EXCLUSIVE Hot Toys Roadworn Thor w/ Surtur Skull Pre-Order!

Thor Ragnarok Hot Toys Roadworn Thor Head Chris Hemsworth Portrait

Hot Toys caught many collectors–including me–off guard when they debuted not just 1/6 Gladiator Thor at San Diego Comic Con 2017, but also an unexpected Roadworn Thor figure! When there were two versions of Thor for one movie for the second time ever, I had my suspicions the non-gladiator version would be an exclusive. Turns out I was right: the 2017 Toy Fair EXCLUSIVE Roadworn Thor with Surtur Skull is now up for order!

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Marvel Legends Defenders & Hydra Troopers Box Sets! SDCC

SDCC 2017 Marvel Legends Defenders 4-Pack Revealed

While the majority of the items that Hasbro brought along to officially reveal at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 were unofficially known already due to a widely-circulated leaked list, Hasbro still had some surprises to knock our socks off with. And the two that really threw me for a loop are (of course) store exclusives: the Marvel Legends Defenders box set and Marvel Legends Hydra Troopers army-builder two-pack!

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Exclusive Marvel Legends Mr. Fantastic & Medusa Figures! SDCC 2017

Marvel Legends Mr. Fantastic Figure Walgreens Exclusive

Hasbro began a new sub-series of Marvel Legends figures earlier this year when they released the first in a series of 6″ Fantastic Four Legends figures exclusive to Walgreens: the Invisible Woman with HERBIE! And while we’re still waiting for the Human Torch to flame into stores and join his sister, we now officially know the next two entries in the line that will be following Johnny Storm: Marvel Legends Mr. Fantastic and… Medusa?!

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REVIEW: Marvel Legends Ego & Star-Lord Figures Pack

Marvel Legends GOTG Two-Pack Star-Lord and Ego

We interrupt this San Diego Comic Con 2017 coverage to bring you… a review of the final figure in the Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 series! Hasbro’s GOTG 2 series is perhaps their finest lineup of movie 6″ figures ever, but there was one gaping, planet-sized hole that collectors desperately needed to complete that set. And now, he has arrived: the Marvel Legends Ego & Star-Lord two-pack is now shipping from EE! Is it worth buying this pack just for Ego? Read on…

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Hot Toys Ghost Rider Agents of SHIELD Exclusive Up for Order!

Toy Fair Exclusive Hot Toys Ghost Rider Agents of SHIELD Head Close-Up

2017 will go down in history as the year that the Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Series such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones finally started getting the kinds of collector-level merch that fans have been waiting for. But there’s one MCU TV series that pre-dates both of those that’s been mostly ignored by all companies (bar a handful of POP Vinyls): Agents of SHIELD. But for the very first time, Agents of SHIELD is about to feel some high-end love: the Toy Fair Exclusive Hot Toys Ghost Rider figure is now up for order!

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Funko Inhumans POP Vinyls Up for Order! Lockjaw! Medusa!

Funko Inhumans Toys

With Spider-Man Homecoming behind us, there’s no question that Marvel’s primary marketing focus for the rest of 2017 is going to be this fall’s Thor Ragnarok movie. But while Ragnarok may be the focal-point of many of the MCU toys released later this year, it won’t be the center of all of them. The Royal family of the Inhumans are finally hitting theaters and televisions this fall as well, and Funko is celebrating with new POP Vinyls up for order of Medusa, Lockjaw and Maximus!

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Funko Thor Ragnarok Dorbz Up for Order! LE Hulk! Exclusives!

Funko Thor Ragnarok Dorbz Figures

Spider-Man Homecoming has finally officially arrived today, and by most accounts is a spectacular success! But as has come to be the case with parade of Marvel movies, now that one MCU movie has opened, it’s time to start checking out the merch for the next one! The King of Exclusives revealed their expansive line of Thor Ragnarok toys today, with an unexpected twist–the Funko Gladiator Hulk Dorbz figure is now up for order… with a surprise limited edition size of just 5000 pieces produced!

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SDCC 2017 Exclusive Marvel Legends A-Force Set Confirmed!

SDCC 2017 Exclusive Marvel Legends A-Force Box Set

As soon as we got into the spring without any details surrounding the impending release of the Toys R Us Exclusive A-Force box set that was announced at New York Toy Fair 2017 and popped up on ebay a few months ago, I was dead certain that Toys R Us was holding onto the set to use as one of their annual “San Diego Comic Con Exclusives”. And lo and behold, we finally got verification this morning: the SDCC 2017 Exclusive Marvel Legends A-Force box set is now confirmed!

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SDCC 2017 Exclusive Marvel Animated Spider-Man Statue!

Marvel Animated Statues Spider-Man SDCC 2017 Exclusive

Surprise, surprise! With exactly two weeks remaining until the beginning of San Diego Comic Con 2017, there was still one Marvel exclusive for the show waiting to be revealed–and as it turns out, it just may be my favorite one of all! Skottie Young Marvel Babies fans have been wondering for a while when a Gentle Giant Marvel Animated Spider-Man statue would be swinging in–and the answer is shockingly “in two weeks at SDCC 2017!”

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D23 Expo 2017 Funko Exclusives! GOTG Dorbz & Red She-Hulk!

Funko D23 Exclusives 2017 Marvel

Since today is a bit of a slow day due to the impending holiday, it’s the perfect time to catch up on things I didn’t have the opportunity to talk about last week. And among those things are exclusives that most of us will never be within 50 feet of, because they’re totally exclusive to the 2017 D23 Expo happening later this month (as well as to crazy ebay scalpers)! Coming exclusively to the Disney Store at D23 2017: Funko Guardians of the Galaxy Dorbz and Red She-Hulk Rock Candy figures!

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Hot Toys Exclusive Shades & Retro Bones Iron Man Up for Order!

Close-Up of Hot Toys Retro Bones Iron Man Figure

When it comes to Marvel collectors having to open up their wallets to secure their San Diego Comic Con 2017 exclusives, the heat is on, that’s for sure! We can add another pair of items to the list of SDCC 2017 exclusives today, and it’s a duo I was not expecting to be available at the show: Hot Toys Shades Iron Man & Retro Bones Iron Man are now up for order online and available both for shipping and pickup at the con!

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Exclusive ONE:12 Collective Miles Morales Spider-Man!

Close-Up of Miles Morales Mezco Summer Exclusive 2017

Plot twist…! A couple weeks back, I was lamenting that the SDCC 2017 Mezco ONE:12 Collective Exclusive for Marvel was X-Men Deadpool, when what I really wanted was one of a million possible costume variants of Spider-Man. I’ve been watching the Mezco Toyz website the last few weeks to see what the DC exclusive for Comic Con would be, but instead Mezco hit us with a real surprise–the ONE:12 Collective Miles Morales Spider-Man is a second Summer Exclusive!

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SDCC 2017 Exclusive LEGO Spider-Man & Venom BrickHeadz!

SDCC 2017 Exclusive LEGO BrickHeadz Spider-Man and Venom 41497 Set Box

With just three weeks and a day to go until the beginning of San Diego Comic-Con 2017, we now know just about all of the SDCC 2017 exclusives. But as always, there are a few stragglers–and as usual, one of them is The LEGO Group! But while we likely won’t know what Marvel minifigure (if any) will be available exclusively at the con for a while yet, we do know at least one 2017 SDCC LEGO Marvel Exclusive: BrickHeadz Spider-Man & Venom!

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Exclusive Marvel Legends 12″ Symbiote Spider-Man Released!

Peter Parker Head on Marvel Legends 12 Inch Black Costume Spider-Man

Sad but true: judging by the super-fast way that many stores clearanced it out after only having it stocked for a few weeks, the very cool 12″ Marvel Legends Deadpool figure was not the retail savior of the Marvel Legends 12″ line that we all hoped for. Luckily, the line still has four more entries in it to turn its 2017 around! 12″ Daredevil, Thor and (14″) Hulk won’t be out until later in the summer, but the next character in the series has arrived: the Exclusive Marvel Legends 12″ Symbiote Spider-Man!

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Funko Exclusive Diamond Emma Frost POP Vinyl Up for Order!

Funko POP Diamond Emma Frost Vinyl Figure Previews Exclusive

The King of Exclusives strikes again! When big-name character Emma Frost was revealed as a limited Specialty Series exclusive last year, I was really surprised that she wasn’t a regular release with a diamond form Chase variant. But I should have known better, because far be it from Funko to miss out on any viable variant figure! Limited to just 10,000 pieces produced in honor of Halloween ComicFest 2017, the PX Exclusive Funko Diamond Form Emma Frost POP Vinyl figure is now up for order!

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