Funko POP Vinyls Baymax Glow-in-The-Dark Review & Photos

Big Hero 6 Funko POP! Vinyls Baymax Glow-in-the-Dark Review

The buzz surrounding the summer blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy movie hasn’t even had a chance to quiet down, but already it’s time for the next (and last) Marvel movie of 2014: Big Hero 6! I’m not even close to being all-in on Big Hero Six merch until I see the movie, but there was no way I could resist the Amazon exclusive Funko Glow-in-the-Dark Baymax POP! Vinyls figure, which is sure to be another fast sell-out and quick riser on the aftermarket. Is this super-sized Funko POP vinyl balloon man worth your shelf space?

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Marvel Legends Radioactive Man Figure Review & Photos

Marvel Legends Radioactive Man Figure Review

Remember a couple weeks ago when I warned readers not to pay scalper prices for the Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Three-Pack, because eventually there would be plenty to go around? Yeah–that time is now.

I wasn’t planning to pick up the set until it hit clearance, but with a dozen sealed boxes in front of me, I couldn’t resist picking one up to review, starting with my favorite character in the set–Marvel Legends Radioactive Man…

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Funko Dangerous Spider-Man Hikari Vinyl Figure Review & Photos

Dangerous Spider-Man Hikari Funko Vinyl Figure

If being a hardcore collector is akin to being an addict (and believe me, it sometimes feels like it is), then the latest form of “crack” to have me in its thralls is called “Funko Hikari”. The Japanese-inspired Funko Hikari Sofubi vinyl figures are way bigger and way more limited than Funko POP! Vinyls (with a way bigger price-tag to match). While Hikari only started to be released this summer, it’s definitely starting to catch on for Funko, and it’s about to become a whole lot more relevant for Marvel collectors, as the first Marvel Hikari was just released this month: Dangerous Spider-Man! Is this Spidey worth the “dangerous” investment he requires in both price and shelf space…?

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Legacy of Revoltech Iron Man Mark I Reissue Up for Order!

Kaiyodo Revoltech Legacy LR-023 Iron Man Mark 1 Figure Rerelease

Reissues are the BBFF of new collectors and the bane of the aftermarket. Kaiyodo has released some real gems in their Revoltech figures line over the years, but with many of their best products having been sold out for long periods of time, the prices of these figures have often gotten out of control on the aftermarket. Several of the Revoltech Iron Man figures have gotten pricy on the aftermarket, but it looks like Kaiyodo is ready to make the Iron Man Revoltech line new collector-friendly again: the Legacy of Revoltech Iron Man Mark I Reissue is now up for order!

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3A Toys Doctor Doom Photos & Order Info! (ThreeA Toys)

Doctor Doom Ghost Version ThreeA Toys Figure

I really thought that I had well and truly scoured the floor at New York Comic Con 2014 for every major Marvel collectible of interest at the show, but it seems that somehow, some way, I missed out on seeing the prototype of the 3A Toys Dr. Doom figure displayed at the show. I still have no clue where the ThreeA Doom was even on display at (as 3A Toys didn’t have a booth at the show), but it matters not anymore: the official photos have been revealed and the ThreeA Toys Dr. Doom sixth scale figure and its variants go up for order later this week!

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Sentinel Armorize Iron Man Figure Photos & Pre-Order!

Sentinel Armorize Iron Man Tony Stark Figure

If you haven’t heard of the toy company Sentinel, don’t feel too ashamed. The Asian toy manufacturer Sentinel is best known stateside for its well-done Attack on Titan statues and small smattering of Transformers products, which are its most relevant properties for the western audience. But with the Marvel Cinematic Universe conquering the world, Sentinel is ready to descend and claim their piece of the Marvel collectibles pie, and they’re starting with Marvel’s current most marketable character: the Sentinel Armorize Iron Man figure is now up for order!

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Funko Hikari New Dimension Spider-Man Vinyl Revealed!

Funko Hikari New Dimension Spider-Man Figure LE 1500

Whenever there’s a slow Marvel toys news week, I know there’s one company I can count on almost without fail to give me something to talk about. And once again, Funko doesn’t disappoint me. Just one week after their LE 1000 Dangerous Spider-Man Hikari figure went up for order, another of the Funko Hikari Spider-Man vinyl figures has appeared for sale! For the moment you’ve got to order from Australia if you want this one, but I have a hunch that the Funko Hikari New Dimension Spider-Man vinyl figure will be making his American debut shortly…

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NYCC 2014 Marvel Select Carnage Figure Photos & Order Info!

NYCC 2014 Marvel Select Carnage Figure Close-Up

I was taking my sweet time getting around to talking about the updated Marvel Select Carnage figure that was shown off at the Diamond Select Toys booth at New York Comic Con 2014, confident that the new Carnage action figure wouldn’t go up for order for weeks yet so I could leisurely discuss him whenever I got around to it. Well, it turns out that I’m going to have to get around to talking about this magnificent maniac action figure right now, because the Marvel Select Carnage figure is now up for order!

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Funko Deadpool Wacky Wobbler Figure Released!

Funko Wacky Wobblers Deadpool Figure Bobble-Head

In a world where many toy companies are showing off figures six months to a year (sometimes more) before those toys go up for sale, I’m always taken by surprise when Funko will pull something out of their hat and officially announce a new toy a couple of days before it’s supposed to be released. Generally these tend to be upcoming Marvel Funko POP! Vinyls, but this time the new Marvel figure comes from a less popular line: Wacky Wobblers Bobble-Heads. But hey, who better to get folks talking about a line than a Marvel character who won’t shut up: the Funko Deadpool Wacky Wobblers figure has now been released!

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NYCC 2014 Marvel Minimates Wave 60 Revealed! Banshee! Blob!

Marvel Minimates Wave 60 Banshee Jubilee Storm Gambit Figures

Most of the exhibitors at New York Comic Con 2014 put out all of their new Marvel collectibles on the first day of the show, but at least one company held something glorious back in reserve. Diamond Select Toys had a great booth and display case full of Marvel toys when NYCC 2014 opened, but the display case got even better later on in the show, when an all-new wave of Marvel Minimates figures appeared–the Marvel Minimates Wave 60 Classic X-Men and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants series!

UPDATE: Marvel Minimates Wave 60 is now up for order!

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NYCC 2014 Kotobukiya She-Hulk Bishoujo Statue Revealed!


If she was a real woman, I would marry She-Hulk. Aside from being a brilliant lawyer and a virtuous superhero, She-Hulk is also quite the looker. So when I heard Kotobukiya was bringing the painted Bishoujo She-Hulk statue prototype to New York Comic 2014 to be shown off for the first time, I knew what my first stop at the show (after attempting to pick up my Funko exclusives) was going to be…

UPDATE 10/21: The Kotobukiya She-Hulk Bishoujo statue is now up for order!

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Funko Hikari Groot Vinyl Figure Up for Order! 11″ Tall!

Funko Hikari Groot Vinyl Figure

It was just a week ago that Funko “won” New York Comic Con 2014 for me when they showed off an entire display case filled with previously unannounced Funko Hikari Groot Vinyl Figures at the Toy Tokyo booth. Not wanting to wait too long to cash in on the hype and popularity of Guardians of the Galaxy, Funko has fast-tracked their super-sized 11″ Groot figure, and he’s now expected to arrive this winter: the limited edition Groot Funko Hikari figure is now up for order!

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Hot Toys Days of Future Past Wolverine Photos & Order Info!

X-Men Days of Future Past Wolverine Hot Toys Sixth Scale Figure

If there’s a real tragedy about this summer’s X-Men Days of Future Past movie (besides the absurd lack of merch released for the film), it’s that we never really got to see Future Wolverine in action in his stylish future costume.

But thanks to the considerate folks over at Hot Toys, soon we’ll all be able to make Wolverine fight to our hearts’ content in his future attire: the Hot Toys X-Men Days of Future Past Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure is now up for order!

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