Marvel Legends Shocker Review 2017 Sandman Series

I think it’s a pretty good testament to how wildly successfully the Marvel Legends 6″ line has been the past few years–and how much Hasbro has been spoiling us–that the Shocker has actually risen to the top of many fans’ wish lists. He’s arriving a bit later than the summer date we all expected, but the Marvel Legends Shocker figure has been selling out online constantly for almost two weeks now! But I’m just not as excited about this figure as I wanted to be…

Marvel Legends Shocker ReviewThe Right:

After turning up on leaked lists of UPC codes in early 2016 and being anticipated for the summer wave, the Spider-Man Legends Shocker figure is now arriving fashionably late one series after we all thought to close out this year and ring in the next!

Herman Schultz is among my favorite C-List Spider-Man villains, so I’d been looking forward to his first proper Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figure for quite a while. But is he up to snuff? Let’s take a look…

Spider-Man Legends Shocker Six Inch FigureMany fans were instantly disappointed when they saw the prototype for this figure, as it’s not a classic costume Shocker–it’s based off his modern look from Marvel NOW!

I think there are definitely some design choices Hasbro could have made that would have made classic fans a little bit happier while still making this a modern version of the character (and I will talk about them shortly), but for what it is, this is a great toy of a costume that’s not quite iconic.

Back of Marvel Legends Shocker Action FigureThe single best-looking thing about this action figure is the Shocker’s vibro-shock gauntlets. Put simply: they look awesome. The gunmetal grey paint used on them combined with the texture for some really visually-compelling details. These are easily the most eye-grabbing aspect of this figure.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Shocker PackagedThe paint on the rest of the figure is pretty well-done as well. The quilt-like black lines on the yellow part of his costume aren’t quite perfect (which would be really hard in this instance), but they are nearly applied and look good overall.

2017 Marvel Legends Spider-Man vs. Shocker Six Inch FiguresThe body choice for Shocker was a smart decision as well. Shocker doesn’t look like a bodybuilder (nor should he), but he’s also not super thin and lanky. His proportions look just right to me.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2017 Wave 1 Shocker ReviewMarvel Legends 2017 Shocker doesn’t come with any alternate hands, so he’s stuck with punching or blasting folks. That’s the way it should be, though–it’s not like Shocker should be karate chopping heroes anyway.

Marvel Legends 2017 Shocker Figure and AccessoriesBesides the Sandman Build-A-Figure leg piece, Shocker has two accessories: matching energy effect attachments. Now, I’ll be complaining about these accessories momentarily, but I do want to commend Hasbro on including them at all–Shocker’s abilities aren’t demonstrative without effects pieces, so I’m glad Hasbro gave us something to simulate them.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man vs. Shocker 6" FigureAnd for the articulation aficionados, Shocker is about what you’d expect from Hasbro Marvel Legends in 2016: very good. We’ve got ball-hinge head/shoulders/wrists; ab crunch; swivel waist/biceps/thighs/boots; double-jointed knees and elbows; ball hips and hinged ankles with rockers. All of that articulation is perfectly suitable except for one part, which I’ll discuss in…

Marvel Legends Deadpool and Shocker Comparison PhotoThe Wrong:

Shocker is one of my absolute favorite lovable loser villains, so it breaks my heart to do so, but I’m going to have to pick on him a little bit now.

Even before I looked closely at the photos of Marvel Legends Shocker I posted when he was revealed at New York Comic Con 2016, plenty of readers were already analyzing them and griping about the asymmetrical eyes. I heard many say that the figure reused Deadpool’s head mold, but it’s actually completely different from Deadpool’s.

Back of Packaging Shocker Marvel Legends Spider-Man Sandman SeriesThe goofy squinty eye look is directly pulled from Shocker’s comedic demeanor in the “Superior Foes of Spider-Man” comic book that this figure is based off of, but it turns out few collectors seem to like the non-matching eyes on this character.

Also because of the fact that this figure is basically specifically off the Superior Foes Shocker design, there’s no belt included. I kind of think Hasbro should have included one anyway as a removable overlay, as the Shocker really does like weird without it.

Marvel Legends Marvel's Shocker 6" Figure EffectsI’m also not wild about the yellow concentric circle effects pieces that are the figure’s only true accessories. While the translucent yellow is cool, the cosmic energy circles just don’t make sense or seem right on Shocker (on top of the fact that they’re wobbly and loose when attached to his wrists).

Shocker Marvel Legends Hasbro Figure BlastingFinally, I hate the style of ankle articulation Shocker has. While ankle rockers are my copilot, hinged ankles with no swivel or ball-joint are a pain to pose with, ankle rockers or no. I should never have to swivel an entire boot to reposition my figure’s foot. I dearly hope this does not become the norm.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Defeats Marvel's ShockerOverall: While I really wanted this to be the ultimate, definitive Shocker Marvel Legends six inch figure, it falls short of that wish. The lack of a removable belt means this can’t work as a makeshift classic Shocker, the ankle joints really bug me, the effects pieces aren’t really appropriate for the character, and a lot of fans hate the squinty eye with a passion. This is a solid “Superior Foes of Spider-Man” Shocker figure, but I think it’s going to leave many fans still hoping for a new classic Shocker down the road.



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  1. Despite that the eyes are so terrible that they’re painted COMPLETELY DIFFERENTLY on the box, I feel like you left off maybe the single biggest problem – he’s NOT QUILTED.
    Shocker with just a painted on net pattern is laziness.
    Shocker is LITERALLY QUILTED. That’s pretty much the ENTIRE point of his costume design.

    I could live with the effects part choice. I don’t really have a particularly better suggestion for depicting sound waves than that, but I do agree that those would make a hell of a lot more sense on the Silver Surfer, for instance.

    I could live with the modern suit design.

    I could live without a belt.

    It’s the eyes and the quilted-lessness that frustrate me.

    We ALMOST had a Marvel Legends Shocker. We’re probably going to have to wait AGES to get another shot at a real ML Shocker figure….

    • Actually, he fires compressed air blasts. I’ve read people calling it electric blasts as well. And most of them were the ones “demanding” a Shocker figure. They don’t know his powers, but want one anyway. Funny.

      • To be fair, Shocker’s concussive blasts are typically drawn as being “electrical”, which is why most folks assume they are. Electrical energy looks much cooler on page than compressed air. 😉

      • You don’t realize that a lot of fans’ exposure to Spider-Man villains has been the 90s cartoon. And in there he does use electric blasts. Plus someone might accept that considering his name is SHOCKER and not something more fitting (however unfortunate it may be) like Vibrator. And it’s not just compressed air blasts, it’s compressed vibratory air blasts. The vibration part is essential because if he
        just shot air blasts then that would basically make him a walking air gun which is kind of lame.

  2. …Dabid, you do realize that this “thigh swivel” setup for ankle articulation is how it’s pretty much always been for ML, at least most of the time, right? The Bucky-Cap body in particular (the body this Shocker figure is on, as well as Deadpool, Daredevil, and many others) has always had it, I’m surprised you’re only noticing it now.

    Unless that’s not what you’re taling about with having to “swivel the entire boot…?”

    • It’s difficult to describe. In the case of Shocker, the ankle articulation is a lot stiffer and more difficult to work with than the vast majority of ML.

      • First of all, to correct myself, I meant “calf swivel” instead of “thigh swivel” in the first sentence. My point still stands though, as they didn’t change his calf from most other uses of the BuckyCap mold (like Havok, Nick Fury, Brother Voodoo, Eel, Comics Doctor Strange, Target 3-pack Vision, or Morbius, just to name some non- or mostly non-modified uses of the mold this year, or at least versions whose calves weren’t modified), so how it could feel different enough from the normal BuckyCap figures to be a negative is beyond me.

  3. The head is a tad too big, and the neck is way too thick and long. If they would’ve fixed that, the proportions would’ve been perfect. As it is, not buying.

    What is it with the weird proportions on some of these figures lately? Some are spot-on perfect, and some have glaring weird monster heads, or teeny tiny forearms, or (and I love my Scourge BUT) wrists that can’t hold guns straight because they’re oddly tilted.