Daredevil Jumbo Secret Wars Figure Photos & Order Info!

Daredevil Jumbo Secret Wars Action Figure 2016

The vintage Mattel Marvel Secret Wars toy line in the 1980’s was one of the earliest–and most bizarre–comic/toy tie-ins ever. Mattel offered to produce Marvel figures–but only if Marvel published a tie-in comic. And then Mattel proceeded to produce a bunch of characters not in the Secret Wars comic at all. Cool, huh? And now we can celebrate this bit of oddball trivia once again with another character not in the original comic, as the Gentle Giant Secret Wars Daredevil Jumbo figure is now up for order!

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Gentle Giant Secret Wars Micro Bobbles Figures Series 1 

Marvel Secret Wars Spider-Man Micro Bobbles Figure

Way back when I was a little tyke, the first Marvel figures that I ever owned were from the legendary Secret Wars line. Even though those figures are, uh… “not the best” by today’s standards, they’ve got a special spot in my heart.

Sadly, I don’t have the space (or hundred dollars a pop) to collect all of Gentle Giant’s Jumbo Secret Wars figures. But what I definitely can afford is the latest Gentle Giant brainchild: Secret Wars Micro Bobbles Figures are now up for order!

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Marvel Minimates Secret Wars Figures Revealed!

Secret Wars Marvel Minimates Figures Series

Before this summer’s mega-blockbuster Secret Wars comic book event even began, we already knew that Disney/Marvel had lined up all of its biggest licensees to create tie-in merchandise for the crossover storyline. And while the biggest Marvel toy company–Hasbro–hasn’t gotten around to revealing any of its Secret Wars Marvel Legends plans yet, smaller licensees like Gentle Giant Ltd. and Hot Wheel have already begun. And now, we can add a new line of tie-in figures to the list: the Diamond Select Toys Marvel Secret Wars Minimates figures have now been revealed!

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Jumbo Secret Wars Black Costume Spider-Man Up for Order!

Secret Wars Jumbo Black Costume Spider-Man Figure 2015

Yesterday, Gentle Giant Ltd. unexpectedly announced a new line of 1/6th scale Jumbo Marvel Secret Wars action figures are on the way in 2015. That was a surprise announcement in and of itself, but I was even less prepared for the primarily negative response I’ve heard from collectors about the line and its price. The first figure in the line, the 12″ Jumbo Secret Wars Black Costume Spider-Man is now up for order–but is he worth 80 to 90 bucks? Here’s my thoughts…

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Marvel Secret Wars Jumbo Figures Announced for 2015!

Gentle Giant Jumbo Marvel Secret Wars Figures Announced

Just when I resigned myself that there wasn’t going to be much Marvel toy news to talk about before the holidays, word breaks that Gentle Giant Ltd. is launching their first-ever line of Marvel action figures! Yeah, I know–who doesn’t have a license to make Marvel figures these days, right? But these aren’t just any figures–they’re throwback jumbo 12″ figures based off of the vintage Marvel Secret Wars figures from 1984! And the first two figures coming our way will be Jumbo Black Costume Spider-Man and Hobgoblin!

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