Marvel Vinylmation Spider-Man Series Revealed & Photos!

Vinylmation Marvel Series 2 Spider-Man Figures Revealed

As far as Disney Vinylmation collection goes, 2014 has been the quietest year for me since Disney began the line. There haven’t been many enticing Vinylmation sets released this year, and as a result my interest has waned quite a bit. But just when I thought I might be out, Disney has pulled me back in–with a vengeance! As a sequel to last year’s best-selling Disney Vinylmation Marvel Series 1 (which now sells for a crazy $250 for a set of 12 on the aftermarket), Disney has just unveiled a new set: the Marvel Vinylmation Spider-Man Series!

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Hot Toys Star-Lord Exclusive Figure MMS 255 Up for Order!

Guardians of the Galaxy Hot Toys Star-Lord Figure Revealed

Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters this week, and while the hype is at a high, Hot Toys is ready to strike again and lock in more of your collecting dollars! After the huge success of the Guardians of the Galaxy Hot Toys Groot and Rocket Raccoon pre-orders, today Hot Toys is ready to move on to the closest thing to an actual human on the team–and after being inundated with the joke in trailers, I imagine you all know who this guy is! The Sideshow Exclusive Hot Toys Star-Lord figure is now up for order!

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Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates Figures Released! Yondu!

Guardians of the Galaxy Yondu Sakaar Soldier Minimates Figures Set

It was fun while it lasted, but now it’s time to put the craziness of SDCC 2014 behind us and get back to business as usual–and that means new toys hitting stores! The Marvel Minimates Guardians of the Galaxy figures series is running late, and won’t make it into stores in time for the movie… or so we thought! While perusing my local Toys R Us, I did a double-take when I walked past their exclusive blue-skinned, red-mohawked figure, accompanied by (most) all his friends! The Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates figures have now been released, including the exclusive Yondu figure!

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SDCC 2014 Marvel Infinite Series 2015 Figures Photos!

Marvel Infinite Series 2015 Figures Revealed Sandman

Hasbro waltzed into San Diego Comic Con 2014 this week and really knocked the socks off of Marvel Legends collectors with their previews of the 6″ Marvel Legends 2015 figures lineup. But for fans of the 4″ Marvel Infinite Series figures, things weren’t quite as peachy-keen.

While character selection for the 2015 Marvel Infinite Series is definitely top-notch, the figures themselves that Hasbro has developed are likely to disappoint plenty of collectors…

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SDCC 2014 Marvel Legends 2015 Thanos Coulson Maria Hill Photos!

SDCC 2014 Hasbro Marvel Legends Thanos Build-A-Figure

Hasbro unquestionably brought their ‘A’-Game to San Diego Comic Con 2014, where they silenced critics by announcing a veritable blockbuster assortment of characters for their 2015 Marvel Legends Avengers Infinite Series 6″ figures line. And at the SDCC 2014 Hasbro Marvel Panel, they took their impressiveness even further. While Avengers Marvel Legends Wave 1 will be entirely comic-based, Marvel Legends 2015 Avengers Wave 2 will be a mix of comic and movie characters, and bring us super-articulated Marvel Legends Maria Hill, Agent Coulson, Nick Fury… and the the first-ever Marvel Legends Thanos Build-A-Figure!

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SDCC 2014 Marvel Legends 2015 Iron Fist Hawkeye King Thor Photos!

SDCC 2014 Marvel Legends 2015 Avengers Iron Fist Figure

Hasbro tried to pull a fast one on fans at San Diego Comic Con 2014 on Thursday, when they pulled the Classic Hawkeye Marvel Legends Avengers Series 1 figure out of the display case after photos leaked with Hawkeye as part of the wave. But on Friday, Hasbro went ahead and laid a few more cards on the table (or figures in the display, as the case may be). Not only will Marvel Legends 2015 bring us the Marvel Legends Hawkeye variant we’ve been waiting for, but we’ll also be getting the long-lost Marvel Legends Iron Fist figure and the parts to make a King Thor Build-A-Figure!

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SDCC 2014 Marvel Legends Radioactive Man & Ms. Marvel Set!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Target Exclusive Ms Marvel Box Set SDCC 2014

Ordinarily I wouldn’t be particularly enthralled by a company revealing the same figure two years in a row at San Diego Comic-Con, but in this instance I’m willing to make an exception. One of the Marvel Legends figures that appeared at last year’s event and was thought to be lost forever is making a comeback at SDCC 2014–as part of a store-exclusive three-pack! It’s the Marvel Legends Radioactive Man, Ms. Marvel and Ultimate Captain America figures box set!

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SDCC 2014 Marvel Legends 2015 Avengers Odin Series Figures Photos!

Marvel Legends Avengers Infinite Series Scarlet Witch Figure SDCC 2014

Heading into San Diego Comic Con 2014, we really didn’t know what to expect from the Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figures line. With no major Marvel movies scheduled for 2015 beyond Avengers, would Hasbro opt for a second series of Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends or X-Men Legends? Nope!

Hasbro is taking the safe and smart route, kicking off their SDCC 2014 reveals–and the Marvel Legends 2015 figures line–with the Avengers Marvel Legends Odin Build-A-Figure Series!

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SDCC 2014: Funko Hikari Spider-Man Vinyl Figures Photos!

Funko Hikari Spider-Man Vinyl Figures SDCC 2014 San Diego Comic Con

One of the hottest new collectible lines of 2014 thus far is the Funko Hikari line of Japanese style vinyl figures. The limited-edition Funko Hikaris appeared out of nowhere at the New York Toy Fair 2014 and instantly sold out across the internet. But Batman and He-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans got all the love with the first batch of Funko Hikari figures, while Marvel fans were left in the dust. The disappointment for Marvel fans is over, though–at SDCC 2014 this week, a small army of Funko Hikari Spider-Man figures debuted!

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SDCC 2014: Kotobukiya Carnage & Rogue Statues Revealed!

SDCC 2014 Marvel Carnage Kotobukiya Statue

San Diego Comic Con 2014 is officially underway, and the reveals are coming at a fast and furious pace–perhaps more so than any year I can remember ever! Though they’re not the biggest company at the convention and may be getting lost in the shuffle just a little bit, Kotobukiya has debuted some major Marvel statues at the show, including a Fine Arts Statue that hadn’t even been teased previously! Coming in 2015–Kotobukiya Maximum Carnage and Rogue Fine Arts Statues!

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Kotobukiya Deadpool ARTFX+ Statue Revealed & Photos!

Kotobukiya Deadpool ARTFX+ Statue

It’s impossible to have a conversation about modern comic book characters that have exploded into ‘A’-List headliners for their respective companies without mentioning the Merc with a Mouth himself, Deadpool. Despite having only first appeared in 1991, the fairly recently-created Deadpool has become one of the most popular and recognizable characters in the entire comic book world. So it’s only natural that for their first non-Avengers Marvel Now! ARTFX+ statue, Kotobukiya would select one of Marvel’s most trendy characters–the Kotobukiya Deadpool ARTFX+ Statue has now been revealed!

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SDCC 2014: Sideshow Marvel 1/6 Deadpool Wolverine Punisher!

SDCC 2014 Deadpool Sideshow Sixth Scale Figure

For years, sixth scale collectors who love Marvel comics themselves and not necessarily the movies have felt left out in the cold and abandoned. Every exquisite new Marvel Hot Toys sixth scale figure released has been a little bit of salt rubbed into the wound, as increasing number of Marvel movie-based 1/6 figures are released year after year. But sixth scale collectors who are Marvel comic book fans won’t have to feel unloved any longer–at San Diego Comic Con 2014, Sideshow Collectibles announced the impending line of Sideshow Marvel sixth scale figures based on the comics!

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Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III Die-Cast Figure Photos & Pre-Order

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 3 Die-Cast Sixth Scale Figure

At this point it feels like there are about a million Hot Toys Iron Man sixth scale figures out there, but there’s no Iron Man Hot Toys figure that’s been more in-demand and clamored for by fans than a re-release of the Iron Man Mark III from the original 2008 “Iron Man” film. No matter how many more armors come down the pike, the Mark III Iron Man is considered by the majority to be the definitive Iron Man armor. And now collectors who missed out on the original are about to get another chance at a grail–the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III Die-Cast figure will be up for order soon!

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