Read on…

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Funko Black Widow w/ Shield Exclusive POP Vinyl Released!

Funko Black Widow with Shield Gamestop Exclusive POP Released

Oftentimes, Funko manages to whisk out exclusive POP! Vinyl figures with such secrecy and expediency that they arrive in stores before collectors even know of their existence.

But sometimes–not so much. And the latest exclusive is definitely of the latter type. After being discovered in the Gamestop database last spring, the long-awaited exclusive Funko Black Widow with Captain America Shield POP Vinyl is finally available online and in some stores!

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More Walgreens Exclusive Funko POP Vinyls! Iron Spider!

Funko POP Vinyls Iron Spider Spider-Man Walgreens Exclusive

I was totally surprised by the lack of a Funko POP Vinyls Green Goblin in the Villains Marvel Collector Corps subscription box that came out last month, as I figured ol’ Gobby was a shoe-in for a release as a limited exclusive in that box. Well, turns out a Funko Green Goblin is on the way–and he is a limited exclusive! A second series of Walgreens Exclusives has been revealed with Green Goblin, Taskmaster and Iron Spider POP Vinyls!

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Kotobukiya Rogue Statue Released & Unboxing Photos!

Kotobukiya Rogue Jim Lee Head Close-Up

All good things must come to an end in the collectibles world, and it looks like–at least for now–the beloved Kotobukiya X-Men Danger Room Sessions statues have come to an end. Sadly, it looks like there’s no Beast, Iceman or Jubilee on the horizon anytime soon. But before the end, the long-awaited Kotobukiya Rogue statue is finally shipping out this month! After years in development, did Koto do justice to the beauty of the X-Men’s southern belle?

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Sideshow Sentinel Maquette Final Production Photos!

Sideshow Sentinel Maquette Final Product Photo Head

Pop Quiz! What’s purple and blue, stands thirty-two inches tall, has light-up LED eyes and chest, and is limited to just 750 pieces produced for the entire world? Yep, you guessed right–it’s the Sideshow Collectibles Sentinel Maquette Statue that we last heard an update on way back in 2014! Production certainly wasn’t fast on this beast, but it’s finally complete and shipping out this month! Let’s take a look at the final production photos and see if it was worth the wait…

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Egg Attack Captain America & Thor Figures Up for Order!

Egg Attack Avengers Age of Ultron Figures

I did coverage of almost every new Marvel figure and collectible that debuted at New York Comic Con 2015 last month. Almost.

But there was one company I never got around to talking about. Maybe that’s for he best, though, because their biggest reveals from the show have now been fully revealed in final form: the Beast Kingdom Egg Attack Captain America and Thor figures are now up for order!

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Vinylmation Marvel Series 3 Figures Photos & Order Info!

Disney Vinylmation Marvel Series 3 Vinyl Figures

Though the number of figures being released per year is a fraction of what there once was and the selection at the Disney Parks is down to almost nothing, Disney Vinylmation is still alive and puttering along!

And following up the successful release of the Vinylmation Spider-Man series last winter, the all-new Disney Vinylmation Marvel Series 3 figures will be arriving this week! Mickey-shaped Daredevil and Moon Knight, anyone…?

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