Revoltech Spider-Man & Deadpool Figure Updated Photos!

It was one week ago that we said goodbye to San Diego Comic-Con 2016–but that wasn’t the only major toy event to close out July: the Summer WonderFest 2016 show also took place in Chiba, Japan last week. And while most of the reveals at the Summer Wonder Festival were based on anime characters, there were two very-anticipated Marvel toys on display at WonderFest as well: the upcoming Revoltech Spider-Man and Deadpool figures!

Kaiyodo Revoltech Venom Figure Summer Wonder Festival 2016

Though the Kaiyodo Revoltech line has been going strong for many years now and regularly releases Iron Man Revoltech figures based on the MCU Iron Man movies, it’s only in 2016 that they’re entering the comics-based Marvel characters arena!

Kaiyodo took the collecting world by storm with their Revoltech Deadpool figure that went on sale earlier this summer, and they brought a finalized Deadpool and a prototype of Spider-Man with them to the 2016 Summer Wonder Festival!

Deadpool Revoltech Action Figure at 2016 Summer WonderFestWhile most folks who are getting Deadpool have already ordered him (and he’s sold out almost everywhere at this point), the show let us see even more great dynamic poses of the Deadpool Revoltech, so buyers can feel pretty good about their pre-ordering decision on this Wade Wilson figure!

Spider-Man Revoltech Action Figure StandingBut what most folks are more interested in seeing from the show than the “same old Deadpool” that’s been up for order for a while now is something all-new and different! And so, the next Kaiyodo Marvel Comics figure made its public event premiere at WonderFest as well!

2016 Winter WonderFest Kaiyodo Revoltech Spider-Man PrototypeThe second entry in the Amecomic Yamaguchi American Comic Characters Revoltech line is an Ultimate Spider-Man figure!

Kaiyodo Revoltech Ultimate Spider-Man Figure Pulling Web LinesAs you can see from the prototype photos, this Spider-Man figure includes interchangeable hands and web-lines as accessories, although we don’t know the complete load out of extras that will be included with the figure just yet. Could we see alternate expressions like we did with Deadpool…?

Spider-Man Revoltech Figure Crawling PoseWant a Spider-Man figure that can do a crawling pose that’s better than the ones you can get out of basically every other Spidey figure ever made…? Then Revoltech Spidey may be the Spider-Man toy that you’ve been waiting for!

Revoltech Spider-Man Figure Web-Swinging Summer Wonder Festival

While some of the joints on these figures are a little bit ugly and weird-looking (particularly the weird shoulder joints, which show a very obvious gap from the rest of the toy), many collectors will consider the nearly-unparalleled flexibility and articulation to be a fair trade-off for some wonky-looking joints.

Both this figure and the upcoming Revoltech Venom are under the licensing banner of the “Ultimate Spider-Man” cartoon, so expect to see these figures colored and stylized to look similar to their cartoon appearances.

Kaiyodo Revoltech Venom Figure Artwork TeaserThe Kaiyodo Revoltech Deadpool is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released in October 2016. Revoltech Spider-Man and then Venom are both scheduled to go up for order later this year, and I’ll post updates here and to the Marvel Toy News social media pages when more information about those figures’ releases are available.

Having seen updated photos of the Deadpool and Spider-Man Revoltech figures, what are your current thoughts on these action figures, Marvel collectors? Are you considering shelling out for these import figures, or are the domestic Hasbro versions good enough for you?


Revoltech Spider-Man & Deadpool Figure Updated Photos! — 3 Comments

  1. Odd that they’re licensed under the Ultimate cartoon- they don’t look like the designs from the show.

    Regardless, I’m excited. Revoltech does some great stuff. I’ll have to pre-order this guy when he goes up.

  2. Man, loved the first Revo Deadpool pics, these are even better! No Neca! Revo DP, Spidey, and Venom for me!

  3. Yeah, the Ultimate Spider-Man branding makes… no sense. Ultimate Spider-Man has a distinct, if relatively minor, costume design change from the classic design- namely, it lacks the red stripe with the webbing connecting the red on the gloves to the red on the shoulders. It’s a design choice I don’t get because it’s so minor, and because it doesn’t make the costume any better. The eyes and spider-emblem also have a pretty distinctive shape to them that’s shared across the brand-related stuff, drawings, promo art, merch, etc. This isn’t that design, it’s full-on classic Spider-Man.

    That being said, I was thinking about picking up just Deadpool because, hey, he looks great, but between the webbing and the alternate hand-sculpts and the sheer balls-out insane POSEABILITY of this figure, I might be picking up both Deadpool and Spider-Man. As for the wonky joints… eh, if this figure can pull off the crazy wall-crawling, web-shooting poses it’s showing that the prototype is capable of, I’ll absolutely be okay with them. It’s an action figure, action figures have joints. I can deal with that.

    I kind of want to hold off until Max Factory shows off their Figma Deadpool since they announced they were gonna make one months ago (and… haven’t got much to show for it, while Kaiyodo swept in and announced their Revoltech Deadpool complete with press photos and two more figure announcements, whoops.) before I decide which one I’m gonna get. But considering Kaiyodo has given us Revoltech Deadpool and Spider-Man companion pieces… I think I’m leaning towards those. I think it’ll depend on Max Factory’s ability to deliver on a superior sculpt and more accessories. (More guns, please! I like when Deadpools come with lots of guns.)