Daredevil Jumbo Secret Wars Figure Photos & Order Info!

The vintage Mattel Marvel Secret Wars toy line in the 1980’s was one of the earliest–and most bizarre–comic/toy tie-ins ever. Mattel offered to produce Marvel figures–but only if Marvel published a tie-in comic. And then Mattel proceeded to produce a bunch of characters not in the Secret Wars comic at all. Cool, huh? And now we can celebrate this bit of oddball trivia once again with another character not in the original comic, as the Gentle Giant Secret Wars Daredevil Jumbo figure is now up for order!

Jumbo Daredevil Secret Wars Figure

For most of us children of the 80’s, the Mattel Secret Wars action figures were our first-ever toys based on Marvel Comics characters. And as such, this line exposed many kids (like me!) to characters such as The Falcon, Electro and Daredevil for the very first time.

So even though Daredevil never appeared in the original Secret Wars comics, Marvel ultimately profited from Mattel’s head-scratching choice to include characters like Daredevil, Hobgoblin, Constrictor and Falcon in Series 2 and Series 3 of the toy line (though I still cry myself to sleep that the Secret Wars Dazzler figure was cancelled).

30 years later, and Daredevil is finally on the verge of being a household name thanks to a reviled Ben Affleck movie (which I love) and a critically-adored Netflix Daredevil series (which I’m indifferent toward). With Daredevil Season 2 hitting Netflix in early 2016, will Daredevil finally break through as an iconic Marvel character…?

Secret Wars Daredevil Jumbo Action FigureYes, Daredevil is a super-hot property right now–so what better time to bring out a 12″ reproduction of his very first action figure? That’s right–the next addition to Gentle Giant’s popular line of Jumbo Secret Wars figures is The Man Without Fear, Daredevil!

Gentle Giant Marvel Secret Wars Jumbo Daredevil FigureThe original Secret Wars Daredevil figure from 1985 has been digitally scanned in order to create a larger, exact re-creation of that action figure. And just like the original, Daredevil will come with his billy club accessory (which looks strangely phallic to me as an adult) and wacky holographic shield (man, I would have loved to have seen Daredevil wielding this shield in the comics).

Gentle Giant 12 Inch Daredevil Figure BackJust like the original figure, the Gentle Giant Daredevil sixth scale figure will have zero paint apps on the back side of the figure. He’s almost like the first-ever Hasbro Marvel Titan Hero figure!

Vintage Mattel Secret Wars Daredevil Figure

Like the rest of this line, Daredevil will come packaged on a resealable clamshell on an upscaled version of his original vintage cardback. These are expensive sixth scale figures, no doubt, but I really dig that they can be opened and played with and put back into their packages none the worse for wear.

The 12″ Daredevil Secret Wars figure will retail for $89.99, which is pricey for a 5POA figure, but not out-of-line given the huge size and limited nature of this adult collector’s line of toys. Plus there are some pre-order deals available for this figure, with BBTS giving 10% off on the figure and EE offering free shipping (which may end up being the better deal, honestly, given the gargantuan size of the box this will ship in).

Daredevil Jumbo Secret Wars Action Figure 2016The Gentle Giant Secret Wars Jumbo Daredevil 12″ figure is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released in Q3 2016. I’m trying to save my limited amount of shelf-space for humongous figures of this type on the off-chance that Gentle Giant released the European trio, but I am sorely tempted to pick up this 12″ re-creation of one of my first Marvel action figures.

Are you buying Daredevil (or any of the other Secret Wars sixth scale figures), Marvel collectors? What characters (if any) would you most like to see Gentle Giant capture in this size and scale?


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