Spider-Man Marvel Legends Spider-Girl Review & Photos! 2015

If anyone had asked me to list off 100 characters I thought might get the Hasbro Marvel Legends treatment in 2015, May “Mayday” Parker would not have been on that list. But Hasbro has made some pleasantly surprising choices in 2015, and I sure am glad that they did! The Spider-Man Marvel Legends Spider-Girl is now appearing in stores and shipping next week from Amazon–is she your worth your $20-$25? Read on…

Marvel Legends Spider-Girl Review & PhotosThe Right:

Wow, the MC2 Spider-Girl finally gets a mass-release action figure! Yes, I’m aware that Toybiz did their own Spider-Girl a decade-plus ago, but that figure was a specialty store exclusive. Finally, Mayday Parker has hit the big time (a pity it’s just in time for the MC2 universe to be wiped out of existence–alas).

For those not familiar with her, Spider-Girl is the grown-up daughter that Peter Parker and Mary Jane could have had–if not for crazy ol’ Norman Osborn getting in the way and killing baby May (or kidnapping her… or something). Having had her own comic book series for around a full decade, Spider-Girl is absolutely deserving of this slot. Excellent character selection here by Hasbro.

Spider-Man Legends Spider-Girl Figure 2015And hey, Hasbro even did right by Mayday with the sculpt! While this sculpt isn’t all-new, it looks like it was absolutely made for the MC2 Spider-Girl. The proportions look dead-on to how I remember Spider-Girl from the comics to the extent that it’s almost eerie.

Spider-Girl Marvel Legends Warriors of the Web Action FigureHasbro even remembered to include the external web shooters on May’s costume, a tool she inherited (along with her costume itself) from the beloved-but-deceased Ben Reilly. From a sculpting perspective, this figure is tops.

Marvel Legends Hobgoblin Series Spider-Girl Figure BackFinally, I was a mite worried about the paint on the Spider-Man Legends Spider-Girl figure–especially with how bad the paints apps were on the Marvel Legends Captain Marvel figure I reviewed–but the paint deco is well-done overall.

There’s a couple spots where the webbing on Spider-Girl’s costume isn’t aligned totally properly, but unless she’s an inch or two from your face it’s unnoticeable. Otherwise her paint apps are solid.

Marvel Legends Spider-Girl Figure PackagedThe Wrong:

As much as I like this Marvel Legends Spider-Girl action figure at a glance, it does have some major drawbacks.

The first real flaw in this figure is that it’s missing a lot of points of articulation that we take for granted in Hasbro Marvel Legends figures in 2015. There’s no bicep swivels, no waist articulation at all, no double-jointed elbows and heavily limited forward/backward movement on her ball-jointed hips.

2015 Marvel Legends Spider-Girl 6" Action FigureOn some characters it wouldn’t be a big deal to omit some of these points of articulation–but not on characters whose names begin with “Spider”. While this is still a reasonably well-articulated figure, Spider-Girl can’t quite pull off a lot of the gymnast feats poses you’d expect a super-athlete like Mayday to be able to. This issue is further complicated by May Parker’s hands, which I’ll discuss in a moment.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Series Spider Girl Figure with Hobgoblin HeadIn addition, considering that the Spider-Girl Marvel Legends figure is fairly small, you’d expect her to come with at least one cool accessory besides her Hobgoblin Build-A-Figure pieces. Wrong. Instead, she gets bupkis.

And that brings us to…

Spider-Girl Marvel Legends 2015 Hasbro Action FigureThe Ridiculous:

Some blockhead at Hasbro really thought that releasing a Spider-Girl figure with two web-shooting hands and no alternate hands was a good idea!? Really?!

The new Iron Fist figure can get six extra hands, but the smaller Spider-Girl figure which uses less plastic and has less articulation gets none?!

Lame and ridiculous choice here on Hasbro’s part, which greatly hinders the posing possibilities for Spider-Girl. Hugely frustrating.

Marvel Legends 2015 Spider-Man and Spider-Girl FiguresOverall: The pros for this Marvel Legends 2015 Spider-Girl figure definitely outweigh the cons in my book. The character selection, body proportions and paint are all outstanding on Mayday. But on the negative side, Spider-Girl lacks even one accessory of her own, has two web-shooting hands and is missing some articulation that every Spider-Man (or Girl) should have. Overall, I really like this figure and I do recommend her, but I wish she had slightly more articulation and that Hasbro has included some interchangeable hands.



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  1. This whole wave seems to be short on accessories. Besides Daredevil’s stick and Spider-Man’s alternate head/hands/pizza, there are none. 🙁