REVIEW: SDCC Marvel Legends 12″ Daredevil Exclusive Figure

Close-Up of Marvel Legends Daredevil 12 Inch Figure

For the first time ever, Hasbro opted to go with a Marvel Legends 12″ figure instead of a 3.75″ set as their second SDCC 2017 Marvel Legends exclusive. And moreover, this limited exclusive isn’t some mere variant costume of a previously released character–it’s an all-new figure in by far the more gorgeous packaging ever for one of these sixth scale figures! The Marvel Legends 12″ Daredevil figure is selling online for slightly above his MSRP, and it’s easy to see why: this figure is excellent…

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Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok 12″ & 4″ Figures Released!

Marvel Legends Gladiator Thor & Hulk Two-Pack

The day spoken of in many an ancient myth hath finally arrived: August the 1st, the official street date for mass market Thor Ragnarok (and Justice League) toys to be released! And while wily collectors have wiped out the Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok 6″ series from many areas prior to the official release date, many stores put their remaining stock out today of the Marvel Legends 12″ Thor & Hulk figures and the 3.75″ Thor/Gladiator Hulk and Enchantress/Executioner packs…

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SDCC Exclusive ONE:12 Collective X-Men Deadpool Review

Mezco ONE 12 Collective X-Men Deadpool Review

I kicked off my SDCC 2017 Exclusives reviews yesterday with my Marvel Legends Ulik review, but Hasbro wasn’t the only company with exclusive Marvel 6″ figures at San Diego Comic-Con! Mezco brought along two exclusives of their own, and one of them is the first release in a trio of Deadpools! The sold out SDCC 2017 ONE:12 Collective X-Men Deadpool figure is selling for $140+ online now–but does this figure really warrant such a hefty investment…?

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Marvel Legends Ulik 6″ Figure Review & Photos SDCC 2017

Close-Up of Marvel Legends Ulik Figure

San Diego Comic Con 2017 has come and gone, but the memories–and exclusives released at the show–will last forever. And for those who didn’t attend SDCC 2017, you’ll still have a chance to order the Exclusive Marvel Legends Battle for Asgard set online on HTS on August 14th! To help the fence-sitters decide, I’ll be posting a review of each figure in the set leading up to 8/14. And the first review is of a character who may ultimately be exclusive to this set: Marvel Legends Ulik!

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Revoltech Magneto & Captain America Figures Revealed!

Revoltech Magneto Figure Articulated Cape Flying

While we just completed one of the two biggest domestic collectibles events of the year last week (SDCC 2017, for those with short memories), one of Japan’s biggest shows of the year is taking place this weekend: Summer Wonder Fest (Wonder Festival) 2017! And even though there aren’t a ton of new Marvel toys displayed at the show, Kaiyodo has brought their ‘A’-game with two new 6″figures fans worldwide are gonna love: the Revoltech Magneto and Captain America figures have now been revealed!

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Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool HasCon Exclusive 6″ Figure!

HasCon Exclusive X-Force Deadpool 6 Inch Figure

For those who haven’t heard, Hasbro is kicking off their very own convention this year year, which will features all of their major brands like Transformers, My Little Pony, Star Wars, and of course, Marvel: HasCon. As this is a first time event, I haven’t been too sure what to make of HasCon, but what with it being an hour from my home, I’ll definitely be there. And now we know someone else who’ll be there: Deadpool! A 6″ Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool figure will be exclusively released first at HasCon 2017!

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Gentle Giant Spider-Man Bust & Animated Daredevil Up for Order!

Close-Up of Spider-Man All-New All-Different Bust Gentle Giant

Having been thoroughly buried by the overwhelming amount of Hasbro Marvel Legends news coming out of SDCC 2017, I haven’t quite gotten around to completing my Gentle Giant coverage for event. Luckily, Gentle Giant Ltd. is saving me the trouble of posting SDCC photos by releasing hi-res photos and solicitation info already! Among other new Marvel collectibles, the Gentle Giant Spider-Man Mark IV bust and Animated Daredevil statue are now up for order!

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Marvel Legends 12″ Deadpool Variants! X-Force! Wolverine!

Marvel Legends 12 Inch Wolverine

While the majority of the new 6″ Marvel Legends figures that Hasbro announced at SDCC 2017 were expected than unexpected, I don’t think anyone was expecting the three new sixth scale figures premiering at the event. Not only was a Jim Lee Wolverine 12″ figure shown off on display early on in the convention, but during the Hasbro Marvel panel, Marvel Legends 12″ X-Force Deadpool and Agent of Weapon X Deadpool figures were revealed!

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Exclusive Marvel Legends Sinister Six 7-Pack Sale! 42% Off!


UPDATE 7/26/2017: After selling out in under a day in pre-orders, it looks like Amazon ultimately ended up ordering way more of the Sinister Six set than they needed and is trying to clear them all out now! After being originally priced at 80 bucks, the set has now been discounted to almost half that–the Marvel Legends Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six 7-Pack is now on sale for just $46 shipped!

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Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Figures Series Up for Order!

Hasbro Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Thor Packaged

UPDATE 7/25/2017: Looks like the anticipated August 1st 2017 pre-order date has come early, because cases of the Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Series is now up for order online with free shipping!

Cases contain Gladiator Thor, Hela, Loki, Ares, Jane Foster Thor, Young Thor and the greatly-anticipated Gladiator Hulk Build-A-Figure!

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Exclusive Hot Toys Iron Man Mark II Die-Cast Up for Order!

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark II Die-Cast MMS Figure

Having gotten fans’ excitement revved up to a fever pitch with a multitude of new sixth scale figures shown at San Diego Comic-Con last week, it looks like Hot Toys now wants to step up and make their fortune (and empty collectors’ wallets) all in a single day! Following up on the Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk and LE Roadworn Hulk pre-orders earlier today, Hot Toys is now taking aim at Iron Man fans: the Exclusive Hot Toys Iron Man Mark II Die-Cast is now up for order!

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EXCLUSIVE Hot Toys Roadworn Thor w/ Surtur Skull Pre-Order!

Thor Ragnarok Hot Toys Roadworn Thor Head Chris Hemsworth Portrait

Hot Toys caught many collectors–including me–off guard when they debuted not just 1/6 Gladiator Thor at San Diego Comic Con 2017, but also an unexpected Roadworn Thor figure! When there were two versions of Thor for one movie for the second time ever, I had my suspicions the non-gladiator version would be an exclusive. Turns out I was right: the 2017 Toy Fair EXCLUSIVE Roadworn Thor with Surtur Skull is now up for order!

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Hot Toys Gladiator Hulk Sixth Scale Figure Up for Order!

Hot Toys Gladiator Hulk Sixth Scale Figure Close-Up

Even though he was neither announced not even teased to debut at the show, the single most-anticipated Hot Toys figure going into San Diego Comic-Con 2017 was the new Gladiator Hulk Movie Masterpiece Series figure. And I have to say: Hot Toys did not disappoint with this massive, incredibly detailed Hulk action figure. Response to the figure was super-positive at SDCC, and now HT is ready to claim their just reward: the Hot Toys Gladiator Hulk sixth scale figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Legends Vintage Series Hi-Res Photos! Black Widow!

SDCC 2017 Marvel Legends Vintage Wolverine 6 Inch Figure

While we saw various bits and pieces at SDCC 2017 from a number of rumored Marvel Legends series, Hasbro brought one series to Comic-Con that no one was expecting–and it just so happens to be the one series they showed in its entirety! It’s a one-off series for now, but if it’s popular it could become something more: the Marvel Legends Vintage Series, featuring Black Widow, Pizza Spider-Man, Brown Costume Wolverine and more!

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Deadpool Marvel Legends 2018 Series Hi-Res Photos! X-23!

Marvel Legends X-Force X-23 Figure SDCC 2017

The existence of a 2018 Marvel Legends Deadpool series wasn’t the best-kept secret ever (I guessed it over a year ago and then leaked lists all but confirmed it earlier this year), but at SDCC 2017, we finally got to see most of the figures that will make up the wave. And while the characters revealed may not have been unexpected, the new Marvel Legends X-23, Deathlok, Domino and more are good enough to knock our socks off anyway…

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