Hot Toys Doctor Strange Figure Revealed & Photos!

While their awe-inspiring sixth scale Giant-Man diorama was plainly available to be photographed for the world to see yesterday during the setup for ACGHK 2016, there was one item Hot Toys was literally hiding until the start of the show! He was obscured via being covered with a mystic sheet of cloth yesterday, but no longer: the Hot Toys Doctor Strange sixth scale figure has now been revealed!

ACGHK 2016 Doctor Strange Sixth Scale Figure Hot Toys

As glorious as that immensely huge Hot Toys Giant-Man figure we got to see yesterday was, that was sadly only a display piece (unless HT is planning to throw us a $2,000+ curveball, anyway). There weren’t any general release new reveals in that diorama at all.

But Ani-Con & Gaming Convention Hong Kong 2016 isn’t a total wash for Marvel collectors who actually want to buy things and not just see them, because the movie Doctor Strange Hot Toys figure has now been officially revealed at the event!

I fully expected to see Doctor Strange unveiled at SDCC 2016 last week, as Marvel movies are bigger in the United States than anywhere else in the world, but Hot Toys surprised everyone by holding off on this figure until the 2016 ACGHK.

Hot Toys Doctor Strange MMS Figure Close-Up Rune Effects PieceThough I’m famous for nitpicking, I’ve got little to complain about with this fantastic Hot Toys Doctor Strange 12″ figure. From the outright excellent Benedict Cumberbatch portrait head sculpt to the finely-tailed clothes, this is one outstanding Movie Masterpiece Series figure!

Hot Toys Doctor Strange Accessories Eye of AgamottoEven the translucent plastic used for the rune effects pieces has a really cool shimmery effects to it that makes it feel all mystical–great stuff! In my opinion, this just may be the best new figure that Hot Toys has developed all year if it turns out as nice as this highly impressive prototype.

Hot Toys Book of Vishanti Book from Doctor Strange Figure

While he wasn’t displayed with a ton of accessories, we did get to see that the Hot Toys Dr. Strange figure will include a Book of Vishanti, the Eye of Agamotto necklace, super-cool rune spells effects pieces, and an astral plane-decorated display base that is really eye-grabbing. I’d expect some interchangeable hands to be included as well, though those were not on display at ACGHK.

Seriously, though–the tiny Book of Vishanti accessory actually has individually-illustrated pages that fans can flip through! Who else besides Hot Toys would give us this level of detail and care? It’s figures like this Stephen Strange that remind me why I drop more money on Hot Toys than any other collectibles company in the world. Good work, guys!

Doctor Strange Hot Toys 12 Inch Figure RevealedThere hasn’t been any indication that Hot Toys is planning to produce more Doctor Strange movie characters in the Movie Masterpiece Series line beyond Doctor Strange himself, and unless the movie turns out to be a mega-hit of mammoth proportions, I wouldn’t expect them to do so. Sorry Karl Mordo fans!

Has Hot Toys hit the mystical bullseye with their first-ever Dr. Strange figure, Marvel collectors? Is this a sure-fire pre-order for you, or are you waiting to see how the Doctor Strange movie turns out before deciding on this one?


Hot Toys Doctor Strange Figure Revealed & Photos! — 9 Comments

  1. Sweet ” I’m on it put it up for pre-order and I will gladly put my money on it dammit ” I supposed to stop collecting dammit shame ” shame ” shame ##*# dammit …????

  2. Well expect “Doctor Strange” to be a big hit buddy, I can tell you that now. Also expect to see figures of Baron Mordo, Ancient One and maybe the main villain. If you’re still doubting Marvel at this stage to produce a new box office hit you need your head checked haha. On a brighter note this Doctor Strange figure looks amazing and i’ll will be getting it.

    • Just being a hit doesn’t guarantee a bunch of Hot Toys figures. Ant-Man did well and there’s still only one figure in that line and perhaps a permanently-delayed Yellowjacket.

      The Doctor Strange movie will have to be tracking as a MEGA-hit before Hot Toys will invest in any secondary characters from it.

      • Yeah I don’t know what’s going on with Yellowjacket, it’s like that figure just fropped off the face of the earth haha. I say what I said because i’m pretty confident “Doctor Strange” is going to end up being a bigger hit than “Ant-Man”. I’m not saying DS will have several figures from the movie, but I believe the potential is there for perhaps 3-4 figures, but it does have to be a big hit for that happen. Even though Strange is an unproven property, with the combination of magic, the supernatural, being a Marvel film and releasing in November I think it will hit the jackpot and prove to be another big smash. I think it will track well and open between 80-100 million it’s opening weekend, just watch. I just have a feeling DS will play more like GOTG than Ant-Man, but we’ll see.

    • October. Hot Toys will likely get a head start on production before then anyway, though.

  3. Hot Toys are general waaaaay out of my budget, but I may j us to have to figure out how to swing this’n. Too awesome for words!!

    • Hot Toys are indeed very expensive and the price is not for everyone. But to avoid paying $200-$300 plus on a figure at one time why not simply use Sideshow Collectibles monthly Flex pay system like I do, it will make it much easier on your pockets believe me. While I do agree with your post where you said unless “Doctor Strange” is big hit expect only his figure to be made by Hot Toys. But trust me they have plans to make other figures like Baron Mordo and the Ancient One and they’ve probably already made them. Now rather they end up producing thousands for sale to the public is another story. I fully expect “Doctor Strange” to be one of the 3 biggest hits of the Fall/Winter season and gross between 700-850 million worldwide. Remember I said it here first, and if i’m wrong i’ll be the first one to admit it. But the combination of a good looking film, a stellar cast, magic, mystery, intrigue and fantasy plus the MCU brand are just too many obstacles for this film to not succeed.