SDCC 2017 Exclusive Marvel Legends Daredevil 12″ Figure!

As part of the deluge of photos of upcoming Marvel Legends exclusives that leaked out a few weeks ago, we got our first look at a  previously unannounced 12″ Daredevil figure. At the time, it seemed pretty likely where this specially-packaged DD was going to be released, but we didn’t quite know for certain. But now… we do! Today, Hasbro has officially announced their first Marvel SDCC 2017 Exclusive: Marvel Legends 12″ Daredevil!

Packaging for 2017 SDCC Hasbro Exclusive Marvel Legends Daredevil

The (devil) cat was pretty much out of the bag once photos of a 12″ Marvel Legends Daredevil hit the Internet a few weeks back, but there’s something to be said for confirmed information actually being released as well.

This morning, Hasbro officially announced (via Yahoo News) their first San Diego Comic Con 2017 Marvel exclusive: a 12″ comic-styled Daredevil. I’ve heard some early criticism from collectors about the choice of Daredevil as a limited exclusive, but personally, I think this is an outstanding selection by Hasbro.

San Diego Comic Con 2017 Exclusive Daredevil Marvel Legends 12 Inch FigureWith top characters featured in movies like Iron Man and Captain America bombing at retail and being  blown out at discount prices, a comic book-based ML Daredevil figure would have little chance of being successful at mass retail.

That said, there’s plenty of hardcore collectors who will want a Daredevil in this line, so I think a more limited supply of this character should do quite well for Hasbro at San Diego Comic-Con 2017.

Matt Murdock Head on SDCC 2017 Exclusive Marvel Legends 12 Inch DaredevilThe Marvel Legends 12″ Daredevil figure itself looks quite nice, and comes with a ton of accessories, including an interchangeable Matt Murdock head, a removed Daredevil mask (and taped hand for holding it), two billy clubs (that fit in DD’s holster), interchangeable fists/grabbing hands, and interchangeable taped fists.

I don’t particularly love the Matt Murdock head that comes with this figure–it just doesn’t look like the classic Matt Murdock depiction that I’m accustomed to at all–but I do think that the rest of the accessories packed-in with this Daredevil are pretty awesome.

Front of Box for Hasbro Marvel Legends 12 Inch Daredevil Exclusive

Unlike the regular releases in this line, Daredevil comes in a fancy “deluxe” box that features Joe Quesada artwork and even Braille-style writing on the back. I open all my toys, but even I have to say: this is one classy box!

The limited nature and deluxe-style packaging come at a price, though: and that price is an extra 10 bucks. The Daredevil 12″ figure will retail for $59.99 at SDCC 2017 in July, with the remaining supplies sold on Hasbro Toy Shop after the event.

Marvel Legends Series 12-Inch Daredevil Figure SDCC 2017I’ll send out an alert from the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages once the SDCC Exclusives (including the 6″ Thor set and this Daredevil) go up for sale online on the HTS website after the show.  This is the first figure in the 12″ ML series to be released as a convention exclusive, but hopefully Hasbro has accurately guessed that quantities that will be needed to meet demand for this particular exclusive release.

Who out there (besides me) is collecting the Hasbro 12″ Legends figures, and are you excited for the release of this Daredevil figure? What other non ‘A-List’ characters do you think would make good exclusives for the series?


SDCC 2017 Exclusive Marvel Legends Daredevil 12″ Figure! — 15 Comments

  1. I’m a little disappointed this figure is $10 more than the normal retail price, but I’m still absolutely getting this. One of the few figures from the 12″ line so far that I really actually want.

  2. Meh, this looks like it is using the recently released Deadpool mold minus different optional parts. How is anyone suppose to get Hasbro’s stuff if they only do “lotteries” I say do pre-sales for pick-up. Their booth always is a nightmare and they only sale stuff one day?! At least some vendors limit small amounts everyday. Gives everyone not just the 4-day passers the opportunity to try to obtain something.

  3. I stopped collecting 6″ legend figures due to space and am now just collecting these 1/6th scale figures. I love this line and am glad to see this figure as an exclusive. Gotta get one.

    • Agreed. I LUV the 12″ figures. I hope it gets the support it needs to keep going-

  4. I picked up a 12″ Cap at Walmart for $13. I’ve been a holdout, mainly because the old ML 12″ line was prone to breakage. Now that its been out a while, does anyone have any experience with played-with 12″ MLs breaking?

    • Are you talking about the old Toybiz Icons series?

      I’ve posed the heck out of these first three Hasbro 12″ Marvel Legends figures and they’re all frankly far more durable than most of the 6″ Legends released this year (of which I’ve had a record three figures break already).

    • Ive got most all of the old, AND the new. I dont pose them much- as theyre just displayed- but iv never had any breakages when I did pose them. I guess like any figure line- ya just gotta be careful. Maybe run a hair dryer over a figure for afew minutes before tryn to pose it. Thats just to play it safe.

  5. Really dig the look of this. I don’t own any of the 12″ figures yet but I’ve been tempted. I’m in the process of trying to scale back/declutter/shrink down my collection and a smaller assortment of some of the most iconic characters in the 12″ scale could be pretty cool. But like the article mentions, the fact that some of the most popular Marvel characters struggled to sell has me leary of buying in and picking up the first 3, which of course isn’t helping with sales. Add in the fact that Daredevil is already $10 more than the market already deemed too expensive (before shipping and a potential eBay markup) plus an even more expensive Hulk on the way and I’m just not confident Hasbro has a good long term plan in place.

  6. I got one and only one. The 12″ Spider-Man and that’s only because it was marked down to $13. Black Suit Spider-Man is coming in the next wave and I’m afraid that the only way I’ll pick that up is in the same circumstance as the other. Not that they’re not worth it but I just can’t spend $50 a pop on these things.