Marvel Ultimate Series Figures Black Widow Captain America!

Ordinarily there’s a bit of a Marvel toy news lull after San Diego Comic-Con, but that doesn’t seem to be the case this year! Not only has Hot Toys blitzed us with some outstanding new sixth scale figures this week, but now Disney is launching their own line of near-sixth scale Marvel Ultimate Series Premium Figures! Their 10″ Black Widow figure isn’t too bad, but that Marvel “Ultimate Series” Captain America action figure… oh dear…

Marvel Ultimate Series Captain America Figure Packaged

Most companies don’t launch what’s seemingly intended to be a major toy line out of absolutely nowhere–but most companies aren’t Disney, and I’ve never been able to understand the inner workings of Mickey’s mind.

Regardless, an exclusive line of not-quite-sixth-scale “Marvel Ultimate Series Premium Figures” that will be a joint exclusive between the Marvel Shop and the Disney Stores launched out of literally nowhere this morning!

These “premium” figures are definitely unexpected… but are they any good…?

Disney Store Exclusive Captain America Ultimate Series FigureUnfortunately, the answer seems to be a very obvious “no”. Or in the case of the exclusive Marvel Ultimate Series Captain America figure: “Hell no!

The idea here seems to be a more modernized and slightly larger version of the beloved MEGO figure line and Toybiz’s popular Marvel Famous Covers–or even a vastly cheaper version of Hot Toys figures for comic books. Of course, toys have come a long way in the decades since MEGO was around, and these new Disney Store exclusive figures may be a wee bit… underwhelming… by modern standards…

Captain America Marvel Ultimate Series Disney Store Exclusive FigureLet’s take a good look at this 11.5″ Captain America Ultimate Series figure (but not for too long, lest you go blind): the figure’s neck is totally covered by his huge collar, Cap’s pinhead looks ludicrous atop enormously broad shoulders, and Captain America’s hands look bigger than his head.

Marvel Ultimate Series Premium Figure Captain America and AccessoriesWhile the tailoring on Captain America’s costume is far from the worst I’ve ever seen, I don’t think anyone could consider it to be “good”.

On the bright side, Cap features 30+ points of articulation and comes with a shield and interchangeable hands–but those features feel largely futile when a figure looks as awful as this one. Oof.

Marvel Ultimate Series Black Widow Figure PackagedMeanwhile, the Marvel Ultimate Series Black Widow 10″ figure looks like a masterpiece in comparison to poor Cap, but is a below average figure overall, in my opinion.

The glam photos make Natasha’s head look decent, but in the packaged photo she looks like a harpy.

Black Widow Marvel Ultimate Series Premium 10 Inch FigureEven so, the tailoring of Black Widow’s costumes looks world’s better than Cap’s (most likely largely due to her costume being all black), and Black Widow has a truly impressive spread of accessories including guns, batons, Widow’s Bite bracelets and even electrical effects pieces!

Disney Store Exclusive Marvel Ultimate Series Black Widow

I already own four Hot Toys Black Widow sixth scale figures–and they’re all a million times better than this version–but the Ultimate Series Black Widow costs about 80% less than any of my Hot Toys Widows did and is comic-based and not Scarlett Johansson-based, so it might be a worthwhile addition to my collection.

I’ll need to see it in-person at the Disney Store to judge the head and overall appearance before deciding, but I think there’s a slight chance I might scoop this Black Widow figure up. Maybe.

Marvel Ultimate Series Premium Black Widow Action Figure

These figures are both priced at $34.95 and will be available exclusively from the Marvel Store and the Disney Store online, as well as at the physical chain of Disney Stores.

What do you think of the new Disney Store and Marvel Store exclusive Marvel clothed figures line, Marvel collectors? Was I too hard on Captain America, or too generous toward Black Widow? Are you contemplating picking up either of these inaugural figures in the line?


Marvel Ultimate Series Figures Black Widow Captain America! — 12 Comments

  1. I got the e-mail about these this morning and they really did come out of nowhere! They seem like they would be great figures for kids as they are not super expensive.

    I’m very tempted to get the Black Widow figure as well. She doesn’t look too bad for a comics-based figure. Plus I am a bit of a Black Widow completionist. I think her rifle looks a lot like a Stormtrooper blaster.

    • Tried to purchase Widow and her age of ultron/first order blaster on Marvel website. Its either sold out or hasnt been released yet. As for Cap, i think Mezco has a far more superior product… WTF Disney

    • Not to my knowledge, but she may have had them in one of her ongoing series from the last couple years, which I admit to not reading all of.

  2. Wow. That Captain America looks really horrible. Sometimes I’m amazed that someone somewhere along the decision making process doesn’t put a stop to things like this. Best thing anyone can do with these is strip them down and use the bodies for custom jobs.

  3. I am so tempted by that Black Widow, but 10″ is a super awkward size. She’d look weird as hell next to my 12″ figures while towering over the 6″ ones. And why so much shorter than Cap? Even assuming the line is taking a rigid approach to scaling actual characters’ heights, an inch & a half is a pretty big disparity.

  4. i think youre being too hard on them, and it comes down to you not liking how theyre stylized. cap having a large exaggerated torso and limbs with a small head is textbook disney style when dealing with physically strong male characters (genie from aladdin, gaston from beauty and the beast, kronk from emperors new groove, hercules, etc), and it makes sense for cap to take up that style on a disney branded toy line. the black widow looks great. im happy whenever a black widow toy releases thats not based entirely on mcu widow. would have ordered it already if i were not getting a “item not available at this time” message on the marvel store page

  5. I think I’ll have to pass once you do hot toys there’s know turning too anything elsa sorry I don’t do those they look too childish ” Hot toys are by far the best adult figure line there is…??✌?️

  6. Not really my cup of tea, but then again, I don’t think I’m the core audience for this product either. I don’t think it’s fair comparing a $35 product to a $250 one either. I’ll pass, but I’m sure there’s a public for this. Personally, I would rather go for the 12-inch Marvel Legends in that case.