Revoltech Spider-Gwen Figure Released! In-Hand Review & Photos!

The Kaiyodo Revoltech Marvel Comics series has turned a lot of heads in the past year by releasing some of the most fun figures of Deadpool, Spider-Man and Venom ever. But while those three figures are pretty great, they’re also characters who have had a “few” six inch figures released previously. But the fourth release–which will be swinging into the U.S. in just a few weeks–has only had one previous 6″ figure and has now been released in Asia. Let’s take a look at Marvel Ame-comic #4: Revoltech Spider-Gwen!

Revoltech Spider-Gwen Figure Review

While I was altogether extremely pleased with the dynamic nature and posing potential for the first trio of Marvel Comics Revoltech figures, it’s hard to get excited about “yet another Deadpool” and “yet another Spider-Man”, so my enthusiasm for those releases was curbed just a little bit.

But for their fourth release, Kaiyodo chose not only one of Marvel’s hottest characters–but also a character that’s only had one super-articulated action figure ever released previously (and one with room for improvement at that!): Spider-Gwen!

Unmasked Spider-Gwen Revoltech HeadWhile I was mostly satisfied with the Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen released over a year ago (particularly with how fast Hasbro was able to get it to stores after the character’s creation), the figure definitely had a few weak points such as lack of accessories, some missing articulation and the “blah” Gwen Stacy head.

Does this year’s new Spider-Gwen Revoltech figure manage to fix those issues and present a superior product (at a much higher price)?

Spider-Gwen Revoltech Size Comparison with Marvel LegendsThough Gwen hasn’t arrived yet in the United States, she has crawled into Asia already, and my friend bman sent in some in-hand photos and a short review of the figure…

Kaiyodo Revoltech Spider-Gwen Figure Swinging In Front of BoxSo I’ll break it down into sculpt, paint, accessories and articulation…

1. Sculpt (7.0/10): I haven’t owned a Revoltech in a long time, but when I saw Spider-Gwen in person, she won me over. She’s as anime-looking as Spider-Man or Deadpool, in my opinion. Gwen has a nice female shape as well as sculpted costume. 

Articulation on Kaiyodo Revoltech Ame-Comic Spider-Gwen Action FigureI’m happy to say that the upper torso no longer has the ratchet system from the old revoltech joints. The lower torso is a new design with her crotch area being a sort of diaper if you will, that sits on loose on the legs and wiggles as the leg and hip joints move. It’s something unique, but I’m still undecided about it–it does offer some awesome poses, but at other angles it requires quite a bit of fidgeting to hide the joints. 

As most who have owned Revoltech will know, the double joints like the shoulders aren’t really hidden. This figure is no different, but I think since it’s a more slender female form it’s not quite as noticeable.

Kaiyodo Spider-Gwen Revoltech Figure Crouching2. Paint (7.5/10):  I really dig the paint Kaiyodo used, as the white is almost a pearl white and the black has a satin sheen to it (even though it’s a sort of matte black). 

The lines aren’t the best for an import figure, but for the most part it’s O.K. One thing I’d warn about is to take a careful look at the white since I saw a few that had a few smudges on her white areas.

Alternate Heads and Faces of Spider-Gwen Kaiyodo Revoltech Action Figure
3. Accessories (7.5/10): As you can see in the pictures, Spider-Gwen includes plenty of hands, two  masked heads with different expressions, and her Gwen Stacy face which is, uhhh… Well, I have a few gripes with it: A.) Scale is way too small; B.) Looks too anime; and C.) Only has a passing resemblance to Gwen.  

The figure also comes with three weblines, a phone (although the hand for the cellphone of mine came warped so I’ll try to fix it later), and a stand with a cool magnet attachment for mounting onto steel surfaces.

2017 Revoltech Marvel Spider-Gwen Figure Review

4. Articulation (8.5/10): What can I say except “it’s a Revoltech”? It has some of the best articulation and can do crazy poses, but it also takes patience as the ratchet system in the bottom half can be annoying to get into the right position. Has some great balance and can stand on one foot as you can see in the pics.

Overall (30.5/40): I love this figure. I haven’t played this much with a figure for a long time.

Big thanks to bman for sending in his review and photos of Gwen! They definitely increased my hype level for the alternate universe Spider-Woman’s imminent arrival!

Spider-Gwen Six Inch Figure Revoltech Web SwingingThe Kaiyodo Spider-Gwen Revoltech figure is scheduled to arrive in the U.S. any day now, so if you like what you see and hear, be sure to get your orders for her in. I suspect the Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman is going to sell out quickly once she’s actually here in the United States.

Now that you’ve seen the final released version of Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Spider-Gwen figure, what do you think, Marvel collectors? Is this figure good enough to make you fork over triple what you paid for your Hasbro version, or have you decided that you’re content sticking with your Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen figure and forgoing upgrading?


Revoltech Spider-Gwen Figure Released! In-Hand Review & Photos! — 6 Comments

  1. Nice review! As far as the anime style head goes, I’m very happy about that. I already own the ML version for a “realistic” look. Since the comics have a cartoony/psuedo-anime look to them anyway, I think the Revoltech head sculpt works.

    Hoping they do either a Yamashita style Jubilee or maybe another villain next.

  2. So it seems the hood isn’t removable. But it still blows away the Marvel Legends one in other aspects, so that’s just me being nitpicky.

  3. Just a little nitpick: it doesn’t seem like we can do an unhooded Spider Gwen here (something the Marvel Legends has). But in all other aspects, I think this Spider Gwen blows the Marvel Legends one out of the way.

  4. It looks like we won’t be able to do unhooded Spider-Gwen (something the Marvel Legends has) with this figure. But in all other aspects, I think this beats the Marvel Legends one hands down.

  5. Mine is on the way. Very much looking forward to it. The unmasked head does look strangely small. Probably a compromise for not being able to remove the hood. It would have been nice to have an alternate lowered hood, but they probably ran into issues with poseability in the neck/ would have had to had a different hair sculpt.