Marvel Legends Vulture & Spider-Man 2-Pack Sale: 60% Off!

Walmart Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Man Vulture Two-Pack

UPDATE 12/12/2017: Once again, patience pays off for collectors more patient than me! The Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends 6″ Ultimate Vulture and Spider-Man two-pack is marked down to 15 bucks online! I’m not gonna lie… I kinda wish I had waited and saved 25 bucks on this set, since I never even opened mine yet. Oy…

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Sideshow Venom Premium Format Statue Released & Photos!

Sideshow Venom PF Figure Statue

While there was plenty of excitement last week over the pre-order for the new Sideshow Wolverine Premium Format Figure—perhaps the most-anticipated Marvel statue to go up for order this year—one of the most-anticipated statues that went up for order last year has quietly started arriving on collectors’ doorsteps! Better keep watch on your brains so they don’t get eaten—the Sideshow Exclusive Venom Premium Format Figure Statue is now shipping!

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LEGO Marvel 2018 Mighty Micros Sets Revealed & Photos!

LEGO Mighty Micros Scarlet Spider vs. Sandman (76089)

A lot of collectors thought that the weird, quasi super-deformed LEGO Marvel Mighty Micros sets were a joke when they were first unveiled a few years back. But the huge sales numbers on these sets are no joke, and the theme will be continuing into next year with a new wave of characters and vehicles—the LEGO Marvel 2018 Mighty Micros sets (including Scarlet Spider, Sandman and more) have now been revealed!

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Sideshow Exclusive Wolverine Premium Format Statue Pre-Order!

Masked Head on Regular Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Figure Wolverine

Sideshow Collectibles has shifted its focus a bit this year, with less Marvel Premium Format Figures being released and more emphasis on their new 1:5 scale statues from the Avengers Assemble and Spider-Verse statue lines. But fear not, quarter-scale lovers–Sideshow is throwing you a pretty juicy bone today! Ordinarily I find something to gripe about a ton, but that’s not the case with today’s new release: the Sideshow Exclusive Wolverine Premium Format Figure statue is now up for order!

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Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming 2-Pack Discounted!

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Two-Pack Released

UPDATE 12/6/2017: Those who were patient “win” (the right to have more money in their bank account) again–the other Deal of the Day today only is the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming 2-Pack with Iron Man and Unmasked Tom Holland Spider-Man for $19 shipped! If you wanted that Tom Holland Peter Parker had been didn’t want to pay 40 bucks for it, now is your time…!

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Exclusive Marvel Legends Defenders Box Set Up for Order!

Marvel Legends Defenders Box Set Packaged

UPDATE 12/6: For those like me who assumed that there would be a lengthy wait before this set got heavily discounted, prepare to flip tables–the Marvel Legends Defenders 4-Pack is the Deal of the Day for 55 bucks shipped (down from 80!). Anyone who was less impatient than me, well… looks like you’ve won this round! Sale is for today only, so if you want this set at a major discount, now’s the time…

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LEGO Black Panther Movie Sets Up for Order & Photos!

LEGO Black Panther Rhino Face-Off by the Mine 76099 Set Box Front

Traditionally, LEGO has only released a singular set for the “riskier” Marvel Cinematic Universe movies like Doctor Strange and Ant-Man. But The LEGO Group must be feeling pretty good about the Black Panther movie, because they’ve got not one, but two LEGO Black Panther Movie sets on the way and now up for order! If there doesn’t end up being a Robo-Rhinoceras in the movie now, I am gonna be severely disappointed…

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Tokyo Comic Con 2017: Samurai Deadpool & MAFEX Gwenpool!

Samurai Deadpool Figure Manga Realization

Tokyo Comic Con has traditionally not been a hotspot for Marvel toy news, but with more import Marvel figure lines being made right now than ever before, there were actually some pretty big reveals at this week’s Tokyo Comic Con 2017! Among them were the Bandai Samurai Deadpool figure that I suspected we’d be seeing soon after spotting the concept art at NYCC 2017, as well as something totally out of left field—MAFEX Gwenpool!

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Spider-Verse Sideshow Silk Statue Exclusive Order Info!

Sideshow Exclusive Masked Silk Statue

While there’s no doubt that Spider-Gwen is the most popular female Spider-Man character created in the new millennium (and perhaps ever), there’s another new “Spider-Woman” on the block who has a circle of fans of her own: Cindy Moon—Silk! After debuting at the Sideshow Collectibles booth at New York Comic Con 2017 last month, we knew she’d be coming up soon, and here she is: the Sideshow Exclusive Silk Statue is now up for order!

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Funko Marvel Contest of Champions POP Vinyls Figures Revealed!

Funko Exclusive Contest of Champions Figures

Now that the flurry of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have mostly come to an end (though there’s still a sweet 47% off sale for the 14.5” Marvel Legends Hulk going on), it’s time to stop looking at this year’s discounted items and start looking at upcoming 2018 Marvel toys again! And on that front, Funko made a pretty surprising announcement this week, when they announced a whole series of Marvel Contest of Champions POP Vinyls figures—including King Groot, Punisher 2099, Venompool and more!

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Exclusive Marvel Legends Sinister Six 7-Pack Sale! 81% Off!

UPDATE 11/27/2017: Every so often, I want to kick myself in the teeth for paying full price for something. This is one of those times. While the pre-orders may have sold out early, evidently there were way more of this set produced than necessary, because the Marvel Legends Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six 7-Pack is on sale today only for just $14.99 shipped! A moment of silence for those of us poor souls who paid 80 bucks…

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Netflix Marvel Legends Jessica Jones Figure Review

Marvel Legends Jessica Jones Review

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s time to pick up the pace to make sure that every Hasbro Marvel Legends 2017 figure gets it’s rightful spotlight while it’s still, well… 2017. Moving along with the Marvel Knights Legends series reviews, we’ve got the star of the first-ever female-led Marvel TV series. Krysten Ritter herself has gone on TV talking about how much she loves her Marvel Legends Netflix Jessica Jones figure (which is on sale now for 17 bucks shipped). Is it as good as she thinks?

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Revoltech Carnage Figure Revealed & Photos!

SH Figuarts Carnage Figure and Accessories

It was right around this time last year at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition Fall 2016 that Kaiyodo revealed what was the first genuine jaw-dropper in their Amazing Yamaguchi series: the Revoltech Venom figure. So it only seems appropriate that after the monumental success of that figure last year, we get to see Venom’s spawn at this year’s Fall 2017 Miyazawa Model Exhibition: this just may blow every other version ever made out of the water–it’s the Kaiyodo Revoltech Carnage figure!

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DST Marvel Premier Collection Cable Statue Up for Order!

It won my “Best in the Show” award at New York Comic-Con 2017 last month, and now the wait to bring it home can officially begin: the Diamond Select Toys Marvel Premier Collection Cable statue is now up for order!

And dollar for dollar, I think this can stand up pretty favorably to pretty much any Cable statue that has come before from anybody…

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