SH Figuarts Civil War War Machine Photos & Order Info!

Raise your hand if you thought mech-crazy Bandai Japan was going to skip a chance to release a new SH Figuarts Civil War War Machine figure. Anyone…? I thought not. But for those who skipped last year’s expensive Japanese online exclusive War Machine Mark II, don’t expect this one to be any cheaper or easier to acquire–the SH Figuarts War Machine Mark III is yet another Japanese-only web shop exclusive that will only be available via expensive import in the US

SH Figuarts War Machine Mark III Civil War Figure

Yesterday I finally got around to talking about the Marvel Legends Civil War War Machine figure recently released in the United States–and just in the nick of time, too!

Hasbro’s got competition once again from one of the most-loved 1/12 figure lines in the world: Bandai S.H. Figuarts! How do Bandai’s efforts compare to Hasbro’s? Let’s take a look…

It’s not uncommon for me to much prefer a Bandai Figuarts Marvel figure to a Hasbro Marvel Legends six-inch figure, but that’s not entirely the case with this War Machine Mk III.

Bandai S.H. Figuarts Exclusive War Machine Mk III FigureI really prefer the dark grey Hasbro picked for the armor on their ML figure, whereas Bandai opted for a lighter and “friendlier” shade of grey.

In addition, something about the faceplate on the Figuarts War Machine helmet looks very stylized and off-model to me–I just don’t like it.

Bandai Figuarts War Machine Civil War Figure Effects PiecesHowever, one area where Bandai Japan absolutely destroys Hasbro in this instance is accessories. On top of the shoulder cannon and interchangeable hands, you get six more impressive accessories with the Bandai version of James Rhodes.

Figuarts War Machine’s energy baton looks far more vibrant than the Hasbro version, and you also get five energy effects pieces for blasting and thrusting with the SH Figuarts. The Marvel Legends War Machine Mark III just can’t compete with all that.

Bandai SH Figuarts Civil War Iron Man and War Machine FiguresIn addition, the overall glossiness of Rhodey and inclusion of undisclosed die-cast metal pieces to Bandai Japan’s offering may lure many 6″ collectors over to Bandai’s side on this release once again.

Civil War Figuarts War Machine Mark III Action Figure

That said, Bandai is once again not making things easy for non-Asian collectors. This Civil War War Machine Figuarts will be yet another figure offered exclusively to overseas collectors via the Bandai Tamashii Premium Web Shop online, and North American collectors cannot order from the store.

As such, interested domestic buyers will have to pay the full 6,696 yen price, plus shipping fees from overseas, plus a middleman fee. That’s easily going to make this figure $80+ shipped in the U.S. at a bare minimum (though most retailers will charge much more). Ouch.

Close-Up of War Machine Mark III SH Figuarts Civil War FigureThe SH Figuarts War Machine Mark III should be up for order in the U.S. early next week on BBTS, and is scheduled for release in February 2017. As this figure is a Bandai Premium Web Exclusive, U.S. collectors cannot directly import the figure themselves from Bandai’s store and must buy it from a middleman retailer. Amiami, HLJ and other popular Japanese retailers will not be able to sell or distribute this Rhodey figure at all.

What do you think of Bandai Japan’s interpretation of the Captain America: Civil War War Machine armor, Marvel collectors? Is this version good enough to warrant dropping $80 or more for, or are you good with the Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figure?


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    • I dunno, I was hoping this one better as from actual movie they gone back to original war machine design which are bulky and fully loaded with fire arms. However, general impression from the SH Figuarts toys seems a bit off. Something is not right somewhere…

  1. By the way, the SH Figuarts WM Mark II are missing the decals . its just empty… I had the AOU version. I’m considering to get this one too.

  2. For me there is too much black and too little silver. The guy’s bulkier but the weapons are still small. War machine should be all about the big guns. Headsculpt looks derpier than the previous version with the line missing in the middle. I like the IM2 verson head best though.