Marvel Legends Civil War Spider-Man Figure Up for Order!

Marvel Legends Civil War Spider-Man Figure with Captain America Shield

With today being the most holy day of the year for Star Wars fandom, I never expected Hasbro to make an earth-shakingly huge Marvel announcement! But it had to happen some time, and I guess it might as well happen on the eve of the Captain America Civil War movie’s release: the first Civil War Spider-Man figure from any company has now been announced–the Marvel Legends Civil War Spider-Man 3-Pack!

UPDATE 5/5: The 6″ Marvel Legends Spider-Man 3-Pack is now up for order while supplies last! Go get ’em!

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Hot Topic Funko Deadpool Mystery POP Vinyls Series 2!

Funko Mystery Deadpool POP Vinyls Series 2 Box

Earlier this year, Hot Topic hit the jackpot with one of their hottest exclusives ever: the Funko Rainbow Deadpools POP Vinyls Mystery Boxes! But once we got three of the seven members of the Deadpool Mercs for Money team, we just had to get the other four, right…? And it looks like we are, as a second series of Funko Deadpool Mystery Boxes will be hitting stores later this month–including POP Stingray, Madcap, Slapstick and a “mystery” chase figure!

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Best of Marvel Legends Avengers 6″ Figures Series Info!

Marvel Legends Loki Movie Figure Best of Assortment

You might think it wouldn’t be too hard to put together a set of the core Avengers movie team members in the Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figures scale. But surprisingly, with the way the MCU figures have been spread out over the course of different series, sets and years, it’s actually a challenging endeavor. That’s why Hasbro has devised what I think is one of the more appealing waves of totally-not-new figures ever: the Best of Marvel Legends 6″ series (with Hulkbuster Iron Man)! But if you’re in the U.S. and want this, you’re out of luck…

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Disney Tsum Tsum Avengers Series 2 Plush Up for Order!

Avengers Tsum Tsums Series 2 May 2016

UPDATE 5/3/2016: The second series of Tsum Tsum Avengers Plush Toys are now available for order, but it looks like the rumors are true–the Winter Soldier Tsum is not available in the U.S.!

Could Tsum Tsum Winter Soldier be a subscription box exclusive for those of us in the United States…? I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

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Comicave Iron Man Mark 42 Die-Cast 6″ Figure Revealed!

LED Light-Up Eyes and Chest on Comicave Mark 42 Iron Man 6 Inch Figure

Due to the fact that Play Imaginative basically took several years to release any of their super-cool Super Alloy Iron Man figures, there were many, many cancellations and few remaining collectors who ended up with their under-produced 6″ Super Alloy Iron Man Mark 42 figure. As a result, that 1/12 Mark XLII Iron Man figure has become quite rare these days. But Comicave Studios is giving 1/12 collectors another chance–their Omni Class Iron Man Mark 42 6″ figure goes up for sale this month!

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Marvel Legends 4″ Wave 3 Order Info & Case Ratios!

Marvel Legends 2016 4 Inch Series 3 Figures Case Ratios

The Hasbro Marvel Legends 3.75″ figures line may have gotten off to a slow start in 2016–in fact, we’re still waiting for Wave 2 to arrive–but the long-awaited and totally awesome-looking 4″ Marvel Legends Wave 3 is now up for order! Including characters like Quasar, Hydro-Man and Rogue, the character selection for this series is gonna make a lot of people smile! The case ratios for the figures, however… perhaps not so much…

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Marvel Legends Comic Packs Wave 2 Photos & Case Ratios!

Marvel Legends 4 Inch Two-Packs Wave 2 Case Breakdown

While it feels like we’re getting buried in Marvel Legends 6″ figures during this first half of 2016, things haven’t been quite as rosy for the Marvel Universe scale Marvel Legends 4″ figures. In fact, there’s still quite a few figures that debuted 10 months ago that haven’t made it out yet. But some of those figures are finally getting ready to make their way into collectors’ hands: 3.75″ Marvel Legends Comic Packs Wave 2 is now up for order!

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Hot Toys Giant-Man Cosbaby Figure Revealed & Photos!

Giant-Man Hot Toys Figure Civil War Cosbaby

The moment LEGO haplessly revealed that Scott Lang would be appearing as Giant-Man in this summer’s sure-fire blockbuster Captain America Civil War movie, collectors began drooling at the prospect of a huge Hot Toys Giant-Man figure!

And today, Hot Toys finally announced a Giant-Man… but it’s not exactly the sixth scale version collectors had in mind! The oversized Hot Toys Civil War Giant-Man & Ant-Man Cosbaby figure set has now been revealed!

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Exclusive Funko 75th Anniversary Captain America POP Vinyl!

Exclusive Funko 75th Anniversary Captain America POP Vinyls Figure Revealed

I promise I’m not planning to change the name of this site to “Funko Toy News”, but I gotta talk about what’s new in Marvel toy news… and the last few days, it’s all Funko!

The latest newly-revealed figure will help reinforce Funko’s reputation as “The King of Exclusives”, because it’s yet another exclusive Marvel POP. Coming exclusively to Kohl’s (yes, Kohl’s) this spring, it’s the Funko 75th Anniversary Captain America POP Vinyls figure!

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Funko Retires 3 Marvel POP Vinyls! Cyclops! Professor X!

Funko Cyclops POP Vinyls Figure

Seeing as how Funko releases eleventy-billion new POP Vinyls figures each year, sometimes old favorites have to go to that big toy factory in the sky. And this week, three Funko Marvel POP Vinyls met their makers! Though they’re still available online for below retail price (for now!), Funko Cyclops and Professor X have now joined Director Coulson and Lola the Flying Car in retirement…

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Funko Agents of SHIELD Lola & Coulson POP Set RETIRED!

Funko POP Rides Director Coulson and Lola

UPDATE 4/27/2016: Even though it’s only been in stores for half a year, Funko has now Vaulted (Retired!) the Funko POP Vinyls Lola & Director Coulson set!

There are still low supplies of Coulson & Lola available online for retail price, so if you want this set–now is the time to order it for the MSRP before the price explodes on the aftermarket!

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Kotobukiya Magneto ARTFX+ Statue White Version Review

Kotobukiya X-Men Magneto ARTFX+ Review White Version

I used to find it virtually unthinkable that I would ever prefer any modern costume over Magento’s classic red and purple duds. But then a crazy thing happened: I fell in love with ** Magneto in the Marvel Puzzle Quest game, and white costume Magneto quickly became my favorite costume for him ever. And now, as unlikely as it seemed, the Marvel NOW! white costume has been captured in statue form, and for just over 50 bucks the white Kotobukiya Magneto ARTFX+ Statue is now mine

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Hot Toys Civil War Black Widow Figure Photos & Order Info

Hot Toys Black Widow Civil War Figure Up for Order

If there’s one thing we can count on like clockwork, it’s a new Black Widow Hot Toys sixth scale figure being released for every Marvel movie Scarlett Johansson appears in. But what definitely isn’t orthodox is Sideshow putting a new figure up for order in the middle of the night–which is just what happened in this instance!

The MMS 365 Hot Toys Civil War Black Widow is now up for order, and it just may be her best figure ever!

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