Thor Ragnarok Hot Toys Hela Figure Up for Order & Photos!

Hela Hot Toys Figure Grabbing Mjolnir Hammer

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has developed a bit of a reputation for having villains in the movie that are… not the best. From Malekith to Kaecillius to Yellowjacket, the villains of the MCU have been largely unmemorable. But when I heard that Dark Galadriel herself–Cate Blanchett–was going to be portraying Hela in “Thor: Ragnarok”, I got my hopes up that we were in for something great. Hot Toys must have been thinking the same thing, because they developed their first MCU villain figure in quite a while: the Hot Toys Hela sixth scale figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok 12″ & 4″ Figures Released!

Marvel Legends Gladiator Thor & Hulk Two-Pack

The day spoken of in many an ancient myth hath finally arrived: August the 1st, the official street date for mass market Thor Ragnarok (and Justice League) toys to be released! And while wily collectors have wiped out the Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok 6″ series from many areas prior to the official release date, many stores put their remaining stock out today of the Marvel Legends 12″ Thor & Hulk figures and the 3.75″ Thor/Gladiator Hulk and Enchantress/Executioner packs…

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2018 Marvel Legends 12″ Black Panther Figure Revealed!

Marvel Legends Black Panther 12" Figure

Just like I wasn’t expecting to see a number of Marvel statue reveals at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, I really didn’t think we’d see anything new debut at D23 Expo 2017. But for the first time ever, Hasbro premiered a new Marvel Legends figure at D23 over the weekend–and it’s actually the very first Marvel Legends 2018 figure of any kind to be revealed! Coming our way in spring 2018: the Marvel Legends 12″ Black Panther figure in movie costume!

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Sideshow Thor Sixth Scale Figure Photos & Order Info! Thor Frog!

Sideshow Exclusive Thor Sixth Scale Figure with Frog of Thunder

When it comes to sixth scale Marvel movie figures, Hot Toys literally has the market cornered (and with good reason). But outside of the MCU, Hasbro and Sideshow Collectibles are chugging along with comic-based Marvel 12″ figures. And while the two companies didn’t overlap at all with their first batches of characters, for the first time we’ve got a match: the Sideshow Exclusive Thor Sixth Scale figure is now up for order! And he’s got one big advantage over the Marvel Legends version: Thor Frog!

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Sideshow Exclusive Ghost Rider Sixth Scale Figure Up for Order!

Sideshow Ghost Rider Sixth Scale Figure

Apparently I must have missed some memos this last week while I’ve been drowning in the tsunami of New York Toy Fair 2017 news and photos, because Sideshow Collectibles was able to launch a figure this afternoon that I had no idea was ready to be solicited! Just one week after their first Marvel sixth scale figure since 2015 went up for order, there is another: the Sideshow Exclusive Ghost Rider sixth scale figure is now up for order!

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Sideshow Daredevil Sixth Scale Figure Photos & Order Info!

Sideshow Daredevil Sixth Scale Figure Up for Order

I’m expecting to see tons of surprise announcements of new Marvel toys and collectibles at New York Toy Fair 2017 this weekend (and I’ll be in New York City all weekend long reporting in), but there’s a quasi-surprise this week already! I wasn’t entirely sure that the Sideshow Collectibles Marvel Sixth Scale figure line was legit going to continue (there hasn’t been a new figure order since 2015), but the Sideshow Exclusive Daredevil figure is now up for order!

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ThreeA Toys Black Widow Sixth Scale Figure Order Info!

Three A Toys Black Widow Sixth Scale Figure Holding Pistols

To put it mildly, the ThreeA Toys Marvel figures released up until now have not been for everyone. Many collectors just couldn’t get past the duck feet and weird designs choices made for several of the characters thus far. But for those who wouldn’t stand the previous figures, 3A Toys has something totally different-looking (but definitely still unique) lined up: the ThreeA Black Widow Sixth Scale figure goes up for order later this month!

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Hot Toys Daredevil & Punisher Netflix Figures Announced!

Hot Toys Netflix Daredevil Figures Teaser Photo

The day that Netflix Daredevil fans have been waiting for has finally arrived: highly-detailed, show-accurate Netflix Daredevil figures are on the way! No, they’re not coming in the Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ line just yet–they’re going to be a little bit bigger (and a whole lot more expensive).

Coming our way soon: Hot Toys Netflix Daredevil sixth scale figures! And Daredevil’s not coming alone–he’s bringing Hot Toys Punisher along for the ride!

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Toy Fair 2016: Hasbro Marvel Legends 12″ Figures Preview!

Marvel Legends 12 Inch Captain America Figure 2016 Hasbro

A lot of collectors were a wee bit annoyed when Hasbro renamed the Marvel Universe scale figures to 4″ “Marvel Legends” to kick off 2016, due to the confusion one name for multiple scales wold cause. Well, life is about to get a whole lot tougher for those folks, as Hasbro is announcing a new 12″ Mavel Legends scale this weekend as part of the New York Toy Fair 2015 festivities! And of course, the first to the party are everyone’s favorites: Captain America and Iron Man!

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CONTEST: Sideshow Deadpool Sixth Scale Figure Giveaway!

Sideshow Deadpool Sixth Scale Figure

We’re less than two days away from all eyes in the toy collecting world turning toward New York City, where the New York Toy Fair 2016 will begin this Saturday, February 13th! But that’s two days from now, and there’s a pretty big event for us Marvel fans happening one day from now: the opening of the long-awaited and longer-rumored Deadpool movie! And what better way to celebrate it than with a chance to win a free Sideshow Deadpool sixth scale figure?! Want to know how? Read on…

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Sideshow Exclusive Wolverine 1/6 Scale Figure Up for Order!

Sideshow Exclusive Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure Up for Order

Well, we knew this day would come, and it finally has. After debuting their first three Marvel 1/6th scale figures in July 2014, finally–finally–all three Sideshow Marvel Comics sixth scale figures will have gone up for order as of today.

Deadpool arrived in the fall and Punisher was solicited back in October–and now, the circle is complete! The homicidal-looking Berserker Rage-enthralled Sideshow Exclusive Wolverine Sixth Scale figure is now up for order!

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Hot Toys Stan Lee Figure Photos & Order Info!

Hot Toys Sixth Scale Stan Lee Figure Signing Autographs

With the upcoming releases of Maria Hill, Quicksilver and Drax the Destroyer, I had it in my head that Hot Toys had now covered virtually every single base when it came to heroic characters in the Hot Toys Marvel sixth scale figure line. But somehow, some way, I was overlooking the single most ubiquitous man in all of Marvel movie-dom. But thankfully, Hot Toys did not overlook the icon himself, with more Marvel movie appearances than any other actor in history: the Hot Toys Stan Lee sixth scale figure is now available for order!

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Daredevil Jumbo Secret Wars Figure Photos & Order Info!

Daredevil Jumbo Secret Wars Action Figure 2016

The vintage Mattel Marvel Secret Wars toy line in the 1980’s was one of the earliest–and most bizarre–comic/toy tie-ins ever. Mattel offered to produce Marvel figures–but only if Marvel published a tie-in comic. And then Mattel proceeded to produce a bunch of characters not in the Secret Wars comic at all. Cool, huh? And now we can celebrate this bit of oddball trivia once again with another character not in the original comic, as the Gentle Giant Secret Wars Daredevil Jumbo figure is now up for order!

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Sideshow Exclusive Punisher Sixth Scale Figure Up for Order!

Sideshow Marvel Sixth Scale Figure The Punisher

Before we prepare to see a plethora of never-before-seen Marvel toys and collectibles at New York Comic Con 2015 this week, how about a blast from the distant past…? In Summer 2014, Sideshow Collectibles announced that they had acquired the license to produce Marvel Comics sixth scale figures. They showed off Wolverine, Deadpool and the Punisher along with the announcement, but only Deadpool ever went up for sale… until now! The Sideshow Exclusive Punisher sixth scale figure is now up for order!

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Hot Toys Hot Rod Iron Man Die-Cast Figure Up for Order!

Hot Rod Iron Man Die-Cast Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series Figure

Hot Toys has managed to take us totally off-guard with many surprise announcements over the course of this year. But their latest product reveal has been, well… not exactly a closely-guarded secret. Starting at San Diego Comic Con 2014 and continuing throughout the summer and fall, Hot Toys has been “sneakily” leaving an Iron Man 3 Hot Rod Iron Man Hot Toys figure in the display cases at most of the events that they’ve exhibited at. I guess there was always the slight possibility that this figure was just on display to taunt us with what we cannot have–but no more: The exclusive Hot Toys Hot Rod Iron Man Die-Cast figure is now up for order!

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