CONTEST: Hot Toys Captain America Civil War Figure Giveaway!

2016 has been a theatrical breakout year for many Marvel characters, including Deadpool, Doctor Strange and Apocalypse. But when the smoke cleared, Captain America stood triumphant once again with the highest-grossing superhero flick in the land. As usual, the Hot Toys Captain America 12″ figure from the film was the best toy of Cap available this year, but not everyone has 200+ bucks to drop on one. But if you’re in that camp, rejoice, because we’re giving away a Hot Toys Civil War Captain America to one lucky reader absolutely free!

Hot Toys Captain America Civil War Shield

It’s been a little while since we’ve done a giveaway contest here on Marvel Toy News, but what better time than the holidays to give back to our readers for their support, right?

And so, for the first time ever, we’ve partnered up with Sideshow Collectibles to offer a Hot Toys figure giveaway. The prize? A Movie Masterpiece Series Captain America Civil War sixth scale figure valued at over $220!

Want to enter (yeah, I know you do)? Check out the rules below for the complete listing of ways to earn entries for the contest.

Hot Toys 2016 Captain America Movie Masterpiece Series Figure Angry HeadThe rules are pretty straightforward and will look familiar to those who entered our Deadpool giveaway in February. But pay attention, because now you can earn more entries:

1) Individuals are allowed a total of three possible entries: one for Facebook, one from this post and one for Twitter. Individuals who try to create duplicate accounts on either form of social media to gain additional entries will be disqualified.

2) To enter via Facebook, ‘Like’ Marvel Toy News on Facebook and comment on or share the Contest Announcement post on Facebook in order to indicate that you want to be entered into the giveaway. BLAMMO! First entry done.

3) To enter via Twitter, Follow Marvel Toy News on Twitter and Retweet the Contest Announcement as an indication that you want to win the Civil War Captain America Hot Toys for your very own. ZOOM! Entered Again!

4) For the first time ever, you can get one entry just for commenting on this post and answering my request! I want to know what your single favorite Marvel toy or collectible of 2016 has been! No complete series or lines, no multiple selections–you get to choose one Marvel collectible. Period. I’d also love to hear your favorites in the Twitter/Facebook replies, but you won’t get entries for posting there. Got it?

5) The winner will be randomly selected and contacted on Friday, December 16th 2016. The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize, or I’ll draw another winner.

6)  Sideshow Collectibles will ship the prize directly to winner and pay all shipping fees if the winner resides in the United States.  International readers are also eligible to enter the contest, but the winner will be responsible for taxes and fees if they live outside of the United States.

Hot Toys Civil War Captain America Figure and Accessories

Wait! Don’t just skip over that last bit! It’s important, so I’ll reiterate: This contest is open to collectors outside of the United States, however International winners will be responsible for VAT, duties, taxes or import fees on the shipment of their prize that may be assessed by their governments. Due to custom requirements, the prize will be assigned a value of at least US$1.

Yes, I know–everyone hates paying The Man VAT/duties/taxes, but this is a figure that retails for $224.99, so getting it absolutely free other than having to pay the taxes isn’t too bad, right…?

Hot Toys Captain America Civil War Battle Damaged Crossbones HelmetOrdinarily I like my contests to run a wee bit longer, but in this instance I’d like there to be ample time for Cap to join your household before the holidays arrive, so the contest will end on December 16th, 2016 at 11:59PM EST. If you have any questions at all about the giveaway or how to enter, hit me up here or on social media.

And that’s it! Get those entries in here, on Twitter and on Facebook–and good luck, Marvel collectors!


CONTEST: Hot Toys Captain America Civil War Figure Giveaway! — 276 Comments

  1. my favorite and most anticipated figure of the year was Iceman from the jugg wave ! (also first)

  2. my favorite toy this year was the marvel legends cable it took that costume into my new favorite also dabid i am a huge fan of your site

  3. My favorite Marvel item this year is NECA’s quarter scale Hulk. That thing is MASSIVE.

  4. Ohhh! My favorite (after some internal debate) Is probably the Mego-stlye Deadpool that DST put out at the beginning of the year =)

      • Yeah! I thought it was dumb looking when it was first revealed, then as time went on, I went to see him as a cheaper substitute for the higher end cloth figures, like Hot Toys and such.

  5. My favorite Marvel collectible of 2016.. Marvel Legends Venom from the Absorbing Man wave. Pretty sure that was the beginning of 2016?

  6. Even though Revoltech and Hot Toys are better quality, I would have to go with this years Marvel Legends Deadpool as favorite Marvel collectible of 2016.

  7. Jeez, name just one collectible? It would have to be the titan heroes Hulkbuster I snagged on clearance. Odd, I know, but I’ve been wanting a large Hulkbuster since AOU, so I was pretty giddy.

  8. Walgreens Exclusive Punisher. The accessories, alternate heads, and general design is damn near perfection.

    • NICE ONE!!! Chrome Colossus is one of very few figures I’ve kept on my desk since the day it came out! =D

  9. Hmmmm, single favorite Marvel toy this year…?
    I’m gonna have to go with the Marvel Legends Dormammu from the Doctor Strange series.
    It’s just so freaking pretty with the clear flaming head and metallic purple paint job. And then the green and blue flaming skulls bring it to the next level of awesome. Love it and it looks great and stands out in my collection!!

  10. My favourite Marvel collectible this year was the Civil War movie Scarlet Witch Marvel Legends figure! She looks so badass, and the figure was executed fantastically; a great addition to the 6″ figure line collection 😀

  11. My favorite Marvel collectible from this year was probably the Marvel Legends Doctor Strange in Astral Projection. Something about that just gets me. Wiuld love to be entered into drawing. My daughter LOVES Cap and Chris Evans.

  12. My Favourite Figure of 2016 was absolutely the crossbones hot toys, merely for the design on the character, wish i had the money to buy one!
    Btw thanks for an amazing opportunity and keep up the great articles 🙂

  13. My favorite Marvel figure of 2016 has been the Funko Dr Strange that was Exclusive to SDCC. It captures Dr Strange and his magic perfectly. But Capt is my all time favorite of anyone 🙂

  14. Hello,
    I m from france and i would like to participate … I m not sure to understand but apparently, i just need to tell you that : ” my favorite figure this year is … The shfiguarts captain america civil war !!!! “

  15. The Civil War Spider-Man from the 3 pack! While it’s not the best Spider-Man figure out there, just seeing Spider-Man in the same packaging as other MCU figures is something special.

  16. I loved Hot Toys Deadpool this year. I thought it was really well detailed and still kept the whimsy of the character.

  17. That’s really tough, but my favorite 2016 collectible would probably have to be the Marvel Legends Deadpool, I just really love that thing. Wolverine and Kitty are close too.

  18. My favorite cillecyible from this year is the marvel legends civil war black panther. Great sculpt and paint and articulation and all around a fun figure to pose and play with.

  19. My favourite this year? My vote goes to Mark 45 that is why winning this would make a great fight scene with team IM and Team Capt!

  20. For my favorite figure of 2016, I’d have to vote for Benedict Cumberbatch a.k.a. Doctor Strange from Hasbro. That figure that made me incredibly happy as soon as I opened it. I kept on fiddling with it over and over again. Plenty of display options and a really good sculpt all around…Not bad at all for $20.

  21. for this year 2016 is the marvel legends deadpool from the xmen series marvel legends. It was awesome with his tacos.

  22. Oh man, the pressure..I gotta say my favorite Marvel toy this year is the Marvel Legends 6″ Hobgoblin. I know the non-matching orange paints bothered a lot of people, but I love classic Hobgoblin and think the figure does the design great justice. Plus we’re getting a sick Green Goblin out of the mold!

    EE hasn’t shipped my Sandman wave yet, but if I get it before January I’d probably change my answer to Shocker. It looks great so fat and he’: my very favorite Spider-Man villain.

    Thanks for this opportunity, man! I really appreciate it.

  23. I haven’t found it yet, but the Walgreen’s exclusive Scarlet Spider Pop is my favorite of 2016 as of today! Can’t get enough Ben Reilly!

  24. My favourite collectible has to be the hot toys Ant-Man ! A brilliant figure of a classic design!

  25. Marvel Legends Juggernaut BAF. One of the best BAF figures Hasbro has done, and just, so perfectly massive.

  26. I’ll give this a try.
    I do not really collect marvel toys anymore except for legos, but you are like my guilty daily pleasure. So, i guess i have to elect LEGO DOCTOR STRANGE Sanctum Sanctorum Set as my fave marvel collectible for this year. For coherence, and for i really dug Doc’s movie.
    Thanks again, keep this up.

    Fabio ”pay the postman” R.

    • Italy; i am from Italy, that’s why ”i would the postman” nickname. As you said, postal charges on …well. Never mind.

      • so, you are the first winner of this contest,
        and the prize is> bits of my soul.
        Have a nice day, and forgive my brutal english grammar

  27. The new revoltech Spiderman too be released on January made jump to get my credit card…. Pre ordered on BBTS already

  28. My favorite marvel collectible of the year has been Marvel Legends 6 inch Black Panther, from the Giant Man series. To me, it is a simple, but very detailed and accurate MCU figure. It looks great in my case.

  29. Spider man series hands down, my boyfriend is getting a nice collection and cool to see the changes, alterations, and development through the years. As a chick, I can’t help but to like female characters.

  30. The Wolverine Marvel Legend from the Juggernaut BAF is my fave toy of the year. Possibility, look, and shortness made this the best Wolvie toy ever made!

  31. I’d love to be included in this contest! My favorite Marvel figure this year has to be the Marvel Legends Ultimate Peter Parker! Great articulation, choice of paint, and overall great faithful representation of my favorite version of Spider-Man from my favorite comic series ever!

  32. I love the Revoltech Deadpool! I was sad when it sold out so fast but I found one finally!

  33. My favorite is probably the Marvel Legends 6-inch Phoenix figure, though I admit it’s a close call. I think this figure could be better, but it’s Jean Grey, and I’ve loved her for years.

  34. Mine is personally the Marvel Legends Hobgoblin from the Space Venom wave. (runner-up: Onslaught baf) I love the goblin family, and this figure just excelled. Yes, his glider is a bit small and his shoulders are not that posable, but i love the sculpt, paint, character selection, everything. I can’t wait for Green Goblin; I think that one looks even better. I love Spidey and his villains, and although I love Venom more, he wasn’t that great of a figure. I’m glad we are getting such a classic villain-heavy wave next, and if that Sandman wave wasn’t officially a 2017 release (and if I had it already), Sandman would probably take the cake! Thanks for the chance at this giveaway and Merry Christmas!

  35. My favorite Marvel Toy of 2016 is definitely 100% easy money with a Hello Kitty on top the Hot Toys Deadpool (Movie) Figure. The poses you can do with all the interchangeable eyes and fingers are ENDLESS. I just got it and I pose it every day. It’s the only hot toy I have and I love it. Thanks for doing this giveaway! Happy Holidays.

  36. Awesome contest! My favorite Marvel collectible of 2016…it’s a tough call, but I’m going to go with the Marvel Legends Deadpool. Great sculpt and insane number of accessories puts it over the top.

    • Nice pick! I’m so disappointed that the Marvel Legends prop replicas don’t seem to be selling very well! I’m glad someone else loves them though! 🙂

  37. My favorite Marvel collectable from this year has got to be the Marvel Legends Deadpool. So many great accessories!

  38. My favorite figure was the Disney store exclusive Marvel Select Spider-Man. It gave me a spectacular spidey vibe and I loved the accessories.

  39. Does foreign toys count? Sentinel re edit Hulkbuster was so worth it. The thing is a beauty, work of art! Domestic? Marvel Legends Wolverine. Hands down. Childhood nostalgia brought to plastic. So good!

  40. Kitty Pryde because, you know, Kitty Pryde. Or maybe just the Lockheed from the Kitty Pryde, if you want to get that specific.

  41. My most favorite figure that i bought this year would have to be Scourge from the Red Onslaught set. His modern look is so badass and i love all the detail on him.

  42. My favorite marvel collectible of the year would have to be the new Marvel Legends Deadpool that came out. Mainly because of the amount of accessories!

  43. My favorite Marvel toy of this year (that I already own anyway) is Marvel Legends Rogue as it’s a perfect rendition of the character.

  44. No doubt: Marvel Legends BAF Juggernaut. Sturdy, towers over other figures, and looks great.

  45. My absolute favorite has been the Marvel Legends Captain America Shield. My only regret is that I couldn’t swing the price for the metal version!

    • If the prices keep dropping on those Marvel Legends prop replicas, maybe you WILL be able to swing that metal version soon! =D

  46. This is awesome.
    As of right now, Deadpool from the Marvel Legends series is my favorite, BUT…..that might change once my Hot Toys Movie Deadpool arrives in Thursday.

  47. My favorite single Marvel toy this year has got to be the Marvel Legends X-Men Rogue figure! A dream come true for a Rogue fan since the 90’s!

  48. My favourite Marvel collectable this year has been my Hot toys New Avengers Scarlet Witch, as a huge Scarlet witch fan i just love having these collectables in my house.

  49. Gotta say my favorite figure from this year has been the Marvel Legends Onslaught BAF, with the head that came with Kitty Pride. Having a classic Marvel Legends Onslaught was my dream since I got into Action Figures and it finally came true this year 🙂

  50. So hard to pick one favorite toy…. honestly its probably the ML Deadpool, I have just had so much fun with him in my ML collection.

  51. Thanks for the giveaway!

    My favorite Marvel toy of 2016 that I own is the Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Movie figure.
    I prefer lots of accessories with my figures, and this figure did not disappoint with the inclusion of alternate hands, the effect piece, the Eye of Agamotto, and the removable Cloak of Levitation.
    The green effects pieces from the Hulkbuster Wave Doctor Strange Comic figure look especially cool on the new Doctor Strange Movie figure.

    This is the first time I have entered one of these, so I have a couple questions.
    If I won, how would I claim the prize and how would Sideshow Collectibles receive my shipping information and such?

    • You gotta raise your hand AND tell me your favorite Marvel toy of the year to be entered. 😉

  52. Favourite Marvel related collectible this year probably the Hot Toys Deadpool 1/6 scale. Not lucky enough to have one though!

  53. I would love to be entered, so my favorite collectible for 2016 has been the Secret Wars Captain America with the shield that looks like it is being thrown. It was a gift and that means a lot to me.

  54. I think my favorite this year is the Dormammu BAF. I know there are way better figures out there, but Dormammu is one of my favorite characters and my hype was really big for that figure.

  55. i would say that my favorite Marvel Collectible of 2016 was the Civil War Falcon 6″ Marvel Legends. Thanks to having some spare pistols (but can’t complain about the accessories included) that I had laying around, this figure is just so fun! That wingspan!

  56. I don’t have it but I love the Stan Lee Hot Toy. Captured his pwrsonality so well.

  57. Hello!! The Hot Toys Iron Man Sub-Zero Mark VII is my absolute favorite of this year. It’s simply stellar!

  58. My favorite marvel collectible that i bought this year was the kotobukiya mark 45, mostly is because the design of amour that looks like more modern and comic accurate (talking about the ultimate universe) but thats my favorite……please i want that cap .

  59. My favourite marvel collectable for 2016 was the civil war cap with shield pop! My beautiful wife got it for me when I was feeling down and picked me back up! Thanks for the comp!!!

  60. While there have been a lot of great Marvel Legends figures released this year, I’d have to say my favorite Marvel toy this year (limiting this to ones I’ve purchased) is the Jada METALS Hulkbuster. The METALS line is growing on me, and the Hulkbuster is my favorite so far — it’s got size, it’s got weight, it’s appropriately metallic, and it even comes with a smaller Iron Man that goes inside. There’s been toys with better details, better articulation, and better likenesses, but there’s just something cool about this Hulkbuster.

    • …Well, there’s a vote for something I didn’t know existed! Seems maybe I’ll have to start doing coverage of this Jada Metals line…

      • They remind me of how Funko POPs started — they’re very stylized, small and affordable, and pretty soon you’ve got too many on your desk 🙂

  61. My favorite has definitely been the Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen release. One of my faves, AND it dropped on my birthday!

  62. My favourite Marvel collectible thus far would probably be the Scarlet Witch Marvel Legends. I love the detail!

  63. I want to enter the contest and add Captain America next to my Crow Hot Toys. Thanks and Happy Holidays

  64. The Marvel Legends 75th anniversary Captain America shield has got to be my favorite collectable this year.

  65. Thanks for the opportunity!
    I know it’s not on sale yet, but if I have to choose one Marvel toy from 2016, that will be Revoltech Spider-Man. Even if articulations may look awkward, I think it’s gonna be such a fun figure to play with!

  66. My favorite “single” toy of 2016 has been the Hasbro Marvel Legends Rogue. I’ve been waiting what feels like forever to get my Jim Lee X-Men and they did her justice.

  67. Hot Toys Dr. Strange! It’s a beauty. I jumped on the pre-order the second it went up.

  68. I was really impressed with the Marvel Legends Black Panther figure. The new sculpt, body size, feet, hands, head – all of it.

  69. King Arts Iron Man Mark VII die cast. Love the smaller scale for space purposes and the price is hard to beat for the quality.

  70. My favorite figure of this year has been the Marvel Legends Iron Fist from the Dr Strange series. I love the green costume over the previous white one, and enjoy having actual iron fist options.

  71. My favourite Marvel toy this year was definitely the Psylocke Pop! I’m a huge fan of hers, so I was thrilled to have her in Pop! form.

  72. My favorite Marvel Figure this year has to be Marvel Legends Rogue,Phoenix, Cable, or Wolverine from the Juggernaut Wave.

    I started off with the Juggernaut wave this year for Marvel Legends and it’s hard to choose a favorite out

  73. Marvel Legends Deadpool has to be my favorite of 2016. Looks great, and such great articulation compared so some other Legends figures.

  74. my favorite Marvel collectible of 2016 was the Civil War Scarlet Witch ML. She was my Grandpas favorite character for years since his childhood and he introduced me into the Marvel world. When we learned she was going to be in Age of Ultron, we got really excited. Sadly though, he died before the movie came out. So, not only is that figure amazing, it’s also a memorial to my late grandfather.

  75. My favorite Marvel Figure/collectible of 2016 is Marvel Legends’ Black Panther and Silk! Would love to have this Captain America figure on my shelf!

  76. Since it released already the Sandman BAF is epic. Can’t wait to get the rest of him!

  77. My fave figure is the hottoys “winter soldier Steve Rogers” simple yet awesome!

  78. Personally, I was very fond of the new maskless Legends Winter Soldier. Amazing headsculpt for a six inch!

  79. I really like the S.H. Figuarts Civil War Captain America. It would be great if he got a big brother.😬

  80. My favorite Marvel figure of the year is the Legends Deadpool. It’s rare to find in the wild, but he’s more than worth the retail price.

  81. With out a doubt the marvel legends deadpool been wabting a new deadpool for years and finnaly got one that was amazing.

  82. My favorite marvel toy from this past year is the Hulkbuster build-a-figure from the marvel legends line.

  83. Huge fan, Dabid. I love this site and your other news sites (including HaloToyNews). I was worried when they went down a week or two ago, and am glad they’re back up and operating at full capacity.

    I’d have to say my fav Marvel collectible this year is the Walgreens ML Punisher. I’m not even as attached to Punisher as I am other characters we’ve gotten good figures of this year, but something about the Punisher figure elevates it slightly above other MLs for some reason.

    Though there is a tiiiny chance that the Hot Toys Iron Man Mk. 26 Gamma I bought from Sideshow using the Spooktacular $75 off code (and payment plan) that’s coming Wednesday will take its place.

  84. fav Marvel collectible is the Gentle Giant Deadpool Animated Statue – great piece from a Skottie Young cover.

  85. My favourite Marvel Legends of 2016 is Kitty Pryde. The reason; just look at that gorgeous headsculpt!

  86. My favorite S.H toy figure is the civil war iron man and love it as well.its awesome 😊😆

  87. I can’t spend a lot of money, so I got to say the Marvel Select Captain America from Civil War. Love the scale and the overall quality of the figure. Well worth the price tag. I am a huge Cap fan and this figure was perfect IMO.

  88. My favorite marvel figure this year has to be Marvel Select Movie Doctor Strange! It looks fantastic and can’t wait to get my hands on it! It’ll look amazing along the rest of the MCU select figures!

  89. The single best marvel collectible this year is the hot toys punisher. It is the perfect interpretation of punisher, it is only missing his van!

  90. The Hot Toys/Sideshow Exclusive Iron Man MkIII Stealth I got on cyber Monday is my favorite Marvel collectible of 2016. Wolverine from the summer ML like is a close second though.

  91. This is tough, but I’d probably go with the build-a-figure Giant Man. It really captures such an amazing scene from Civil War. I’d put Hot Toys Ant Man and a tie between Funko Pop Doctor Strange (SDCC exclusive with rune) and the chrome Colossus. All of these guys look great on my desk and shelf!

  92. So many great figures this year…and quite a hurting on my wallet. My fave ended up being the S.H.Figuarts ANH Luke Skywalker. Excellent sculpt and fantastic accessories…really set the bar high for likeness, articulation and fun.

  93. My favorite, if it counts, was the Lego Spider-Man bridge set. Not only was the bridge itself a great looking build, we finally got a classic Goblin minifigure and a 90s Scarlet Spider to boot!

  94. My personal favorite Marvel toy of 2016 is the Ben Reilly Spider-Man with the Spider-Carnage head and hands.

  95. I’m actually most in love with my new Nico Minoru from the Legends line. The detail is beautiful and I’ve loved the character for years, so it’s great to have such a nice figure of her finally.

  96. My favorite of 2016 is the Scarlet Witch Civil War edition from Hot Toys. Would have loved a Bucky Barnes Civil War Hot Toys, tho

  97. I started collecting Marvel Legends officially this spring and it’s crazy how much my collection has grown! My favorite figure for 2016 is the Marvel Legends Black Panther. The details are incredible!

  98. It’s very hard to choose but since I haven’t seen any mentioned, I’ll say the GameStop exclusive astral projection Dr. Strange Dorbz. It looks so cool in the light! I’ve been getting into Dorbz more lately, partially because they are a little cheaper, and obviously because they are so cute! 🤓

    • Doug, I’m about to send you an E-Mail. Make sure you respond without 24 hours. Because you’ll want to. =P

  99. My favorite toy of this year has been the legends baf of dormammu. I’ve been wanting for years for them to make him and I was so disappointed to not be able to get the strange box set last year when they finally. But here he is now in my hands and he is awesome.

  100. Tough choice, but I’m going with Marvel Legends Havok. Unpopular opinion, but I love the costume they chose to use!

  101. My favorite Marvel figure of 2016 is probably the SH Figuarts Ironman Mark 45. I just love the design of the armor and how Bandai did it justice. Plus the amount of articulation it has for a 6 inch figure is amazing! Until now I never get tired of looking at it and posing it around.

  102. Favorite Marvel collectible this year was the Hasbro Captain America Shield. Was surprised on how well it was made compared to those crazy expensive versions.

  103. this Cap was my favorite this year, I had the battling version but I have to sell it for financial reasons….my revoltech Deadpool just arrived and it’s AWESOME I love to posing him I just can’t get tired of that figure….

  104. Had I the money, I would have to say the Marvel Legends metal Cap Shield.
    Or, had I the money, the Hot Toys movie Deadpool.

    For my budget, I would have to either say the ML Deadpool, or the exclusive ML Falcon (6″).

  105. The Marvel Legends 75th Anniversary metal Captain America Shield. Been waiting for an affordable replica for years.

  106. Even though the 12″ Marvel Legends line isn’t everybody’s favorite, I really like that line and I’m very happy with my Spidey figure. The articulation on the legs could have been a lot better, but It’s definitely my favorite figure of 2016. I really love it!

  107. I have to say, I really like the Miles Morales figure. My budget for figures is pretty low, so I don’t get to grab near as many as I’d like, but Miles has stood out, even above Iron Fist, due to a wonderful amount of articulation, and plenty of alternate parts, to boot.

  108. I want this. Favourites??? ALL! As i have none, everything is great. But i’m so curious about the new secret wars figures (back to memory lane).

  109. Has to be the ‘best of’ hulkbuster series but the BAF itself was the highlight for me. Great figure and looks even better beside the hulk

  110. My favourite Marvel figure for 2016 is as basic as they come….. the Specialty Stores Cosmo Pop! Vinyl.

  111. Favorite one i have to say is the marvel legends baf hulk buster. We got country release this year with avengers series. Manage to get one via toys r us without importing it.;)

  112. My favorite collectible of 2016 is without a doubt in my mind the Amazing Yamaguchi Deadpool figure that Revoltech put out recently!

  113. Gosh, that’s a lot of scrolling. It’s a tough call for my favorite collectible of 2016, I don’t think I picked up a ton of Marvel stuff this year. But I love the rerelease of Marvel Select Carnage. Missed him the first time, but found him this time!

    • I know, right?! I thought only like five people were actually going to respond, but apparently there’s more to scroll through… =D

  114. I really wanted to say the Legends Deadpool but I went through four of them and they all had terrible paint apps. Frustrating to say the least.

    My vote goes to the Hot Toys Mark 45 from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Such a sick figure, but one I will likely never own because it costs so darn much. In person it is stunning!

  115. Hey dude,
    My favorite Marvel figure this year has to be the Hot Toys Deadpool figure. Got it in the mail last week. It’s incredible!

  116. In my opinion, Deadpool Marvel Legends is the greatest Marvel toy of 2016! This figure gives me a feeling like i have relived the moment when i read NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL. Thrilled and Excited! 😀

  117. My favorite collectible this year was hands down the Marvel Legends Iron Fist.

    Danny has been a favorite forever, but he’s never gotten many figure opportunities, and the ones that have been released have been okay at best. Easily my new favorite figure.

  118. My favorite toy this year was the Marvel Legends Captain America shield replica! It’s awesome!!!

  119. My favorite for the year was the Funko Pop! chrome Colossus! Visually he was pretty awesome and came with a brand new mold. He was a great addition to the X-Men collection.

  120. I may be biased in that I love Spider-Gwen, but I’ve gotta say that her marvel legends figure is my favorite of the year.

  121. maybe this sounds not cool, but I love the marvel tsum tsum line in plastic, they had a special Captain America set just at Kohl’s that was 2 Cap versions, Falcon, Fury, Bucky and Natasha!

  122. Marvel Legends Deadpool !

    not the best detail, and with unpainted accessories, but still – to FINALLY have a Marvel Legends Deadpool! WOW what a year!

    Others have been displayed and put away, but this one has stayed out, proudly displayed in my home. And I repose him several times a week.

    AWESOME figure!

  123. I’ve been swooning over all the amazing sets that have released from Marvel Legends in 2016 so far. By far, my favorite Marvel Toy so far has been the Deadpool Marvel Legends figure. I mean they really nailed it. The different heads, so so so many weapons, the tacos!!!! I mean you can tell they really care about the Deadpool character when they made that. If I could ever find it, I would buy in a heartbeat.

  124. My favorite is the Marvel Legends 12in Spidey! I ordered it from Amazon’s Deal of the Day for an awesome price. My favorite charcater and he looks great next to my Hot Toys Deadpool!

  125. The 3 3/4″ Capt America: Civil War figure was my favorite from this entire year, but a close second was the Capt America figure with his motorcycle from the same line.

  126. I’ve gotta say Iceman from the Marvel Legends X-Men wave was my favourite of the year! It got me back into collecting Marvel Legends figures after years away!

  127. I love the Marvel Legends Venom. Such an awesome figure. But there are so many great ones this year also.

  128. My favourite has been the Marvel Legends Miles Morales Ultimate Spidey. Such a great figure!

  129. It doesn’t seem like my initial response was listed. My pick for best Marvel figure of the year is Hot Toys Deadpool. I love the hands and eye attachments. Awesome movie, awesome figure! Would love to add Captain America to my collection!

  130. My favorite was the Legends scale Cap sheild. Have always wanted a Cap sheild, but could not afford the high end stuff.

  131. One of those “silent, but supportive” kind of readers here. Lots of great figures were released this year, but I think my favorite would have to be the Marvel Legends MCU Black Panther from the Captain America : Civil War wave. He’s so sleek and stylized! Close runners up are Rogue and Deadpool from the Juggernaut BAF wave.

  132. Hi so my favourite marvel collectible this year would have to be the marvel infinite legends deadpool figure due to the interchangeable head and arsenal of weapons not to mention the Taco

  133. Oh, what a tough call! I think I have to go with Civil War Scarlet Witch because she was the very first of the Marvel Legends that caught my eye. In the process of looking around for her (felt like she was *never* going to finally release 😉 ), I ended up discovering the X-Men line, starting with the gorgeous new Rogue, and then the madness spread from there. So… *looks around at the ton of MLs around me* basically this is all Wanda’s fault, lol! 😉

  134. My favorite Marvel toy in 2016 is Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Man. I didn’t think I was ever gonna get a toy of my favorite superhero.

  135. As much as I love everything in my sixth scale collection, I was blindsided by the Amecomi Revoltech Deadpool figure! It rocks and the posing potential is endless!!

  136. The Iron Man Mark XLVI Diecast figure from Hot Toys; I’ve been eyeing this Cap to go with him to make my own Civil War scene!

  137. Punisher Pop figure. Wish it were a Sideshow Punisher figure, just don’t have the money, but I LOVE the Punisher.

  138. My favorite figure is Wolverine ARTFX, I was never a Wolvie man, but the depowered Marvel Now costume caught my attention.

  139. Favourite figure? No Contest (Pun very much intended): Rogue Marvel Legends 6″. I’m from Vancouver but I was on vacation in Florida when they started showing up so I did a mini #ToyHunt when I was there. I went to multiple Walmarts and Targets and Walgreens within a span of a few days and just about lost my footing when I finally found her! As an X-men fan I’m beyond ecstatic that Marvel is once again producing X-men merchandize. About. Damn. Time.

  140. I love the new Thanos by Kotobukiya! I have several others statues but I have always loved Thanos. The detail is intense, if only I had the money to spend on it!

  141. I think my favorite figure this year had to be the Marvel Legends Phoenix. It was just a gorgeous figure and she has always been one of my most favorite characters!

  142. It’s gotta be the Mezco 1/12 Captain America, and heck I’ll say the Commander Rogers exclusive version, too. Cap’s my favorite superhero and I dug the look of that costume and the transparent shield accessory is a great touch. Too bad I can’t afford it. This Hot Toys figure would definitely fill in that spot. *wink*

  143. This year my favorite Marvel collectible has been the Marvel Legends Captain America shield. For the price the quality was outstanding in my opinion.

  144. My Favorite Marvel figure from this year was the Deadpool marvel Legends figure from the X-Men wave.

  145. Probably the Venom BAF wave Spider-Man, it’s one of my favorite Spidey figures due to the sculpt and alternate head.

  146. Maybe a weird choice, but my favorite collectible year might have to be the Ghost Rider mini-fig from the Ghost Rider Team-Up LEGO set. That little dude is just too darn cool!

  147. My favorite Marvel collectible is the new Legends Wolverine. I can’t put it down!

  148. Hot Toys Movie Deadpool is my favorite figure this year HANDS DOWN!!
    Fav Funko is Age of Ultron Hulkbuster
    Also cant wait for that new Spiderman Homecoming Legends wave!

  149. My single favorite Marvel toy or collectible of 2016? Definitely the Marvel Legends Black Panther from Civil War wave 1, even though I don’t own one, at least for now :)))

  150. I really love the Marvel Legends Black Panther movie version (Civil War wave 1) even though I don’t own one.

  151. I really like the Marvel Spider-Man 6-inch Legends Series Jackal action figure. I’ve always thought the Jackal is an underrated villain and the details on this is pretty good.

  152. My favorite Marvel toy of 2016 is the Hot Toys Sixth Scale Winter Soldier. He is just so badass! Thanks, Dabid, keep up the great reviews!

  153. I would like to be entered in the giveaway. My favorite Marvel figure is the Carnage Marvel select figure. My second favorite figure is Marvel legends Agent Venom.

  154. My favorite this year has been the Marvel Legends Spider Gwen. Love the character and the figure is great!

  155. Not sure if I posted my favorite Marvel figure for 2016 already or not, but here goes… it’s the Cap rides premium format statue from Age of Ultron. I love it. it’s so detailed and awesome.

  156. My absolute favorite collectible from 2016 is the Hot Toys Scarlet Witch New Avengers version. Why? It’s the only Scarlet Witch in this outfit which is my favorite so far.

  157. My fave collectible of 2016 HAS to be Marvel Legends’ Scarlet Witch from Civil War! A truly gorgeous figure!! Wish we had a Black Widow Civil War too! That hair! ;D

  158. My favorite is the Captain America 75th Anniversary shield replica I’ve been carrying everywhere.

  159. My favorite Marvel action figure of 2106 is Marvel Legends 6″ Scarlet Witch (Civil War edition)

  160. My favourite from this year? hmmmm.. I usually just collect 6 inch Marvel Legend. But i am a sucker for spider-man noir. Which it came out in the 3 inch line. He may be my only 3 inch Marvel Legend. I found myself posing him more than my 6inch. Maybe is because of his small scale, i could bring him around.

  161. I have Hot Toys Deadpool, Chrome Armored Batman and Captain America coming in next week so those figures could potentially change my mind on the best figure of 2016.

  162. The Kotobukiya Fine Art Black Panther Statue. It has an amazing sculpt with a perfect pose for the character.