Marvel Legends Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure Review

Yesterday I kicked off my Marvel Legends 2016 reviews with the Living Vampire, Morbius. But while Morbius is the oldest Spider-Man villain on that list, he’s not the oldest villain overall. There’s another character who’s older and far more famous–and he just so happens to be the first Build-A-Figure of the year! Morbius earned high marks in his review–can the Spider-Man Marvel Legends Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure do the same?

Marvel Legends 2016 Absorbing Man Build-A-FigureThe Right:

Hasbro set the Build-A-Figure bar super-high last year with outstanding releases such as the Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Iron Man and Rhino figures, so Crusher Creel was going to have to climb a steep hill to match the overall quality of those characters.

I don’t think that this Absorbing Man BAF quite gets to those heights, but he definitely has some very positive qualities.

Marvel Legends Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure Review

First off, how cool does the transformed Absorbing Man head look?! I love the bilaterally-cut head with rocky left side and glowing eye. It looks absolutely terrifying, and is easily one of my favorite heads we’ve seen on a Build-A-Figure.

Just as cool as the morphed head are the transformed arms that Crusher comes with. This figure has a total of four interchangeable arms: normal and steel right arms, and wooden or stone left arms.

Back of Absorbing Man Marvel Legends Build-A-FigureThe sculpting detail on the transformed arms is outstanding, and I honestly can’t imagine ever bothering to display the rather plain non-transformed arm when the other choices look so much more excellent and exciting.

Absorbing Man Marvel Legends 2016 Infinite Series Action FigureI’m also very pleased with the paintwork on this Build-A-Figure (with one major exception I’ll come to later on). All of the transformed parts have a nice wash on them that brings out the details, and I was surprised how clean the paint applications were on the black stripes of Absorbing Man’s purple pants.

Size Scale Comparison Spider-Man Marvel Legends Absorbing Man FigureThe Wrong:

Scale obviously missed the mark sometimes in the Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figures series due to the necessity of shared tooling, but sometimes a figure’s scale looks really, really off. Such is the case with the Absorbing Man Marvel Legends BAF.

Marvel Legends Absorbing Man vs. Hulkbuster Iron Man Size ComparisonCarl Creel’s official height in the Marvel Universe is listed as 6’4″, but this figure looks like he’s easily eight feet–or maybe even nine feet tall! He absolutely towers over 6″ Legends figures to the extent where it looks a bit silly.

In addition, I was disappointed to see that the Absorbing Man’s wrecking ball–his signature weapon–came in a light grey plastic this time that doesn’t look like metal or match his steel arm at all.

Marvel Legends Absorbing Man Figure Wrecking BallIf you have the wrecking ball from the various Wrecking Crew figures you can swap it in and have the weapon look much better, but as that version of the wrecking ball isn’t included in this wave, I won’t confuse readers by including it in any of these review photos. It’s definitely disappointing to see how poor the wrecking ball looks this time out, though, as the previous releases of it had all looked fantastic and this iteration looks really plastic-y.

Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure Spider-Man Legends 2016Finally, I’m a tad disappointed in the articulation on this figure. I can deal with the lack of double-jointed elbows, but the ankle articulation is so badly restricted that it can be tough to get this guy into a cool pose. Ankle rockers are present, but his articulation is hindered by his sculpt and prevents them from working properly.

In addition, Absorbing Man can only look forward, sideways and down–his head has no upwards range of motion at all.

But wait, there’s one more thing…

Hasbro 6" Absorbing Man BAF Head RegularThe Ridiculous:

I gave the partially-transformed Absorbing Man head piece a heap of praise, but the non-transformed Absorbing Man head is an absolute car wreck–by which, I mean it looks like Crusher Creel’s head has been in some sort of car wreck.

For whatever reason, the regular Absorbing Man BAF head has a totally different (and more Conehead-like) shape than the morphed head, and the awful paintwork on the eyes makes him look for like Sloth from “The Goonies” than the Absorbing Man.

I’m glad that this Build-A-Figure came with two heads, because after this review I’ll never be dissolving him with this normal head.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Absorbing Man vs. Black Series Rey FigureOverall: An odd choice as a Spider-Man Legends Build-A-Figure to begin with, the Absorbing Man BAF turns out to be a merely average figure. I think that the transmorphed arms and head on this figure look super-cool when attached, but I’m disappointed in the scale, wrecking ball, posing potential and ludicrous non-transformed head.

I wanted every figure in this wave regardless of the BAF pieces packed in, so I don’t mind having the Absorbing Man as a freebie, but overall he fails to impress me beyond being an average release.



Marvel Legends Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure Review — 5 Comments

  1. I’m a stickler for accuracy but in this case, I can give a pass. The reason being Creel can also grow when he absorbs things like entire islands etc. I think this was Hasbro’s intent (why else have a character that normally can fit in as part of a wave…Hobgoblin not withstanding). Speaking of accuracy, I can’t be as excited about the transformed arms as you because (unless he’s acquired this ability and I missed it) he can’t absorb two substances simultaneously. Not to mention, when he does absorb something, his entire body transforms at the same time. I know this is simply to show his ability to change and has been done in previous versions of the figure, but I wish they would’ve just made him as part of a wave and had fully transformed versions of him as chase variants (haven’t said that in a while).

    • Agreed 100%. A steel version would look amazing. Also Creel has always always had a cone head and been depicted as nearly Hulk’s height.

    • Absorbing Man has been able to absorb the properties of multiple materials and change different parts of his body ever since he learned to control his powers….

      Yes, he can change sizes.

      And yes, he’s always had a cone head.

  2. Well I have him displayed with both heads (2 figures).
    I give it a B+.
    Great details & he was a Ugly guy/ criminal so heads are fine. I do love the morphing head. I would have Loved to see a Hulk arm tho. So I made my own made from the Toy Biz original that fits my Baf Perfect. Yes. The weapon the reused was Horrible. I also customer my ball & chain from the wrecking crews original ball & face it a black & silver real chain to match the metallic arm.
    Would be better off in a hulk/ Thor series but I for one love this bar!!

  3. Si comparto que la escala es correcta no solo por sus poderes sino que justamente es para adaptarse a ser una figura BAF . Me gusta el brazo de roca y la cabeza mitad roca .. el brazo metalico seria exelente junto a una cabeza mita metal . Comparto la poca calidad de la bola de demolicíon por suerte me sobra la que venia con piledriver . Los BAF deben ser mas grandes que las figuras normales . Quiero decirle a hasbro que no se olvide de la figura de blade !! Encaja en una wave spiderman