SDCC 2017 Exclusive Marvel Legends A-Force Set Confirmed!

As soon as we got into the spring without any details surrounding the impending release of the Toys R Us Exclusive A-Force box set that was announced at New York Toy Fair 2017 and popped up on ebay a few months ago, I was dead certain that Toys R Us was holding onto the set to use as one of their annual “San Diego Comic Con Exclusives”. And lo and behold, we finally got verification this morning: the SDCC 2017 Exclusive Marvel Legends A-Force box set is now confirmed!

SDCC 2017 Exclusive Marvel Legends A-Force Box Set

Hasbro dropped some major bombshells at the 2017 Toy Fair in February, but there was nothing more surprising announced at the show by another company for Marvel that was more surprising than the all-female, mostly-obscure Marvel Legends A-Force 6-pack of female characters!

The set includes six characters, of which four have never been released before in 6″ form:

  • She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters)
  • Lady Loki (First Time Released by Hasbro as a female)
  • Monica Rambeau (First Time Released by Hasbro in Any Way)
  • Singularity (First Time Released by Hasbro in Any Way)
  • Lady Sif (First Time Released by Hasbro as a Non-Movie Figure)
  • Elsa Bloodstone (First Time Released by Hasbro in Any Way)

Marvel Legends A-Force Exclusive Box Set Toys R Us EEFor those scratching their heads at the name “Monica Rambeau”, you probably know her better under one of her many code names that she’s had over the years, including Captain Marvel II, Photon, Pulsar, Daystar and most recently Spectrum. She’ll never have as many toys as she has superhero names, but at least she’ll finally have her own official Hasbro action figure!


Now, there is one thing in this set that I would especially like to draw attention to. While I’ve seen many people glance at this set and cheer for the first Marvel Legends Squirrel Girl figure, alas: Squirrel Girl is not in this set (or announced yet by Hasbro in any form). What collectors are actually seeing is the Marvel Legends Elsa Bloodstone figure, which sort of resembles Squirrel Girl at a distance, but is sadly not the most popular squirrel-themed superhero in the world.

2017 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Marvel Legends A-Force FiguresThe A-Force Marvel Legends box set will be available at the Entertainment Earth booth (Booth #2343) at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 in two weeks, but the set will also be available to those not attending SDCC 2017 via the Toys R Us website, starting July 20th 2017! Stay tuned to the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Page for alerts when the set goes live up for sale on 7/20, as if it’s anything like Hasbro’s own SDCC exclusives, I expect it to sell out quickly.

Now that we know exactly where and when the set will be available, who out there is jonesin’ for their own Marvel Legends A-Force Heroines set? Will you be on the prowl for this set when it becomes available later this month, or is this multi-pack a pass for you?


SDCC 2017 Exclusive Marvel Legends A-Force Set Confirmed! — 23 Comments

  1. So wait the only people getting this set have to be attending comic con? Or is Toys R US gonna sell them later at mass retail later on after the event, I’m kind of confused about that but want this set badly.

    • Like I said in the article, it’ll be on the Toys R Us website July 20th for non-attendees while supplies last. 😉

  2. I really want Monica (always Captain Marvel to me) and Elsa. Lady Loki also looks great. Will probably sell the others if I manage to snag a set. Do the TRU SDCC exclusives ever show up in brick and mortar? Just started collecting Legends this past year so not well versed.

    • I was surprised to read that the set would be available at SDCC. I always assumed that it would be sold exclusively at TRU stores or on their website. I would really be surprised if they weren’t also available at TRU after Comic Con. I would also expect the set to eventually end up on clearance since it is so pricey. It might pay to wait for it to go on clearance.

      • It’s not impossible that it could end up on clearance eventually–or it could sell out swiftly at full price like the Black Series Astromech Droids. Impossible to guess, since TRU has never had a SDCC Exclusive 6″ Legends set like this before.

  3. Also, loved that they used Ben Caldwell’s art (or Caldwell-inspired art) for the packaging.

  4. This set is a tough call. A friend wants me to pick one up for him at SDCC which I intend to do. The question is do I want one for myself?

    THE LADY SIF is an absolute must have. However, I do think her color scheme is kind of bland, a bit of silver and/or gold to highlight some of her armor (ie, arms on the Angela figure) would have helped relieve so much red and white in the color scheme. I’m wondering if she might be re-released single packed in a some future wave with a slightly updated color scheme. Kit bashing her with Angela is also a possibility if the flesh tones are close enough.

    SHE-HULK definitely needed an update but I’m not sure if I like this one better than the previous (Red Hulk?) version. Either way I do think I’ve got a spot for her on my Fantastic Four shelf. So that makes two that I want.

    MONICA RAMBEAU looks like a pretty nice figure and I am familiar with the character so I can easily see her on the Avengers shelf, so that makes three.

    THE REST OF ‘EM I’m not too sure about. Don’t get me wrong, they look like great figures but I’m not at all familiar with the characters. My son Omar and I primarily collect classic (which for us means Silver and Bronze Age) versions of all the marvel characters (we don’t do D.C.), basically because that’s what’s in my old 60’s and 70’s comic collection that I still have to this day! We only have three MCU characters in our collection which includes almost every ToyBiz and Hasbro Marvel Legends figure ever produced. (The three MCU figures are Hulkbuster Iron Man, Black Panther and Black Widow – all too bad-ass to pass up on).

    So, should I plunk down $120 for three figures (possibly $132 with tax)? Still on the fence. In the euphoria and geeked out insanity of Comic Con I might just do it. In any event I’m sure I could sell the figures I don’t want.

  5. I like the set,but I’m really interested in two out of the whole set! Sif and Monica(Spectrum),I’m hoping both will be released individually … make me happy Hasbro!

  6. Man, i hate exclusives… This pack includes lot of interesting figures that should be out worldwide. I mean, She-Hulk is very popular, and Sif would be great in another Thor Series. Even that Lady Loki could sell very well in mass retail. People outside US we have to pay huge amounts of money on eBay to get our hands on one of these figures…
    Anyone there who can buy me a set? haha

  7. Easy pass for me. Might pick up Lady Loki on eBay. That She-Hulk is very disappointing. If any female character deserves doubled jointed elbows, it’s she-hulk. Plus that face is sooo bleh. Can we get any kind of emotion please?

    • I’m going to ask Dwight Stal about why does all the heroic characters have blank stares.

  8. Son of a gun… the only way this would personally be worse is if it was a SDCC/TRU exclusive Giant Sized Xmen set. Le bummer.

    • SHHH!! Don’t give Hasbro any ideas! 🙂 (A set like this sounds like a distinct possibility for next year with the Dark Phoenix movie scheduled to come out…)

  9. If there was a truly great She-Hulk in this set, I’d be tempted to get the whole thing just for her, but this is (as was already commented) very boring Shulkie.

  10. I’m passing purely on the basis of this being a SDCC exclusive. Sick and tired of these one time releases being made unavailable **Magik…Modern Luke Cage…Medusa, Black Bolt, Blaastar, Gladiator COUGH COUGH COUGH** except at these events and then being sold in the aftermarket for ridiculous price hikes. It is shameful. Hasbro doesn’t make money off of it. The vendors don’t make money off of it. Scalpers make the profit. If Hasbro mass produced any of the characters I mentioned above, they’d sell like hot cakes. But don’t tell me to log in at a specific time and instantly drop my money to own a set of exclusives on the basis of creating collector value. Its screwing the fans and collectors who would love to own the figures but aren’t available to just drop on a dime for the sake of hyping a set up. Beyond that, I imagine the quality is going to be subpar on these as the proto shots dont look all that great. My wallet would readily spring standard msrp for a lot of the exclusive releases over the past few years but I’m never going to be a slave to these types of sets…way to disappoint, Hasbro.

  11. I’m confused as to why it is available at the Entertainment Earth booth at SDCC, but then sold through later.. why wouldn’t it just be one or the other?

    • To clarify, why wouldn’t Entertainment Earth, post-SDCC, sell something on their own website that they’ve only sold themselves, instead of letting sell it. Does TRU not have any booth/presence at SDCC to sell their own exclusives?

      • That’s correct–Toys R Us doesn’t have a booth at SDCC. EE partners with TRU to sell exclusives at the show, but they do NOT have the right to sell Toys R Us’ exclusives on their own website after it.

  12. Be nice if they just made retail figures sold in a store and not all these lame scalper bait exclusives.. the fahk

    • Hasbro tries to make niche characters that would bomb at mass retail available as store exclusives instead. Realistically, characters like Elsa Bloodstone would rot off the pegs and get reduced down to 80% off as a mass release item.