Toy Fair 2018: Mezco ONE:12 Collective Cyclops! Blade! Cable!

Close-Up of Mezco Blade Figure at NY Toy Fair 2018

With the “obvious” selections of ONE:12 Collective Homemade Suit Spider-Man and movie Black Panther being revealed in the buildup to New York Toy Fair 2018, I really wasn’t sure what I’d be seeing added to the Marvel ONE:12 Collective series walking into the Mezco Toyz booth at the show. As it turns out, the three comic-based figures debuted were all ones I wouldn’t have guessed: ONE:12 Collective Blade, Cable and Cyclops Figures!

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DST Marvel Premier Collection Cable Statue Up for Order!

It won my “Best in the Show” award at New York Comic-Con 2017 last month, and now the wait to bring it home can officially begin: the Diamond Select Toys Marvel Premier Collection Cable statue is now up for order!

And dollar for dollar, I think this can stand up pretty favorably to pretty much any Cable statue that has come before from anybody…

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REVIEW: Hascon Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool 6″ Figure!

Review Hascon Deadpool X-Force Marvel Legends 6" Figure

Although I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from HasCon when it was first announced, the inaugural event turned out to be one of the more unique and focused conventions that I’ve attended. A con where the unifying element is programming and displays of most of my favorite toy brands ever? Sign me up. But even more than the reveals at the show, I was excited to come home with the HasCon Exclusive Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool. He’s selling for $50+ on the aftermarket and goes up for order on HTS a week from today–should you get one?

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Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool HasCon Exclusive 6″ Figure!

HasCon Exclusive X-Force Deadpool 6 Inch Figure

For those who haven’t heard, Hasbro is kicking off their very own convention this year year, which will features all of their major brands like Transformers, My Little Pony, Star Wars, and of course, Marvel: HasCon. As this is a first time event, I haven’t been too sure what to make of HasCon, but what with it being an hour from my home, I’ll definitely be there. And now we know someone else who’ll be there: Deadpool! A 6″ Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool figure will be exclusively released first at HasCon 2017!

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Play Arts Kai X-Force Deadpool Figure Revealed & Photos!

Special Color Ver Play Arts Deadpool X-Force Figure

If there’s one thing that action figure companies absolutely love, it’s figures that can be easily repainted into other versions or characters. And while Square-Enix uses 100% unique tooling for every individual character they make, even the Play Arts Kai line isn’t immune to “Special Color Versions”! And so, now that the PAK Deadpool is shipping in the United States this summer, we should have all guessed that this obligatory Play Arts Kai X-Force Deadpool figure was in the works…

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Marvel Select Cable Figure Review & Photos!

DST Marvel Select Cable Figure 2015

Diamond Select Toys rarely lets us down with their top-quality releases, so every time I bust open a new Marvel Select action figure, I’m ready for it to be another grand slam. But sometimes it’s not a grand slam–sometimes, it’s more like a triple. Still something outstanding to get excited about, but not quite as jaw-dropping. That’s about how I feel about the Marvel Select Cable figure released this spring. You can still grab the Marvel Select Cable for below retail price and with free shipping online–but is this the right Cable action figure for you? Read on…

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Marvel Select Cable Figure Photos & Order Info!

Marvel Select Cable Figure February 2015 Diamond Select Toys

Diamond Select Toys brought the big guns–literally–to San Diego Comic Con 2014, where they unveiled the 2015 Marvel Select Cable figure! It’s been years since a Hasbro Marvel Legends Cable figure has been released, and frankly, none of the ones the Marvel Legends Cable figures that have been released can stand up to the aesthetic quality of DST’s stab at the mutant–the Marvel Select Cable action figure is now up for order!

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Unproduced Marvel Legends Iron Fist Sentry Archangel For Sale!

Marvel Legends Sentry Variant Figure Unproduced Carded Sample

Last week an unproduced Wolverine Marvel Legends Rogue figure carded sample sold for an insane nearly $3,000 online. Perhaps realizing that there’s a ludicrous amount of money to be made, packaged samples of three more unproduced Marvel Legends variants (running changes) have now surfaced! If you’ve for hundreds of dollars to burn, you could own the only known samples of the Marvel Legends Sentry, Iron Fist and X-Force Archangel in existence!

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Funko X-Force Wolverine POP Vinyl Exclusive Re-Released!

Hot Topic Exclusive Funko X-Force Wolverine POP Vinyls Figure Packaged

Trying to collect Funko POP! Vinyls is a serious undertaking. The number of products Funko is releasing now on a yearly basis is downright insane, and Funko gives out exclusives like candy. Tracking down all of the exclusives is expensive business–but far better than waiting and paying aftermarket prices for them later on, as Funko exclusives are never reissued. At least they weren’t reissued… until now! If you missed him last year, you have another shot: the Hot Topic exclusive Funko X-Force Wolverine POP! Vinyl is back!

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Classic X-Force Marvel Minimates Box Set Figure Revealed!

Marvel Minimates Classic X-Force Box Set Figures Cannonball Cable Domino Shatterstar

Diamond Select Toys seems bent on making the most comprehensive Marvel action figures line ever with their Marvel Minimates. The Marvel Minimates line has been running now for over a decade, and includes hundreds of different figures. At this point, the Minimates Marvel Universe even includes multiple versions of some characters that otherwise haven’t gotten action figures in many years–and we can add several more to the list with this latest set! The Classic X-Force Minimates box set of figures is now up for order!

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Bowen Designs X-Force Psylocke Statue Released & Photos!

Bowen Psylocke X-Force Statue LE 400 Statue 2014

The countdown is on, as there are now only two Bowen Designs Marvel statues left to be released until when and if Bowen signs a new licensing contract with Disney/Marvel! The third-last Bowen full-size statue was just released last week, and it’s perhaps the final X-Force statue that will be released by Bowen Designs. Digitally sculpted by Jason Smith, the Bowen X-Force Psylocke statue is now in-stock and available for order–and with an edition size of 400, this one is selling out quickly!

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Bowen Designs X-Force Stryfe Statue Released & Photos! LE 400!

Bowen Designs Stryfe Statue Released LE 400 Close-Up

I literally just got my Bowen Human Torch statue in the mail today and was preparing to review and discuss that tonight, but I guess you just can’t stop the wheels of progress from turning–the next Marvel Bowen Designs statue has now been released (the fifth in the past month)!

Bowen Designs is known for tackling the second-tier characters that no other company will, and the perfect example of this is their latest release: the Bowen Stryfe statue!

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Marvel Legends Running Change Figure Variants Still Not Scheduled

Marvel Legends Blade the Vampire Hunter Variant Running Change Figure Packaged

Yesterday we got the unfortunate news that the last two Marvel Universe Team Pack three-packs were officially cancelled by Hasbro. Not to pile on all the bad news at once, I decided to hold off for a day before spreading a bit more gloom. Remember all those Marvel Legends running changes we’ve been waiting for (some of which for over a year), like the Marvel Legends Dani Moonstar and Red Deadpool variants?

Well, apparently, Hasbro still hasn’t found any way of releasing those figures…

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Bowen Stryfe & Red Skull Statues Up for Order!

Bowen Stryfe Statue X-Force Villain November 2013

No matter how much competition from other companies may come, Bowen Designs continues to keep chugging along!

Coming in November 2013, Bowen Designs will be releasing a pair of Marvel villains–one of which legendary, and the other a cult favorite. Get ready for the first-ever Bowen Stryfe and Red Skull Action Pose Statues!

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