Exclusive Marvel Legends A-Force Box Set Photos! Loki! Sif!

Is your wallet starting to feel a wee bit too heavy lately with the “drought” of just one wave of new Marvel Legends figures released thus far this spring? Well, hopefully that actually is the case, because the first packaged photos have been released of a major Marvel Legends box set that Hasbro announced at the 2017 Toy Fair–an auction has appeared online for the the exclusive Marvel Legends A-Force box set including new 6″ figures of Lady Loki, She-Hulk, Lady Sif, Monica Rambeau and more!

Marvel Legends A-Force Box Set Opened

For those who aren’t regular comic book readers, this Toys R Us Exclusive A-Force Marvel Legends six figure box set isn’t just a bunch of eclectic female characters thrown into a box set at random–it’s actually based off of a (briefly) successful comic book run.

See, the all-female A-Force team comic looked like it was going to be a humongous fan favorite book when it debuted during Secret Wars… and then quickly fizzled and was cancelled when the book was relaunched in the main Marvel Universe. Alas.

Inside Cover of Toys R Us A-Force Marvel Legends Exclusive PackBut while that particular series wasn’t a winner, all of us Marvel Legends collectors are–because the initial success of that comic book led Hasbro to produce an amazing TRU Exclusive 6″ figure set full of characters that I legit would never have imagined would be getting their own ML!

The six figures included in this set are as follows:

Marvel Legends Sif and She-Hulk Six Inch FiguresMarvel Legends Lady Sif and She-Hulk (first-time ever Marvel Legends Sif figure!)

Marvel Legends Singularity Figure A-Force ExclusiveMarvel Legends Singularity (a new character created during Secret Wars)

Marvel Legends Elsa Bloodstone Six Inch FigureMarvel Legends Elsa Bloondstone (First mass-release Elsa Bloodstone figure ever!)

Marvel Legends Monica Rambeau Figure Captain Marvel 2017Marvel Legends Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel (AKA Photon)

Marvel Legends Lady Loki Female Figure from Toys R Us Exclusive SetMarvel Legends Lady Loki (first articulated mass-release female Loki figure ever!)

Marvel Legends A-Force Exclusive Set

While Hasbro announced this set at the New York Toy Fair 2017 as a Toys R Us exclusive and sent out one hi-res image of the set (which doubles as the image on the back of the set box), other details regarding this item’s release have been sparse.

We still don’t know when it’s exactly going to be hitting stores or how much it’s going to cost, but I find the above image of what appears to be a white mailer box for this set to be very suspicious. I’m starting to wonder if this set might not end up being one of Toys R Us’ “SDCC Exclusive” sets that they end up selling both in their stores and online in the time-frame surrounding the convention. Hmmmm…

Back of A-Force Marvel Legends Box Set BoxYou can see (and bid on, if you’re so inclined) the A-Force Marvel Legends set on ebay now, but be aware that the set is scheduled to be released this summer at Toys R Us stores around the country–and will almost certainly be produced in such massive quantities that it ends up warming the shelves and going on sale for a decent amount off at some point.

Now that we’ve seen the beautiful ladies of A-Force in completed 6″ Marvel Legends form, what do you think of the set, Marvel collectors? Will you be happily dropping $100-$140 on this set when it hits stores in a few months, waiting to see if (okay, when) the set ends up being discounted, or passing on this motley bunch of female figures altogether?


Exclusive Marvel Legends A-Force Box Set Photos! Loki! Sif! — 22 Comments

    • Its an “exclusive” in name only. They put the SDCC tag on there to drive up demand while people are going crazy for actual convention sets. They have been readily available online and in stores.

  1. I want all of those figures except Singularity. Really hope this isn’t SDCC exclusive. I am never able to get any of them…

  2. Not really a fan of any of these characters. I would love an X-men women gift set though.

    • The cloak on SIF could be used on a classic White Queen Emma Frost!!

  3. I really dig this set, I have wanted Lady Loki, Sif, and Monica Rambeau for a long time! I do wish they would have made a new “buck” for She Hulk-but oh well. Can’t have it all!

  4. I will definitely be getting this at some point. All of the figures look great. But doesn’t it seem like every Marvel Legends box set ends up going on clearance? Even the ET Guardians set has had a big price drop.

  5. I’ll gladly wait for clearance on these. I like the Hasbro Shulkie from years back way better than this one. I want Monica most of all since I’m an 80s Avengers fan but she’s in her newest costume. It’s okay, I guess. Sif also looks nice. Elsa reminds me of Scarlett from G.I. Joe so she’s neither here nor there. Wasn’t she supposed to be a blonde like her dad Ulysses?

    Not a fan of the newer characters such as Lady Loki and I have no idea who Singularity is or why I should care since I never read modern stuff anymore.

    Reading over the above, I might just skip the set altogether. Good on ya all who dig it, still.

    • I’m most excited about Monica Rambeau, too. I would prefer her classic uniform as well, but at least we’re finally getting a figure! I don’t mind the new costume, but that trench coat is horrible! I also wonder why they didn’t call her Spectrum?

      • Monica had had SO many code names over the years. I think Hasbro probably just called her by her real name so it would be less confusing to those who only knew her under classic names.

  6. Dammit, I’ve really been hoping they’d get around to just doing a Nextwave pack, but it looks like I’m gonna have to piece it together. So I guess now I have to hunt down the Machine Man and Nick Fury with Dirk Anger heads they’ve done previously.

    Hopefully they’ll do a repaint of Monica at some point.

  7. Look like the same white mailer that guardians of the galaxy entertainment earth set came in.

  8. I HATE that stupid trench coat on Spectrum! I’ll take what I can get though…

    • Well, I mean it’s ML, so just heat it up, pop the arms out, remove the coat, and swap the sleeved arms for black arms from a spider-girl or something.

  9. I only want two of the figures in this set and She Hulk is not one of them

  10. I want them ALL and will pay for them ALL … loved A-Force while it lasted and would love each of these characters in my collection!!!

  11. i would pay any price for this fantastic collection i am going to wait however to see what the stores hold, however this is amazing to me, and my wifey she flipped out even more then me when i showed her this pack, she could not believe the elsa and sing figures, overall i’d pay the price these are spectacular, these are great figures, especially the fact sif is in that uniform alone