Marvel Legends 4″ Wave 5 Up for Order! AOA Magneto! Jewel!

Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 5 4 Inch Figures Case Ratios

The once-mighty Hasbro Marvel Universe 3.75″ figures line (now under the “Marvel Legends” banner) has fallen on some tough times, with what feels like less and less figures hitting each year. But while output may have slowed, the party isn’t over yet! The latest series of Marvel Legends 4″ figures is now up for order, and is composed of figures revealed a full year at SDCC 2016 including Jewel, Age of Apocalypse Magneto and more!

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Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Figures Hi-Res Photos! Hela!

Hasbro Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Thor Packaged

This morning, the biggest pre-SDCC 2017 Hasbro news of the summer broke when the half-dozen Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends movie figures were revealed: two Thors, Hela, Loki, Valkyrie and Gladiator Hulk. But while we got our first glimpse of the figures earlier today, now we’ve got a much better look: Hasbro has now sent out gorgeous, humongous hi-res loose and packaged photos of the entire wave!

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Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Figures Revealed! Gladiator Hulk!

Marvel Legends Hela and Loki Thor Ragnarok Figures

When Hasbro sent out official photos and product descriptions for the kid-aimed Thor Ragnarok movie toys yesterday, we all knew it was only a precursor to the collector-focused Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok toys being revealed later this week. Now, I wouldn’t have predicted that those figures would have been revealed at 10AM on Gizmondo, mind you, but hey–the important thing is that the long-awaited, beautiful movie toys have now been unveiled! And yes, contrary to the fishy rumors going around, this wave is in fact headlined by a Marvel Legends Gladiator Hulk Build-A-Figure!

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Hot Toys Exclusive Shades & Retro Bones Iron Man Up for Order!

Close-Up of Hot Toys Retro Bones Iron Man Figure

When it comes to Marvel collectors having to open up their wallets to secure their San Diego Comic Con 2017 exclusives, the heat is on, that’s for sure! We can add another pair of items to the list of SDCC 2017 exclusives today, and it’s a duo I was not expecting to be available at the show: Hot Toys Shades Iron Man & Retro Bones Iron Man are now up for order online and available both for shipping and pickup at the con!

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Hasbro Thor Ragnarok Movie Figures & Toys Revealed!

Gladiator Hulk Interactive Figure Hasbro Thor 3

Although we’re still over four months away from the theatrical release of this fall’s Thor Ragnarok movie, it’s time for the hype train to start rolling now! Marvel collectors around the world are waiting patiently to see the 6″ Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok movie figures unveiled (to fill out the Thor Legends series alongside the comic figures Hasbro revealed earlier this month)–but those are a story for another day. Today we’re going to take a look at the more kid-centric toys Hasbro has prepped for Thor Ragnarok–including a 13″ Gladiator Hulk Interactive figure!

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Exclusive ONE:12 Collective Miles Morales Spider-Man!

Close-Up of Miles Morales Mezco Summer Exclusive 2017

Plot twist…! A couple weeks back, I was lamenting that the SDCC 2017 Mezco ONE:12 Collective Exclusive for Marvel was X-Men Deadpool, when what I really wanted was one of a million possible costume variants of Spider-Man. I’ve been watching the Mezco Toyz website the last few weeks to see what the DC exclusive for Comic Con would be, but instead Mezco hit us with a real surprise–the ONE:12 Collective Miles Morales Spider-Man is a second Summer Exclusive!

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SDCC 2017 Exclusive LEGO Spider-Man & Venom BrickHeadz!

SDCC 2017 Exclusive LEGO BrickHeadz Spider-Man and Venom 41497 Set Box

With just three weeks and a day to go until the beginning of San Diego Comic-Con 2017, we now know just about all of the SDCC 2017 exclusives. But as always, there are a few stragglers–and as usual, one of them is The LEGO Group! But while we likely won’t know what Marvel minifigure (if any) will be available exclusively at the con for a while yet, we do know at least one 2017 SDCC LEGO Marvel Exclusive: BrickHeadz Spider-Man & Venom!

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Play Arts Kai Black Panther Figure Photos & Up for Order!

Square-Enix Play Arts Kai Black Panther Figure

Although it’s far from the cheapest line of Marvel import figures out there, the Square-Enix Play Arts Kai Marvel Variant line has managed to survive longer than most PAK series and is offering a more diverse assortment of characters than almost any other import Marvel toy line in the land. And while I didn’t expect to see any new figures revealed for the lineup until SDCC 2017, Square-Enix has one that they wanted to get solicited and produced before the end of the year for a very smart reason–the Play Arts Kai Black Panther is now up for order!

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Revoltech Spider-Gwen Figure Released! In-Hand Review & Photos!

Revoltech Spider-Gwen Figure Review

The Kaiyodo Revoltech Marvel Comics series has turned a lot of heads in the past year by releasing some of the most fun figures of Deadpool, Spider-Man and Venom ever. But while those three figures are pretty great, they’re also characters who have had a “few” six inch figures released previously. But the fourth release–which will be swinging into the U.S. in just a few weeks–has only had one previous 6″ figure and has now been released in Asia. Let’s take a look at Marvel Ame-comic #4: Revoltech Spider-Gwen!

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Exclusive Marvel Legends 12″ Symbiote Spider-Man Released!

Peter Parker Head on Marvel Legends 12 Inch Black Costume Spider-Man

Sad but true: judging by the super-fast way that many stores clearanced it out after only having it stocked for a few weeks, the very cool 12″ Marvel Legends Deadpool figure was not the retail savior of the Marvel Legends 12″ line that we all hoped for. Luckily, the line still has four more entries in it to turn its 2017 around! 12″ Daredevil, Thor and (14″) Hulk won’t be out until later in the summer, but the next character in the series has arrived: the Exclusive Marvel Legends 12″ Symbiote Spider-Man!

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Sentinel House of M Iron Man RE:EDIT Figure Up for Order!

Close-Up of Sentinel House of M Iron Man Figure

Given the massive success of the all-out insane number of Iron Man toys released in the last decade, I’ve come to the conclusion that pretty much every Iron Man armor permutation that’s ever existed is “on the table” as far as potential new figures that we could see from any company at any time. But if there’s one armor I legit never thought we’d see revisited by anyone again, it’s the Sapien Deathmatch armor. Clearly Sentinel thought otherwise, though, because the Re:EDIT House of M Iron Man figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Iron Man 2-Pack Photos!

Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends Two-Pack Packaged

Way back in February, when Hasbro started teasing the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming figures series, one of the very first items that we got to see was the new Marvel Legends Homecoming Iron Man Mark 47 figure. I saw Iron Man Mark XLVII and his two-pack partner (Tom Holland Head Unmasked) Spider-Man at Toy Fair, but that’s the last that we saw the duo… until today! The first packaged photos of Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends 2-Pack have popped up online!

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Hot Toys Spider-Man Homecoming Iron Man Mark 47 Die-Cast Figure!

Iron Man Mark 47 Hot Toys Figure Die-Cast MMS

“What’s that? Hot Toys is making a new Iron Man figure?! You don’t say!” But seriously, due to the complex licensing between Sony and Disney for Spider-Man, the Spider-Man Homecoming Iron Man Mark 47 armor permutation is the first armor in a long, long time I wasn’t sure if we’d get a fully-articulated die-cast version of. A semi-poseable Mark XLVII went up for sale a few months ago, but I shouldn’t have doubted–the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 47 Die-Cast figure is now up for order!

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Funko Exclusive Diamond Emma Frost POP Vinyl Up for Order!

Funko POP Diamond Emma Frost Vinyl Figure Previews Exclusive

The King of Exclusives strikes again! When big-name character Emma Frost was revealed as a limited Specialty Series exclusive last year, I was really surprised that she wasn’t a regular release with a diamond form Chase variant. But I should have known better, because far be it from Funko to miss out on any viable variant figure! Limited to just 10,000 pieces produced in honor of Halloween ComicFest 2017, the PX Exclusive Funko Diamond Form Emma Frost POP Vinyl figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Premier Collection Venom Statue & Gallery Jessica Jones!

Close-Up of Venom Premier Collection Statue DST

If you’re a Venom fan, you’re in symbiote heaven this year as far as high-end statues go. Kotobukiya, Sideshow Collectibles, XM Studios, Prime 1 Studio and Gentle Giant Ltd. all have Venom statues coming in 2017–talk about being spoiled for choice! And now, Diamond Select Toys is ready to join the party themselves–the Marvel Premier Collection Venom statue is now up for order! Oh, and hey–Marvel Gallery Netflix Jessica Jones? She’s here too!

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