Hot Toys Giant-Man Figure Displayed at ACGHK 2016!

With San Diego Comic-Con 2016 having been last week and two new Iron Man sixth scale figures having been put up for order just yesterday, you might think that Hot Toys would have already played all of their cards for the time being. But ACGHK 2016 is occurring in Hong Kong this weekend, and Hot Toys has a giant-sized surprise on-hand for collectors: a humongous Hot Toys Giant-Man sixth scale figure is on display on the show–and man, “giant” is not hyperbole in this case…!

Hot Toys Toys Giant-Man Ani-Con Game Convention Hong Kong 2016

From the very first minute that it leaked (via a LEGO set–Ha!) that Giant-Man would be appearing in Captain America: Civil War, I’ve been anticipating that a Hot Toys Giant-Man sixth scale figure would be released that would be about the size of a regular quarter-scale figure (or maybe a little bit bigger).

So when rumors began swirling last week that Hot Toys would have a Giant-Man on display at Ani-Con & Game Convention Hong Kong 2016, my heart fluttered and I counted down the days until the start of ACGHK.

Well, the displays are being set up for ACGHK 2016 right now and the first photos of the rumored Giant-Man Hot Toys have hit the net, but this Giant-Man is a little, uh, more “giant” than I had imagined…

Giant-Man Hot Toys Figure Holding 1/6 War MachineYes, that is actually a 13″ Hot Toys War Machine sixth scale figure in Giant-Man’s hand. That’s how humongous the Giant-Man figure on display at Ani-Con 2016 is.

Hot Toys Scarlet Witch Figure Standing on Giant-Man's Arm

I haven’t heard any measurements yet for this figure, but it’s clear that this Giant-Man is probably about five feet tall… or even bigger! Scarlet Witch can even stand comfortably spreading her legs atop Giant-Man’s shoulder! (That didn’t sound right.)

This Hot Toys Giant-Man sixth scale figure is absolutely gorgeous and phenomenally-done… but it’s just too big. Not just for my collection, mind you, but too big for mass production at all.

Side View of Huge Giant-Man Hot Toys Figure MMS

Hot Toys has made many behemoth display pieces for events and shows over the years (including an incredible sixth scale Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighters), but those items are just that: display pieces. Hot Toys has no intention of ever actually producing any of those vehicles, and I’m near-certain that there’s no chance of this Giant-Man ever seeing production either.

This figure would cost well over $1,000, if not well over $2,000, to produce. It’s just not going to happen.

Now, would I buy an 18″ or 24″ Hot Toys Giant-Man figure? Absolutely. But if there were any Giant-Man figure of that size in the works right now, I suspect this monster of a figure wouldn’t be getting the spotlight at the 2016 ACGHK. Alas, we may have to accept that a Hot Toys 1/6 Giant-Man is simply an impossibility (at least, for now).

Hot Toys Giant-Man Sixth Scale Figure ACGHK 2016I’ll be adding photos and coverage of the new products revealed at ACGHK 2016 as the event continues–including the much-anticipated Hot Toys Doctor Strange sixth scale figure–so stay tuned to the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages for more news this week and weekend! And thanks to Hot Toys Mad Man on Facebook for the photos!

What do you think of the Giant-Man Hot Toys figure being displayed at ACGHK, Marvel collectors? Would you ever want an action figure (if you can still call it that) this big in your collection, and if so, how much would you be willing to pay for it? If you’d want a somewhat smaller Giant-Man Movie Masterpiece Series figure in your collection, what size do you think would be ideal?


Hot Toys Giant-Man Figure Displayed at ACGHK 2016! — 7 Comments

  1. Are we sure that is a figure or is Paul Rudd making an appearance. (Answer: No, No he is not.

  2. It’s actually not that unrealistic that something like this could be made or sold. Star Wars has all sorts of life sized displays and since this is right there, hell even smaller if it’s 5ft. tall not far fetched at all. The bigger issue is that I don’t think there would be much of a market for it. Having a life sized Darth Vader in your house is much cooler then a 1/6 Ant Man. Both cool, but with price and space it makes it a tough sell.

  3. It looks incredible…. but Money and space its totally out of the question…. for something like this… Plus for me to buy it…. would it mean to buy the entire set of the display…. because it looks perfect.

  4. Well I would buy it I pray that they do make one but it’s not likely ” I hope they make a dooms day figure to go with the batman vs superman that would be nice a 20″inch figure ‘ oh well just a thought …??✌?️