Tokyo Comic Con 2017: Samurai Deadpool & MAFEX Gwenpool!

Tokyo Comic Con has traditionally not been a hotspot for Marvel toy news, but with more import Marvel figure lines being made right now than ever before, there were actually some pretty big reveals at this week’s Tokyo Comic Con 2017! Among them were the Bandai Samurai Deadpool figure that I suspected we’d be seeing soon after spotting the concept art at NYCC 2017, as well as something totally out of left field—MAFEX Gwenpool!

Samurai Deadpool Figure Manga Realization

My apologies for the lateness on this—the transmission in my car decided to go kaput this weekend (it’s okay, I knew what I was in for when I bought a Ford, haha), and I’ve been running behind since. But now let’s play catch-up with the big announcements from the 2017 Tokyo Comic-Con, starting with Samurai Deadpool!

Thus far, every Marvel Manga Realization figure that Bandai Tamashii has released domestically has quickly dropped in price after being released, but I have to believe that these feudal-inspired figures are selling well overseas or Bandai wouldn’t keep making them.

Meisho Manga Realization Deadpool PlacardIf there’s one character that’s likely to outsell all his predecessors in the United States, though, it’s Deadpool! This is “Kabuki Mono Deadpool”, referring to the fact that Deadpool is a ronin (of a sort—he’s a mercenary) who behaves crazily and dresses in flamboyant clothes. This might legit be the most accurate descriptor for Wade Wilson ever…!

Marvel Manga Realization Deadpool Figure Tokyo Comic Con 2017The purple accents on Kabukimono Deadpool are a bit distracting, but otherwise this figure is actually looking really great. For whatever reason, seeing DP decked out in Samurai armor doesn’t seem all that strange to me in the way that Samurai Spider-Man and Captain America did!

MAFEX Gwenpool Action Figure RevealedMeanwhile, Medicom Toy brought their latest Marvel MAFEX figure to the show, and its… MAFEX Gwenpool?! This is something of a shocker, as the previous Marvel releases in the MAFEX line have all been MCU-based.

Tokyo Comic Con 2017 MAFEX Gwenpool Figure Close-Up

For Medicom to be moving into comic-based action figures is big news (and perhaps a sign of them noting the success of the Kaiyodo Revoltech Ame-Comic line), but for the line to begin with Gwenpool is a genuine shocker. She looks like her comic art come to life—I’ll look forward to hopefully hearing more about this figure in the near future!

Kaiyodo unfortunately didn’t bring any previously-unrevealed Amazing Yamaguchi Ame-comics figures with them to Tokyo Comic-Con 2017, but they did have their recently-unveiled Revoltech Carnage figure at the show. This Carnage figure looks downright insane, and is definitely an early front-runner for my 2018 6″ Figure of the year. Can’t wait!

MAFEX Carnage vs Venom FiguresThere’s no pre-order or specific release information available at all yet regarding the Samurai Deadpool, Revoltech Carnage and MAFEX Gwenpool figures, but all three figures should be available for order via BBTS once they go up for sale. Bluefin Distribution has been able to bring over the Marvel Manga Realization figures for domestic release, whereas the Revoltechs (and presumably comic book-based MAFEX figures) are likely to remain import-only exclusives.

Anyone out there thinking of dipping their foot in the feudal-styled line for the first time with Samurai Deadpool? And how do you feel about the prospect of Medicom releasing a whole range of comic-based figures, Marvel collectors? Would you welcome another line in the 1:12 scale, or are you all set with the variety of already-ongoing lines available?


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  1. What a fresh batch of figures ! Not really a fan of the samurai line neither of Deadpool but meh. Paint and sculpt look good….and Gwenpool over Spider Gwen….really ?