Marvel Select Lady Deadpool Figure Released & Photos!

Marvel Select Lady Deadpool Figure Packaged

Ordinarily I try to get in-hand photos of the latest Marvel Select figures posted as soon as the figures ship out to comic book stores, but I was foiled twice this month–first by my comic shop getting the Lady Deadpool Select in late, and then by my hosting company botching the transfer to the new server for the site. But now that both problems have been remedied, here’s some in-hand photos to help give those thinking of ordering Marvel Select Lady Deadpool online a better idea of how the final figure turned out…

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Marvel Legends Gladiator Thor Review & Photos Ragnarok

6" Marvel Legends Gladiator Thor Chris Hemsworth Portrait

While the upcoming MCU movie this fall may be called “Thor Ragnarok”, the characters everyone is interested in talking about are Hela, Hulk, Loki and Valkyrie, with the titular character nowhere to be found. So it’s not a big surprise that, even in his own 6″ figure series, the Marvel Legends Gladiator Thor figure is readily available for MSRP and easy as pie to find online. But while he’s not exactly a hot commodity, it turns out that this 6″ Gladiator Thor Ragnarok figure is one of best figures in the wave…

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Hot Toys Yondu Deluxe Figure Up for Order! GOTG Vol. 2

Hot Toys Michael Rooker Portrait Yondu Head with Prototype Fin

Exiting the theater from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in the spring, there was nothing–nothing–I wanted more in the world than a Hot Toys Yondu sixth scale figure. At that point, A Yondu MMS figure hadn’t even been teased, so it felt like a lost cause. But at SDCC 2017, the curtain dropped on what I’ve heard many other collectors calling the best sixth scale figure of the show. And now, Mary Poppins himself is on the way in deluxe and regular versions–the Hot Toys Yondu figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Select Black Panther Movie Figure & Minimates Announced!

DST Black Panther Movie 7 Inch Figure Marvel Select

Just like retail stores start pushing holiday merch earlier and earlier each year, it looks like we may start seeing the same for Marvel movie collectibles! While toy companies just started showing off and soliciting their figures based off of this fall’s Thor Ragnarok movie over the past month, one company is already looking forward to the next MCU movie after Thor 3: the Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Black Panther movie figure and Minimates are now up for order!

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Marvel Premier Moon Knight & Spider-Man Homecoming Statues!

Marvel Premier Collection Moon Knight Statue

Diamond Select Toys has exploded onto the Marvel statue scene in the past year like dynamite, and now they’re continuing that trend with some new 1/6 scale Marvel Premier Collection resin statues coming our way this winter. Not only will Tom Holland Spidey be making his first statue appearance, but a long-overdue new statue of Moon Knight is going to be in the house: the DST Marvel Premier Moon Knight and Spider-Man Homecoming statues are now up for order!

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Kotobukiya Chef Deadpool ARTFX+ Statue Up for Order!

Kotobukiya Deadpool Cook ARTFX+ Statue

Kotobukiya’s Marvel ARTFX+ line has grown over the past half decade to be a real low-priced statue juggernaut, with lineups from the X-Men, Avengers, Spider-Verse and soon Defenders all represented in 1:10 scale. But there’s one sub-series I was hoping to see end, and despite Inverse Deadpool being blown out at half price this week at the B&N 50% Off Sale, it’s back: the series of Deadpool ARTFX+ statue repaints continues with… Cook Deadpool?! If King Shark was a Marvel character, he’d be getting jumped over right now…

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REVIEW: Marvel Legends Gladiator Hulk Build-A-Figure

Close-Up of Marvel Legends Hulk Build-A-Figure Head Ragnarok

I was planning on posting my review of the Hasbro Marvel Legends Gladiator Hulk Build-A-Figure over the weekend, but I was foiled by my hosting company’s incompetence causing the site to be offline for half a week. Alas. But hey, better late than never, right? The Marvel Legends Gladiator Hulk BAF is selling for $60+ all by his lonesome on the aftermarket, and was one of the most-anticipated Build-A-Figures in quite some time (and perhaps ever)–but is this Hulk worth buying six other figures to build? Let’s find out…

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Marvel Unlimited Plus Marvel Legends Tony Stark 6″ Revealed!

Marvel Unlimited Plus Exclusive Marvel Legends Tony Stark Figure 2018

…And we’re back! I do apologize for the downtime over the course of the past few days, as what was supposed to be a quick upgrade to a faster server turned into 100+ hours of downtime. I was so bored while this site was down, I even cranked out a review of DC Multiverse Justice League Aquaman! But luckily, now that we’re back up and running, there’s some actual new Marvel toy news to report: the Marvel Unlimited Plus 2018 Exclusive Marvel Legends Tony Stark figure has now been revealed!

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Sideshow Hulk Avengers Assemble Statue Up for Order!

Size Scale Comparison Hulk Avengers Assemble Statue Apple

I was pretty psyched last year when Sideshow Collectibles announced their new line of 1/5 Avengers Assemble statues. Classic-styled comic statues with a smaller footprint for way less than Premium Format Figures? Count me in! Captain America and Iron Man were both home runs, and I even liked Thor despite his higher price-point. But I hadn’t seen anything yet: the Sideshow Avengers Assemble Hulk statue goes up for order this afternoon–and he’s not small, and he definitely ain’t cheap…

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Funko First Appearance Avengers Box Review & Spoilers! MCC

Funko First Appearance Avengers Box Review Unboxing Spoilers

With the bombardment of Marvel toy news going both into and out of last month’s San Diego Comic Con 2017, time has really flown by, as demonstrated by the fact that the latest Funko Marvel Collector Corps box has now arrived! The October 2017 Marvel Collector Corps Thor Ragnarok box is now up for order and is (obviously) entirely movie-based, so in the August 2017 box, Funko is balacing it out and giving us something totally comic-based–read on for full spoilers, unboxing photos and my Marvel Collector Corps First Appearance Avengers Box Review!

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ONE:12 Collective Spider-Man Homecoming Up for Order!

Spider-Man Homecoming ONE 12 Collective Figure Mezco Toyz

Last week I was talking about Bandai Japan closing out their Spider-Man Homecoming movie entries with their SH Figuarts Homemade Suit Spidey and Iron Man figures, but not to be outdone, Mezco Toyz has a much-anticipated straggler of their own! Not content to just re-outfit the existing ONE:12 Collective Spider-Man, they’ve made some changes and slimmed Peter down–the ONE:12 Collective Spider-Man Homecoming figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Legends Ares Review & Photos Thor Ragnarok Series

Review Marvel Legends Ares Figure Thor Ragnarok

Sometimes figure re-releases end up being a disappointment, as the demand for a reissued figure ends up being less than the manufacturer thought and the toy ends up rotting off the pegs. This is not one of those times. Collectors have been calling out for a re-release of Marvel Legends Ares Build-A-Figure for years and paying $100+ for him in the meantime. Hasbro has heard fans’ cries and responded–with the new and improved Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Ares figure!

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Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Loki 6″ Figure Review & Photos

Marvel Legends 2017 Loki Figure Wearing Crown Helmet

While today is the day of the much-anticipated sale of the leftovers of the SDCC 2017 Marvel Legends Battle for Asgard set on Hasbro Toy Shop, there’s plenty of Thor Legends figures released this summer that aren’t in that set that I still need to review. And one of those figures is the subject of today’s review: Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Loki! Despite being the first Hasbro 6″ Loki Marvel Legends figure ever made for mass retail, Loki is readily available online now for MSRP or less–is he worth picking up?

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Iron Studios Guardians of the Galaxy vs. Obelisk Statues!

Iron Studios Guardians of the Galaxy vs. The Obelisk Statues

Last month, Iron Studios got my attention when they showed off their really neat comic-based Spider-Man and friends on bridge Battle Diorama Series statues. This month, Iron Studios apparently wants more than just my attention–they want my money. And the easiest way to get it out of me is the same as always–with the Guardians of the Galaxy! It’s an iconic scene I never expected to see made in statue form–the Iron Studios Guardians of the Galaxy vs. The Obelisk statues are now up for order!

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SH Figuarts Homemade Suit Spider-Man & Iron Man Figures!

SH Figuarts Spider-Man Homecoming 2-Pack

At this point in late summer, merchandisers are firmly going all-in with Thor Ragnarok toys and pretty much every toy coming for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spider-Man Homecoming has gone up for sale. But it looks like there was at least one major holdout, as Bandai Japan had two more Spider-Man Homecoming figures waiting in the wings: the SH Figuarts Homemade Suit Spider-Man and Iron Man Mark 47 figures are now up for order!

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