XM Studios She-Hulk Statue Photos & Details! Sold Out!

XM Studios She-Hulk Statue Flexing Alternate Arm

I usually don’t report on XM Studios Marvel statues. Not because they’re not beautiful (they are), and not because they’re expensive (they are), but because they’re literally near-impossible for most folks stateside to acquire. Even so, the most recent statue to go up for order (but not for us in the U.S.) caught my eye, as it’s my favorite female character! Just like a high-priced lawyer, you’ll need mucho dinero to snag a 1/4 XM Studios She-Hulk statue…

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Hot Toys Iron Legion Figure Up for Order! MMS 299

MMS299 Iron Legion Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series Figure

Considering that they already premiered the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 45 sixth scale figure today–a figure that will certainly retail for well over $300–you might think that Hot Toys would be satisfied with the tens of thousands of dollars they’re about to secure. But uhnt-uh! They want more! And what better way to cash in on the Avengers Age of Ultron Hot Toys craze than with army-builder figures from the movie? The MMS 299 Hot Toys Iron Legion sixth scale figure is now up for order!

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Exclusive Marvel Titan Hero Iron Legion & Hawkeye Review

Marvel Titan Hero Iron Legion Figure Review

Sometimes there’s a huge intersection between what kids love and what hardcore collectors love… and sometimes there isn’t. While the Marvel Titan Hero line has saleswise been a spectacular success with the masses, the line hasn’t exactly been lovingly embraced by adult collectors. But last week I got a pair of more collector-oriented exclusive Titan Hero figures from Entertainment Earth, and this duo just may earn older collectors’ attention: it’s the Titan Hero Iron Legion & Ultimate Hawkeye figures!

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SDCC 2015 Exclusive Minimates Ant-Man & Age of Ultron Sets!

SDCC 2015 Minimates Avengers Age of Ultron Box Set Exclusive

Yesterday I talked about the first San Diego Comic-Con 2015 exclusive Funko figure, but that’s not the only exclusive already announced! There have been exclusive Marvel Minimates box sets at San Diego Comic Con for so many years in a row that there was never really a question of whether there would be SDCC 2015 Exclusive Minimates figures–the only real question is how many there will be! And while we still can’t answer with certainty how many total exclusives will be at the event, we do know at least two exclusive sets that will be on sale there: the exclusive SDCC 2015 Minimates Ant-Man & Avengers Age of Ultron Sets!

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Marvel Play Arts Kai Thor Figure Photos & Order Info!

Square-Enix Thor Play Arts Kai Marvel Variant Action Figure

I know most folks have been overall very happy with the last few Marvel Legends Thor figures that Hasbro has released, but I’ve never been fully satisfied. As nice as those figures are, I don’t feel like they capture the power and majesty of the God of Thunder. But where I feel like Hasbro falls a tad short, coming off of over a decade of producing Final Fantasy figures, Square-Enix knows exactly how to make a figure look mythic! And as part of their new-for-2015 Variant line, they’re getting their chance to make Thor look really divine: the Play Arts Kai Thor figure is now available for order!

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SDCC 2015 Exclusive Funko Flocked Ravagers Rocket Raccoon!

SDCC 2015 Exclusive Ravagers Rocket Raccoon Funko POP Vinyl

Time has really flown by, but as hard as it is to believe (and I checked my calendar just to be certain), we are now just a month and a half away from San Diego Comic Con 2015! That means that it’s long past time that the Marvel SDCC 2015 exclusives start making themselves known–and in the past few days, they’ve done just that! And what better place to begin than with an exclusive from the King of Exclusives: Funko! And congrats to non-attendees, because you can order this one from home: the Funko SDCC 2015 Exclusive Flocked Ravagers Rocket Raccoon POP Vinyl is now up for order!

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Exclusive Funko Glow in the Dark Yellowjacket POP Vinyl!

Amazon Exclusive Funko GITD Yellowjacket POP Vinyls Ant-Man Movie

I’m pretty sure that at this point, Funko is releasing enough new vinyl figures for every collector to buy one each day of the year (money willing). And while the majority of those releases are still general, mass-release items, there’s plenty of exclusives to go around! Though Amazon didn’t get their own exclusive for Avengers Age of Ultron, they did have exclusives for Guardians of the Galaxy and Big Hero 6. And now, the tradition continues with another sure-to-be fast-sellout: the exclusive Funko Glow in the Dark Yellowjacket POP Vinyls figure is now up for order!

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Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 45 Die-Cast Figure Up for Order!

Mark XLV Iron Man Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series Figure

With no new Marvel Legends figures hitting retail and two months until the arrival of the Ant-Man movie, It seemed like May 2015 was going to be a pretty quiet and cheap month for Marvel figure collectors. Note the emphasis on “was”. See, last Friday the Hot Toys Vision figure appeared. And then yesterday the amazing Spider-Man Premium Format Figure went up for order. And today, Hot Toys decided to unveil two new sixth scale figures, of which one is a pretty big deal–the die-cast Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 45 figure is now up for order!

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Sideshow Premium Format Spider-Man Photos & Order Info!

Sideshow Premium Format Spider-Man Statue

Here’s a Marvel toys fact that may blow some minds: even with the increasing multitude of Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Figures being released each year, there’s only been one classic red-and-blue Spider-Man Premium Format Figure released. Ever. That was way back in 2006, and that Premium Format Spider-Man sells for over $1,200 these days. But there are some characters that once just isn’t enough for, and Spidey is one of them: the new Sideshow Exclusive Spider-Man Premium Format Figure is now up for order!

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SH Figuarts Hulkbuster Iron Man Photos & Order Info!

Bandai SH Figuarts Hulkbuster Iron Man Action Figure

When Bandai Japan first debuted their lineup of SH Figuarts Avengers Age of Ultron figures, there was an imposing shadow in the background that may have generated more discussion and hype than all of the figures Bandai actually showed combined. That silhouette… belong to Hulkbuster Iron Man. Considering the size and sure-to-be-crippling price of such a figure, I was skeptical Bandai Tamashii Nations would tackle such a beast. But it’s true! The monstrous SH Figuarts Hulkbuster Iron Man goes up for order at the end of this month–and he will be coming with a monstrous price to match…

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Marvel Select Cable Figure Review & Photos!

DST Marvel Select Cable Figure 2015

Diamond Select Toys rarely lets us down with their top-quality releases, so every time I bust open a new Marvel Select action figure, I’m ready for it to be another grand slam. But sometimes it’s not a grand slam–sometimes, it’s more like a triple. Still something outstanding to get excited about, but not quite as jaw-dropping. That’s about how I feel about the Marvel Select Cable figure released this spring. You can still grab the Marvel Select Cable for below retail price and with free shipping online–but is this the right Cable action figure for you? Read on…

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Hot Toys Vision Figure Up for Order! MMS 296

Avengers Age of Ultron Vision Hot Toys Head Close-Up Paul Bettany

I get at least one or two E-Mails every day asking me when I think a major Avengers Age of Ultron Vision, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch figures are coming. The answer is always the same: “The Hot Toys versions will be the only ones up for sale this year.” It’s enormously frustrating to hear, but it’s reality.

But maybe that harsh reality will be a little easier to accept after today, as the MMS296 Hot Toys Vision figure is now available for order!

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Funko Hikari Blue Deadpool & Regular Hulk Up for Order!

Funko Hikari Blue Deadpool Exclusive Figure Packaged

Remember that Marvel Comics crossover from a few years ago called “Siege”, where the Sentry rips Ares in half? Well, I’m picturing that scene as Funko continues their siege on my wallet, ripping my bank account in half with a parade of can’t-skip collectibles. Funko Hikari are my Kryptonite, and another pair have now been announced: the Funko Hikari Blue Deadpool and regular Hulk figures are now up for order! And with discounts, you can get them for almost half price! Read on…

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