Marvel Unlimited Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Figure!

While Jonathan Hickman’s lengthy run on the flagship Avengers comics may not have been to every reader’s taste, there’s no question that his run was among the most epic in Avengers history. And to celebrate the final arc of Hickman’s final pre-Secret Wars storyline, Marvel has now announced the Marvel Unlimited Plus 2017 exclusive Marvel Legends “Time Runs Out” Captain Marvel six inch figure!

Marvel Unlimited 2017 Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Figure Exclusive

Last year, Marvel spoiled collectors more than a little bit when they released the previously-scrapped Marvel Legends Rescue Pepper Potts figure as the 2016 Marvel Unlimited Plus exclusive Hasbro action figure for the year.

When San Diego Comic-Con 2016 came and went without any announcement of next year’s Marvel Unlimited Marvel Legends exclusive action figure, I feared the worst: that there wouldn’t be any free promo exclusive Hasbro figure at all in 2017.

Then today happened…

Marvel Legends Time Runs Out Captain Marvel Figure ExclusiveMarvel finally updated the Marvel Unlimited Plus membership, revealing all of the details of the 2017 membership kit. And while the Hasbro 6″ Marvel Legends figure won’t thrill every collector, at least now we know there’s going to be one!

The Marvel Unlimited Captain Marvel Marvel Legends figure is basically just a repaint of the 2015 Carol Danvers 6″ figure, but now in her grey/silver and blue costume from the “Time Runs Out” storyline.

The Time Runs Out Captain Marvel Carol Danvers figure doesn’t appear to come with the effects pieces that the original release did, but the interchangeable unmasked head is still included.

While this figure is technically still an exclusive, I suspect it’s not going to get nearly the same warm reception from collectors that the Rescue Marvel Legends figure did. Even if only straight repaints with zero new tooling were available for this year’s figure choice, you can’t get much more dull than a minor recolor of a costume worn in one story arc of one comic book series.

2017 Marvel Unlimited Plus Membership Time Runs Out Captain Marvel Figure

Along with the exclusive Marvel Legends Captain Marvel figure, the Marvel UnlimIted Plus 2017 Membership will also include:

  • Mystic Eye of Agamotto Pin
  • Wakandan Flag Patch
  • Black Panther #1 Variant Cover
  • Doctor Strange #6 Variant Cover
  • Captain Marvel #6 Variant Cover
  • 15% Off Digital Comics Discount
  • 10% Off Marvel Shop Discount

To be totally honest, I’m far less enthusiastic about the 2017 Marvel Unlimited Plus Membership than I am the 2016 Kit, but that’s just my personal preferences. I don’t enjoy this trio of comic books nearly as much as I did this year’s, and I don’t like the pins as much as the Agent Carter/Agents of SHIELD Pins we got either. I’m sure that there are some collectors who will be really excited about a recolored Captain Marvel Hasbro figure, but I’m just not one of them.

Marvel Unlimited 2017 Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Figure ExclusiveI’ve subscribed to Marvel Unlimited Plus ever since the 6″ Gold Ultron figure was released as an exclusive way back in 2014, but I’m genuinely thinking of opting out for the 2017 kit. This particular selection of collectibles just isn’t doing it for me, and I personally only subscribe for the extras and not the digital comics.

What do you think of the latest addition to the Marvel Unlimited Plus Membership Kit collection, Marvel collectors? Will you be signing up for Unlimited Plus 2017 Membership to get the repainted Captain Marvel action figure (and more), or has Marvel failed to secure your annual $99 with their selections this time out?


Marvel Unlimited Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Figure! — 17 Comments

  1. I honestly expected the Unlimited exclusive figure to be either the Mary Jane or Invisible Woman Legend teased at SDCC.
    Not to sound negative, because I’m sure there are PLENTY of Carol Danvers fans who are ecstatic about this figure (I’m just not one of them, lol), but now I can finally commit to the $69 annual Unlimited plan, and not the $99 option, since I don’t really have much interest in this figure.

    • My second favorite superhero and my favorite color! Yes please! I know this was probably an awful choice for this plan, because people who subscribe to these things deserve so much more, but I will definitely be picking this up off of ebay!

  2. I love Carol, I really do. But this seems like an odd choice to me. I’m really having a hard time understanding marvels attitude toward this character.

    They seem to be trying to prop her up as being the face of marvels female super heroes, their wonder woman if you will. Yet they’re struggling to find a voice for her in the comics. All of the books shes in are selling at the lower end of the charts (other than CWII). And so far the Civil War 2 story and tie ins have been pretty much just been, “Look how crazy Carol is. What a loon.”

    Now they’re using this figure as a way to try and sell Unlimited subs? A repaint of an almost two year old figure that I can still find collecting dust in the toy aisle? I don’t get it.

    • Yeah, at least the other repaints were repaints of BAFs. I was going to sign up for the Annual+, possibly as soon as Friday, but that’s out the window. I have no interest in any part of this. I was a fan of Ms. Marvel, and still am (Kamala), but I’ve not liked a single Carol Captain Marvel story yet. The best was probably the Secret Wars Carol Corps mini, but that was really more for the other characters. Besides, I grew up as a Marvel fan in the 80’s. Monica Rambeau will always be Captain Marvel to me.

  3. The figure looks nice enough and I would probably pick her up off eBay if the price was reasonable. I don’t think this will be the deciding factor for anyone who isn’t already subscribed to subscribe. I would also be worried her unmasked head would be hit with a case of the lazy eyes like my Capt Marvel figure is.

  4. Very disappointing. I was kind of hoping it’d be her new costume or a classic Monica Rambeau (since the digital model shown at Comic Con is her modern suit).

    I suspect like with the recent controversial choice to do rereleases (or repaints) of convention exclusives for retail, this is Hasbro being economical and not wanting to waste a new sculpt on a limited run figure most people will never get to buy.

    • Hopefully the Monica Rambeau will see a wide release next year. I’m not sure what wave they would put her in though.

  5. She is not Captain Marvel. She is Ms. Marvel.

    She has long blonde hair and wears thigh high boots with a black one piece swimsuit that features a lightning bolt and a red sash. Black opera length gloves. Black domino style mask.

    Sharon Venture is not Ms. Marvel.

    Kamala Khan is not Ms. Marvel.

    Carol Danvers is Ms. Marvel. This is non negotiable.

    CAPTAIN Marvel is Mar-Vell.

    Modern Marvel Comics, you suck. And so does Disney.

      • You only want change because you’re a cuck or a minority that thinks the world owes you something. Either way? YOU fuck off. Make your own comics books and stop stealing other people’s.

    • You ARE aware that the black and gold is not her original costume, right? It’s like her 4th (depends of whether you count the variation in #9 as a different costume). They all happen in a short period of time, but the black and gold didn’t appear until issue #20 of the original series. And it’s Sharon Ventura. Modern Marvel comics are FAR too PC, but it’s also VERY far from the lowpoint. Go read post-Image Marvel comics from the mid-nineties if you want some horrible comics. I’m pretty sure the Clone Saga will give fanboys night sweats forever.