2016 Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen Review & Photos

Congratulations to Gwen Stacy on becoming one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe after making a remarkable comeback from, well… being dead for 40+ years! Yeah, I know, Spider-Gwen is an alternate universe Gwen Stacy, but there’s no question she’s also the most popular version of the character ever. And now, Hasbro’s given her her first-ever 6″ figure: is the Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen figure worth the crazy $30+ she’s selling for online? Read on for my review…

Spider-Gwen Marvel Legends 2016 Figure HasbroThe Right:

Having just debuted in the comics in September 2014, Spider-Gwen exploded in popularity like no new character I can remember since, well… ever!

Merchandisers would be fools to ignore this skyrocketing character, and Hasbro’s not about to make that mistake, releasing the Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen figure less than a year and a half after her first appearance. Now that’s service–and a huge thumbs up for Hasbro!

Close-Up of 6 Inch marvel Legends Spider Gwen Action FigureMy biggest concern with this figure is that the Hasbro factory would flub the pretty plaid-like purple and green webbing patterns on Gwen’s arms and inner-hood. Luckily, those fears were needless–the paint deco is expertly applied in these areas and really pops.

Hasbro Spider-Gwen 6" Marvel Legends Figure Back

In fact, the paint looks terrific all-over on the Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman Marvel Legends 6″ figure. Her green “slippers” and white lining in her costume look great, and I love the pink “blush” paint wash on Spider-Gwen’s mask.

Marvel Legends 6" Spider-Gwen Figure with Hood DownAnd hey, if you want a better look at the mask, you can just pop off Spider-Gwen’s hood entirely and substitute in the “pulled-back” hood, which looks and works awesome.

Several of the figures on this “teenage girl” Marvel Legends mold have had stuck joints and breakages for me in the past, but hopefully Hasbro is past that: my 6″ Spider-Gwen Marvel Legends  figure had zero quality control issues to speak of.

Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen Review and PhotosAll of the articulation works well on this ML Spider-Gwen, especially the double-jointed knees, ankle rockers, and ball-hinge shoulders, elbows and wrists.

And although this Spider-Man Legends Edge of Spider-Verse figure doesn’t come with alternate hands (which I’ll gripe about shorlty), at least she wasn’t condemned to having two web-shooting hands like the poor MC2 Spider-Girl action figure that I reviewed last year!

Marvel Legends Gwen Stacy Spider-Gwen HeadThe Wrong:

One of the reasons for Spider-Gwen’s immense popular is the lively and charismatic personality of her alter-ego, Gwen Stacy. Unfortunately, the alternate unmasked Marvel Legends Gwen Stacy head included here looks like a haggard, dead-eyes zombie.

I appreciate the alternate Gwen Stacy head being included here, but it’s meaningless looking like this, as I imagine the vast majority of collectors are never gonna use this ugly head.

Unmasked Gwen Stacy Head Marvel Legends 2016

In addition, I think it would have been nice to include some alternate hands for Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen. They’re a small and cheap inclusion, and we know they’ve already been tooled, since we’ve seen them on other characters using this mold. If it came down to costing in an alternate portrait or extra hands, I guess I’d choose the bonus head, but the hands should have been an easy inexpensive accessory to include here.

Spider-Man Legends Edge of Spider-Verse Spider-Gwen Figure in Packaging

Finally, the Wrecking Ball that Gwen comes with is the least essential piece of the Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure I reviewed a couple weeks back, as it has zero paint deco on it and looks awful with Absorbing Man. You’re much better off using one of the Wrecking Crew figures’ wrecking balls, as they match with the Crusher Creel figure infinitely better.

I’m not penalizing Spider-Gwen for the wrecking ball accessory, but I do want to make sure everyone is aware that it’s a pretty disappointing BAF piece.

Marvel Legends Gwen Stacy Spider-Gwen HeadOverall: Hasbro may have rushed their Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2016 Spider-Gwen figure out the door, but you wouldn’t know it from the excellent quality and design. The paint apps are perfect, the articulation is as strong as ever, and the pulled-back hood looks great. The scary unmasked head loses a few points for this action figure (and will certainly never be on mine again), but this is a must-have Spider-Gwen action figure for fans of the character nonetheless. Highly recommended.



2016 Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen Review & Photos — 11 Comments

  1. In my opinion, the Gwen Stacy head is one of the best female heads Hasbro has produced. Although a smile or something would be nice, the head is just as good as most of the other female heads out there (including the Captain Marvel head you praised).

    • Understood, but to me, Gwen is young and vibrant and perky, whereas Captain Marvel is serious and stoic. This kind of non-expressive zombie stare looks unnatural to me on Gwen.

  2. It’s insane when “collectors” buy up all the figures then sell them. For crazy amounts on EBay. Also, knowing how popular this character is, make an ample amount. There are 20 Hellcats anywhere I go and no Gwen.

  3. Glad I’ve started to learn how to paint Gunpla so I can apply those skills for when I paint my wrecking ball.

    • I mean….you literally just slap some black paint on the whole thing and then rub it back off again. The stuff that sticks stays in the details. Takes like….40 seconds.

  4. I picked up Spider-Gwen and Venom today at Wal-Mart! I didn’t have much hope on my hunt but they got an entire shipment of the wave Spider-Gwen’s in! I have to thank the site because they said that a restock was imminent ‘next week’ so I regained hope and beat the scalpers!

    There was a large influx of other characters and only a small number of boxes that were Spider-Gwen (~4), Ben Riley (~6) and Venom (~3) but more than I ever thought!

    I managed to pick the figure that looked the least quality-control issue (most were just scratches or a dab of white paint onto the colors) and she just looks so beautiful! Unfortunately, I had two locked joints (ankle and elbow) but with some force, it managed to give way.

    *** Sorry for the long text but bottom line, this figure is GREAT!

    Keep an eye out at the moment because stores are getting restocks! Her articulation is great and the accessories are awesome (excluding the wrecking ball).
    Head looks great but it’s so stotic that it kinda hurts (think about a Spider-man figure with Peter Parker’s head. It should be smiling or giving a hint of a grin, yeah?).

  5. my right elbow joint is absolutely seized up. the lack of alt hands always makes me upset, and the alternate gwen head is as bad as advertised, but the figure is nice for sure. I couldnt find one with the paint around the edge of the hood “crisp
    ” enough to love, but hey, stop complaining me!

    • My right elbow joint was completely locked too. I finally managed to move it after applying enough force (I was so scared that I’d break it) but once it became loose, it was easier to do again.

      It might be the same case but if the elbow doesn’t bug you out too much, you don’t have to risk it. I only risked it because I could return it and grab another Gwen.