Revoltech Wolverine 6″ Figure Up for Order!

Kaiyodo Revoltech Wolverine Figure Poster Official Photos

We’ve known that a Kaiyodo Revoltech Wolverine figure was on the way for a while (especially since they were showing off the final painted prototype about a month ago), but not to be outdone this week by that gorgeous MAFEX Deadpool figure that went up for sale earlier this week, Kaiyodo is ready for a major launch of their own: the Amazing Yamaguchi Figure Complex Wolverine Revoltech is now up for order! And while we’ve had ample figures of Logan over the years, this one is pretty interesting…

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Revoltech Wolverine Figure Painted Photos!

Wolverine Revoltech Action Figure Close-Up

There’s no question that the Marvel figure collecting landscape is getting a little bit crowded over the last few years. There’s more Marvel toys coming out than ever before, and it can be difficult for new lines to find traction. But one new line of Marvel action figures that’s quickly becoming a fan-favorite is the Revoltech Ame-Comics series, which started last year with Deadpool, and is now preparing to launch its second X-Men related character: Revoltech Wolverine!

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Revoltech Spider-Gwen Figure Up for Order & Official Photos!

Kaiyodo Revoltech Spider-Gwen Figure Poster

Kaiyodo has been producing Revoltech figures for many years now, and produced many movie Iron Man figures in that time. But last year they entered the Marvel Comics market with their ultra-fun Ame-Comic Revoltech Deadpool, Spider-Man and Venom figures. I figured it would be very hard for Kaiyodo to follow up the monstrous coolness of their Revoltech Venom figure, and perhaps with that in mind they’re taking a different approach with their next release. Sleek, charming and beautiful, the Revoltech Spider-Gwen is now up for order!

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Venom Revoltech Figure Up for Order! Hi-Res Photos!


Kaiyodo has been teasing us all year long with the third figure in their Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Amecomics (say that three times fast) line, but no longer! All of the official release details and hi-res promo photos have now been revealed, and now we know when Venom’s coming and how much he’s going to cost us–Kaiyodo Revoltech Venom is now up for order!

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Kaiyodo Revoltech Venom Figure Revealed & Photos!


Kaiyodo has definitely gotten off to a hot start with their Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Marvel lineup, with both their super-fun Revoltech Deadpool and Spider-Man figures being quick sell outs overseas (though Amazon still has a few Deadpools left). And now the import-only 6″ figure line is about to get its first true villain–and he’s pretty monstrous, that’s for sure! At this week’s Miyazawa Model Exhibition Fall 2016 event, the long-teased Revoltech Venom figure finally made his debut!

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Revoltech Spider-Man Hi-Res Photos & Order Info!


Just when I thought we might be having another quiet week (I mean, other than that “New York Comic Con 2016” thing that coverage begins for tomorrow), a couple of long-awaited items have finally been solicited for release. We first saw the Kaiyodo Spider-Man Revoltech teased many, many months ago, but now he’s finally ready to swing in–the Revoltech Spider-Man figure goes up for order later this week!

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Revoltech Spider-Man & Deadpool Figure Updated Photos!

2016 Winter WonderFest Kaiyodo Revoltech Spider-Man Prototype

It was one week ago that we said goodbye to San Diego Comic-Con 2016–but that wasn’t the only major toy event to close out July: the Summer WonderFest 2016 show also took place in Chiba, Japan last week. And while most of the reveals at the Summer Wonder Festival were based on anime characters, there were two very-anticipated Marvel toys on display as well: the upcoming Revoltech Spider-Man and Deadpool!

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Revoltech Deadpool Figure Revealed & Photos!

Deadpool Revoltech 6 Inch Figure Kaiyodo Shooting Guns

One of the questions I’ve been getting regularly since it was revealed back in February is “When is the Figma Deadpool figure coming out?” So when I woke up this morning and saw a new import Deadpool figure, I thought for a moment it was the Figma. But in fact, Kaiyodo has beaten Max Factory to the punch–the totally-unannounced (until now) Revoltech Deadpool figure has now been fully revealed! And I gotta say–this is a Deadpool like none I’ve seen before…

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